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BAT thread. Where my BATbros at?

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Dead from bagholding.

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What did they mean by this logo?

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Right here

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here anon

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Didn't get any ads today. It is location dependant right?

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Scroll down to see the number of active campaigns in your country.

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Will Using US VPN will give me more ads?

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UPT is the real Brave mooner of 2020.

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I’m pretty sure that doesn’t work but not 100%. Maybe another Anon can chime in. What I read on the Brave forums and reddit seem states it doesn’t work either as it diminishes the ROI of the advertiser. Haven’t seen anything official though.

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Isn't the supply too low

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BAT here. We are fucking doomed. Worst performing crypto by a landslide. Down to 2000 from 3000 in a mere week

Abandon this flaming piece of rat shit IMEDIATELY

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It used to. Nowadays I don't even have to turn it on to receive shitload of ads. Maximum number of ads per day is 21 btw.

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Here but 99% demoralized.

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The price action of BAT is almost inexplicable. The only plausible explanation for me is that some very large whales that bought the ICO realized they were all controlling/surprising the price and some decided to pull their investment out. I mean some whales were literally just market selling and plummeting the price.

Basically I have the feeling that someone/a group that was heavily invested in Brave and/or BAT decided it was no longer worth it and got out. The price on this token is controlled by whales (possibly with some sort of relation to the Brave team) and I’m not certain it ever won’t be.

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>Abandon this flaming piece of rat shit IMEDIATELY
Remember, ALWAYS do the opposite of what /biz/ says

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I mean we saw stretches this year where BAT was completely disconnected from BTC’s price. We saw BAT break from a nasty downtrend in the beginning of the year and many of us thought that was the beginning a beautiful uptrend, but it ended up being a slow one off pump to like 40¢ and then a slow dump back down to 15¢. Seems like BAT can’t stay above 50¢ and it also seems like that shouldn’t be too out of the question with the product Brave is delivering.

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The market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent

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I read somewhere that it was in the whitepaper about the price not exceeding a certain amount.

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Thanks i got 18 today. Will go upto 21 i guess. The key was turning ads off and on again

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I don’t think BAT will moon but it may reach a one dollar, which would be a nice profit if one was to stock up now.

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Jannies, we know you live cleaning up this shit box for free but get your shit together and get 4chan to accept BAT tipping you fucking nigger loving faggots.

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I'm not giving a single rupee to these power trippers

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The price action makes little sense to me, but for that reason I'm only more enticed. What is causing suppression for one of the most actually useful tokens with a bright future?

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Oh nonono

4chan will never be verified. Because BAT will require KYC. Giving your real life name information is probably the stupidest thing you can do as a imageboard owner.

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>reddit coin glitches
>youtube being stingy
>google getting sued for privacy violations
>entire generation looking for a way to monetize streaming
it makes zero fucking sense anon.

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Verification doesn't require kyc. You just have to enter your name. Any name

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So can the 4chan admin cash out his BAT from tips on uphold without KYC and sending uphold a copy of his passport? I doubt it.

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I’m not sure. One logical reason why whales could be selling is because Brave usually pushes back roadmap dates by like 2Q minimum.

I’m really bummed about how ETH seems to have beat BAT to the punch in regard to micropayments for articles (via Forbes/metamask). BAT is awesome and is an incredibly ambitious project but sometimes it seems like they’re spread thin or something. I guess perfecting Brave is the most important major first step though.

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