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Barring the obvious crash, what's the risk here? Is the dividend yield highly volatile year to year?

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Stupid question but are dividends paid once a year?

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>14% yield
>crashes 70%

B-b-but...muh cashflow

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It's very thinly traded. Like a 500-1000 shares a day average. That means poor liquidity. Poor liquidity means it will hard to buy or sell at a good price, will be prone to rapid large jumps up and down. Also the chart itself is very bearish right now.

Usually quarterly or monthly.

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did you guys read the first part of the post? And it was stable for 6 years

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You’ve got to get some scars on your hands before you learn about catching knives.

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Reminder that now is the moment to invest in VR

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How would I find out if it was quarterly or monthly?

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If you search the etf on tradingview main page (not the chart page) it will have a description of the company, basic financial numbers, including a blurb about the dividend. I checked and this one is paid out on a monthly basis.
>The Fund intends to pay distributions to unitholders on a monthly basis.

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Ah cheers matey

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Your body is just a vehicle for your consciousness. Wealth is meaningless. Let go of your earthly desires and join me in the great astral plane. Also buy Nvidia for max gains.

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Is there enough porno shot in VR yet to justify the purchase of a headset for the average middle class coomer?

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Roku coming back up

>tfw realized that and no longer fazed by big losses

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pretty average day today, should have bought more during the morning dip oh well

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>Also buy Nvidia for max gains.
I hate nVIDIA. 2080 Ti gets like 2-30fps more thsan RX 5700 XT but costs 3x as much. Cant wait for AMD to eat their lunch at CES.

I managed to get a R5 3600 for $15 on 11.11 and a RX 5700 XT on blck friday.. Video card coming on Friday and ll be able to build the rig,,very pumped. Hopefully it gets me around or slightly above 100fps in 1440p in most games

Did you do a reading on AMD?

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CPB tommrow, its the big day

and dont forget to marketbuy TLF, big stock fast money fast car

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>for $15

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I like the name kekkies, it's like the Tandy 80 computer. I'm not in camp bell unfortunately. You still in DLTR? They've fallen past your buyzone tm :o

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100mil? u avin a laff?

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looking at that chart: i'd buy if it gets to $6. idk about long term but i bet you it will bounce off of there at least to some extent. aren't support and resistance lines fascinating? :3

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Heh, I was just gonna tell you about that thread on /v/. Looks like a good day to check the other boards to selectively reaffirm your own biases.

I found you cross boarding :3

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Yeah I dont stop loss I Time Stop so Ill give it 2 weeks to confirm trend change or fakeout.
Price action reminds me of LOW when it dropped to 80s before smacking up

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It would actually be fun to put together a /v/ index based on what's hype at any given moment.

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fake AND gay.

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Puts on that shit

If you want to be a fool and gamble on earnings, I recommend Cloudera. ER on the 5th after hours.

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whats the point of buying/shorting stocks when you can just buy calls/puts?

I've been trading for 6 years but just started using options. In about two weeks so far i've doubled my portfolio from 20k to 40k... The biggest puts i've bought were 3k out of my 20k, and I only went so heavy because the risk reward was so good, like I was 94% sure on the call (and it paid out)

i'm not bragging or anything like that, I just have all this cash sitting on my account and can't think of what to do with it when I can just find cheap calls or puts and have more liquidity, less risk, and more reward. If I think a stock will go down i'll buy puts, if I think a stock will go up i'll buy calls

Am I missing something?

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k buddy its not a gamble Ive owned since 32


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Its easier to sell out of positions buying stocks instead of options in the case you incorrectly predict how a stock will move.

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Did ok today. MTNB had some good gains today.

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Many people aren't actively attempting to gamble, they're looking for a secure place to store and grow value.

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depends on what your strategy is and how you're figuring out whether it's going up or down. stocks are generally just a lot safer, but i'd love to hear what makes you so confident in your bets.

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V. True and I’ve learned the hard way just how fucky low volume options are, similar with low volume options.

It’s funny because i use them more as a contrarian indicator than anything.

They were SEETHING at the new pokemon, long before it came out. Took about a week before “APOLOGIZE”
4chan is largely a bunch of contrarian cunts who think they’re better than the masses.

>Nintendies are for soibois and nobody’s going to buy it!
Nobody you know maybe... but parents are going to buy the hell out of it. As well as people who just want to have fun and enjoy themselves and buy a system to play with company when people come to visit.
Also, so you don’t get fucked by time.

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The /v/ index

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Its up to 1.40 in after hrs rn too.. 1.41 is 52week high

>> No.16454450

Pepsi tho?
What Bout SNE MSFT?

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Hope it doesn't go to high. I wanna cash out my AMRN call and add that into MTNB

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>over MNST
anon please

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/v/ is a PC and Nintendo board

Pepsi makes mountain dew and doritos, the foundation of all gamers' diets

TTWO, EA, and ATVI are all evil shit companies (TTWO not as much)

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After AMRN I gonna wait fir biopharma moon missins and put money in on 1st day.. 5of4 the last moon missions went up for 2 days after the initial moon missions

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With odds like that you literally can't lose.

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Unironically thinking about adding some Fannie/Freddie preferreds to my Roth. If Trump wins a second term there’s a great chance Mnunchin will delivar on releasing them from conservatorship.

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>TTWO, EA, and ATVI are all evil shit companies
Which is how you know they’ll make money. Nerds will continue to buy the games AND complain about the games they buy.
Gamers are big complainers.

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AMRN, MTNB, KRTX and ASLN. MYOV was the only one that didnt go up the following 2 days but it went up on the 3rd

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kek, Im tired

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Would you be able to make sense of the DB drawing from the other thread?

What are the odds Aslan gets pumped or dumped tomorrow?

>> No.16454538

I noticed the same thing and have similar plans for a portion of my AMRN gains.

>> No.16454554

>What are the odds Aslan gets pumped or dumped tomorrow?
Dunno, I think it might be stabilizing now

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why does wsb find all the cool glitches? when will /smg/ gets its time to shine?

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About 130 million phones are sold per month. The PS4 hasn't got that many lifetime sales. I can't see lifetime Oculus Quest sales moving QCOM, let alone recent sales.

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so.... gonna get a response maybe?

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My Nintendies dipping HARD boys.

(Well, maybe not that hard but there’s pretty heavy volume)
Bloomberg article just out casting some FUD, basically lowering expectations for Switch in China.

Tencent giving an update about releasing the Switch in China in about 90 minutes... very exciting stuff for an investor who just DCA’d up heavily at the top!

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You made me venture down the atm reverse pin feature rabbit hole. Turns out, no, not in use. The idea was patented though. There are problems with it, notably the banks couldn't allow palindrome pins (eg, 1001) and probably not near palindromes (1011) as well.

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Options involve an additional time pressure that doesn't exist when going long or short normally. It's a risk tolerance thing.

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Time enough for the Earth in the grave.

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Imagine being so stupid that you make investment decision by only looking at one number i.e. dividend yield instead of total return. You realize if a stock goes up a lot you can just sell a few shares and make your own "dividend", right? The only thing that matters is total return.

>> No.16454989

AMRN still on the uptick after hrs.

>> No.16454994

I think when most ppl are looking at high divy stocks theyre looking at consistent ones that dont bounce around a lot.. you know, for stability

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Selling stocks is like... killing the goose that lays the golden eggs. Buy stocks and then make more money to buy more stocks. Duhh.
And so that, in the event they DO go down, they pay you to wait for the pain to end. Assuming no cuts, it’s not such a bad thing, compounding returns on the DRiP or dip buying, etc etc.

I wish I’d bought more NRZ and sold less MO.

>> No.16455069

If they think that then they're stupid because it doesn't exist. Company A paying a 10% dividend and Company B buying back shares to increase share price by 10% produces the same return for you. Dividends are irrelevant. Total return is all that matters. The easiest way to spot a clueless investor is to check if they value dividends over total return.

>> No.16455071


its just risk management, macro knowledge, and some technical analysis. Easy enough to get an edge

Doubling the portfolio in a week was an obvious anomaly, the puts chosen were only so profitable because of the market pull back which was anticipated and prepared for

>> No.16455083

... not sure if you know this but dividends are your friend..

>> No.16455093

Is this the only fucking picture you have

>> No.16455121

What do people think of MO, dividend king with a nice ass dividend?

>> No.16455186

Share price has been on a steady decline for quite some time now. Be careful.

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Nope, but it is one of THE most triggering.

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Or you can just flip stocks for profit over and over and over. Always seemed like the safest option to me, but of course I do this for a living. The shorter the time frame the easier it generally is to take profits over and over again against the longer term trend.

Basically you can buy red candles on uptrends and short green candles on down trends. Because you're buying into selling and selling into buying, this makes profit in flat markets too, actually makes more there because you're going red-green-red-green-red-green much more quickly so you can take more trades there. The trick is you need a system that can accurately keep you on the right side of the trend with a high enough win rate to make it profitable, which you have to figure out yourself. Took me roughly a year or so of working on it literally every day, but i fucking love looking at charts and messing with indicators, I'm like a trading/financial education sponge. I feel like most people aren't like this, like, stock trading and looking at charts and making predictions is more fun to me than playing video games, that's how much I enjoy it.

I feel like most people aren't willing to put that kind of time in, for a number of reasons. But my reward is that I got to quit my day job and make more money now than I did back then.

>> No.16455412

I simply don’t know how to even get started with all that, all the information gets overwhelming.

>> No.16455553

That's way I'm interested, share price is down so the dividend yield is up. I figure this is like facebook back when people massively oversold facebook because of the "quit facebook" meme. People confuse what investing actually is, its not some obscure random thing that only exists in the ether, its an actual company that you partially own by buying up stocks. Then it turned out the value of facebook as a company vastly exceeded its stock price because most people are weak willed individuals who've had their soul ground down by their job and they arn't strong enough to actually quit facebook. As a result the stock returned to its actual value.

I'm hoping its the same deal with MO getting oversold from their partial ownership of juul, the damage is already priced in and people aren't strong enough to actually quit.

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I like MO and think they will be fine for years to come. The short term trend remains pretty strong.

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look up no nonsense forex on youtube, just watch all of his videos and if you really get into it, his podcasts/blogs. learning about creating your own algorithm is important but even more important than that, watch his playlists on money/risk management and psychology. i don't even trade forex, i trade stocks, but all of the concepts he lays out with "creating a system and testing the ever loving shit out of it, then just getting out of its way and letting it make you money over and over" is a game changer. he doesn't sell anything and is pretty fucking serious about never selling anything, nor telling anyone his actual system, he just gives you the general structure so you can figure it out for yourself.

jared wesley from live traders is also an honorable mention. his twitter is especially useful for picking stocks to day trade every day. some good videos some not so great, also he sells stuff but i mostly just use him for his twitter for free. i could make a gap scanner myself but im lazy so i just let him do the work for me most of the time. "LiveTraders" sells stuff and does things mostly on price action without indicators, which can work for some people, depending on your preferences. he has a very no-bullshit attitude which i like and shows his actual trades, wins and losses, so he's pretty reputable imho. some people get upset about anyone trying to sell shit, but i've never paid anyone for anything trading-related, the twitter and yt vids are all free, like, just don't buy anything and take all the free stuff it's not that hard.

between those two youtube channels you should be in a good spot i'd say. it might be overwhelming but consider that if successful you pretty much get to have the greatest job in the world and ultimate financial freedom for the rest of your life. think of it like a really great strategy video game like MTG. hell if you only paper trade it pretty much is a literal video game. predicting the future for profit should be fun.

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Hey. Thanks man.

>> No.16455805

seconded on no nonsense forex for the risk management stuff. The scale out! video is great and was a lesson I needed to learn. Lots of good information on how to test indicators to see if they will work for you if you're interested in that sorta jazz.

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>it's ok little guy, you can moon whenever you want.
>I believe in you.

>> No.16455882

And the hits just keep on a coming!
>Congress passes bill condemning China for crackdown on ethnic Muslims

>> No.16455885

You may be right or it could be another Ford where holding for years just digs the hole deeper.

>> No.16455887

Futures seem pretty unconcerned with that.

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That is all.

>> No.16455904

Nobody should care about that. As long as it doesnt involve the west nobody should care about anything that happens to muslims ever.

>> No.16455906

It's 10pm EST, just wait till around 8:30 am EST much like today.

>> No.16455914

I think it was closer to 5:30 EST. That’s when Trump dropped his epic “we don’t need a trade deal this year” hot take.

>> No.16455933

This is completely different, but the Trump trade issue will come up again tomorrow.

>> No.16455946

You said like today, and that’s when we went from bullish futures to selloff, where we stayed the rest of the day.

>> No.16456004

You meant 5:30am?

>> No.16456054


>> No.16456116

Sorry, thought you meant 5:30 this past evening...

>> No.16456173

::: Japanese cartoon girl buttocks is the ONLY thing keeping these markets afloat :::
::: if anything disrupts the flow of pixels from the asses of anime girls into my eyeballs, this market WILL suddenly and violently correct to its fair value, a correction in the neighborhood of 50% or more :::

>> No.16456247

I'm a programmer who does 9-5 job and it's making me mentally unstable and it's fucking unbearable. I've around 150k saved up without counting my house and a property in foreign country. I don't know anything about stock or how stock works, but want to get out of this shit fair(programming) in a year or two without killing myself. So please point me in the right direction, kind fellas.

>> No.16456318

My entire net worth is $3,000 and I recklessly gamble it on options

>> No.16456361


>> No.16456362

What age, if I may ask?

>> No.16456369

if AMD goes up 0.23 cents tomorrow I will reach the break even point on my 38.50 call
i dont particularly want to dump 3,850 dollars into a single stock but it is tempting

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>pep calls expire on the EX date (Friday)
It’s gonna dump, isn’t it? I should probably dump it... but I wouldn’t mind getting assigned and having 100 shares of PEP to sell calls off of.
No worries

>> No.16456624

>$135 x 100
Actually... maybe I’ll just exit them tomorrow...

>> No.16456691

why? dubs so i bought a single round lot but please explain

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Asian markets are getting smashed today, except for the market that is most impacted by potential tariffs.

What did the Chinks mean by this?

>> No.16456752


>> No.16456796

Do you want to trade for a living?

>> No.16456828

Stonks strong?

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They're still doing alright. Index may have a small bounce day tomorrow. The China setback is bad but I'm not sure if markets are quite in the right mood for a determined crash at this juncture. Probably more crab.

>> No.16457020

Asking for a friend but say someone knew of an imminent data breach for a large company before it has been openly announced. What's the optimal way to leverage this?

>> No.16457050

If your friend trades on this knowledge they would be in violation of SEC rules. However, if this friend is not directly connected with the company in a legal way he or she could, hypothetically, buy puts, in Minecraft.

>> No.16457073

I see. My friend is not directly linked to them but knows that they are internally aware of the breach. How far out should these puts be in terms of expiration if they have just learned about the breach this week?

>> No.16457089


I remember rumors like this swirling here for a little bit about something like that. Anons were saying “buy amazon puts! Buy Microsoft puts! Maybe it’s google+’s old info, buy google puts!!”

Those obvious plays haven’t been very rewarding, you’re probably still in the red if you bought puts.

But how would you have done if you’d invested in the stocks of the cybersecurity companies instead?

Very little guesswork to be done there, and even if you don’t pick the exact right company, the whole sector will likely see a boost. And I don’t think that’s even insider trading...

>> No.16457106

Unironically, the best thing you can do with insider knowledge is to post the information on the internet, wait 24 hours, and trade with that information in mind. After 24 hours, if its posted somewhere public, it ends up being public knowledge. Disclaimer: not legal advice.

>> No.16457112

>United Airlines will replace some of its older Boeing planes with 50 new Airbus jets starting in 2024.
Very bad. Very bad for US GDP, industrial economy, sets a dangerous precedent.

French planes, not built by the US. All that labor, raw materials, processing, etc, all that going on outside of our industrial economy. Boeing fucked us up good, this will sting for years, decades.

I’m getting the feeling the party might be winding down. It might be time for a nap, if I can sidestep the decline before the Santa Claus and/or valentines rallies.

>> No.16457119

isn't the corollary here that you should point in the exact opposite direction of the event, though?
>XYZ is gonna go huge!
>buy XYZ puts

>> No.16457147

I see. So let's say in some fantasy world a casual user, Bob, was using a website and discovered a vulnerability that exposes private customer data from all over the world including Europe, America, and so on. Bob properly informed the correct people. Wouldn't it be just a matter of time until this company needs to legally disclose this (Since GDPR?) and like you mention if they didn't then Bob could open the flood gates and let it be openly known to the internet this week sometime? How do company's stocks usually respond in terms of breaches? I apologize for my inexperience in all this.

>> No.16457191

My thinking with IBM. They are on the decline but if they turnaround and actually become more relevant then this time period would be mega value to buy. Or it just keeps going down to the ground

>> No.16457215

Now that's interesting. Trading on a vulnerability that Bob discovered himself, independently and not while working on a contract for the company, might be... okay? Intriguing. I don't have answers for you but this is worth doing some additional digging on legalities. I would tend to think that if he didn't sign any sort of agreement with the company about the information, like an NDA or something, he should be free to use the information to make personal market decisions. You are correct that the company must disclose a data breach to its shareholders and the public.

>> No.16457236
File: 29 KB, 400x400, dc567y2-c5236632-994d-471b-9436-754e288f1f13.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

now what if bob posted on an underwater basket weaving forum

>> No.16457268

You have a correct read on both stocks. Godspeed. ABBV is in the same boat.

>> No.16457415

surfing these micro e-minis down to goblintown!

what happened? just a general continuation of the red? Short from 3093 as a hedge for my SPY 311 calls.

>> No.16457525

Oof, I didn’t realize Boris was getting on Macron’s “tax US tech” agenda... shits gonna heat up. It might be time to short tech. It might even be time to buy some SH instead of QYLD...

>> No.16457664

I think IBM will probably crab or bear for a few years then benefit when AI starts becoming profitable.

>> No.16457677

congrats to yotsuba anon for best girls victory, for once best girl has managed to win.

>> No.16457951
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Fancy footwork here...are AMRN fags gonna make it???

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Just got a fat spike in the futures market. Any news?

>> No.16457973
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S&P right now

>> No.16458005

>Breaking News
>U.S., China Move Closer to Trade Deal Despite Heated Rhetoric
Fuck me.

>> No.16458018

that's it? fug i'm going back to bed. This shit will be back down before the open. I'd short if i didn't think the universe was literally out to get me

>> No.16458025
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Ya know, one of these days the market is going to stop freaking out about tweets and media statements about the negotiations. Just shut the fuck up about it already and get it done.


>> No.16458046

Tell me more, Anon.
What does teum do and why should it moon?

>> No.16458047

>shorting the markets when the fed is literally pumping hundreds of billions of dollars/dAy
>shorting when Europe is willing to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes

Nigga must hate money

>> No.16458068

Well shit, time to test new highs again until China tells everyone that they are in fact not moving closer to a trade deal

>> No.16458091

I would just like to go one week without some bullshit news throwing the market into turmoil.

>> No.16458094
File: 134 KB, 433x582, 1573543731812.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tell me about it. This year has been frying my nerves.

>> No.16458108

are you the next leon liger?

>> No.16458112

buy the dip faggots, golden bulls forever

>> No.16458116
File: 192 KB, 480x360, 1553591155183.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I finally just gave up. Bought a January 17th call option at the money when SPY dropped to 307 yesterday morning on the absolute conviction that they would have the market pumped up within the week. Sure enough. I'm gonna make a mint on this one.

>> No.16458140
File: 24 KB, 796x867, 1563348446968.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Even better if you look at the pic here >>16457969 and notice the green line, that's where I bought 4 contracts of the Russell 2000 futures. 20-something points in profit as we speak. Not bad for a day's work. You guys should consider futures if you like easy money. Or losing it all in a blink. Whichever

>> No.16458192

I can't buy the dip when I lost all my money on the dip.

>> No.16458202


>> No.16458311


>> No.16458353

Everything is fake and gay.

>> No.16458368

Are there any brokers that execute trades quickly? Id prefer commision, both TDAmeritrade AND Robinhood keep buying my limit orders at 5 cents above what i set and its fucking pissing me off. I wish i could set a strict limit order.

>> No.16458377

What do you think will happen if this drops on bad data?

>> No.16458380

>Id prefer commision, both TDAmeritrade AND Robinhood keep buying my limit orders at 5 cents above what i set and its fucking pissing me off. I wish i could set a strict limit order.
Can you give an example of what you're talking about? Are you trading options?

>> No.16458389

>buying my limit orders at 5 cents above what i set
That is not how a limit order works.

>> No.16458407
File: 348 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191204-055034_Stockpile.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am pretty pleased.

>> No.16458417


Lol, even Hu is making fun of it.

CNBC and Bloomberg quoting vague anonymous sources should be made illegal desu. Moving the markets like this should be based on a corroborated quote, not conjecture.

>> No.16458443

>Breaking News: An anonymous source familiar with Trump's thinking said that he will sign a phase one deal provided China includes a provision for a lifetime supply of Real Dolls for Trump's personal use.
Strap in boys.

>> No.16458452

Is that your whole portfolio, Matt?

>> No.16458464


Why would Trump need a Real Doll? We know he is impotent and the only sexual contact he has is fellatio with his Son-in-law.

>> No.16458470
File: 1.60 MB, 800x2154, 1568447603228.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>sign a phase one deal provided China includes a provision for a lifetime supply of Real Dolls
Only if I get the one wearing the hoody. Then it's a slam dunk

>> No.16458506

Very cool Matthew

>> No.16458510

I will lose a bunch of equity

>> No.16458516

Based shad-man

>> No.16458589
File: 47 KB, 1408x457, 1112.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rate my bags boys.

>> No.16458597

Haha top kekers matey, Drumpf blumpf clumpf absolutely btfo!

>> No.16458608

Did somebody accidentally mind break the trumpfags?

>> No.16458614

Not only that. You shilled it so much here that people will come to your house.

>> No.16458619

Hi Matthew, are maybe friends with Leon?

>> No.16458624

it is exactly what is happening though, thats whats pissing me off.

>> No.16458626

Im brand new so I'm just buying and selling, robinhood has limit orders which will automatically buy at a certain price

>> No.16458630

I like gooooold out of 10

>> No.16458637

Why would I be scared of free target practice?

>> No.16458699

This is you win but watch out.

>> No.16458706

This time... fuck

>> No.16458718

this is kinda huge

>> No.16458738

It's ok, it's early, you're tired. Get u some Caffetin

>> No.16458749

Disclaimer: IANAL, seek legal counsel, DYOR


Nope, Trump has 2020 in his sight. War with Mexico and martial law would seal his third term. Trump is the next FDR!

>> No.16458789
File: 317 KB, 421x498, wizard.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Retarded piece of human garbage here to let you guys know my positions still suck. If I could ask a favor from the wizard, please cast a spell of protection on my stock picks today. Thank you in advance.

>> No.16458794

Oh look an anonymous source just refuted everything that Trump, (you know, the guy who would actually know since he's making the deal), said yesterday and all is well again...
So fucking tired of these bullshit sources that most likely do not exist.

>> No.16458799

It's not even just the 737 Max.
Airbus is safer in general.
Not counting the egypt-russia terrorist bomb, the german wings suicide and the MH-17 rocket shootdown only 497 people lost their lives in an Airbus this past decade.
Over 1200 people did in a Boeing.
Even without the 737 Max crashes, boeing crashes are more frequent and deadlier.
On top of all this Europe has arguably better relationships with big foreign markets like the middle east and China.
Airbus will become increasingly more dominant in the skies during the 2020's.

Airbus 72.5 Billion Euro
Boeing 198 Billion Dollar

No brainer which to pick.

>> No.16458835

You know it's bad when it's easier to trade bitcoin than the NQ.. can we just have a month where nothing happens so levels on indexes matters? I'm in a long now but I swear it will get stopped out as soon as markets opens up because Trump decided to tweet something

>> No.16458837


>> No.16458846

My hedge is a safe full of silver and platinum

>> No.16458848

Nobody believes this crappy news story. So who the fuck is buying?

>> No.16458858

Heh, Embrace the Fat Divvy and let Him Save you from Despair. Just think if you'd bought Him during the Winter Mega Dip Last year you'd still be in the Green by a lot no mater the recent stock price shits and whatnot. So now He dipped some yesterday and if you didn't take advantage shame on you! Cause now that Dippy is gone and there goes that Fat Divvy.

>> No.16458878

I got a question.

Who in the fuck is buying up CVNA. Short intrest is like 40% and this bitch has been climbing for the past year. Up 140%. Insiders are selling shares, this has to be fake.

Carvana is cool, but it is not the future of car buying.

I'm waiting till the dam breaks and going all in PUTS.

>> No.16458905

Somebody with a shit load of money to burn has an algo hooked to the CNBC firehose. It's the only explanation. Surely GS and JPM aren't fueling this shit

>> No.16458959

The truth is that they write these headlines to explain market movements that they don't understand.

>> No.16458968

Quite true. My boomer buddy knows I trade and he follows the market a bit due to a 401k stack. He asked me a while back about some drop. Simple response, "Anything I say would be a post hoc rationalization so there's no point in even trying. It dips, I buy and sell when it goes back up." That's really all there is to say and the chart speaks for itself.

>> No.16458980

what was the news from MTNB yesterday that caused the spike?

>> No.16458990

Dunno but they had a conference or something

>> No.16458994

They also write misleading headlines specifically to target algos. The headline about the trade deal last night is a perfect example. If you read the article, it was obvious that this "source" most likely doesn't exist because there were no specifics given at all.

>> No.16458998

They had a super bullish investor presentation

>> No.16459006

They definitely do. If you follow the oil market, you will find different bullshit from different outlets to explain market movements all tailored to their respective audiences.

>> No.16459066

Private payrolls beat; big surges incoming

>> No.16459073

What is the reason for the market being like this? Is it only the trade deal shit?

>> No.16459106


It's much more insidious than that: since the financial media can trigger algos with a headline, they can MOVE markets on conjecture.

Say if you're the Bloomberg editor, you've got the piece written by the reporter. All you need need to do is tell someone to prepare for a trade and then release the piece.

It would be so fucking easy to do.

>> No.16459112

Why is it crashing so hard?

>> No.16459121

And the news that 60% of the recent growth is just due to buybacks

>> No.16459151

That's hardly news.

>> No.16459171


>> No.16459176

Let's make /biz/ media company and profit off the normies.

>> No.16459178

Fake and gay, my pin is a palindrome.

>> No.16459188

Bullish as fuck. There's so much profit that the companies can pay out and buy out on their shares.

>> No.16459206

It's like herding cats. We could accomplish much but it's unlikely to happen.

>> No.16459212

why am i up so much pre-market

>> No.16459217

to get your hopes up before the opening dump

>> No.16459219

And here we have the real reason for the trade deal back on headline...
>U.S. private sector job growth slows down sharply in November - ADP
Without the trade deal on again headline it would have been a very red day again.

>> No.16459245

Uhoh trade deal might be back off again already...
>"My sources here say #China thought it had agreement in principle on tariff rollback in early Nov but President Trump backed away from it. So unclear how “close” two sides really are.

>> No.16459274


Maybe Trump is looking at the jobs numbers after all? Kernel of truth.

The WH does get numbers in advance......

>> No.16459278

Please convince me to not exercise my AMD call at 38.50 because I am seriously considering it

>> No.16459279

>>"My sources here say #China thought it had agreement in principle on tariff rollback in early Nov but President Trump backed away from it. So unclear how “close” two sides really are.

That's a lot of words to say, I'm currently short and going to get fucked if this trade war isn't on again.

>> No.16459286

That was a direct quote from CNBC journalists tweet a few minutes ago

>> No.16459289

>Maybe Trump is looking at the jobs numbers after all?
Imagine thinking there is any type of strategy behind this.

>> No.16459317


Not saying there is a strategy. Just saying that Trump talking about jobs numbers 24 hours before a really negative jobs reading might not be a coincidence.

>> No.16459363

do it

gains are gains

>> No.16459366

So much we gonna shoot up once AMRN gets bought out? 30? 60? 100? Should I stay in after the buyout?

>> No.16459367

This is very true! He did specifically say yesterday his focus was on jobs not stock market reactions.

>> No.16459371

AMD back to 10

>> No.16459377


>> No.16459405

90 if we're lucky,. That's what happened to Lipitor back in the day. And some other heart med just got bought out for a similar price

>> No.16459422

God I hope so I missed that boat.

>> No.16459438

gambling on IBIO lol. Gonna get fucked in the ass but whatever

>> No.16459476

And Apple back to 50?

>> No.16459479

I knew big5 had enough big dick energy to get LCI above my dollar cost average. Boomer heart pill magicks

>> No.16459480

bois what are the play for today?

>> No.16459489
File: 165 KB, 500x386, 1571052692055.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are we gonna make money today guys?

>> No.16459501
File: 591 KB, 236x184, Oh God.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Going up boys.

>> No.16459504


>> No.16459508

I really hope so.

>> No.16459509

Buy defense ETFs

>> No.16459514

Delet this

>> No.16459520

DFEN is on a nice dip

>> No.16459528

ITA went down for me for the first time this year. It literally had only gone up until then.

>> No.16459535

It HAS to get above 9.50 though or else this pump means nothing

>> No.16459550
File: 11 KB, 216x234, 5441678165.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16459562

I know nobody cares but I'm only going to be alive for three weeks instead of next year or whatever I said. Pretty sure the cypro made me insanely more depressed but I was thinking about it. Plus everyone here will literally rejoice after I die since everyone on earth hates me and for good reason. It's ok I'll die a lonely sad meme. I'm an unironic sex offender and j can't show my face anywhere. I live in hiding and i can't make any friends for the resr of my life. I'm jobless and in debt dont even have enough money to shoot myself. I'm getting gangstalked bt kiwiwfarms etc
I'm 28 still live in my utility room with Dad etc who get attacked by my enemies. I have literally nothing. Absolutely nothing and these hormones arent helps jg. There's zero answer to my problems

>> No.16459566

Can someone explain what LIBOR securities are?

>> No.16459570


>> No.16459574

lol at acb what a garbage stock

>> No.16459576

>BREAKING Trump cancels planned NATO news conference
Uh-oh, tariffs on NATO countries incoming

>> No.16459577
File: 542 KB, 640x480, 1304616859896.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You need to get fit and eat right, son. Pushups, pullups, chinups, dips. Go to /fit/ and they will help you get right or possibly gay but its worth a try.

>> No.16459578
File: 122 KB, 1076x1076, Snapchat-1117976753.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16459581

I care about you, man

>> No.16459582


>> No.16459589

I'm more fit than everyone here. I'm a tranny now though. I can't make money anymore i can't make friends im getting bullied 24/7 because if stuff I did ten years ago when i was getting bullied irl.

>> No.16459594


>> No.16459604

TAKE MY ENERGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.16459608


>> No.16459609

Don't do it friend. You have the mental strength to pull through.

There has to be somewhere you can move to where no one recognises you right? Save as much as you can and make that move.

>> No.16459616

I'll go gay for this to hit 2.50 I got calls nigga

>> No.16459629

why the fuck is Ford going up?

>> No.16459631

Let go of the past. And why be a tranny? Especially since it didn't help you mentally? You need to embrace what you actually are. Don't follow feelings.

>> No.16459633

I just bought snss yesterday

>> No.16459637

What brokerage do you guys use to invest? I'm using ally, but it seems like alot of you are using robbinhood. Is it better? I'm new to this and I'm trying to get a feel for what's best.

>> No.16459647

MTNB just blew past 52week high

>> No.16459648

What i am on the inside is a girl that wants to make others laugh. I need a bf or something im pathetic...im going to shoot myself first chance becausd I can live with myself and my actions

>> No.16459657

>rampant attention whoring and drama

Yeah you're definitely a chick

>> No.16459663

> make others laugh
I have a tickle fetish let's hang out

>> No.16459674

Idc suicide is my only goal now
I'll post a pic right before i do it

>> No.16459675

Galt to 0

>> No.16459681
File: 83 KB, 834x952, Trade War Cycle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.16459683

Why would you hang out with a sex offender tranny?

Mt familt was into stocks i wish i could have done it also but ya know its too late

>> No.16459686
File: 88 KB, 280x291, c6f.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

SNSS is right behind it.

>> No.16459687

Fuck you , Matthew.

>> No.16459688

This is gonna sound weird but hear me out. Before you do something crazy if you really think everything sucks and you're dead set on checking out give yourself a chance. Get your money together and YOLO the living shit out of SPY calls. Buy and sell one after the other with expiration 2 or 3 months out. Structure the buys so you get effective leverage of like 30 or 40x. If you get a little bit lucky and string together enough wins in a row you might end up with a stack so big you kinda don't want to an hero anymore. And if you don't, hey, you were gonna go out anyway so may as well give the universe a chance to make shit right for you. And for the record, an at the money call a couple of months out on SPY will usually work out to be effectively ~30x leverage.

>> No.16459690
File: 1.24 MB, 320x213, Tomato.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It entirely sold off almost.

>> No.16459696


>> No.16459706

I dont have any money to get together..

>> No.16459710

We hit that 9.7-10 supply block. Will bounce when it hits the other side of the gap

>> No.16459712

I've had worse, and if you really want to make others laugh, and I have a kink for being made to laugh, maybe that's something that could be explored
Don't sell yourself short with a large enough pool of buyers such as the internet

>> No.16459719
File: 584 KB, 320x213, Happening1.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Told you suckas to buy this shit.

>> No.16459731

Who was it in a couple of /smg/ threads back that was talking smack when I said buy SPY calls on this dip?? WHO? SHOW YOUR FACE

>> No.16459732


Robinhood is just convenient. Most of the bigger brokers have better resources and they now offer free trading.

>> No.16459738

it keeps fucking yo-yo'ing around 2.50

>> No.16459739

Who the hell would date an lolcow?
Just because I'm kinda feninine and ugly?
Is this really the power of feminity?

>> No.16459740

Just bought even more SNSS. I swear if this thing flops I am gonna be pissed at myself.

>> No.16459741

Thank god I got out of FCEL early. Jesus that stock got demolished. Might hop back in later

>> No.16459745

it's not being sold off it's being shorted on good news to deter price action.. this is the most predictable shit with LCI.. just gotta ignore short term noise and focus on long term goals

LCI to $60

>> No.16459747
File: 174 KB, 841x800, 1575065838056.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where the fuck is the anon who went all in on PTGX at $5 yesterday?

It spiked back to $8 this morning. I tossed some of my own money at your bet too and won big. God bless you.

>> No.16459751

> lolcow
You shoot LOLs out your udders? That makes it even better, I love laughter

>> No.16459778

Just download the app, put $50 or so in and see how you like it. Robinhood is great cuz it's just tap tap tap done. By far the easiest trading experience I've ever had by far. It's stripped down though.

>> No.16459780

Its not good being gangstalked ya know...

>> No.16459788

UGAZ is starting to go up.

>> No.16459789

Auto numbers were yesterday

>> No.16459794

Maybe not

>> No.16459800

Yeah, I do know, bullying sucks
It's much easier to manage with someone by your side who won't bully, who understands that you have flaws and faults but still doesn't mind being around you, actively wants to do things with you, etc. I recommend it, it's a good investment

>> No.16459823

took profit on Nio...now to hope whatever the fuck conference call GALT has today pumps it

>> No.16459824

How can LCI get good news then dump? This is a good learning experience please inform me

>> No.16459829

Should have jumped off that one already. It spiked early november

>> No.16459832
File: 81 KB, 625x644, 1573096599633.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16459861
File: 14 KB, 208x642, 2019-12-04 12:20:03_270.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm making so much money swinging $KO it's ridiculous. This is in ~2 weeks, no leverage, no options, just buying stonks.

>> No.16459867
File: 323 KB, 1200x900, 1387485663888.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shorts shorting it in massive quantities to scare people out. They are trapped and desperate.

>> No.16459906
File: 228 KB, 960x960, 1573143519071.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw hodling amrn over a year now

>> No.16459916

Bought another 2k today

>> No.16459920

lol you are bold I'll give you that

>> No.16459931
File: 21 KB, 423x245, dividends are your fren.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16459943

Bears are shorting heavy on good news.. they always do that with LCI.. it's disgustingly predictable.. they short every good earnings and every good news.. Look around July there was a spike on good news (LCI got LEVO back) then right after shorted then a huge climb.. shorts are digging themselves a hole and are going to get stuck AGAIN

LCI to $60

>> No.16459948
File: 10 KB, 717x251, ongod.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

be seeing you in Valhalla

>> No.16459952

nice, avoid the short term capital gains

>> No.16459957

You don't realize how bad the situation is..

>> No.16459958

Interesting. I'm buying in a modest amount on this dip.

>> No.16459961

CLF is making my willy hard.

>> No.16459966

How are you thinking this trade through?

>> No.16459969

I mean yeah
But if they Google my name heres a list of everything i did.
I couldn't ever escape it and desu i miss my friends ;__;

>> No.16459973

thinking is for weak hands

>> No.16459982

Haha, I see that. Well, good luck anon

>> No.16459984

AMRN and MTNB mooning

>> No.16459991

You remind me of me. I love it, I don't know why I love it, but I completely understand why everyone else doesn't love it.

>> No.16459996
File: 351 KB, 1440x3040, 37a88447-f4a5-4f4e-bdfc-aeca2bebe20d..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sweet Jesus

>> No.16460000

Can someone take a look at UCO's chart at the 1-minute level, the 10:29 and 10:30 candle and explain to me what the fuck happened at 10:29:53. I wasn't trading it so nothing made or lost, but all of a sudden the inside market just detonated, price basically teleported lower, then teleported back up. Transactions did take place so it wasn't a glitch or anything. It was like the price was trading around 18.40-18.50...then in literally 1 second's worth of time it was down to 18.18, 18.20s, shit like that, and then all of a sudden back up to the normal range like it was nothing. Is that someone fat fingering? Is that an algo bugging out? What causes that?

>> No.16460004

Beautiful isn't it?

>> No.16460005
File: 18 KB, 696x461, gains.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

From what DD I have composed in the last day in a half. All the VIX stocks get a bump in December and then trickle down for the rest of the year. I'm hoping that pattern repeats itself.

I caught it 2 days ago

>> No.16460008


>> No.16460013

Nice anon. What positions?

>> No.16460017

I have 40,000 shares. Luckily AMRN and MTNB are both doing great today, and it looks like SNSS is coming back up from that morning dip.

>> No.16460022
File: 471 KB, 1440x3040, 7c05c840-6379-45ce-9405-04efd8aa33d7..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Most of my AMRN is held in another account.

>> No.16460027

I know nobody cares but I'm only going to be alive for three weeks instead of next year or whatever I said. Pretty sure the cypro made me insanely more depressed but I was thinking about it. Plus everyone here will literally rejoice after I die since everyone on earth hates me and for good reason. It's ok I'll die a lonely sad meme. I'm an unironic sex offender and j can't show my face anywhere. I live in hiding and i can't make any friends for the resr of my life. I'm jobless and in debt dont even have enough money to shoot myself. I'm getting gangstalked bt kiwiwfarms etc
I'm 28 still live in my utility room with Dad etc who get attacked by my enemies. I have literally nothing. Absolutely nothing and these hormones arent helps jg. There's zero answer to my problems

I'm killing myself first chance I get

>> No.16460031

What can i day trade i have 50k buying power and doing paper trading for a comp. No options just stocks.

>> No.16460033

It's gonna work

>> No.16460039

>No options just stocks.
but why? Just buy SPY leaps on every dip. You basically get 5x leverage with no chance of a margin call. Buy the dip, sell the bounce, wash rinse repeat ad infinitum

>> No.16460050

Holy shit, are you trans? Registered sexoffender?

>> No.16460059

Have you looked to see what those ETFs do every December? Is that when there’s some reverse split or rebalancing or something?

>> No.16460060

i love everyone that plays the biopharms. thats what I come here to watch. gains and losses, losses and gains. i'm too chickenshit with my money to do that but thank you anons for all the LCI, GALT, AMRN excitement

>> No.16460063
File: 77 KB, 550x550, 867CABF7-58E8-485C-8AF8-2F02C3FF020A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Am I stupid for buying shares of this?

>> No.16460064

thinking about getting some SNSS

>> No.16460067


>> No.16460074

I know we're all super excited about our gains today but somebody needs to make a new thread

>> No.16460077
File: 48 KB, 387x516, 1568497627829.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jesus needs you here

>> No.16460078

don't fren. invest in dividends then you'll always have frens. you are in the rare position where you can do anything you want because you literally don't care. start a business with a business loan (theres free money everywhere) and if it fails, back to step one. but at least try.

>> No.16460080
File: 23 KB, 400x400, 1494386462038.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll be honest, no.

You have to understand, I'm trading on Robinhood.

>> No.16460086

Forgot to add..
..and I'm too retarded to do it

>> No.16460087

watching people lose money is exciting to me

>> No.16460091

thinking about buying CRON at these levels, what do you guys think?

>> No.16460101

I can't show my face anywhere...whats the point of money wuthout frens? Money's easy to make. Go to work and get a Roth IRA.

I've read the Bible twice this year. I'm going to heaven once i kill myself

>> No.16460114
File: 1.15 MB, 314x232, FA107B62-A681-4D18-8262-01B79C859986.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Feel like some AMRN news definitely leaked

>> No.16460127

what's going on with MYOV? was there bad news today?

>> No.16460128

yeah all my calls are up but my $34 one is up 170%

>> No.16460131
File: 1.17 MB, 859x666, x000x9x.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cpb unstoppable

>> No.16460138
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MERCK Marines
WHERRE WE @@@@???

MRK got some decent volume on this push to NEW 52-week highs!

>> No.16460155

You can day trade anything that has good movement, low noise, good liquidity, and a good inside market. Various ETFs or big premarket movers are good candidates typically. SPY is reliable though it can be a bit noisy and if you want a cheaper share price for a bigger position, there are plenty of smaller candidates with decent liquidity as well (UPRO comes to mind). What can you day trade reliably over the long term though? Nothing on U.S. markets. You're better off learning to play Poker or swing trading. Most of the intraday volume is HFTs/market makers passing shares back and forth to each other to simulate volume so people don't riot and spreads aren't dollars large.

>> No.16460186
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New bread

>> No.16460190
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I also discovered options this year.

>> No.16460206

If jobs are bad, and spending is up, but people don't have $400... I think it's time to load up on them credit card companies.

>> No.16460374
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>> No.16460408
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>I'm more fit than everyone here
Absolutely false.

>> No.16460438
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Good luck. I'm bailing at break even.

>> No.16460728

Dont bother posting a pic unless you show tits

>> No.16460762
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Wheres that tard snss anon that was arguing with me a few days ago

>> No.16460774

oh noes..

>> No.16461037

Peloton! Wtf!? How could tgh sjws win!?!?

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