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succesful neet who works from home
never worked besides baby sitting
quit school early to make money

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Shows tits or gtfo

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Eve was a woman and she ate the forbidden fruit that doomed us to keep incarnating into this world of misery and torment.

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Because 99% of women in modern society are useless and a drain on your life besides to cum in... Also You have to go back.

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Time stamp on tits or leave.

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Because modern woman is married to the government and hates God
But hey, that’s just like my opinion

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Is that a millennial woes pepe? Baist

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Misogynists = closet homosexuals. You resent the fact that, as a man, society expects you to chase after women. You try to repress your feelings, but they leak out in the form of hatred towards women.

Everything in your life is supposed to be geared towards women: you lift, you improve yourself, you start a career and earn money so you can attract a woman, and ultimately spend the rest of your life with her and reproduce with her. But you're just not attracted to them. And that makes you hate them. Why must you jump through all these hoops for these creatures who ultimately will never fulfill your most basic needs? How can women inflict this on you? They must be selfish and evil. You call them roasties and cunts. You insist that they must be removed from the public sphere and stay in the home. You don't want to be constantly reminded of their existence as you go about your business. Of course, the real problem isn't women, it's you.

You crave cock, but you have to keep up the facade. You watch straight porn in an attempt to kid yourself, but you focus on the man. You call the woman a disgusting whore as the cum drips down her face. But, deep down, you wish that was you. You wish that was you he was dominating and pounding with his thick 8-inch cock.

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I'm a woman and I don't feel this way at all. It's just merry banter, women talk shit about men all the time in equal measure.

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