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threadly reminder dividends are your fren

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Buy the snap dip now you faggots. They aren’t in China and aren’t political!!!!

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anyone else trading DIA

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Everything is fine, things will even out today to end on a slight dip then return to gains tomorrow.

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Stonk markit

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Get yourself puts on LOW. Gonna crash over the next month or too like it has the last 2 times it got this high

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>wolfs rain
Now I REALLY want to go back to 2007

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>he didnt load up on cheap calls during this pump fake dip

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lol i bought the dip with my vxx gains, who else here is loving their cheapies?

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You should sell

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Just me or everybody?

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TNK Bearish or bullish? Gib me a price target for next month.

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Well, if the market keeps this up you may get your wish.

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LCI to $60

Keep eye on long term goal.. Ignore short term noise

LCI to $60

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No u

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SPWR hopefully bottoming out here.

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ok I got puts....

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I feel like you guys don't actually know what's going on and this is a LARP thread... and the fact none of you can explain the 10b-18 change is... Worrying...

>Lenore Palladino is a Senior Economist and Policy Counsel at the Roosevelt Institute.

I suggest you read her testimony and what she has to say about the recent change.

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This is a gambling thread

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were degenerate gamblers you fuckstick

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I suggest you blow me, bitch. Nobody cares about your magic legislation that magically prevented the market from crashing for all of these years (except when it didn't).

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Threadly reminder [sad music]

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Is this woman correct as often as Krugman?

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-0.01% today

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most of us are degenerate gamblers. some people like me just come to watch the degenerate gamblers through their cycles of wins and losses

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Not everyone here knows all the rules.. I've tried explaining some rules to people but they are just retarded.. so who cares..

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Just tell us why we should care.
I agree company buybacks cause lots of fuckery in the market and should be managed better

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why is the controller plugged into the outlet?

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damn im losing now

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should i buy some EBAY?

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Battery ran low.

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Too much uncertainty for capex, need to get brexit and trade battle sorted

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go buy more shitcoins you dumb faggot

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japanese controllers require more power because they vibrate 10x harder

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people dont use ebay, everybody is on dealdash now.

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Wew lad the dude weed. Sector wide short squeeze in progress. Recommend extreme caution to anyone thinking about chasing this. If this was on some good news that would be something but this is entirely technicals and market forces at play.

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I got AMRN'd and MTNB'd today. I think I want to buy more, but I'll wait three days before deciding on an action.

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>If this was on good news
Maybe read the thread

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The analyst upgrades seem to be the catalyst. I think I sold the bottom and feel like an absolute fucking tard. It’s MO all over again. Some substantial buy volume today.

Also, some shit about federal decriminalization.

God fuck shit I hate how bad I am at this shit. I should’ve listened when Morningstar said CGC was a pick and rated it at 5 stars.

What puts do I buys?

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>wait until after the bear raid and then average up
Good plan. Very safe.

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3 days is way too late on amrn friend you already missed the bottom

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>unironically reading morningstar

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Why not?
They seem like the best of the analyses that come with Schwab, maybe credit suisse but those arent the full articles.

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>some shit about federal decriminalization.
Congressional committee passed a legalization bill. This is not big dick news. Bill would have to pass congress, which it probably will with the current numbers, then face defeat at the senate.

Compare against the SAFE banking bill, has already passed congress and is up for senate vote in future. When it passed congress it did not have a meaningful effect on the bearish trend of US weed stocks.

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Just found this in my folder while searching for ygyl. Reminded me of something

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but they are getting all these simultaneous upgrades, additionally from this morning:

>Morningstar© Stock Strategist
20 Nov 2019 06:00:00 AMKristoffer Inton
Canopy Has Global Potential Amid Foggy U.S. Market
On Nov. 14, Canopy CGC reported second-quarter results highlighted by product mix challenges due to an unexpected and dramatic hit to revenue and profits. After overproducing oil and softgel for the Canadian recreational market, the company had to accept returns and price reductions that led to a CAD 33 million restructuring charge. Management also scaled back its previous goal of CAD 250 million in net revenue in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2020 because of insufficient points of retail sales in the near term. We always questioned the wisdom of setting a target when provincial governments' slow rollout of stores has held back the industry, so the retraction makes sense to us. We maintain our no-moat rating.

We view the announced restructuring charge as a disconnect between the cannabis forms Canopy produced and those that customers wanted, and not reflective of oversupply of cannabis in general. Kilogram equivalents sold increased 397% year over year to 10,913 kilograms, which the Canadian recreational market and international medical market boosted. Furthermore, the business-to-consumer retail channel saw sequential growth of 24% from the first fiscal-year quarter. As cannabis 2.0 rolls out and more consumer-packaged goods will be available for sale, customer demand is expected to increase for these new cannabis products.

>Error: Comment too long (7370/2000).
fuck it

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You retards still have time to buy the snap dip. It dropped with everything else but it isn’t in China and the drop was completely fucking stupid.

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what drop??

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This just happened:

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God damn I should've bought much much more of this... very small position while two of my largest are hitting 52-week lows

>NTDOY Volume Spike 11/20/2019
>Trading volume exceeded the 10-day average of 573,006 by 88.80%.
damn near 52-week highs again, challenging psychological $50 level

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>BNL 'News'
yeah, nah

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Use a stop loss to secure at least a portion of today's gains.

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Snap went from 15.43 to 15.11 in a few minutes.

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lol they're just reduced losses

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This just proves there was a skid row bro, and Trump's going to get impeached because of this.

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AMRN back over 20

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No that actually did happen. It was originally reported by Zerohedge.

>> No.16320846

Ukraine media confirms:


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Ah yes, Tyler Durden is my favorite journalist

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$20 seems to be the lower bound for now. I can't believe how much influence that fuckwit from Oppenheimer had on the price.

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Read the first reply in that linked /pol/ thread

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>KYIV. Nov 20 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Some $16.5 million received by Hunter Biden, the son of former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, as payment from Burisma was stolen from Ukrainian citizens, member of parliament Andriy Derkach has said.
Interesting... I wonder if this ukranian politician knows how hard he's fucking his country by claiming the US stole from them.

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SNSS slapped with a delisting notice today.

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gonna kms

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Why bother? The Bog-funded assassin is headed to your home as you read this

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Wolf's rain was like 2004.

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The Mustang Mach-E is not having the effect on F that I thought it would.

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Can someone explain what this means to me? I watch charts all day haven't been following politics

>> No.16320927

I drive a Ford and love it but I wouldn’t touch their stock.

>> No.16320933

Same. Tho it is fucking with TSLA in interesting ways.

>> No.16320943

It means that what Biden admitted to at the CFR(people arent sposed to talk about what goes on there) happened and Biden is probably a child murdering pedo monster based on what he's done on camera

>> No.16320952

It means the things Trump is in trouble for wanting investigated were legitimate. It probably doesn't mean anything for the impeachment process, though, since no one has strongly doubted that.

>> No.16320981

Accumulate cheapies and collect dividends until it reaches $20. If you arent patient enough to do that get out of F and buy pennyshit

>> No.16320986

I will hold. I'm betting on Ford's efforts to reinvent themselves to pay off.

>> No.16320990

There was our live meow jump, now it's going to sell off for sour hour...

>> No.16321003

why do people still have faith in Ford? It's a dead carbrand in less then 15 years.

>> No.16321011

SNSS was slapped with a delisting notice in June. They have until January.

>> No.16321029

Also, just tested. When a stock is getting delisted, they put a hold on trading. I just bought 10 more shares to test and yes it is still tradeable.

>> No.16321037

Will they make it?

>> No.16321038

Is snss gonna r/s if they dont pop over $1 by dec.

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Anon who claimed to have a put credit spread, you feeling okay? The reply in pic is who I'm referring to.


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They don't really make cars anymore. When gas prices rise again and the economy slumps, they will regret the decision and find themselves painfully behind the competition. F has been a shit investment for years. Anyone holding has been hemorrhaging money.

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>account suspended

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Riding from 5, ready to dump when i can. shit might hit double digits. highly likely a pump and dump. careful

>> No.16321049

You wouldn't want to hold them til Jan anyway

>> No.16321060

Where is smug refr anon now?

>> No.16321061

super thin volume. only 350k traded so far. perfect for a mega pump. god i wish i had more shares...

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Anon are you okay. Pic related, the reply to that post.

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I don't suppose Twitter will apologize and reinstate them when they realize it wasn't "fake news"

>> No.16321073

he'll be back to post his gains from where he got stopped out, I assume.

This is exactly what a StockTwits shill looks like

>> No.16321074

>>account suspended
NO! I loved that twitter for the memes.

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That gigantic ugly ass dash...

No one is buying this shit even with the tax rebate (I think Tesla's rebate is down to like $1200)

Who the fuck wants a $50k+++ sports car with a dash that looks like it was jerry rigged by a 19yo? Sorry bros hope they Sonic the hedgehog it

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NIO seems like a major cheapie but on the other hand it's such a shitty and unpredictable chinkshit stock.

>> No.16321083

Told you: >>16320943 Biden is Illuminati, above the law like Hillary and Podesta and all them.

When we had the Olympics in Canada he was walking around a ski resort and one of our big presenters went to go up and talk to him and shake his hadn and the CIA slapped his hadn away and their cameras started malfunctioning

>> No.16321097

>When we had the Olympics in Canada he was walking around a ski resort and one of our big presenters went to go up and talk to him and shake his hadn and the CIA slapped his hadn away and their cameras started malfunctioning

the CIA follows him everywhere? or are they muscle?

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Lol whats with tablet at the center? Its huge and ugly.

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fucking rekt

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Secret service, CIA, whatever. Illuminati security guards that procure children for him

>> No.16321158

TFW convinced a bunch of people to buy AMD yesterday

oh no

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2k to spend for last half hour, what dip do I buy

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How's that DF stock doing, anon?

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don't buy high and sell low smg!

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dios mio, man

>> No.16321202

put LOW

>> No.16321209

BNL news got banned from twitter for tweeting out the news that the Burisma head got arrested.

>> No.16321214

this tablet shit is absolutely retarded, give me some god damn dials I don't want to be looking down at my car's built in iPad while driving

>> No.16321221

I believe they will but I still plan to sell most of my shares in December

>> No.16321222

Didn’t they ban politics or some shit? Or regulate unverifiable political info?

>> No.16321231

Day of reckoning will come for big social media on these types of shenanigans.

>> No.16321237

RH is boomer crack

>> No.16321238

they banned political advertising, fake news and bots remain OK but only if they're expressing state department sanctioned views

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>> No.16321256

fuck your portfolio's open and close: post sales you made today.

Sold 200 shares of $UWT, an oil ETF that tracks west texas crude, for $2,225 or about a 4% profit.

This netted me around $80. I bought it during the oil dip yesterday.

>> No.16321275

lmoa these cunts act like this is 1970s Soviet Union and nobody will know about this shit if they delete it.

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Now theres a chair

>> No.16321287

i sold my VXX calls during the flash crash, then bought some calls, sold the calls and bought some puts, now bagholding the puts because i purchased too early and too far OTM.

>> No.16321289

why? Seems like it's dying a part from pump atm

>> No.16321296

Oh, no sir, I can't afford that

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>No trade deal yet?
>Dow rises 300 points on renewed optimism.

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Snap is gonna shoot up after hours. Should hit 16 tomorrow.

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>> No.16321320

The 3x leveraged oil ETFs can be a great way to swing some big gains, but they can also burn you quickly for no reason. The "market sentiment" blows in the wind and I learned earlier this summer that Trump's tweets can cost you more than 10% in a matter of minutes.

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It's probably aimed at people who grew up as babies preoccupied with iPads. It might make for a surprising next quarter, plus Ford has 10 other EVs planned.

>> No.16321346

I’m trying to help you bro

>> No.16321355

Can probably make back all the money with a couple trades. Volatile. Get in at 6 get out at 8 do that 3 times during the day with a thousand or so and I've made my money back.

>> No.16321361

definitely true. I've lost big money on a few trades with them, but generally try to keep my trades very small and very fast. I'm happy to make 1-2% consistently over and over again while occasionally losing 10% once every 10-20 trades.

>> No.16321363

snap went too fast upwards imo, but IDK

>> No.16321364

On what planet do you live where zoomers or millenials can afford to buy any personal transportation whatsoever?

>> No.16321365

what a bunch of fuddy duddy jews shooting this market back up like that when i've got a bunch of puts.

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Get your puts in while you can, bois

>> No.16321461

How can I kill myself with AMRN??

>> No.16321471

I bought the dip. Lost half my play money on Microsoft and out what I had left into snap. I figured no way Microsoft was hitting 151 on Friday. Just cut my loses.

>> No.16321481

inject fish oil directly to the femoral vein

>> No.16321507

And it's over...155 dollars lost. Fuck me.

>> No.16321519

Fuck I was just too late to buy SONO 15 CALLS, would it be a nice option? Earnings are later today.

>> No.16321521

LB earnings should be coming out.

>> No.16321528

+$4.55 for me. Down $14 for the week so far.

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Ding ding ding! How did everyone do today? I'm up 2.25%, CGC wildly outperforming my prediction yesterday. Had to execute my covvies on the bus this morning, caught em early tho and didn't detract from my overall gains too much tho. Food stockies doing nothing, GEO continues to fall, still time to buuuyyyyyy....
Also popped off a cutie daytrade from 310.25 to 310.63 to cellarbate learning how to use ToS, so ez with volume pwofile and level 2 0_0

>> No.16321547

Down 1.29%, have some calls ending on friday, a month from now, and two months from now, down on fucking all of them because of today but it could have been much worse I think I'll be able to recoup the rest of my losses and maybe get some profits last minute tomorrow

>> No.16321549

Up 5.75%. MO calls are wild today. Hopefully I've got my numbers right and MO hits $50 by the end of the week

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green day. Based me

>> No.16321554

Down 4.27%

>> No.16321557

Up 3%, my portfolio is back above 7k. Feels comfy

>> No.16321566


I'm done with /biz/. I'm definitely not done with Robinhood, I end up buying 10-20 new stocks every day, that will probably never change. But this stock really made me realize I no longer give a shit about anything you guys have to say. It made me realize that investor analyses mean nothing to me anymore. For so long have I been a child, now I can look into the mirror and truly see a man looking back at me. I no longer put any stock into the opinions or thoughts of people on the internet, from now on, I trust myself and those I consider closest to me in real life.

This is probably the single best stock I've owned this entire generation. It's one of the funnest stocks I've owned in years. I've purchased all of your favorite stocks. I'm probably better at Technical Analysis than most of you guys are, I've developed literally hundreds of trade bots of all sorts of different genres and styles. At last I truly realize how retarded like 99% of you guys are.

There are a few of you guys out there who are alright, keep on keeping on. But eventually you guys too will realize you're like me: you truly fucking love the stock market with all your heart, it's probably impossible to change that about yourself. And you'll realize your posting on a board full of complete morons who don't even invest, they just enjoy shitposting about it. These are people who are essentially broken on the inside and have likely lost most of their ability to enjoy things. The type of people who complain about stagnation in the industry, and when arguably the most revolutionary stock of the decade drops, they all gang up together to pretend that it isn't even free money, when in reality this is basically the easiest money of all time.

make it moon

>> No.16321582

Another day of bleeding from lci

>> No.16321586

see you tomorrow

>> No.16321592

based and hereforeverpilled

>> No.16321597

ur moms a fag

>> No.16321606

They missed an entire month of growth desu

>> No.16321608
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Mild green on my yolo account, nice meaty green on my boomer long term account thanks to Restoration Hardware up 4%. It dipped 3% yesterday and after a big think on it, I doubled the fug down figuring it would pop right back up after the Buffett news gap had been filled, which was exactly what appears to have happened.

In hindsight my energy sector bets from a couple weeks ago should have included a better mix of oil/gas AND electric, hydro, etc. I was too heavy on oil and paid the price.

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>> No.16321615

$15,000 here, you don't know what pain is. Thanks Oppenheimer kike

>> No.16321623

>tfw when all you really wanted was a PAYC $260 call for the last two days, but your additional funds hadn't cleared for options purchases and now that goddamn option is up 600%

>> No.16321631

Bros, I miss Leon. I hope he's okay.

>> No.16321635
File: 34 KB, 750x750, vs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the debate /biz/ needs, but won't have

>> No.16321637

Sorry, $17,000..

Was done 7% yesterday, today down 14.4%

>> No.16321642

If a stock increases by 5% does a call with the same strike price as the share price also increase with 5% or does it differ

>> No.16321643

Anyone know the deal with ALNY ? Drug got approved by the FDA...orphan drug for a rare disease though, kinda surprised how pathetic the post-resume rally was.

>> No.16321657

this looks like a pasta

>> No.16321670

Up 3% because I'm 100% TMF like a fucking chad
Buy under $500

>> No.16321673
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>I'm going to lose my ass on AMRN
>Red the whole damn day
>I'm going to lose my ass on AMRN
>With calls that expire Friday
>Can't you hear the Bogdanoffs calling-
>Right at the opening bell?

>> No.16321674
File: 196 KB, 1076x1038, Screenshot_20191120-151429_Robinhood.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This may look like a crab but actually it is weedstocks flying high while my solar stocks (ENPH and SPWR) completely shit the bed.

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File: 126 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20191120-131511_Samsung Internet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Down another -1.49% ($384). I am not having a good November at all. /MEMESTOCK'd/ up the ass all month long.

>> No.16321702

bruh, cut your losses. i was out immediately at open. looked like shit. rode the OKTA NVDA SNAP ROKU MO KZIA trains, topped off with a load of MSFT at EOD for the divvy, and SHOP cuz it looks ready to pop.

>> No.16321723

see >>16321440

>> No.16321741

Soccer moms with kids want that shit. Chicks dig mustangs even if they look like this. It's all status to them anyway and they eat this shit up. It's not a man's car, it's for the women who spend their money.

>> No.16321747

Made $100, celebrating by drinking a based KO :^)

>> No.16321764

up .06% I survived

>> No.16321774

the stock market has fucked me in the ass enough to give me ass cancer

what stock can I invest in to cure butt cancer??

please help

>> No.16321775
File: 522 KB, 500x737, JUST_FIRE_MY_SHIT_UP.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All of my haircuts were due to buying garbage. Not even kind-of garbage, but straight-up 100% pure and unadulterated stinky garbage: CHK, MDR, and - the biggest winner of all - Dean motherfucking Foods. I swear I promise not to buy anymore memes :^)

>> No.16321779

MYOV is an ass cancer cure stock but it also fucks you in the ass if u bought it the other day

>> No.16321786


>> No.16321787

then there is no cure :(

rip me

>> No.16321805
File: 43 KB, 600x693, disdain.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16321821
File: 108 KB, 960x678, sh4zitfzbyw21.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My daily pretty much follows MYOV right now :( but our day will come

Did you catch this?


Lots is down today tho on trade agreement bullshit look what liberals and jews did to tesla when he hinted to starting up his own politifact or whatever

>> No.16321833

lads if 9/9 of my calls go through successfully I'll be looking at a new standard of life

unfortunately that absolutely is not going to be the case so I suggest everyone sell, LMT, AAPL, MSFT, AMD, PFE.

>> No.16321839

LB is surging after a stellar earnings report. I'm glad I bought the dip today.

>> No.16321861

I short sold LOCO into the close. I just dont know why.

Would buy if only cause total biscuit died of ass cancer. Still funny
They could have saved him, if only so he could died from aids.
If one bought into the close yesterday they'd be close to break even. If they bought into the 17 spike and are still holding, what the fuck are they doing?

>> No.16321879

I paused buying any stock other than MO, ABBV MMM and JNJ. Deals to be had on decent companies finally.

>> No.16321888
File: 176 KB, 220x200, dancing baby.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

35k in index funds, will I ever make it or will I have to go /full degenerate/ and invest in meme stocks?

>> No.16321916

The only thing you'll be making by buying meme stocks is a noose

>> No.16321932

>Lots is down today tho on trade agreement bullshit look what liberals and jews did to tesla when he hinted to starting up his own politifact or whatever
I thought about Elon today after that one jew analyst managed to tank AMRN

>> No.16321934

Stick with index unless you are actually doing methodical research. FA is like TA where if you don't have a sharpened tool you are going to lose.

>> No.16321943

dont even have a job live with my parents literally dumped 2k into the market today doubling the size of my account because i freaked out when everything tanked so i double downed on all my positions


>> No.16321944
File: 338 KB, 474x492, memestocks.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The only things green in my portfolio are my blue chips and ETFs.

>> No.16321962
File: 277 KB, 1242x1875, 1574285577268.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16321966

Pro tip: buy sonos before AH ends

>> No.16321976

Why not longer dated calls friend?

I’m all in on AMRN calls now, but they still have two months of juice at least

>> No.16321982

Reminder: Nothing has changed to cause this Dip in AMRN. Unless you count increasing Profit every Quarter, A 16:0 Adcom Vote, More Good news this month (and Thursday), On the Brink of Profit flowing in like mad for ten years after 12/28. Oh and did I mention a the very high chance of a Buyout for 60 a share? Yes all very bad things! Sell Now! (Joking). If these all count as "bad" what the fuck counts as good then,hmm?

>> No.16321998

Every time I listen to smg I lose money

>> No.16322005
File: 646 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20191120-164106_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think I might be the original KRTX and MYOV shiller here are u the bro 6k in? Sorry man. Still feel good about it tho.

Dude if you check out their website those next 2 ph3 have waaay more potential patients. And NDA for cancer drug could come in december. And then theres the analysts ratings at $24-$30. I'm gonna keep buying.

>> No.16322006

>not doing the exact opposite of /smg/ and being a billionaire within a month
Do you just not want to make it or what?

>> No.16322023

pls give my hopeless demise some attention :(

>> No.16322036


FUD for thought.

>> No.16322037

see >>16321440

>> No.16322059

you're going to make it fren, but first you need to find a job so you can grow you portfolio with a steady stream of cash.

>> No.16322063

Everyone shorting OMX tomorrow. Good bye Sweden! Maybe Mohammed can bail you out.

>> No.16322089
File: 89 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191120-170559.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have longer calls but they wont fit in screenshot

im most worried about the 3 calls expiring friday

percentage to the right is total percent lost/gained

>> No.16322109
File: 103 KB, 732x823, laws.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

for your consideration

>> No.16322157

I'm retarded. It's just one call, but I did miss multiple opportunities to sell at a decent profit. I deserve it.

Historically, this is the behavior of the rich when a broken economic system nears failure. Of course, the economy is global now. They won't simply be able to flee to Britain and access their vaults come the day of the rope.

>> No.16322168

Reuters now reporting on the Biden/Burisma news. Looking like this story is legit.


>> No.16322174

Great. Now I'll never find more cheap fuel for my pixelization fetish.

>> No.16322195

based AMRN down aftermarket

>> No.16322198

Well good luck to everybody. I am going to go to the store and get some things.

>> No.16322203
File: 73 KB, 1280x720, _0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he warned the global economy is under threat from an explosive mix of ineffective monetary policy, a widening wealth gap and climate change
>and climate change
Stopped reading right there. That feels so tacked on like resurrecting last decades boogeymen.
He might as well said ethnic tensions

>> No.16322209

I'm laughing at all the retards who were saying to buy it yesterday.

>> No.16322216

>Trump wants Ukraine to launch an investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden
I remember when Reuters was a respectable news source

>> No.16322226

In my first year of trading, I'm down by 4%. Pretty good all things considered.

>> No.16322262

Heh, some dude who gets paid for this shit says "AMRN going to $7 per due to lackluster future sales" Meanwhile sales have gone up each quarter and is on the brink of skyrocketing even more after 12/28. Makes you think don't it. Hell I could do a better job than that fucktard. Judge for yourself: Me; DF is circling the drain (It did), GE is rising (It went from 6.66 to over 10), T-Babies are a good thing (28 to 37 + a Fat Divvy to boot), AMRN will kick the FDA's ass (16:0), DIS at 130 is a steal (It's now at almost 150). I rest my case.

>> No.16322264

How many trades through out the year?

>> No.16322269

How can I subscribe to your newsletter?

>> No.16322271

Amarin shill

>> No.16322295
File: 42 KB, 690x539, 1490061849604.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>these analysts are always trying to manipulate and fux wit my stacks
Why do the Bogs do coordinate these attacks anons? It's such a blatant campaign of fear mongering.

>> No.16322306

can someone pls tell me im not in a horrible position

>> No.16322307

Im in 6k with MYOV yes. I've resigned myself to being a hodler, no hard feelings

>> No.16322312

I'll shill for AMRN all day. Vascepa will save lives and make me a fuckton of money.
I'll also shill for SNSS. Vecabrutinib will save lives and make me a fuckton of money.

>> No.16322314

Tiktok data breach incoming. How can I profit from this?

>> No.16322316

Get a load of this one too:

>> No.16322323

Snap calls

>> No.16322329

you must be rich if you're making such good calls. god of calls, even.

>> No.16322330


>> No.16322331

>Vascepa will save lives and make me a fuckton of money.
This is the only bad part about AMRN, it's helping boomers live longer

>> No.16322342
File: 37 KB, 605x361, v6ab2r8mauz31.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The first two are probably fucked. Might make it on AMD.

Short the chinks and zoomers

Probably the shitpost on the wallstreet gambling subreddit (Pic related)

>> No.16322352

For your longer positions, I think you're AMD call is good because with the political drama it is likely to push side ways after some more prolonged growth and should be in that ball park then.
For Apple, it's hard to say for the reason mentioned above. But I would say that is an alright position. Maybe sell and make profit though.
As for the options that expire on the 22nd; LMT, your current Apple, and AMD call--we'll just have to see. It really depends if you plan on executing them or if you plan on selling them before they execute/expire. And with this impeachment news something either very favorable can happen or radical that changes everything.
But I've always have sold options before they were exercised or expired because the geeks (such as delta) on options change as you get closer to the date.

>> No.16322393

I trade a certain EMA on an algo that I wrote for trading BTC and ETH and move my gains into stocks for lifetime income but I don't think that everyone should do that unless they are also doing proper back testing and DD.

So not a boomer just not retarded like most of /biz/

>> No.16322422
File: 280 KB, 452x710, 1570620354301.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why is that subreddit so much cooler than us.
We're fucking pikers and this board is mostly coin shills.

>> No.16322426
File: 300 KB, 1003x810, SmartSelect_20191120-174753_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Probably the shitpost on the wallstreet gambling subreddit (Pic related)
Everyone is saying it's TikTok, but a Google search reveals they have 1.5 billion users, not 1.2 billion.

>> No.16322440

I wish. I make shit a year. I just got into the investing gig last year. I took my lumps (never a big loss though) then I looked into what I was doing wrong and started digging into the companies I invested in. Then once they had all returned a lot of green I sold out (most of them), and added to my AMRN stake. When it's all said and done AMRN will deliver over $52,000 to me.

>> No.16322454

Lol motherfucker, I only made one mistake. Have not been doxxed yet lol

>> No.16322455

Put it all in armn and you'll have 50k soon

>> No.16322473

Okay Mr.Holmes

>> No.16322476 [DELETED] 

Baggies portfolio getting attention

>> No.16322508

>one mistake
I recall your first investment was a mistake, too.

Yeah, I don't know. It's probably some shitty pass-through internet company that isn't even publicly listed.

>> No.16322510

While its true you can hit it big and make a shit load with one stock, the waiting game can kill you. Ex: AMRN's wild price swings over the year .vs steady gain a fund pays out over that same year. A stock, you get your Fat Wad and that's it. A fund, those gains just pile up, till your 65 or whenever you decide to sell it all. So yeah it's all about what your aim is. Or hell do both, keep a Fund for the long road and a few stocks for the short term Profits.

>> No.16322524

Never done options trading. If I think a company will go over 10% in the next two months, do I buy call options on that company? How do I lower the risk of me being wrong? Also, if the company never goes over 10% but still moves up slightly, will I still lose money?

>> No.16322534

Huh? Are you telling us to short it or is something happening?

>> No.16322536

Haha so was my second one, I bought ARMN at $22.56. Shoot me please

>> No.16322544

Yes but call options. You can lower the risk by buying a lower price for the stock (you will pay a higher premium. If the company hits below the price you picks you lose everything. You can sell your option early if it goes up though.

>> No.16322553

AMRN* Jesus

>> No.16322556

Just remember you haven't lost anything until you sell. You have plenty of time for it to go up.

>> No.16322562
File: 356 KB, 1052x1061, SmartSelect_20191120-180832_Twitter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Yeah, I don't know. It's probably some shitty pass-through internet company that isn't even publicly listed.
One of the guys friends says it's going to affect everyone on the internet.

>> No.16322569

Actually, it would be better to sell AMRN now and wait for it to plunge to $16 in the next few days to buy again.

>> No.16322573
File: 14 KB, 682x223, Capture6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you will be ok
trust me, you can't freak out over short term
be at peace with me

>> No.16322581

You'll be ok. Watch. As the Dec 28th gets closer the stock will rise ever higher. A buyout rumor will send it way up. Would not surprise me a bit if they're having Buyout talks now with a formal deal being done/announced right after Dec 28th. Or a partnership. Either way, the stocks gonna fly. I'll get my fat wad.

>> No.16322603

LB is a steal at these prices and they got a fat af dividend.

>> No.16322607
File: 45 KB, 250x221, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

buy TSLA puts tomorrow for massive gains

you didn't hear this from me

>> No.16322608

Too risky for ppl that got FOMO and bought that high


Need to wait until the New Year, yay.. On the upside all my money is in AMRN so I cant make any more stupid stock decisions for however long.. On the downside this is going to be torture

>> No.16322613

Well 1.2b is significantly larger (by magnitudes) than any breach, ever. Are there only 1.2b people on the internet? It has to be Cloudflare.

>> No.16322640

Everyone knows that the Tesla truck is being unveiled tomorrow.
It's probably a social media company

>> No.16322652

but not everyone knows the announcement is going to tank TSLA

>> No.16322653

Yeah you guys are right, just wished I waited 1 more day before investing. Going to put my next months wage on AMRN too, some people are going to miss out on Christmas presents

>> No.16322666

Heh, I got almost my entire savings into this. I've got just under 1k left in my bank. Over 90% is in AMRN. I make shit a year (27k). When you make shit you gotta risk a lot in order to make a fat wad. P.S I could sell now and walk away with over 17k from AMRN alone. I dumped almost 17k into the market total. But I won't. I want my $52,000

>> No.16322668

The truck is the first of its kind and revolutionary. Why would it tank TSLA?

>> No.16322682

You think 19 won’t hold? I’m going to buy back in around there I think. Schwab called the article “senationalist” kekkies

My call will almost certainly expire worthless on the 27th. I wonder if trading will be halted.

>> No.16322689
File: 67 KB, 780x520, toogoodforthisworld.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What the FUCK could it be such that everyone who uses the internet is automatically affected? Is this a dumbfuck burger who thinks the entire world uses Google or AWS or something?

>> No.16322694

Are wsb and other idiots freaking out about AMRN and that other fish oil one?

>> No.16322705
File: 201 KB, 786x715, 1572748282481.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Market rallies 2% on obvious bullshit jawboning about a phase one deal
>market only drops 0.5% when it's clear there's no deal

What a fake and gay market

>> No.16322710

You don’t have to use them for them to have info on you, but I think they mean the implications. We all know it here though, there’s no such thing as privacy or safety.

>> No.16322721

Are bears actually this dumb?

>> No.16322736

YouTube, Gmail, the search engine, docs. I think everyone uses Google.
Netflix, Reddit, Expedia, Ubisoft, Adobe, GE, Samsung, Spotify, Ticketmaster, and dozens more all uses AWS.

>> No.16322740

We're down on AMRN temporarily but imagine being Hunter Biden rn


>> No.16322751

Good luck my lad! You deserve it! What are you going to spend your 52k on?

>> No.16322753


Lmao you’re fucked kid

Imagine buying calls at 312 LOL

>> No.16322758

>I'm dumb for thinking reality should affect the market

>> No.16322770

I am reked on my ARMN calls

Fuck my life

>> No.16322771

Reminder: AMRN's holding an healthcare conference tomorrow in London. Gee, I wonder what they'll say.. Hell all it takes is a look at the investor docs on the site. They'll tell you all you need to know: Profit out the ass all year long w/lots more ahead after 12/28. Also just cause the FDA says 12/28 is when they'll deliver the goods it doesn't mean they can't do it quicker. A buyout can happen at any time as well.

>> No.16322773

Too bad SpaceX is private held. Their Starlink internet is going to destroy rural ISPs and the mere concept of DSL.

t. Guy on shitty DSL

>> No.16322777


>> No.16322784

But in the long run we're all dead. I need gains now.

Yes, yes you are. It's all hype, expectations, and delusions.
And it won't matter if and when you'll be right, what will only matter if you made any money.

>> No.16322788

How can I profit from this?

>> No.16322801

312 is the perfect time to buy calls, and sell at the open.

I’m down so far I’ve lost all hope.
I also forgot to buy more LHX today for that sweet 0.75 divvy.

Sheeeeeit I sold most of it except my doomed call, and missed the buy in point in the mid 19’s

Shit I forgot to buy cyber security to prepare for something like this.


>> No.16322806

what is 312 please explain apparently im a retard this could change my life

>> No.16322818
File: 248 KB, 1914x745, 1535403772217.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In terms of AMRN, are we at the "almost buy here" phase?

>> No.16322821
File: 1.14 MB, 680x510, 5bf.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you should learn how to use options as insurance instead of as a trading tool
the market is unstable; like it or not it's undeniable that doubt is setting its seeds in the market
good news does not = stocks going up at the moment, completely unreasonable

eventually after using options as insurance for a while you'll begin to feel out what is undervalued
and what is overvalued in regards to options; parity is key, and crab market is death
capping gains on reliable 3+ dollar stocks is pretty awesome; try to play earnings friend it's really fun

>> No.16322824

Dunno, something o do with Ukraine

>> No.16322827

>Social media
>The entire internet
It can't not be Cloudflare. They're arrogant and have had vulnerabilities before in Cloudbleed and the like. They serve over 5 million sites, over 10% of internet traffic passes through them.

They could have leaked all of your 4chan posts alongside your IP. The least you could do is buy a cheapie put on them, just in case. And don't tell wsb.

>> No.16322841

I’ve been buying MRK calls on the dip and selling on the rip nearly daily. It’s so clear it wants to go over 85, but everyone keeps forcing it back down under.

Unfortunately I didn’t set my limit buy cheap enough today, so I didn’t get to buy my call back. I wonder if we’ve finally broken resistance.

>> No.16322853

Well since picking a high paying stock is kinda a 50/50 deal I'm gonna be smart with my money. You never know if you'll get another shot at it again. To that end a lot will go over into my VFIFX fund (I add to this each month), I'll re buy those Divvy stocks I sold and the rest is going back into my bank. Thank god I got over blowing money on dumb shit a long time ago.

>> No.16322871

It's Google+

>> No.16322877

Earnings is ok. Especially for companies like DIS

>> No.16322887

Galt bagholders better cut your losses by tomorrow if you haven't already.

>> No.16322897
File: 391 KB, 2050x1336, Screen Shot 2019-11-20 at 3.26.08 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>This FAKE and GAY insider buy
what makes you think that?
Is tomorrow the day they declare fiscal insolvency?

>> No.16322901

Because the truck demographic doesn't want nor can afford Tesla. Especially not for a work truck. Especially not when it looks dumb. Especially when the only ones who are on about it are the liberal tesla fags who think anything daddy elon and his musky dick does is next to godliness.

>> No.16322912

Been hodlin put since right before accounting fraud came out. Tesla refused to drop. Hopefully this crashes it back down. I might as well put another $20 in a otm put

>> No.16322931

It doesn't matter what the truck demographic thinks. It's about the initial reaction.

>> No.16322934
File: 46 KB, 947x823, pic1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No fucking clue what I'm doing. Which one should I get? Let's say cloudflare only goes up and up. if I sell my puts before expiration, will I lose everything I put in? Also, is it possible to lose more money than I have in my account?

thanks for helping a newb out in advance

>> No.16322951

>if I sell my puts before expiration, will I lose everything I put in?
depends how high it goes. they may not be worth much if there is a very low chance it will hit your strike price

>Also, is it possible to lose more money than I have in my account?
when buying puts and calls, it's not possible to lose more than the cost of the put or call. this is not the case when you sell (or "write") put/call options without owning the underlying.

>> No.16322952

That put best be on LOW, Anon

>> No.16322956

I feel ya, good stuff. At what share price will you pull the plug on AMRN

>> No.16322958

>initial reaction
already priced in. Jumped past $320 when this was announced couple weeks back and it has not stopped pumping. Crash imminent. Big bubble from Tesla fanboys. This should pop it.

>> No.16322966

can someone explain forex to me? let me explain a bit... i trade stocks. im only 4 months into this shit but it has consumed my life (i love it btw this isn't a bad thing) and by the end of next year i feel like i will have enough backtesting and forwardtesting (paper) to be able to day trade for a living. im already doing exceptionally well in paper trading (20% profit so far off of only playing with 20-30k), but im exceptionally cautious and really want to cross all of my t's and dot all of my i's before actually getting into even using small amounts of real money.

but all of this has come from this guy VP from no nonsense forex on youtube. him and livetraders but my "algorithm" has come from him (he doesn't tell you the specifics but he gives you the general idea and i had to figure it out myself through a lot of testing). but he trades forex, not stocks. he talks about how the "big banks" can see stop losses and manipulate shit, he talks about how supply and demand doesn't exist in forex. i understand supply and demand and from livetraders i got a good understanding of price action analysis, and it just makes a lot of sense when you consider supply and demand in relation to resistance and support levels and seeing what happens at them. it's a large part of my success in all honesty, i feel like the indicators are more of a guideline to frame the price action data against significant psychological levels, especially round numbers. im always getting in and out at places like 53.27 instead of 53.5 or 54, you know what i mean? my stop loss is always some distance behind a round number, my fibonacci retracements always involve the closest round number, etc because it's simple psychology. even algorithms are based on psychology even though they're computer programs, they were made by humans trying to take advantage of humans.

how do you trade forex which ignores human psychology completely, seemingly?

>> No.16322968
File: 83 KB, 900x900, 1574006368730.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Crash imminent

>> No.16322982

pls respond about what 312 means

>> No.16322991
File: 202 KB, 1280x976, e4a4772af311154dcd3f7840275692aff24cd951c4792bce219dad7955098027.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wanna look into MRK so I'm gonna take a shower and fire up ToS, load up a few of my bookmarks and shieeeet
Are you trading MRK or are you investing longer term in MRK, and why? (If you don't mind my questions, it saves me a bit of time)

I'll do some looking and give you my impartial opinion on the company if you're still around.
I used to do this trading and investing thing a lot when I had no job and lots of money but then I had to put this aside and go back to work.
Trying to get back into the groove. Pretty rusty and working a job makes *trading* harder to do, but I do enjoy my FA.

>> No.16322997

The area code Clarence was from

>> No.16323004

pls no bully

>> No.16323009

Urban Outfitters is down 20% on lackluster sales. Worth throwing a few bucks at or is it on a more general decline for the foreseeable future?

>> No.16323011

You set the expiration date to not be any time soon. The price you pay for the premium is the price you see there x100. If you reach the date of expiration without selling or exercising the option, the option expires worthless, and you lose the premium you paid. Ideally, the stock will become more volatile and go in the direction you want it to, this will increase the value of your option so you can sell it for a profit.

Your max loss when buying options is only the amount you pay for the contract. Selling options is how you end up in debt. You should watch a quick video on youtube that explain the basics so you can understand options trading fundamentals before making any decisions.

>> No.16323012

>stock gaps up $250 to $300 overnight based on fudged numbers
>fudged numbers get revealed, stock continues to pump
>announces electric truck, stock continues to surge
>announces german factory to compete against real automakers, stock surges
>In 3 weeks TSLA has surged from $250 to $360 based on air at best, fraud at worst
It's such a meme, it may not crash at all. It is however 100% a giant bubble that needs to pop. 16 years in business, never made a profit. I'm making a guess as to this being the catalyst, but who knows really.

>> No.16323021

60 per. The Buyout will see to that. Which would be 30 x 2. PFE paid out $90 per for Lipotor and 48 per (a 62% hike) for ARRY. ARRY didn't have anything out on the market yet either at the time (still don't I don't think)

>> No.16323027

like... indicators are great, especially once you understand wtf they're actually telling you about the data (like aroon isn't just 2 lines crossing, it's telling you when new highs or lows are being made and so it's more significant that one of the lines hits 100 and where both lines are in relation to the 70 and 30 lines than simply just when they cross, it's a huge deal. the MACD shows momentum and peaks are significant, and a major part of why it's important is because it's a self fulfilling prophecy so you should always use it on the default settings BECAUSE everyone else does the same thing).

basically, the thing i find weird is that everything about forex seems to be the opposite of stocks. in forex VP constantly says you want to be UNPOPULAR, you DON'T want to trade the same way as everyone else/the "popular kids". because the banks are always going to take price the other way. if they see everyone going long, they're going to take it short, and vice versa. support/resistance, fibonacci, etc are all retarded because the big banks control everything and give 0 FUCKS about those things. but stocks? it feels like the fucking opposite. you want to follow what is popular, popular is king. everyone using the same setting on MACD and trading based on it? you want to follow that. institutions trading on a catalyst news event? you want to day trade that stock only on that day and maybe the days after (example: UAW strike lasted a while, made a mint on that in paper since im still practicing), because there's a lot of action in it. you DON'T want to be unpopular, that's when stocks don't move and whipsaw/range and flatline like crazy, you're just going to lose money. it's like everything i know about stocks is the opposite in forex, would this be more or less correct? it just seems so weird to me, idk why i wouldn't just stick to stocks to be completely honest, but im curious. VP used to be a penny stock trader he says,there must be SOME reason he switched

>> No.16323039

I bought 4k worth of puts a day before the oil facility attacks. Got spooked and sold out for just 200$ gained. If only i held.

>> No.16323040

If this bubble *has* to pop, why following the announcement of the electric truck?

>> No.16323054

I'm gonna buy the fuck out of it if it goes below 3. Got 9k waiting.

>> No.16323076

what do you think about SGMO, fellow biotechbro? i got fucked by being a noob on july 8th after ISTH and got stuck in it, currently averaged down in the 11's and hoping for at least 12+ after ASH on dec. 7th. all of my research points to it being a slam dunk, the data will be good and the price will spike, it's just a question of how much will it spike really in my mind. but im always interested in other people's (informed) opinions on the matter. all of my money has wound up in it so it's sort of a big deal to me even though im young and you guys might laugh at how much i've got. (around 30k) i just don't think i'll ever put this much research into a company again and the odds seem so good i might as well ride it out. i'll wait until first half of next year if i have to but my hope is that it spikes, i sell at a nice profit, and buy back in when it inevitably plummets like it always does cyclicly. i could have got out around the last earnings but the trade war happened and crashed the market with no survivors, so im still here. luckily SGMO has done literally nothing but improve with the data and management/science board even though the SP has languished due to manipulation.

>> No.16323091

They announced it two weeks ago and the stock surged because of it. It's already priced in. When it's revealed, and it's anything other than the greatest thing since sliced bread, the stock should take a dip. Should trigger a few stops and algos, making it dip a little harder. Once we get that train rolling, short sellers should feel a bit better coming back in after losing a collective $1.5bn on what was essentially accounting fraud, due to the fact that this stock is severely overvalued. And then the bubble pops, ultimately putting it back in a range between $230 and $280.

>> No.16323124

Honestly I don't know. I've never looking into them. But long as you can walk away with more than you put in then you've won.

>> No.16323139

Both, I'm long and I've been adding a bit.
I also was buying calls, but I have no more right now, just a few KO and PEP calls, and 1 stupid fucking call for AMRN that will expire a day too early, unless it really pumps into the FDA announcement.

Long term, they've got the best immuno-oncology drug in the business, Keytruda, and it keeps getting approved for more and different indications. US, Europe, and it looks like China wants it too. They also have some diversification into animal health and other stuff, but the big blockbuster drug is Keytruda.

Keytruda has the first mover advantage in the space, but when other companies were announcing exciting new drugs, the stock got hit so I bought calls. Those drugs are a long way away, and keytruda is the one doctors know and use. For now they're good, but they have do have too much riding on that one drug, and there is a risk of the patent cliff, as well as the always present possibility a new drug will come out that blows it away. It's a risk I'm willing to take, I believe management is well aware of that.

I'm just fooling around in options, making $40 here, $60 there, that kind of thing. Taking profits conservatively. I have a big problem where I baghold wayyyyyy too low, but I've also fucked up doing the exact opposite.

I have no idea how to use options to protect myself, except for the put protection I bought going into earnings for Viacom. Expired worthless but that's better than them tanking.

GEO and TACO are two of my biggest positions, and they're both making new lows today. I suck suck suck at this.

>> No.16323189

that's the idea. ultimately my main focus is on being a TA-based day trader, which i want to eventually do for a living. this shit that i literally started with as the first stock i ever bought (and got in over my head on when i didn't know anything), i have done such deep research into. fundamental analysis, literally the opposite of my technicals. i swear i'll never do long term trades based on FA ever again once i get out of this stock, i should have got out long ago but i was emotional and didn't want to lose money.

on the other hand, everything i learned was because of this stock, all of the time i've poured into this has been because i never, EVER, want this to happen again. literally in around $12 and the shit drops to under $8. never again. never. again.

but man, it sure would make all of this waiting worthwhile if i could still make at least 10% off of it, that's my hope. HCW's target price is $16, that would also be fantastic but as long as i can get at least $12 (im currently averaged around $11.40 at 3k shares) I'd be completely fine with. anything more than that is just gravy as far as im concerned, but i love gravy lol.

god... technical are king. honestly fundamental analysis is very useful though to go alongside it but i just can't ever see making a trade with real money based on fundamentals alone ever again, idk how warren buffet did it. well, i do, but it's because he lived in a time without computers and HFT and the internet. big fucking difference. lot harder to crash a stock with no survivors when you're dealing with pure psychology and not computer programs that can make hundreds of thousands of trades in a millisecond.

>> No.16323195

Urban outfitters was trendy 15 yrs ago. I doubt zoomers give a shit unless they have supreme.

>> No.16323221

wa la


waaa laaa


>> No.16323223

That is kind of what I was thinking, but I really don't keep up with this shit. Apparently their other brands are doing ok, but it sounds like they aren't exactly booming either. I was just wondering if this might rebound for an easy 20%+ gain over the next few months. The chart is all over the place for years now though, so I can't really make sense of it.

>> No.16323228


>> No.16323274

What’s changed? Just that they’re running out of runway?

>> No.16323284

>but i do enjoy my FA

i don't understand how anyone can be trading based on fundies when the china trade war is going on and a single tweet and crash the market or send it skyrocketing. god, the tariffs announcement completely fucked me when i was *just* about to get out of SGMO on a small profit, literally the day before it was going to go up high enough (the day SGMO hit like $12.48 as a high basically), stock dropped over 30% even though it had literally 0% to do with the actual company itself. still kicking myself for not cutting my losses and buying back in when it turned around at $8 support, but i just couldn't believe it would have such a large impact.

again, lessons learned... i just hope they're not ultimately expensive lessons, you know what i mean? i feel like these are the sort of things you can only learn through experience. hard lessons, but lessons that can help you for your whole life if you learn from them. im really really sour on FA compared to TA now though, i just outright ignored the TA when shit went down super hard. "this company is great, all of the data is great, why is this going down???" i would say. never again besides as a general guide of "this company is overall shit or not shit" from now on.

>> No.16323301

This is why index funds are popular. your risk is spread out, cheaper, and your odds of winning is higher. My VFIFX has made me a constant return over the months, even during dips, vs my stocks that all just shat and be red till they recover. But those stocks can post a very high return in one day v.s the VFIFX which takes time. So it's a balance/trade off thing. If you got loads of time ahead of you before you walk out from your job or don't need the money for a long time, a fund is your best friend. But if you need money now (or soon) stocks is the better play. Or do like me and do them both.

>> No.16323975

i want to answer but have to go to bed, maybe tomorrow

>> No.16324045
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>i swear i'll never do long term trades based on FA ever again
based. i btfo fa traders on the regular here

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