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why is no one talking about this? i was absent for a long time so maybe im just late but are those the bonds world bank was talking about? the 110 million dollar? there are official swift transactions. is this just a testsite or what?


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Yea biz has been all in chainlink for like 6 years. You aren’t?

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It's old news and was already discussed. I think it was from the old poc they did. You can check the archives.

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found it, its from the swift poc. nothing to see here move along sir.

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it's not old news but you fucking trannies want to cover this like this was known for years

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Can confirm. This was discussed.
Check archives.

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are you too retarded to read? i already said i found it in the archive.

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SENT is the new LINK anon

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This is like the original reason biz got a hardon for chainlink.

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this sirs

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About two years akshully.

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