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Defi is the future of crypto, i’m currently invested in

- Rune

Anymore projects I should keep any eye on?

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How could you miss REN?

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Maker too, but Reserve Protocol will make Maker obsolete in several years.

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Get off my board pajeet

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You are literally missing point of defi if you are investing in shitcoins for fuck sake

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Holding RSR is testing my patience, but i’m still holding

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Which ones do you consider shitcoins pajeet? Let me guess all of them?

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Ren is a really good but the amount of shills and the pump and dump it had scared me away

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God god you are dumb

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They are all defi platforms you stupid f**k

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Point of defi platforms is not to buy shitcoin and hope it pumps like its 2017 you absolute mongoloid they are tool tool you can utilise for open finance and acually make money witouth hodl or flipping shitcoins meme

Sheer fact you call buying shitcoins and praying "investing" is cringe pls kms

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Or you can have platforms that aim to bring you open finance by having stable coins like peg and switch value to pAssets without actually buying the shitcoins themselves. Nobody is buying shitcoins hoping they will pump like 2017 you dumb f**k, if you actually do a bit of research and see what those projects are trying to achieve you would understand

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Neutrino on WAVES

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Akro is a cool project with good fundamentals but they lack marketing. It is very undervalued atm with 600k mcap. Keeping a close eye on that one

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Hopefully the most important one goes without saying. I have my position allocated in SNX and RUNE, shill me on AKRO?

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KAVA, just like Maker but also with BTC, ATOM, XRP and LINK possibilities. Sub 10 mcap. CZ in it.

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tezos will dominate defi with the nyx standard and stable coin projects

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Check out this link https://wiki.akropolis.io/
If you decide to buy get on kucoin / bittrex
Huobi’s price is very inflated because deposits and withdrawals are closed.

Fyi akro Had an IEO on huobi

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>Anymore projects I should keep any eye on?

Yeah maybe the project that is responsible for 50% of DeFi. MakerDao

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None of these shitcoins will be able to compete with tezos. Staker dao, tez sure, nyx standard, checker, usdtez, instituntional staking. Just some of the projects being built on tezos

It will make all your shotcoins with no funding irrelevant

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What do you mean with xrp, maker, link possibilities?

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Nothing against makerdao, i just don’t invest in high caps besides bitcoin. Much more potential of growth with lower caps

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Literally all you need to do right now to ride the defi wave is follow the top defi projects. We’re seeing explosive growth which is likely a trend that will continue, and there’s no point messing around with no name shitcoin projects

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- Working product
- partnered with makerdao and polkadot
- mainnet end of this month
- 680,000 marketcap

Check out cash relay by akro team


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Depends on your risk tolerance. Gotta risk it for the biscuit, eh?

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No risk no gains bra

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RUNE is a straight up scam. There's a reason it dropped quick this past week.

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Uniswap founder on Rune:


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Pure fud to bring the price down. I got in rune below 1 cent and it kept going up and up and up without anyone selling. People who were late to the party want to get in at cheap prices.

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If RUNE is successful, (it will be) Uniswap will be made irrelevant. Ironically they only brought the project more attention.

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I'll trust the opinion of the creator of uniswap over someone holding RUNe bags lol

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LMfao at RSR and PEG

don't ever fall for the pajeets anon

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>testing my patience

Motherfucker, it's been out for less than a year.

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You got memed on by satsgang, son.

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>*completly ignores the project that will make all those defi projects possible*
i like this fud OP, good job. just wondering where all those projects are going to get their oracles from? can you tell me? ;)

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>just believe what figures of authority tell you, bro
good luck with that

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>you can lend out BAT, ETH and other ERC20 shit to a third party which then can sell of all the real tokens while giving you their own centralized fakecoins called cBAT, cETH etc.
>Still for some reason people think this is bullish for crypto.

Never really understood that logic.

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Figures smarter than you and I. Have fun holding those heavy RUNE scam bags. You shouldve sold last week before the 60% dump after the team got exposed. It's know the RUNE creator had a previous scam coin and there is a reason why the rest of the team is completely anonymous. They will eventually run away with the money

Lol good luck with ur heavy bags

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Akro has the most potential for gains. Pump coming on xmas eve

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Shill me

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