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And they release earn for tezos. Guess what’s next?

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ALGO has the best staking rewards on Binance at 14% no need to stake this for 5%. I love Tezos but if your in it for staking ALGO is the better play.

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14% per month?

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PoS blockchains like Tezos allow you accrue rewards for staking your coins to the network. No trading needed to get more coins

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we pumpin
so glad i got a 1k stack a few weeks ago

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Massive stack but haven’t baked a single one
I have all of mines on CB and watching it staking n increase is surreal
fuck why didn’t I bake long time ago
Is this even real? I am going to get 5k Tezos every fucking month?
I am going to fucking make it bro’s, no fucking bullshit

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reeeeeee was between tezos and btc my last several buys and went btc, fml

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What's baking? Respond anytime you can because I'd be watching tezos closely rn

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Staking but they call it baking

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If you have 1.2MM XTZ haven't you technically already made it?

It's 5% annually.

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It really was smart money...

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feels good

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It really was smart money

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No I have 102k
I knew I should’ve bought more @ 0.70 a week ago but thought the market would tank further
My goal was 0.60 and was gonna be 30k one shot
Anyway I love you all anons
I hope everyone here makes it, unless you’re Jewish
Who’s here smart money

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>watching it staking n increase is surreal
I want to see my linkies do this so bad anon congrats. I think it'll happen soon, and we're really all gonna make it

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Ok sweet, just keep an eye on it, it's very volatile rn

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For the record I hold LINK too
I hope we all make it

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Tezos $10 EOY

Holy shiiiit!
We is bull now!

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I wish I would have bought 5k instead of 1k, but still better than the 100 I had only a couple months ago

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I’m rooting for you and I told you every single day to keep buying

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How many to make significant money ? How much would staking/baking gains be on a 10K XTZ ?

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is it too late? I am so close to FOMOing right now fuck fuck fuck help me

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Don't buy an 80% pump retard, stop being emotional. Wait.

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Never ever EVER buy into a pump no matter
Wait for it to settle and build your stack
This will be the new Bitcoin in terms of generating wealth in Crypto

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Say fuck it

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Congrats anon frens who made it off this pump

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Chainlink? Use your words like a big girl. Say it.

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lol sold tezos at 90 cents to buy ravencoin..

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What is the settle range you are looking for to buy back in?

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Coinbase 1.60
Binance 1.20

I swear, there will be no bullrun until Binance the permabear pulls a Mt.Gox

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I’m fully allocated and been allocated since Jan but bought every single dip
I’ve been posting who’s here smart money since late December early January
Just buy the dumps and this will make you supper rich one day

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>buys 100k xtz at $1
>hurr durr 5% yearly! free $5k a year!
>xtz dumps to 20 cents

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what is the endgame that you envision that would cause tezos to be worth a lot of money?

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It will lead the STO boom
Already 2 billion dollars worth of STOs on the network today including over a billion from the largest bank in South America
And this thing hasn’t gotten started just yet
I can also post 500 advantages Tezos has over other block chains but I’ll leave that for your own research
Stack up, build a decent stack and live off the free coins you get every month
Wether you buy Tezos or not I hope you fucking make it

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Another coinbase scam

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For anyone that’s interested

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Meh, my bank gives comparable rates

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You get 5% but then lose 3% to inflation. With this you get 5% and a mooning price

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You remembered!

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How here smart money's

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Do the opposite of what biz says

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Well I think they all told this tard to not buy the pump. You are telling this Anon to buy

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its probably safe to buy now, not gonna see sub 1$ again

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Just wait you morons

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So buy around .87?

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OKEx is hours away from listing Tezos. It won't drop that low

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Cool but I'm getting 10% a year staking pic related.

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Does Decred have a 700 million dollar war chest and billions of STOs incoming? No? gtfo faggot

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Do we have an exact time for when XTZ is live on OKEx?

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>getting this assblasted

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Around 3 hours 25 mins

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Bruh, it's pumping downwards. Get a grip

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Nvm going live in less than three hours is appears

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It pulled back 5 times to the 50% retracement level and its making lower highs. Unless it breaks current structure above 1.85 by pumping over 65% from here with the new exchange listing, why get excited?

This is just what I see but I don't know shit

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When the Breitmans get home from their pro-refugee rally, Kathleen makes Arthur sit in the cuck shed while she gets pounded by Big Daddy Marco.

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>implying someone from Bridgewater Associates is a bad thing
typical bizlet. stay poor

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