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Finally gave in and got a Twitter, who are the best people in crypto to follow?

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mister creg satojai right

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Peter the deleter, you can call him that only once before he blocks you

Based chink CZ

Carlos Matos, Ian Balina, Trevon James

There's a porn actress who is a BTC maximalist with no idea what BTC is or does, always good for lols. I forget her name

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Bitfinexed, nic carter and that kadanezod who sometimes also posts here.

Don't listen to the nigger above me, balina is a scammer and a doublenigger.

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finrekt, chainlink oracle, punished fernando

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>Carlos Matos
Yeah, but only if youre interested in buying some Herbalife products and live in the bronx.

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That's why you follow him, for lols to see what shit those clown come out with, and watch normie faggots lap it up

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It's fun to remember the good times of 2017

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Yeah but he makes your IQ drop if you read him too much, better save those neurons.


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post your twitter and I'll tip you some BAT

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for real though, John McAfee is a must follow. he's got the wildest timeline by far.

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Can only tip if you're public/accept my follow, sir

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is god.


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someone post their twitter and I will tip you 5 BAT

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> Pomp
Now that is pleb

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Nobody wants dem useless scamcoins

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5 BAT is currently worth $1 US, that'll be ~1 LINK in a few weeks my dude

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Wait hes selling herbalife now? That fucker is like a fly on shit when it comes to pyramid schemes

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Get a moneybutton account, go to twetch.app and register, follow and send dm to @twetchapp on Twitter with your moneybutton id. Go on and twetch and no need for Twitter anymore. If your twetches are good you'll receive money for every like and every follower.

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just john mcafee

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i follow this whore and tweet bitcoin news at her sometimes

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