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How often do companies check for fake degrees? Are smaller companies less likely to check? Can I go to jail for getting caught?

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Just put down "The School of Hard Knocks."

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yes you will go to jail anon u brainlet

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>risking jailtime for lying to a bunch of jews
Has american cuckery gone to far?

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everbody lies on resume and interviews. you must be pretty fucking dumb not to

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If anyone asks to see your certificate just fall ill and stop answering your phone

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>are smaller companies less likely to check
100% yes, have worked at large cap publicly traded companies + tiny start ups

trying to lie when applying to large companies is suicide, they can even sue you for damages ( and they will) if they find out you lied after being hired

at small companies, no one ever asked me anything, could have lied about high school gpa + degree if I wanted to, fortunately not a degenerate

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Dear god someone has that thread archived , i had so many keks when we saw the monster thing.

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Can someone link it? I haven't seen it.

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