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>love the idea of giving some money to receive more
>would love to try and do investment shit with something like robinhood
>don't want to crash my bank account with no survivor

Then I had this idea, what if I only invest small amount of money, I won't win a lot of money but at least I can learn by trial and error, and once I'm skillful enough I could use actual amount of money to win money

Is this viable?

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That's what I'm doing anon. Put 100 or so bucks in Robinhood and only focus on percentages.

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Pointless, but sure.

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Trading stocks won't blow you out unless you are retarded. Trading with RH will only allow you to go long so you can't really do any damage. Trading derivatives is another story.

Starting trading small only going long on stocks is a good way to dip your feet if you want to learn trading/investing. After a while you can start going short and then start trading derivatives.

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Basics of investing there anon.

Highly suggest I skip that first step for a b it and study personal finance and investing books. Any books. Read 5 or 10 or more and then shill out you 20 bucks or 100 or whatever.

Just make sure u can afford to lose it all of cover the payments.

Good luck

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