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First post for bobo

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I went hard on gold this morning.

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You cost me $3000 today you stupid fucking bear!

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Both increasing

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>there are people ITT who actually think we'll bounce back after this months crash

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Why is no one worried about the fact the only reason stocks have gone up is the massive amount of buybacks going on?

On bloomberg they just mentioned eating ass is healthy as long as you do it sporadically

Shorting MCD.

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time to join the winning team

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my body is ready (and my bleeding asshole needs some relief)

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Another dem candidate bites the dust. Watch them elect Biden and get absolutely assblasted by Trump

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The bond king? I'M the bond king. Watery tarts handing treasuries out of a board room is no basis for a system of government.

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>muh TRQ calls up 166%


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Welp my ETF's have dropped a bit so far this month ... as in my return for the year is less than 2% now. My broker account is doing ok though, generally up 0.1-0.2% a day throughout so I'm guessing solid picks?

I'm trying to figure out if I should close out positions while they are showing a profit.

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hoping AMRN closes at least up 1%

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PEP calls

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I set my limit order at $30 for AMRN. Will we make it before it inevitably plummets?

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Don't get too smug yet, bobobo. S&P is coiling up to refill that gap down.

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Too late to get in on MTNB? Should I just add to my AMRN position instead?

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anyone here tried etfinance?

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is it just me or does it look like the market is completely flatlining now? everyone done with their knee-jerk reaction to trump or something?

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>Shorting MCD.
Tsk. Mistake.

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Why is that a problem? If APPL wants to pay me shit loads of cash to buy their own stocks back, I'll happily take their money.

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PEP calls, go all in.
Real American heroes.

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made me look. But yeah she'll probably be out by the end of the month

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>On bloomberg they just mentioned eating ass is healthy as long as you do it sporadically
gonna need some more info on that... is it a microbiome thing?
She's out, just announced. Good riddance.

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still time to get on the SGMO rocket ship before it takes off for real, lads.

imagine it. you could be up almost 7% today instead of down however much you are lmao.

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I just saw a tweet from a blue checkmark saying she told her staff she's suspending the campaign, I think it's real. And thank fuck, because she was literally the worst option possible

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can someone buy my amrn 24 call please

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SPY 255

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Slow retracement before the next dump is my guess.

There's reports out that she's about to announce dropping out, which is why I posted it

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yeah, I see it now, my mistake, had to hit refresh on google news.

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Is there any legal way to pump a stock?

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Looking very good for Buttigieg getting more support, I think he might honestly be the nominee. Which could be very funny if it pushes blacks to the Republican party for the first time in like a hundred fucking years

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Question: I want to start selling covered calls, but I’m cheap as fuck and super risk adverse. I have $100 and it seems like all the stocks available ($1 or less) have no volume. Am I too poor to do this?

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>Tulsi outlived Harris

Peak kek.

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It's not really right now, but what happens when companies stop buying their own stocks?

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Yeah. Buy it.

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Yes. Covered calls aren't a poorfag thing. Wait till you have $3k in a flat stock and sell covered calls to generate some extra income.

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Yes. You want to sell covered calls on quality stock, not cheap shit.

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MTNB still making me sad though.. Im under break even rn but we were almost at 52week high earlier

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>AMD call I picked up today up 54%

>> No.16451319

At the rate Warren's numbers are dropping, she might outlive her, too. Only the gayboi has proven immune to Tulsi's powerful venom

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should've sold my calls yesterday

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Don't worry everyone. I just bought a bunch of shorts, the market should recover any second now.

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I bought yesterday, and haven't lost any money on them at this point. Great stock.

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I think it's funny Yang has been doing so well too.

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Pepper your angus

FDA determines lambo land

Not too late for either of them. Just the beginning. The fire rises

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If it gets past breakeven I may exercise it and spend some time selling covered calls, big fan of AMD and don't expect their stock to tank anytime soon

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buddy... Its just a tax advantaged way of returning cash to shareholders. They would otherwise just do a dividend

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Nothing. We keep trading the remaining stock at the new high values until the company needs to fund raise and reissues their shares. There isn't anything catastrophic about companies buying shares. It just means they are taking advantage of low rates and expecting lower rates soon. When inflation slows down again, they'll reissue.

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Yield curve inversion incoming!

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Damn. My being poor keeps screwing me over.

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I just YOLO'd $2500 into PTGX hoping for a bounce. Wish me luck, lads.

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welcome to life.

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>Take out $4,000 personal loan at 6%-10% apr
>Buy 100 shares of a low volatility high div stock/etf
>Use the credit from selling calls to pay interest
>If the shares get called away pay off the loan while keeping the dividends/profit from sold calls

someone tell me why this is a bad idea

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GALT frens, we are truly blessed.

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MTNB is a several year hold lad

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A sudden stop of price growth could trigger a scare and a massive sell-off.

Furthermore, it would mean the growth of the last years is not because of real consumer investors.

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We're going to close green boys. I can feel it.

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tomorrow, USA CHINA renewed trade talks. These boomer markets are very low iq easy

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No anon thats a great idea, go for it!

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I'm ready.

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Buy the call baggie

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I got $404.50 left from my weekly dca left to invest. What's a good meme stock/etf to blow it on? Nothing below $2 a share, and no shit coins.

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LCI refuses to give in to the rapist shorts.

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Get AMRN, join us

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Thanks to Black Friday my paycheck will be bigly this week! I'll have 600 in discretionary spending. I put 200 into my IRA by default, but now I don't know what to do with my extra 400. I was thinking moving 150 into savings to prepare for the dip, and gambling the rest.


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Don't call me a rapist

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You motherfuckers man, why won't DB go below $7?

>> No.16451567

It's not going anywhere. Long it.

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>it’s still under $4

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It's OVER, there is no trade deal, China has no reason to concede anything, Trump is going to keep spazzing out and sanctioning random countries, it's OVER.

>> No.16451621

tariffs not sanctions, my bad

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Done and done. Now I've got $2.05, but that can just sit there until next week.

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I thought the consoomers were going to save us, but DRUMPF

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>he didn't buy Shopify

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market buy tandy leather factory again (TLF)

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Holy crap. Nah nah nah I don’t trust this at all. I’ll get my chance... TTD and SHOP will be back...

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Hey wizard could you help me with interpreting something?

I consulted the cards with “what are the financial prospects for DB in quarter 1 2020” and this is what I got and can’t make sense of.it.

>> No.16451866

Pretty much this. I expect us to sell off right into the new year. Buckle up lads, this is going to be one bumpy ride!

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Whole lotta magic and swords and shit. Could be bad news, frens.

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Delete immediately. You just initiated a sell off cascade.

>> No.16451888

but just look at that sick fucking cup, it's got all the gogo juice the market needs

>> No.16451904

So if you buy a whole bunch of stock for a$ each and then decide to buy just one or a few of them for 50$, would it pump enough to be able to sell the rest afterwise, for let say 30$ each?

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You idiot. Look at the angle of the left most cars. Torsion angle greater than 108 degrees with a radial hyperbola. We’re fucked.

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nice reddit bedsheets, upvoted

>> No.16451920

>magick on his bed
Incredibly arrogant and reckless.

Only true if the Xinese totally misunderstand what’s going on with impeachment (or we misunderstand, and the chink XIA glowfags have a surprise for us)

Unironically looking forward to the charts segment on Cramer tonight, covering vix magic again... and we all know how the bunny ears works, this won’t end quickly.

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Do we know what day this weekend SNSS info will come out?

>> No.16451952

So buy puts for DB? I doubt the cards I drew triggered anything that wasn’t already in place.

What exactly does this mean?

I will be more respectful in the future

>> No.16451971

1. Pentagram, Cheetah, Infinite, Magician, Sword, Cup

Cross referenced:

7, Swords, Fox
5. Swords, halved worm

Ace of cups? Doubtful.

Cheetah eats worms, fox eats the eternal sun.

Deutsche Bank? Consumer branding.

The cup is always split with the worm.

Get out while you can.

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OneOfUs, OneOfUs

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redpill me on SNSS

>> No.16452012

FYI if you didnt knwo the FDA is set to vote on whether to approve AMRN's drug for expanded use(it will vote yes) sometime before the 28th and then we're hoping the company gets bought out by a big pharma.. Your purchase should double in value in a month or two

>> No.16452015

It means DB to be bailed out by the decisions of the ECB and then they'll have reinstated dividend at 6% by the 7th month of the calendar year.

>> No.16452021

Why the fuck am I keeping PNC and GPS???

>> No.16452050

They have 2 presentations. Veca one is on the 7th, and they have a 2 hour long 2nd presentation to large investors on the 8th

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I can still feel the isomalt

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SNSS is like this
MASSIVE tute ownership
Making a BTK-inhibitor that is more selective and safe than ARQL's
About to release data from their 200mg and 300mg cohorts looking for best effective dosage. They have been hiding that data for half a year, which is basically never successful if the data is gonna be bad. This week is probably your last chance to get cheapies like these.

>> No.16452084

Correction, Veca one is ALSO on the 8th. My bad.

>> No.16452098

Fucking boring ass day with everything red again

>> No.16452112

I just transferred 60% of my portfolio to a REFR position

If you fuck me one more time/smg/, the consequences will never be the same

>> No.16452116

Hmmmmmmm..... thinking about maybe selling an underperformer to free up cash in case of further cheapies tomorrow. Let's see how power hour looks.

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Power hour big rally for PEP
Let’s see it
Make that popcorners money boys

>> No.16452129

This is all to say? I’m still an amateur at this stuff

Any clues as to how low it’ll dip before ECB bailout or will it just thrive as a cockroach around 7$? Certainly Wallstreet wants to lower the costs to enter into such a lucrative dividend.

>> No.16452133

It's one single guy and he's a retard.
Sell this shit asap

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>> No.16452158

does it even matter? i mean it's funny to watch but the dems have 0% chance of winning in 2020 right now. they needed like, oprah to run for prez or something.

surely i can't be the only one who finds it extremely ironic that the party that's supposedly all about minorities and young people and inclusion and vehemently hates dirty crony capitalist old straight white people has their #1 as joe biden, a dirty crony capitalist old straight white person. in the #2 spot for a long ass time? a crazy old white lady. the hypocrisy is so cringey i swear.

>> No.16452186

If the trendline holds you can still make some money. Just sell with +10% or smth. It won't crash immediately.

>> No.16452195

Again, it does not matter.
Presidential re-elections are not like the free for all when there’s no incumbent. If he keeps employment low, the market keeps rallying, and the economy keeps going. If he somehow fucks that up, any turd in a suit will win. But considering the government employment program known as the census is next year, that’s not likely.

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So how long for this news to bump up my qualcomm calls?

>> No.16452209

but one of those white men fucks another white man in the ass. #BullishOnButtigiegue

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fuck, that's an old headline, this is what i meant to post

>> No.16452223

Oh... I didn’t finish reading your post...
>ironic that one of the two establishment political parties are running a vanilla candidate
How? It’s the sensible choice. Second term elections go to the incumbent as long as he doesn’t blow it. So just put in a cardboard cut out in case the guy in office fucks it up.

>> No.16452230

I wanna buy into XOM because they seem pretty low right now and have a nice friendly dividend

>> No.16452242

A lot of bullish options activity in energy this week

>> No.16452245

Just bought 9 shares of AMRN
Am I brainlet

>> No.16452271

I bought XOM today, this starting yield is too dank for a dividend aristocrat

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The thing you need to understand about the left wing is that they believe nothing. What they claim as principles are only transient beliefs that are useful to be held as weapons. They undermine and destroy and thats essentially it. Its why they claim diversity is great as it undermines whites at the top of the field. Socialism is great as it undermines America at the top of the field. LGBT is great as it undermines Christianity as it was once at the top of the field.

When the left fully took over Western culture the last decade, namely with the gay marriage ruling, they had nothing to offer. They believe in nothing and can't create. So they persist in delusion of being the underdog and 'resistance'. They can never believe they have power because that would put them at the top of the field. And that means responsibility.

>> No.16452287
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Any thoughts on DT? Bought in at 21.62 and am feelin gooood.

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this game is hard

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Whenever DB dips I add a few shares to my Schwab Roth. Been adding a lot of DB lately.

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Anon I'll have you know that there are AT LEAST three of us. No comment on the second part.

>> No.16452332

And all of you have to go back to stocktwits.

>> No.16452355

come now anon, everyone is welcome at /smg/

>> No.16452365

the refr guy isnt actually a real person, its a boiler room

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Attaboy Shopify! We gonna do a +5%? Let's do a +5%!

>> No.16452374

should dip when the aramco IPO drops no? When the fuck is that again?

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tmf is for homosexuals

>> No.16452399

Makes sense. He never replies to my posts.

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>> No.16452412

Decided to double down and buy more calls, since everything's so cheap today. As soon as someone releases official sales numbers, we're going up.

>> No.16452426

you're preaching to the choir, buddy. the whole reason the liberals never want to actually debate us head-on is because conservatives are all about logical ideas to make things better and liberals are all emotional and all they really have is "we really really REALLY hate the orange man", and most of the time they can't even articulate why. because they don't actually know, because they're just sheep who listen to the MSM and drink the kool aid and think what they are told to think, what is acceptable to think, what is "politically correct" to think.

i swear if hillary actually became president we would be a 3rd world country right now, owned by china probably. it's scary to think about, seriously. the deep state are a bunch of people who think they should be the ruling class, they will smile in your face and openly deceive everyone while selling us out behind closed doors, reassuring us along the way that everything is fine. say what you want about trump but at least he speaks his mind openly and honestly, regardless of the consequences. whether you agree with him or not, he often says what he really believes and isn't trying to blow smoke up your ass, which is literally all the dems ever do. the left will stab you in the gut while cheerfully telling you how great your future is going to be, and that scares the shit out of me.

anyways /rant, this is /smg/ after all but as much as i hate the effect warren has had on my biotech stocks, i know she has 0% chance of winning so in the long run it's really not a big deal.

>> No.16452434

Why would you buy a weed stock? Nobody here told you to do that

>> No.16452453

And done. Sold small position in CGI Inc. It'll probably remain bullish but I wanted the cash for tomorrow more.

>> No.16452455

Breaking from Beijing: Xi will work his trade deal out with Micheal Bloomberg, and no longer negotiate with Donald J. Trump.

This is how kikeberg gets into office. Though a foreign power's interference in our election. Impeach Mike the kike.

>> No.16452467
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Awwwwwww yeah.

>> No.16452468

Why would they make this go up? You act as if we beat estimates, which we did not. Holiday sales forecasts were being cut already on Monday of all days. Don't expect those numbers to help.

>> No.16452469
File: 119 KB, 1440x2151, Screenshot_20191203-151745~2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Heart attack week

>> No.16452470

hey, what's wrong with stocktwits? i mean yeah, obviously not the best place for real DD and FA but public sentiment is a really nice indicator to have around for how people are feeling about any given company. psychology plays a huge role in the stock market, it's why things like the MACD (on default settings) and support/resistance lines are even a thing. they're not magic, they're self-fulfilling prophecies. those levels and breakouts work because everyone else is looking at the same shit too. as someone who learned how to trade stocks via a guy who specifically does forex, it's funny because stocks and forex are pretty much opposites. in stocks, you want to follow what is popular, with forex you actually want to do the opposite of what is popular because the big banks manipulate the prices to whatever they want, especially dollar pairs or anything with news.

>> No.16452484

Those estimates were crazy high. They were forecasting well over 20% year over year.

>> No.16452485

Because weed stocks are going to be the best performing stocks of 2020 that's why.

>> No.16452486


>> No.16452496

When a particular product is sold out, that often means it beat expectations. VR Hype had cooled in a lot of ways, and suddenly all the headsets are selling like hotcakes again. That's good news for Qualcomm in particular since they provide all the chips for the Oculus standalone headsets. I'm not trying to bet on general consumer trends, just this one item in particular.

>> No.16452499

can someone please explain to me buying calls as if I was retarded? Are they really worth pennies ?

>> No.16452504

This is actually possible, I think. There is bullish legislation going through the system presently. I still think the SAFE banking act has a shot at the senate. That said, weed sector is firmly in bear market and is not showing signs of a reversal yet. Buying now would be an early gamble.

>> No.16452508

You watch too much nnf. He's a faggot. Retail traders are not even 1% of moneyflow in forex.
How would you distinguish real sentiment from bots? Dix is much better for such things. Or look up sentiment trader and go commodities.

>> No.16452510

No they wont, worst performing probably

>> No.16452514

That's why the sales numbers will be disappointing. Wall street expected us to beat estimates, and anything but will be bad news.

>> No.16452516

My source was that guy Anonymous from inside the white house.

>> No.16452519

literally 5 seconds in google: https://www.investopedia.com/terms/c/calloption.asp

>> No.16452520

Im same today.. Been swinging by ike $500 every couple of minutes and by thousands all day

>> No.16452521

man need this Nio call to pump, expires on friday

>> No.16452523

Limited to quantities on hand and artificial shortages create the illusion of high demand. Are you new to how retail works?

>> No.16452538

The market is literally built on illusions. Regardless, this is why I want them to release the actual numbers, I'm ready to sell the news.

>> No.16452541

It's still very speculative. Mind you, dude weed has already been legalized for a year now, and they are struggling to become profitable companies. US dude weed will have to wait until election next year. There MIGHT be a run up like Canadian dude weed, but the senate will need to pass the SAFE bill first (which has not been scheduled for a voting yet).

>> No.16452548

>VR Hype had cooled in a lot of ways, and suddenly all the headsets are selling like hotcakes again

Men are starting to discover VR porn >>>> spoiled, entitled, white feminist cunt

>> No.16452568

VR Porn is such a meme at this point, even the literal boomers I talk with bring that up as a joke. It's the mixture of HL:A and Oculus pushing the Quest super hard during NFL commercials that's driving the sales.

>> No.16452577

does stocktwits do forex? i don't trade forex, i trade stocks. i have no fucking idea why you would trade something where the banks can just fucking move shit wherever they want and see where everyone's money is at so they can knock out stops and take your money, it's the dumbest shit. no supply and demand like stocks. obviously you can't play sentiment in forex, i just said forex and stocks are opposites.

NNFX is great idk why you think he's a faggot, he's pretty much said the same thing in the sense of don't do what's popular, create your own system, etc. it makes sense why he won't tell anyone what his system is, if everyone copied it then the banks could obviously fuck with it. even though i trade stocks and i day trade (he trades on the daily time frame), his videos were still an invaluable part of my education with developing a system. i owe him a lot even though it was all for free.

thanks for the heads up about sentimentrader though, definitely will check that out. main point though is that in stuff like securities or commodities where there is real supply and demand, psychology makes a big difference. bots are still created by humans, who often create rules to react to things written in media and so in a way react like humans, so the psychology is still there. the trump stuff today is a perfect example of that, most obvious psychology example ever and it's mostly driven by algos finding keywords in the news.

>> No.16452586

You place your bets, and I'll place mine. Lets regroup in July and see where we are.

>> No.16452601
File: 419 KB, 1026x946, 3834ABE8-760C-480F-AE63-F9EC8A2D2203.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>false dichotomy
>gambling on unprofitable chinkshit subsidized by Xi
>thinking presidential elections matter when it’s essentially “Pepsi or Coke?”

>> No.16452603

Is it gay if a dude gives you a blowjob while you've got a VR head set on watching a chick give you a blow job?

>> No.16452616


the fact that so many people are gamblers in the stock market is really sad. everyone wants to get rich quick, no one wants to run this shit like a business, that's why the 99% lose in the long run so often.

>> No.16452618

You can buy a robot for that now too

>> No.16452638
File: 1.78 MB, 500x627, 1574813504739.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>they are struggling to become profitable companies
This is due to the legal framework under which Canadian companies must operate. Similar situation in California. It's also why weed should be treated strictly as a speculative bubble (if it inflates again) as I think the long term prospects of the industry will revolve around highest volume production at lowest production cost, with maybe two or three surviving companies running the entire show. The margins on macro scale will be slim. In other words, ride it as best you can and get the fuck out before it turns on you.

>> No.16452639
File: 45 KB, 696x493, 1575033035231.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16452646

>this will pass for deep philosophical discussion these days


>> No.16452649

. . . Yes obviously you dumbass

What are you smoking?

>> No.16452651

>When you search Pygmalion, you search for the kind of sex act you want to perform, or have performed upon you. You can start a broadcast as an advertisement for a partner. Most of the people doing the shows are girls, or gyrls anyway, and in a sense, does it matter if the person on the other end of the sexbot is a man or a woman? A man can act like a woman can act like a man, and I can put any genitals I want on your body, and you will even install them for me. A GAN can perform a mapping of mannerisms or motions or intonations across gender presentations. If I thrust my hips and it sends a signal to a remote sexbot and that sexbot thrusts her hips and has a vagina, who fucked what, really?

>> No.16452664

I've been paper trading forex for a while now trying to decide whether I want to move a portion of my money over to that circus. I'm sitting at a firm maybe at the moment. Anyway, forex is pure TA. Don't even bother monitoring the news, it won't help.

>> No.16452667

im at work now i will later

>> No.16452669

Just watch and see! Come about March you will look back that my post as a prophecy!

>> No.16452741
File: 149 KB, 500x629, 42281554-14AC-4427-B0EA-CEDC9A0FBE57.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

George Bernard Shaw?
Interesting little play, worth a read, but I’m afraid I missed a lot of commentary by being so temporally and geographically remove.

A lot of that same Gatsby type “you can’t escape who you are” stuff. I prefer the American Dream or making who you are into someone vastly superior to who you were.
Rife. Is. Gamberu.

>> No.16452752

It's a vrpunk short story riffing on the original Pygmalion tale, replacing a marble statue with a sexbot.

>> No.16452756

ok so does that make it strait if you get a blow job from a chick while watching a guy give you a blow job on a VR headset?

>> No.16452760

If you own a stock you are betting it will either go up or down, like it or not. Don't try to sugar coat what it really is.

>> No.16452762

monitoring news does help. you want to avoid the news like the fucking plague. try this:


if i were to trade forex, i'd probably literally only trade these. but forex is 24/5 and moves at a glacial pace so i'd probably code a bot to trade my strategy on it using indicators. that would be my suggestion. also just watch all of NNFX's stuff, i mean i watched most of his stuff and i don't even trade forex i just trade stocks atm. stocks just make sense, i feel like forex has too much going against because of the big banks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lvq0t0eQOG4

>> No.16452764

How many inches fit in your ass?

>> No.16452787

That's pretty much the only resource you need for your forex FA. The rest is just reading meme lines and figuring where the tutes are accumulating.

>> No.16452794

you can't honestly trying to be comparing trading a system with discipline and strict rules and lots of data from back and forward testing to prove that it works consistently to "LMAO WEED STOCKS BRO THIS SHIT'S GOING TO THE MOOOOON", i mean cmon that's just disingenuous right there. i want to be the casino not the player, the house always wins. i'll be here doing reverse labouchre and betting banker every time and you go for that 40:1 sucker bet and we'll see who ends up broke and who gets kicked out for making too much money, okay?

>> No.16452812

the bear has just begun

>> No.16452814
File: 56 KB, 826x470, 4L_3gecOYeS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>dat T
>dat VZ

>> No.16452823

sounds about right, thanks for the resource my dude. i just find trading so interesting, even if i never trade forex it's still fun to learn about and gather information for.

>> No.16452827

Define gay

>> No.16452835

Gold. The benchmark, Barrick, or Kirkland Lake.

>> No.16452853
File: 281 KB, 1125x2001, 3E9CFFD2-5958-4EE8-A0A0-3AF03D882D17.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What this patterne called?

Peep that rally in Barrick. I shoulda DCAd down more.

>> No.16452857

watching porn

>> No.16452865
File: 415 KB, 960x720, EB0RrGu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

whenever somebody in (2019) says they've been "paper trading" forex or oil or anything of such magnitude, you know already they have no clue what they are doing. have you done backtesting 700-1000 trades minus spread, slippage? i could create a random system that is profitable after 100-200 trades big time, trading totally random long/short any pair that doesnt mean it's a forward tradeable and profitable

what's your winrate, profit margin, etc? i assume most people on /biz/ think they have an edge in the most competitive market in the world after they done few dozen trades in few weeks and being on green after that

banks dont definitely have ability to move 'forex' to clip your positions, this is laughable idea and you fail to understand volume magnitude of pairs such air eur/usd

sickening novices smg full again with their little ideas


>> No.16452867

>Peep that rally in Barrick
Oh I have. I have been eyeballing it all day and decided to buy once the gap up profit take appeared to be finished about 30 minutes ago.

>> No.16452888

>whenever somebody in (2019) says they've been "paper trading" forex or oil or anything of such magnitude, you know already they have no clue what they are doing
You're absolutely right. That's why I don't have any money in at right now. Just poking around at it, backtesting and paper forward testing, seeing if I like the feel.

>> No.16452911
File: 161 KB, 850x716, araara.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Apparently also a surplus of the stuff. Too much weed, gotta cut the prices. And people can just grow it themselves, and it's not too hard to find illegally. Illegal growers don't have to pay for all that burdensome regulation.

Fuck it, just dickbought. DCA'd up and everything...

h-how do wee learn to do such things?

>> No.16452933

You can tell yourself all day long that it's not gambling, but the second you put your money down you have placed a bet, like it or not.

>> No.16452936
File: 29 KB, 530x298, smgafterhours.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ding ding ding! How did everybody do today? I'm up .40%, CGC with a little oversold bouncie is more volatile than the rest of my red port combined.
Everyone is appropriating my tarot lifestyle wtf

>> No.16452952

checked and you're right. Fundamentally we are all gambling.

I don't want to talk about it.

>> No.16452954


Up .70% on the day. I was down 3.5% at one point today though so I’ll gladly take it

>> No.16452969
File: 67 KB, 720x644, 1534734029173.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>AMRN closed up 1.07%

>> No.16452970
File: 167 KB, 1079x1488, Fun ride.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As a fairly new trader, it's been fun so far

>> No.16452975
File: 493 KB, 925x720, 1574297735060.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Really good day thanks to Shopify's pump. Rest of portfolio was red until about 30 minutes before close. Only Mickey D's (held) and CGI Inc (sold) closed red. Increased gold/gold related to 20% of portfolio, up from yesterday's 15% allotment.

>> No.16452985

Im up nearly 2k, portfolio is -6.9% , yesterday I think it was -7.9% .. Woulde been a lot higher if gay MYOV didnt tank in the last hour

>> No.16452992

Ended the day up a bit on my options which is all I have in play currently.

>> No.16452993

Dude, fuck you

>> No.16453000
File: 173 KB, 1080x1060, Screenshot_20191203-150542_Robinhood.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice day, would be nicer if SNSS wasn't shitting the bed since it's 20% of my portfolio, but I'm not worried about that because conference results SOON

>> No.16453024

Down 4.7%, terrible fucking day. Very thankful for AMD making a last minute push.

>> No.16453030

What did you do?

>> No.16453049
File: 36 KB, 690x626, Screen Shot 2019-12-03 at 1.12.05 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Told you guys about that PowerHourPepsi trade. It'll probably gap down at the open... but that's okay, I didn't want to engage PDT by flipping my callies.

Best day in a great long time! ...after taking massive losses in GEO, TACO, and LPTX.

Made $8 shorting GEO. I think you should get the fuck out and buy back in later. Legal troubles are a big NOPE for me.

15%?!?! You think it has that much room to run right now?! I just bought 18 more shares of GOLD, bringing me to 30 shares... and thats the entirety of my gold exposure.

>> No.16453052
File: 220 KB, 1440x1486, Screenshot_20191203-161402_Robinhood.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What kind of fucking price manipulation is this?

>> No.16453056

you can act as smug and superior as you want while being entirely anonymous, still doesn't change the fact that i don't like the idea of trading something that doesn't have intrinsic value and whose main movers are banks who know where everyone's money is at and going long/short. stocks don't have that problem, especially when trading more expensive shares with solid companies.

>banks dont definitely have ability to move 'forex' to clip your positions, this is laughable idea and you fail to understand volume magnitude of pairs such air eur/usd

i mean... you got proof of that? because NNFX shows proof of his ideas in the big banks video towards the end https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lvq0t0eQOG4&feature=youtu.be&t=1163

i like learning about everything involved with finances/trading so stop being a smug bitch and actually back up your arguments.

>> No.16453072

I've seen this pattern before on other stocks. When the price is held down in a super stable state for an extended period like this, it's mms covering. They probably figure they have until Friday.

>> No.16453075

Is this gonna tank further or are some stock monkeys gonna pump it again?

>> No.16453076

after bag holding SGMO for over 4 months, im finally in the green today for the first time since july. can't wait for ASH, as soon as the good news on SB-525 comes out and it spikes i'm selling it at the open. looking to make a good 30-50% off of it most likely, then i'll buy back in after the inevitable huge sell off.

>> No.16453081
File: 150 KB, 1075x838, Ayyymd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A lot of it was from this I bought today at 73.
The rest is from a couple AMRN calls (which actually went down today somehow) I made a few days ago, a small nokia bump I sold, and a little from MTNB I bought a few days ago too.

>> No.16453086
File: 194 KB, 1024x775, gregory peck ahab.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I simply will not let go. From hell's heart I stab at GEO, for hate's sake I spit my last breath at GEO.

>> No.16453092
File: 30 KB, 288x403, chapter9figure283.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16453093
File: 349 KB, 1570x1040, AnimuQuestion54.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You think it has that much room to run right now?!
I think gold will approach 1600 in the next couple months. And by think I mean i'm guessing.

>> No.16453100
File: 622 KB, 300x300, 1567110077069.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sold the bottom, hope this market continues to crash tomorrow.

>> No.16453102

>it's mms covering
Was is this supposed to mean?

>> No.16453118

Market makers with open short positions covering before a call or perceived jump in price.

>> No.16453120

Gold hit a 7 year high this year, it's time to sell gold and wait for the 7 year low to start accumulation again.

>> No.16453123
File: 45 KB, 702x672, 1480907834877.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

have you had enough gay sex today?

>> No.16453128


>> No.16453131

Why would mms short?

>> No.16453167

I'm not thinking so. The stock market cycle is about topped, so gold has a ways to go yet. Gold peaks mid recession.

>> No.16453177

To maintain market liquidity mostly, but they do make a profit as well.

>> No.16453189

This pissed me the fuck off.

>> No.16453212

100 shares of ford is $900 start there

>> No.16453231

That would imply that we've already hit the top of this market cycle. This time next year when the dow jones industrial average is up over 30k on the news Trump is getting a second term, we'll look back at this post, the yield curve inversion posts, and the posts about how galt is a good investment and laugh.

>> No.16453255

the thing i dont like about forex is you have to use leverage to make gains, and that means you're open to getting stop hunted or liquidated by the market.

>> No.16453268
File: 1.52 MB, 1200x1702, Scotch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Frens, how important is Sweden's Riksbank?

They're about to revert from negative interest rates back to neutral. That is the opposite of QE. That is a TIGHTENING of monetary policy.
According to my schema, the entire stock market is being driven up by GLOBAL LOOSENING of monetary restrictions. The same for the current bull run in gold dessssu

Is this where the tide turns?

>And by think I mean i'm guessing.
Nah, you're that canadian guy with customized proprietary indicators and shit. You'd be losing money if you just traded on whims like that, you've got more of a thesis than a guess.

>> No.16453274

You didnt sell it yesterday?

>> No.16453285

Sold my AMRN calls for great gains

I suggest everyone does the same before friday

>> No.16453301

Well I got kn at 22.56 per share so fuck selling

>> No.16453304

I had a limit order to sell at $9 since I bought in at $3.

>> No.16453307
File: 906 KB, 450x360, 1567033048946.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you've got more of a thesis than a guess
Hmmm, yes and no. Also there's no fancy about my indicators. Everything I use is built in to most trading platforms, although I have changed some parameters to better suit my trading style. There is indeed bullish evidence for gold and a bullish case for certain gold miners. Commodities can trade funny sometimes. Never a certainty.

>> No.16453313

MMs like to have a lot of shares on hand to make sure orders can be filled when requested by, say, hedge funds. They often short to do that.

>> No.16453333


wow it's nothing

>> No.16453362

wow it's almost like it's incredibly easy to manipulate stocks that are really cheap and have low float/liquidity! WHAT A CONCEPT!

you know what doesn't get manipulated? NVDA. you know why? because it's expensive as shit and constantly has huge volume on a regular basis, that's why.

>> No.16453369
File: 437 KB, 665x781, Lisa Su Red Eyes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> dat AMD recovery

>> No.16453374

youre a fag

>> No.16453375

trade forex, it's 24 hours a day 5 days a week. you can even do a bit of weekend trading depending upon how much different timezones favor you. it takes days if not weeks just to get a 1% move in a trend though, but the huge leverage available makes up for that.

>> No.16453377

if yang doesnt win the dem vote im voting trump

>> No.16453378

I'm not dumping thousands into investments I don't fully understand

>> No.16453391



It's closed out there everyday John, what is this? Miami beach? Not hardly.

>> No.16453406

stay mad kiddo :^)

>doesn't have any money
>doesn't understand the investment he's making

you should probably not trade in all honesty. im not even kidding, you're exactly the type of 99%er that's going to lose his ass in the long run, especially if you're playing options.

>> No.16453426

>BREAKING: Google's co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin will step down from their roles at parent company Alphabet. Sundar Pichai will take over as CEO

Huh? Why?

>> No.16453436

>the one thing anyone knows him for is giving $1000 to everyone because reasons
>and the biggest reason of all: he's not part of the deep state like biden, warren, etc with full DNC support.

literally 0% chance. but that's the same for every current dem candidate so i guess he has the same chance as the rest of them, so that's good for you maybe? :^)

>> No.16453443

It's probably just not fun anymore. Google's had to make a ton of changes over the last year to their company culture. Dumb activists exploiting open culture, so now they're cracking down and becoming a stable behemoth. I can't imagine Page and Brin wanting to run that.

>> No.16453455

Pichai should go kill himself

>> No.16453459

Just saw this. Anti trust?

>> No.16453463
File: 372 KB, 1357x1920, 1575402235937.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fucking jeez I wish I had more than one share of MA right now...

>> No.16453476

It's probably cause Epstein

>> No.16453487

not enough bloodboys for page?

I should just get TRT, the poorman's bloodboy

>> No.16453490

buy PLG you retarded mongoloids

>> No.16453497

A bit of a noob here: what is the difference between stocks and ETF trading?
I checked the definitions, i can understand it (somewhat).
Stocks are companies and ETF are stocks of funds, if it is correct.
All my positions are down this week- purchased 50 ETF to watch if it's more stable than stocks.
Are there any catches? Other than lack of dividends?

Also, not promoting because it is shit - i have 200 of BITCF - some weird shit i purchased couple of years or a year ago. It is not a burden or anything, should i keep em?

>> No.16453501

They've probably been black mailed.

>> No.16453504

ETFs will crash the market, stay away
they're being gamed by intelligent bookkeepers the same way the housing market was in 2006

>> No.16453511

blackmail, antitrust or positioning for takeover of a great parent

>> No.16453534


I will listen and can sell them tomorrow when in green for sure.
What about stocks? Are those usually rebound back?

Actively checking account for a month now - want to spend more time understanding it.;

>> No.16453543

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and to dream big. I have a much different opinion, and that is we are within 10% give or take of the top (quite possibly already topped), and it is all down hill from here.
The China trade deal was key to keep this going and it just fell apart today.
Down play that all you would like and breath in as much hopium as you would like, but those are the facts.
Next up is the holiday sales data, and be prepared for a giant disappointment from the market. This will trigger more declines, followed by earning which will be misses pretty much across the board, followed by bad jobs data and so on and so forth.
I really hope everyone enjoyed this bull run, because from here on until the next cycle change the bears are in control!

>> No.16453547

No they arent and if anything ETFs and the momey flowing into them are what's helping the market

>> No.16453555
File: 13 KB, 423x348, 1l8thn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

stocks are safe just invest in what you know
richest man in babylon still applies
as a neet autist you're better off investing in vidya stocks than anything you see posted here, for example
i'm deep on CDPR but if cyberpunk shapes up to be bad in my first hour of journo-beta gameplay, i'll sell it all
it's not insider trading if you're not inside

>> No.16453562

ya, helping them become a bubble

>> No.16453563

you're just invested in ETFs you have no experience as a trader or financial analyst, post trades faggot

>> No.16453564

>Stocks are companies and ETF are stocks of funds, if it is correct.
Correct. The company running the ETF hold the underlying stocks for the ETF. You buy ETF, you receive the benefit of that diversification in a single fund instead of buying each individually yourself. ETFs trade the same as stocks in that you buy shares of the ETF.

>Are there any catches? Other than lack of dividends?
Only catch is the management fee, which comes out of the forward nav of the ETF. Many ETFs do indeed pay a dividend. Read the link below for how management fees work:


>> No.16453566

Question: if I start a Roth IRA and invest in dividend stocks, funds, REITs, etc dio the dividends go straight into the account or does only the money that I personally invest go in? Would a DRIP account be required to do that?

>> No.16453572

I hope drumpf shuts up for the rest of the week.

>> No.16453573

If we go up 10% from here, that'll put us right at Dow Jones Industrial Average 30,000! We'll see what the data shows, but I just see 5 more years of all natural, pure organic growth.

>> No.16453576


Thank you - understood.
i had my account forever, haven't access it for years. got myself interested again - just need to get the knowledge back.

>> No.16453578

Genuinely curious how an ETF bubble would even work. It sounds like saying a t-bond bubble. Does that happen?

>> No.16453580

t. burry i'm told that means something here

>> No.16453583

>I will listen and can sell them tomorrow when in green for sure.
Oh geez anon, don't sell your ETFs unless you really think the market is going to continue to drop. The other anon was making a statement about the supposed negative impact ETFs have on the overall market. It has nothing to do with whether you will gain or lose money.

>> No.16453586

No, I have very little in Vanguard

>> No.16453588

Open an IRA, put some of your money in some stocks you like and then put the rest in index funds and forget and forget about it. Do the the same thing again next year and again the following and so on.

>> No.16453592

You can choose if you want to put them on DRIP or just keep them as cash in the Roth account to purchase something else with them later.

>> No.16453595

You are correct.

>> No.16453602

Dividends will be paid to your account in cash. If you have DRIP turned on, your dividend payout will be used to purchase more shares of the fund.

>> No.16453611


Thank you.
I purchased that ETF position (just 50) today - will check it tomorrow for updates and all.

>> No.16453614

you long term "investor" types are so weird to me. i've seen how much stocks can gap one way or another overnight, especially on news/politics. trying to time the market and think you've got the tops and bottoms figured out, it's laughable.

i'll continue sitting back and collecting my free money day trading, taking small low risk bites out of the market over and over. bull market? just means i'm probably going long more often than short. bear market? no problem, just means i'll be taking more short trades. i make money both in flat markets and trending markets, the only thing i really want to avoid are big spikes and as long as im not holding overnight and generally avoiding the first 20-30 mins of the open each day, that's super easy to avoid.

but hey, to each his own, as long as people are making money that's what matters in the end. my goal has always been safety, consistently, and wealth preservation above all else, looking for the highest probability setups i can find. the high risk high reward people baffle me, especially the options crowd (especially the ones who don't own the underlying asset).

>> No.16453621


Have an IRA already - with about $5K in it - have no clue how to manage, so not even looking at it.
Will check - thank you anon.

>> No.16453633

I don't even have the $10k to convince the SEC to let me daytrade. I play options, because ultimately the amount I have to gain is so much higher than I have to lose. When I hit $10k, I'd be happy to switch to day trading.

>> No.16453634

I have 1200 dollars of discretionary income every month. I could dump thousands into my account right now, but I'm not an idiot and wanted to get my feet wet before making serious investments.
Please stop projecting your financial failure onto others, retard

>> No.16453642


I have an account with TD Ameritrade. Do they have any instruments/apps for day trading?
If I can ask - what do you use?

>> No.16453663

>Low risk day trading
I have a really nice bridge for sale anon, interested??

>> No.16453666
File: 27 KB, 600x518, dice.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I aim for the spikes.

>> No.16453703

Okay. Thank you.

>> No.16453750

pretty sure the minimum is $25k, not $10k. look into pattern day trader. i mean if it works for you then great, i just know most of the loss porn i've seen online (and i've seen a lot of it) is from options trading without owning the underlying asset. options are just a lot more risky and combining that with a lack of experience just sounds like a recipe for trouble. but that's just my opinion.

demo account/paper trading exists for a reason. i mean again, we're all adults here and ultimately you can do whatever the fuck you want, just don't get mad if you lose all of your money on some gamble. i've seen so many people make a ton of money fast only to lose it all just as quickly. unlike a regular 9-5 or even a sales position (where on a bad day you just simply don't make any money), here you can lose money. not losing money is way more important than making money in this game.

I actually use td ameritrade, think or swim is a fucking beast. highly recommended. note that they recently agreed to merge with charles schwab but i don't think that's going into effect for a while.

you can do it too, all you have to do is devote pretty much all of your time outside of your work/eat/sleep responsibilities to looking at charts, research, and testing out indicators and concepts. for months. for some people, years.

guess what most people are not willing to do? yeah, that.

and how are you reliably predicting that on a consistent basis, anon? i aim for predictability and consistency, spikes are the opposite of that. but like i've said before: if it's working for you somehow, great. im not a gambler though. this is pretty much my small business.

>> No.16453759

Another Green day thanks largely to AMRN and my T-babies. AMRN still has lots of upside still to come. Quote J.T " We're just getting started" (AMRN CEO). I seriously doubt the FDA will wait till the 28th to deliver the final ruling with it being the Holidays and all that. They're in discussions with AMRN board now to determine just what the final label will be. But even if it's just a skimpy label, the Profit raked in over ten years is still obscene. All those annalist Profit forecasts you've seen all assume the skimpy label being issued so just imagine if you will if AMRN get's the real broad label instead. Think of the Buyout pressure on Big Pharma! All that insane Profit, then the extra wide label as a bonus, plus rest of world approval and Profit.

>> No.16453769

My bad, you're right, I've got to get to $25k. It's a years long road that I'm hoping to take a shortcut on. That's really all there is to it.

>> No.16453775

>note that they recently agreed to merge with charles schwab but i don't think that's going into effect for a while.
Think or Swim will most likely remain after the buy out due to its popularity.

>> No.16453793

Think of the stock price as a result of all that glorious good news. (and if they go it alone; the Profit raked in over time what that'd do to the stock price)

>> No.16453795

>doubt the FDA will wait till the 28th to deliver the final ruling with it being the Holidays and all that
The wizard said on or around the 19th.. pr 17th, cant remember

>> No.16453803

good luck anon, i hope it works out for you. i worked for years to save up $30k to start out.

i assume as much, it's really great software. honestly even if you have no money, if you can just trade on their PaperMoney account (their demo trading basically), it's perfect. in my opinion.

>> No.16453809

Buy UGAZ that shit is really cheap for how low supply is vs how demand is. It’s only going to get colder in burgerstan

>> No.16453821
File: 112 KB, 1100x825, 5c0a8dcbd5000c1793675674.webp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who bought the dip on amazon calls today? Ez 2x for from here for friday expirings

>> No.16453833

Yes I understand that, which is why I'm only playing with about 270 dollars to see if what I've learned so far is effective. If I lost all my 270 I certainly wouldn't lose any sleep. If I gain a few bucks, great. The important part is affirmation I understand the systems in play and my technical analysis is improving. I believe this is the best way to learn.

>> No.16453854
File: 73 KB, 1000x712, 1537370150198.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

mfw thanksgiving leftovers

>> No.16453868

My hands can't wait any longer...

>> No.16453919

We will help u fren. Many hands make light work

>> No.16453925

I like Green as much as the next person and yeah plowing 90% of my investment wad in AMRN and damn near all my savings into the market is a big gamble but when you make shit a big gamble is really the only way to come out with a fat wad in a short time (relatively speaking). To put this into light, at minimum I stand to make with AMRN $39,240 to 52,320. I make a shitty 27k a year now. When its all done I'll have 66k net worth. Not bad. It means that I'd be ahead of the game on my long term goal of retirement planing. Having over double your salary before your 40 is a damn nice thing. It means your on track for a nice retirement later.

>> No.16453945

When people do stuff like this with investments it starts to worry me.

>> No.16453966
File: 108 KB, 630x1061, it's just money, right.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the way i did it was months of backtesting with historical data, followed by months of forward testing in paper, followed by months of forward testing with small amounts of money, and then over time i've increased the amount of money i put on any given trade. data/statistics are king, but luckily computers exist and can pretty much handle all of the number crunching for you as long as you can give them the rules to follow.

if you didn't do the backtesting and paper trading for months i'd say you skipped a few steps, but hey at least you're trading small amounts instead of big amounts like most dumbasses out there. pic related, fun example i think back to a lot (i bought into ATVI after it bottomed out after earnings, this guy played earnings with naked options). you can still look this post up on stocktwits if you want a deeper look.

>> No.16453984

>fat wad in a short time

this is what consistently gets people in trouble, what you want are small wads but many times over which add up. you can make a lot, but you can just as easily LOSE a lot. most people just ignore the LOSE a lot part because it hurts to imagine, they act like they can't LOSE. you should really take a moment and meditate on that possibility, it's extremely important.

>> No.16453991

Could someone please explain to me the risk of royalty income funds like SIRZF? What is the trade off for investing in a fund that pays out 13% a year in dividends?

>> No.16454019

Oh I know I can lose a lot. Which is why once I get my fat wad I plan to be smart with it. A lot is going back into the bank. A lot is going into VTSAX. Some of it is going towards buying more T-babies.

>> No.16454028
File: 21 KB, 480x480, HelperComfy2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16454050
File: 90 KB, 1438x1568, Screenshot_20191203-170452~2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Been doing this for a couple years now and think I'm doing something wrong?

>> No.16454066

Looks a-okay to me!







>> No.16454071


>> No.16454074

what the FUCK

>> No.16454081

yeah, first mistake is using robinhood even after everyone went to $0 fees lmao

okay all joking aside what system are you trading based off of? do you keep a journal or some other way of keeping track of your trades?

>> No.16454095
File: 277 KB, 1125x1581, D3311E78-E89F-4AB4-8C7B-02722A1B30B7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thoughts on my ptf?
Just started a few weeks ago lol

>> No.16454153

Dont listen to all the retards, man. You're doing great! I started out with only $100 in my account because we all have to start somewhere. I would avoid paper trading as it doesnt carry the same weight as trading with actual money, in terms of its emotional effects on you. Say diligent and best of luck to you!

>> No.16454177

I am brand new to stock trading, over the past week that I have started I have gained about 150$ overall and lost about 50$ for a 100$ profit in a week. I started with only 200 but kept depositing more for trades, I have 850 in my account right now, if PLUG goes up the way I thought it would i will have 920 but it isn't looking great and i'm thinking of selling. I realize this is chump change but it is still valuable practice, what do you guys think the outlook is for PLUG?

>> No.16454245

Bought plug heavy today, analysis had support at 3.30, bought at 3.27 and I'm up so far it has resistance at about 4 dollars, dump it just shy of that or hold longer but idk if it will breakthrough

>> No.16454289

paper trading is what gives you the confidence to trade with real money, the confidence that your system works. that you can more or less accurately and consistently predict the future with your system, consistently enough to be profitable over time. it's essential and everyone should do that after extensively backtesting.

talk about the weight of it all you want but it's going to fucking suck if you lose money because you didn't really know wtf you were doing, weren't disciplined enough yet to follow the rules of your system, etc. just my opinion. i started from the position of not wanting to lose money as the #1 objective, and then worked my way up from there to becoming profitable on top of avoiding losses as much as possible. most of my system is about filtering out losses instead of getting wins.

>> No.16454551
File: 122 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191203-191327.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

would you buy LK's double top?

>> No.16454749

I'll buy your moms double top if you know what I mean

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