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I was feeling good about my sell as well when I went to bed yesterday, now I wake up and it is fucking 2.60.. WTF is this shit, what happened? Fudders can fuck the Hell off , i am gonna buy back and lose 10% I can’t handle this shit should have bought back at 2.17 usd FUCK

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a descendant triangle, what are u retarded?

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Fuck you evil bitches

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Like... The farther it falls, the less and less likely a swing is gonna work for you.... Why did you think it was a good position to take this late?? Were you waiting for $1.80 or some shit because /biz/ told you? Why would you sell the bottom range?? Selling that range is ONLY for emotional people who actually want out of LINK, NOT FOR SWINGERS. It isn't even a good move for traders. After you've missed the move you got /biz/ to trick you into selling the bottom...

Well hell, don't buy back in now. You have to sit on this position. Open a buy order for $2.30 and pray to God that Trufflecon doesn't pump the shit out of LINK.

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>selling link ever
you're a fucking idiot lmao

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Buy high sell low, classic!
Never change, /biz/.

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Nah I will take my 15% loss and buy back in

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Sergey stopped dumping for a week and price started rising.

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The thing is people like you are becoming examples OP

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He find out he can't control the beast anymore.

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I thought this was a meme until it happened to me.
Over and over and over.
How do I break this curse /biz/???? No matter how much I read and try to analyze this shit I end up buying high and selling low I sold BTC at 9400 2 days ago because the bears said it would drop, and I only bought a few Link at $2 because everyone said it would drop more before pumping again. Then when I buy back in it fucking drops again, I sell to cut losses, 30 mins later it moons past my sale point again. Is this a great cosmic joke? HOW DO I ESCAPE THIS CYCLE

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stick to 5 coins max, stop reading biz, only trade once a month

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Simple, just buy and never sell.

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You got greedy. Why you wouldn't wait for this obvious bulltrap to go back down to 50 cents is beyond me.

If I were you, I'd flip into UND and wait for the boom from floor.

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kek he has millions more.

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You’re retarded. There is your problem.

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You don't swing trade with the key to the fourth industrial revolution you fucking idiot.

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Been obsessively researching crypto every day since late 2016. If you hold anything but LINK ETH or BTC you have brain damage. This market is a thinly veiled scam.

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Im only buying btc, link, and some eth
I have sold 0 linkies despite having to borrow money to cover a long medical disability that left me 2 months without work
If you are so smart the how about some advice on breaking the /biz/ curse cycle? I guarantee there's things Im "smarter" and more gifted at than you, and one of the hallmarks of intelligence is being able to distill complex explanations into simple and easy to understand concepts. You havent mastered a subject until you can teach it to a novice. Im waiting anon.
I am not swinging any Links. I am trying to swing some of btc dips so I can have more cash to buy even more linkies.

this hurts anons it really feels like "bad luck" I know some of you know what I'm talking about and have methods to deal with it

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Shut up retard no one cares about your abilities you're still a buy high sell low mutt. Just buy and shut up. Trading isnt for retards

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oh wow

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Holt shit I almost sold 2000 LINK the other day but idex liquidity was low so I gave up
Holding aint as easy as it sounds

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Read up on the Efficient Market Hypothesis and know that every time you try to make a profitable trade you are betting against it.

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we are never selling, only buying

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weak hands, weak gains

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>he didnt sell at 3.60
It's like you want to be poor

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If you are someone that has less than 2000 link and you knew about this project since the summer of 2018, you do not deserve to speak to any early adopter of Link

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Im willing to bet you're playing with petty money too stupid dumb little poor animefag.

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Is 7538 link enough to make it?

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>he keeps replying with nothing to say
how cute

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>he will always be poor and dumb

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HODL you drooling moron

just wait it out and quit trying to flip LINK

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reading comprehension anon Im not flipping link, I am trying to make more cash on btc so I can buy MORE link
>he is so rich and happy he replies angrily 3 times with nothing to say to show how little he cares
Its ok sad boomer anon. Will it make you feel better and give you validation if you post pictures of your possessions? go ahead sometimes we all need a hug

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Just do the opposite of what /biz/ says.

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>i am gonna buy back and lose 10%
Save yourself 10% by not buying back in.
Because it's quite obvious that you're never going to make it with your pathetically weak mind and hands. Get out of my sight, fagget

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Please stop posting, you are making rest of us /a/ oldfags look bad summer child.

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what about dash or monero?

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>anyone posting animu is from /a/
Please do not link me to you subhuman scum ever again faggot you are the only board that is even lower than /b/ and if you were an oldfag you would know this

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don't worry it's gonna go down, don't buy now

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THIS. 4 real... I've literally made money just buying low and selling high. Then numbers go up and down pleb.

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probably people will sell the news, and we will see at least a wick back to 2.30

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you are trading emotionally

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