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You’ve stolen my childhood!

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Id like to steal her anal virginity

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I'm utterly fatigued can LINK just moon so I don't need to pay attention to the "real" world

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not even good puffies yet smdh

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she's going to be a 300 lb writer at Jezabelle in less than 10 years

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how is she 16? she didn't even start developing tits yet. has she even entered puberty or what? most girls enter puberty between age 8-10 and are done by age 13-16...

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the left are fucking retarded, they have autists leading them which means the absolute state is fucked, they say we are the problem while they are the problem

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She doesn’t eat hormone filled meat nor does she drink toxic tap water. She doesn’t consume anything

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That really should be repeated more, leftists unironically look to mental defectives to lead them.

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How the hell did she become a thing. These normies on FB are like I was crying after her speech. Bitch that speech was the stupidest thing I’ve heard. That said she did mobilize a shit ton of people, hopefully she has a way to profit off that

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You mean she doesn't eat nutrition since she's a victim of vegan crazies.

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>the left are fucking retarded
>they have autists leading them
>/biz/ has valuable insight because of autists' contributions

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she be shilling LINK next year

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I can only find in in French, but her yacht belongs to a Rothschild:
Confirmation that this is the same yacht:
Must just be a cohencidence?

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So this should be "normal" for 16 year olds? Then why do people call me "pedophilic/ehebephilic" for liking 13 year old anime girls which look 4-6 years older than her? Seems like ages are completely fucked up and liking these anime girls is perfectly normal, because they should be 18-20. What the fuck.

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i want yours

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No u

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she probably grew up with her biologicial father which delays puberty by 1 to 2 years.

also what the other anon said, eat healty, cook and you wont eat shit stiffed with hormones

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Shut up and eat your bugs goy.

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Other perfectly wholesome greta thread got baleeted. jannies really are trannies.

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Actually that was your mom by drinking too much

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Who the fuck is promoting this girl? Has the most annoying looking faces.

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According to your logic, it should be image related, with Greta being 16, the center character being ~20, and the right one being ~18. But the center character is officially declared as being "15" while the right one is "14" years old. Both look clearly older than her? That shit's fucked up if true.

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I just can't figure out (((who))) could be propping this puppet up.

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well, there you have it

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It's ok anon, you can coom to hentai if you want to

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Holy fucking shit these are cartoons you fucking freak

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I mean you would think ((((((they)))))) would choose someone that doesn't look annoying to take more seriously.

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No idea, her parents are just ordinary working people:
>Swedish operatic mezzo-soprano
> member of The Royal Swedish Academy of Music.
>[Greta] convinced her to give up her international opera career due to the environmental impact of aviation
>Swedish author, arts manager and producer, and actor
>written Scener ur hjärtat [Scenes from the heart] with spouse and Swedish operatic mezzo-soprano Malena Ernman

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i want to punch her face

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3D bitches can't touch my japanese sword

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Agreed bro. She's probably never had sex. Damn. I'd love to sustainably bolt out loads down her throat.

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>"ordinary working people"
>listed on wikipedia
>my sides

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they been deleting them all day
get to about 100 replies, then, nuked. They could just, y'kno, fucking leave one
>because every other shit thread is 'on topic' here

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Its because lefty/pol/ is reporting them for mocking their based retard

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I wonder what "solution" they're pushing for here. The Paris agreement failed to no one's surprise, so what will she suggest? There's no way they'll get her to do the smart thing and promote nuclear.

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Another “factual,” “scientific” speech on climate change that is entirely based on emotion! The facts are overwhelming, can’t believe all of the overwhelming science(tm)

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have sex incel

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you really did

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Man-made climate change is real. Don't fall for Jewish oil company propaganda. But these campaigns are indeed faggy

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I didnt even know who this was until today. Why dont you msm faggots use the proper board to sperg about being so much better than the normies

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Coz of this fucking bullshit ima gonna build 3 new coal fired petrochemicals plants in the Amazon rainforest next week! Fuck you and your sugar daddy’s

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I promise you it's already gone.

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She's not fucked up, just ugly.

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mfw people think you're biologically superior because you hit puberty later rather than sooner.

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>How the hell did she become a thing.
Why do you think? Shes an NWO boosted puppet.

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They are Antifa scum

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what a dumb little girl

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Foetal alcohol syndrome

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Looks evil.

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>Man-made climate change is real.

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>fascism bad
>democracy good

Why are people so stupid? Of course not everyone should have a say what the fuck.

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because that's assuming the people who deserve to rule, rule. That is almost never the case. Public office whether democratic of fascists only attract narcissists

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She objectively speaking has both fetal alcohol syndrome and autism. Why the hell do people listen to this rat girl? Swedes, explain yourself NOW!

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I've been looking for a webm of her autisting out and looking really uncomfortable. Shows how obviously she's being abused.

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Swede here, sorry but we're not the country giving this girl a platform.
I literally didn't know who she was until I saw this thread.
American politicians should stop hiding behind little children, the political climate in USA is fucked up. Trump will win, I'm 100% sure.

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What?! There’s no way that’s true... is it?
Is this some biological mechanism to avoid inbreeding? Or to encourage breeding when unrelated males are around?

Is this some meme I’ve never heard of?

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The right has become too identity-politiked, linked with all regulation is bad, anti intellectualism bs.

Both sides are retarded and we’re fucked as a result. Luckily climate change isn’t distributed uniformly, so there will likely be places that do okay while Africa and India burn and the islands drown.

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Okej svennebulle

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This is the real redpill.
Who the fuck thinks "sure, I could run a fucking country"
The only people that go for this are narcissists and the extremely arrogant who've led sheltered lives.

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(((they))) want us to be emotionally driven, just like niggers. Without logos & rational it's so easy to pilot and control the goyim.
Since everything they do is about total inversion of truth it's their only way for us to agree with their talmudo-satanic NWO

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>Chinese man good
>pooinloo good
>Europe bad !

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>collusion delusion confusion retribution
Literally what the White House does is try to obscure facts and distract. Have you seen the way any of our politicians answer question, always by changing the question with their answer?

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She looks like she has downsyndrome

>> No.15694433

Visible developmental problems

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Can someone please tell me what these environmentalists desire? From this girl, to Al Gore, to Michael Moore, to AOC - WHAT THE FUCK DO THEY WANT? I understand what they are arguing, but then what?

>> No.15694489

All power under a central government.

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how do I know she is gonna choose a BBC and make a political party?

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Because she’s a Swede?

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She probably was sold by her parents to a lodge for her to be tortured and raped during SRAs, Swede have a big satanic bloodlines population.
Girls with prematurely old looking faces often went through some shit and often have multiple personality disorders.

Extreme redpill about monarch project, mind control on children via satanic ritual abuses during a psychiatrists' conference by the doctor Hammond.

tldr : it's the jews, old european satanic bloodlines and the CIA, 1 to 2% of the US population have been programmed, most don't remember it until they are reactivated (using sonor/images/password triggers)

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Not just that, she we push soon for mass migration and become a 24/7 Soros puppet

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I wonder at what point the compete lefty faggot mods delete this thread.

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I’m watching, I grew up watching Captain Planet, if I were an entitled little bitch because my parents acted like I could do anything, because of how guilty they felt about drinking during pregnancy, then maybe I’d end up like this little bitch too.

I feel like people need to apply Occam’s razor more. This is just a girl with a tremendously inflated view of herself, doing what she was programmed to by her hippie parents.

You know that people in Russia look forward to climate change, thinking they’ll have a more comfortable and less icy environment to live in? And Exxon Mobile and the other big oil companies had internal memos and plans about how to exploit the melting ice north of Russia to get the resources most efficiently? This has gotten way out of control, and you’ve let a few liberal assholes convince you that all the climate scientists are in a massive conspiracy.

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multiple personality disorder confirmed

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this s a golden opportunity to use grets shit to shill against mass immigration for fuck sake

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Sorry, friend, the lady is spoken for.

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Nah she's just sperging out since she doesn't know what to do with the mic.

>> No.15694655

WOW! look at the dilated eyes. She is on something.

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She's funded by the EU. The EU goal is to have energy independence from Russia and the US controlled Middle East, their best bet is renewables, but renewables are expensive and their industry will not be competitive anymore if they make the move alone.

So they want to kill two birds with one stone, first they want everyone to use renewables so the others lose competitivity too, bit they also own most of the patents in renewable energy so they'll make bank if everyone starts transitioning with them.

If they really cared about the environment they'd give up all those patents and let anyone use them, but they won't because this is all business.

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Holy he’s an absolute unit

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Its because her parents are uber veganists and she cant develop properly.
She looks like 9yo.
But imagine her tight pussy...mmmmmh yummy i'd eat her out all night before she gets an Ahmet or Tyrone leftist fever.

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letme guess, this guy is 18 right?

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You mean "Malena Thunberg". Females take the name of their owner when they are bred.

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Looks like the fat fuck from monero

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Nuclear is miles better than renewables

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that requires logic and reasoning. UNFAIR

>> No.15694799

And you still have to import the fuel from Africa. Do you understand what energy independence means?

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Greta for president. And gtfo with your childish conspiracy theories, which try to make the world understandable for you.

>> No.15694850

These left wing cucks want a social credit score system where you'll go to jail for farting or eating meat.
Follow the money /biz/

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children being politicized like this pisses me the fuck off
she should have a carefree youth and play outside like a normal child, not be a mouthpiece for the sake of her antifa parents' rotten egos

>> No.15694952

>she should have a carefree youth and play outside like a normal child
Well then you should have abided by the Paris Accords, shouldn't you? Because you broke them, her life is ruined.

>> No.15694974

she wouldn't even know about anything bad going on if her parents didn't fill her head with that shit
imagine scaring the shit out of your child and ruining her childhood for political gratification
they're projecting their political beliefs onto her because a child saying it is guaranteed to get more attention
hope it's worth ruining their child's youth for that, they are disgusting filth

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This 100%

>> No.15695056

Could we organize a cum tribute or something? She really deserves it, and her faces are awesome.

"How dare you to cum on my face!"

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humans are pretty dumb

>> No.15695072

>she wouldn't even know about anything bad going on

it's good that she knows that bad things happen. people being kept willfully ignorant is what fucks things up.

>> No.15695146

Probably want there to be a future for their children. There won't be.

>> No.15695306

there are things that children do not need to know about until they are older and more capable of dealing with it
she thinks humanity is doomed to extinction and the world has no future, it's not healthy for a child to think like that
there's a reason they cannot vote almost universally worldwide until they're 18

>> No.15695355

Climate change stole her childhood anon, weren't you listening?

>> No.15695412

You should not generalize. Growth is strongly influenced by education and the socio-economic circumstances.

I've met teenagers (15-16yo) way more mature than many adults.

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