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Crypto has stolen my money

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How many payfairs for her

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Jews literally are the cause of every market crash. They control energy, food, and money.

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Are they also responsible for markets going up too?

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Imagine being a grown "man" and listen to a fucking clueless child.

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I held for the tech and the memes
But you think only of PROFiT and MONEY
How DARE you!!1!

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it's such an obvious psyop but how dare you say anything to contrary she's just a girl how could you be so mean to a child you bigot stop eating meat

also /pol/ go back to your fucking containment board you bunch of dumb useful cuck idiots

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biz and pol cannot be divorced it seems

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Yes this makes perfect sense. Wouldn’t expect a bunch of neo nazi incels who fantasise about raping women all day to understand or agree with what she says at all.
>muh jews
>muh redpill
Fuck off retards, this is probably one of the least ‘red-pilled’ places in the world

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Please tell me more about how this Soros puppet with Antifa parents is "redpilled".

Fucking retard.

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>being against fascism is bad

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Frank rou for your business stopid whitu piggu prease come again!

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>you can't be against facism unless you're affiliated with antifa

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