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i deserved this

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i like how short and simple that message is. it's like a: "fuck you". effective

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Mister, life is swell in a padded cell, it'll chase those blues awayy you can trade your gloom for a rubber room and injections twice a day

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The "Hello," really hits the spot.

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Your life is over. Thank you for playing.

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another round eye bites the dust

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if u margin trade and hit liqu do u lose all or what? i think in bitfinex its you lose half?

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>small green candle completed
>big red imminent

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When will you retards stop shorting AFTER a red candle hits

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no, we're not at 600$ per bitcoin, retard

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lol do they actually use a greeting?

>Hello. You've been JUST'd, bobo get REKT.
>drink shit and eat piss
>sincerely, Chinks

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you just keep letting me down letting me down anon

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not yet but we will be

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you confirmed yourself that you're a liar, what a retard

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>regards, chink zone

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Literally my first thought on reading the pic in OP.

>Hello, I hope this letter finds you well. You’re entire life savingshave been liquidated.

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Your board being clean position has been liquidated, a jannie will arrive shortly to clean it up.

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i am comparing the fractals brainlet not the price
2020 sub 1k btc

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I bet you loved that huge green dildo up your ass faggot lmao.

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they should just write you got rekt nigger

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funny cause her and her manipulators don't look at past data

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they do but manipulate it (cherry picking), same as you've done.
unironically best example, thanks for confirmation

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sure dude

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no, stupid. Liquidation means you lose it all no matter what the exchange

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look at timescale. we just had that drop and are going up (setpember to 2016)

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>i draw this line so i'm gonna be right.

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i was right
so suck my dick

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This is what (You) get for trusting bobo, idiot.

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not similar at all, it would have retreated all the way to previous high (4k) after hitting 13700

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i'm sure. trend line drawing ta larps are the worst.

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>no, we're not at 600$ per bitcoin, retard

a few more STIFF green candles and BitCoin will be $600

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sorry that you can't predict moves with a couple of lines
you must be sub 80 iq

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>it didn't behave exactly as I stipulate so it's impossible it will do x

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>it didn't behave exactly as I stipulate
it has though

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that part made me laugh the most

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