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damn man, i feel you, no life on a saturday night. posting retard pix on the internet. i hope link moons man

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I hope all you linkers lose your shirts. I’m fucking sick of you faggots

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you mad brah?

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are you a retard? buy link so you don't neck yourself

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I refuse to buy something that has been shilled like this . Fuck you discord trannies

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im sorry then anon. do your own research then. If you don't buy it i will be truly sad for you. Im already 50k in the green with link. just do it anon its the last ticket to lamboland in crypto

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>he's retarded
lurk more or go back to plebbit

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Why do retards always have insanely healthy biomechanics? Look at that squat

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tfw when a retard has a bigger dick than you

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yeah fuck linkers, its way better to be a hater and post retard pix on the internet. that will really show them

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They're literally retarded so no social situation gives them anxiety. This means they are simply human naturally, their muscles work but they're fucked in the head. They've felt any need to socially conform and so their muscles have incurred no awkwardness. Like how a cat doesn't give a fuck, climbing across fences like it is nothing, retards can squat on toilets with peak biomechanic precision.

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To add to this, most anons clench their cheeks when they walk past a group of teenage girls. Many anons have probably sat on their nut sack at least 5 times in their life while lowering their cheeks onto the toilet seat to drop The Big One™, while again, the retard literally squats on the toilet because his muscles, again, having incurred no social awkwardness. Squatting on the toilet to provide himself the most superior form of shitting.

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imagine getting head

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