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>Just got an Ad for CIVIC WALLET edition


moon soon

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Is it true that if you tip yourself a grand you will get banned? Also not your coins not your wallet

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wow learn to type fucking retarded bat holder

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>Is it true that if you tip yourself a grand you will get banned?

nope, but you will never be able to cash out the grant tip. I tipped myself 3 BAT from the grant back in the day just to test it out and it's still sitting in my Uphold wallet. Meanwhile all the BAT I've been tipped/earned from Brave, I can do whatever I want with.

>Also not your coins not your wallet

always makes me lel how btc maximalists wax-poetic about adoption but it always has to be on their terms, with their internet monopoly money of choice. Get fucked faggot.

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Your a real col guy oh yeah im phone postinf

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This was actukly helpful unline sone of the coom guzzlinf faggots around here

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I didn't got banned, but my link stop working for while. Everything fine now. BTW if you use brave.com/art014 to download brave you get a claim of 20 BAT and I earn 2 US$ of BAT. I downloaded brave at my smartphone, it worked like I told

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Does anyone installed brave at linux lubuntu? was it ok?

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glad to hear it buddy

I wonder if our Brap friend got banned; I'm kind of assuming he did. Haven't seen him around much the last 2 days

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I am the guy that posted all caps yesterday, BTW. Installing brave in linux right now.

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Yeah I remember you. Hope it works. I just recently saw Brave is hiring, so hopefully once iOS Brave ads are out + some other shit, they'll start advertising and really shoving Brave/BAT down people's throats.

BAT is the future of cryptocurrency.

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works fine on ubuntu idk about lubuntu

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I was in a BAT thread earlier today but I’ve been busy as hell lately. Always supporting the cause when I can! How’s it going my dude?

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Nice, thought you were banned. It's going. Thought we'd break out today and we didn't. Staying strong with no-nut november though so there we are. We're all gonna make it.

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E: Unable to locate package brave-browser

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Yeah, that mini pump was a cock tease. I’m thinking we will break out when Android users can cash out from the browser and the iOS rewards update is released. One of the team leaders just announced that the Android update is up next and will be out really soon.

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I believe BAT will be dumped when people can move more freely in he wallets. People will cash out in binance.

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You could be right but I think we will be fine. It will take some time for iOS users to be able to cash out plus it will tighten up the supply a lot. I'm thinking a little of the bigger picture for the near future. Users will be able to earn BAT and cash out via PC and their mobile devices.

This can open up the floodgates to new advertisers as well. New ad campaigns should be launched to advertise to all those millions of mobile users, especially iOS. I see it as a win/win for the long run.

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Sucess. Welcome to brave. But in linux there is no claim to make, no bat earned.... The link also doesn't work.

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Anyone who gets bat dumps it, its easy to aquire and even freely given. This is a joke. Can i even stake BAT?

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Buy the dumps that will come, sell the possible future tops, If everything fucks up you will have a coin to throw at strippers faces on-line.

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Yeah im just itching to cash out. Im sure the people who have only earned $10-20 are also

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How long are you using BAT? That is really unfair, I get no ads.

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What country are you from?

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Can't spike the Eich

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I just received free 20 BATs just the other day. Who should I tip with them?

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