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muh butt corn gaoze globol wormung

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I wish

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How dare you. You should back at school. Across the sea

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It really is though. Last month it was using more electricity than Switzerland does in one year. What a fucking joke!

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>What a fucking joke!
It's a fuckin joke you tards even bring this up!

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She's right though, we need to shut it down

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So tell me brainlet, what happens if BTC reaches 100k and is using more electricity than a country the size of Germany?

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and.. and.. and IF it reaches 10 000 000 dollars per bitcoin blockchain would consume more energy than all the countries it the world!!!

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Bitcoin touched my pee pee and sniffed my poo poo ):

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tell me you wouldnt lay strong pipe on greta, just imagine her fetal pussy syndrome engulfing your thick cawk

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Btw why can't this asperger just browse the chans like every normal autismoboi?

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No. She also autistic and spastic and shits herself. Imagine the smell.

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I love how you don't mention the fact that most bitcoin mining is done using hydroelectric energy that would otherwise have gone to waste, since that's the electricity that is cheapest. Ironically a lot greener than printing paper money, or mining gold.

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>hydroelectric energy
>ironically a lot greener
nice meme there. so how much land and habitats were cleared for this 'green' source of energy?

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you were making the implication that bitcoin causes global warming
it doesn't
get lost

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you believed the crypto memes and hype without thinking for yourself. congratulations

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only 10% of miners use renewable energy
get lost

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Imagine the impassioned, overly dramatic dirty talk.

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Lition will save planet
invest in new paradigm

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So what she’s saying is manlets will drown first from rising sea levels? WHEN will they ever learn

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>Buys another ASIC rig

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Is she really 16... she looks so fucked up I can't tell.

Some ways she looks pre-pubescent, in other ways she looks like an old woman


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Global warming? You mean climate change?

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btc consumed as much energy through whole it's "life" as cars during one day only in USA

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Fetal alcohol syndrome

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This to be honest. Green energy + crypto + STO platform and many more things will make this altcoin go insane.

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think of all the energy, electric/fossil fuel & man power used to prop up the global debt slave world we live in! Its only '17 & newer tards that believe unregistered securities/PoS is the future. You think Satoshi just stumbled on a way to make a currency that isn't a security? Come on!

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There's a simple solution
And it's private too

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i wish the world was ending

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It's better in every way

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it's OK though because I'm eating bugs as a carbon offset

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Ever tried eating dick?

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the sun is causing global warming, shut down the sun
ignore pollution

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fuck off ipcc

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It does though. How do you think ASICs are made? with hydroelectric energy? Get real, faggot. BTC mining is just wasting resources for nothing.

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Based and redpilled.

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fuck off with this bullshit about this chick. it's fucking old news. Get something new you boomer. We aren't 40, this was like a week ago.

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A study from June says 75%.

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Then wed be able to cut down on the banks who operate brick and mortar stores open 5-7 days a week that haul paper all around our nation's in armored vehicles 24/7

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It really isn't though, all the banks and subsequent infrastructure they require spend massively more electricity to operate. Just take a look at City of London and Wall Street, they're probably the biggest non-industrial polluters in the world

Fuck banks, bitcoin is much more efficient and only uses electricity to ensure the network's safety.

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>What a fucking joke!
Yes Switzerland is a joke.

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Because she isn't a pussy and decided to take charge of not only her fate but that of the world as well.

You should actually respect the effort given that she's autismo AF and still goes out and does public speaking.

Is she cringy? Yes. Is she cringier than any of us were back at that age? Doubt it

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>using more electricity than a country the size of Germany
Simple. We eliminate germany.

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Solar panels get pretty hot too; warming the air around them--heating the air. Air surrounds the globe. This proves that solar panels cause global warming.

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The answer is simple: Thorium reactors.

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