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Any good TA for this one?

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what time scale is this?

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that looks like a straight up bitconnect suicide button.
been away since the down trend started.
what did i miss?

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>oh hey, a massive dump took place in low liquidity market
>let me now "mock" the only analysis method my low IQ allows me to understand the faults of

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Approximately 2 weeks

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Premined shittoken

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I'm just waiting for same shit to happen to TRB now, so I can come here and laugh at delusional fags buying someones 30x bags

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Holy fuck kek look at this seething TA fag

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What exactly is going to tell you something like this is going to happen, other than literally just knowing it's going to happen beforehand?

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80% of you cryptofags are just technically literate index fund sheep or are just zoomers punting with lunchmoney in shitcoins, it's why I hate how much this board has changed. Very few of you are actually what I'd consider active market practitioners.

Most of you don't even give a shit about crypto and are just looking for something to trade. Financial markets have always been there, and the ico and much the exchange arbitrage is gone, so I don't know what the fuck you people are wasting your time with.

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*the ico craze

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Wasawasawasa!! Maticonnecccttt!!

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I think bringing up IQ was unnecessary. The point I was trying to get across is that it's dumb to single out something you find "easy" to criticize. A lot of approaches in markets have to do with making assumptions.

Simply because you can see the assumption of a certain approach used in technical analysis (i.e. moving average based trend following) very obviously getting blown the fuck out, in a given market condition/market occurrence, doesn't mean it should be singled-out.

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It's possible to predict a dump but I don't think anyone expected such a fast and heavy one, you can't predict whales dumping so that was one of the cases where TA only helps you get into the correct position but it's impossible to know the extent.
See for example:


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stop it kids

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i think he was joking

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