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You a 0% chance of making it. You've been warned.

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How many to make it?

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100k, unironically

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Lol I could only afford 500

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always gets shilled here right before it dumps, so disappointing.

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If you were using Brave ads since launch you'd have earned 500 by now.

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These threads.

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Gave away 10k BAT anon on Reddit tipping threads anon here aka 4m BAT anon here aka millionaire from trading anon here

It's Friday night and I'm going to go out and get shitfaced and throw some cash around and fuck some asian bishes because I fucking can. Be like me and get some BAT retard don't listen to these dumbasses that say it won't be worth shit. They are your future demand cuz they don't fuckin have it.

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proof or gtfo

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If you're not a larp then thanks for tipping me 20 bat on reddit faggot

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>thinks google is going away soon
the state of BAT shills

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>doesn't come preinstalled
>mobile phone version sucks balls


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Premined shittoken

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You think I care to larp about a shitcoin on some gay ass fucking anonymous basket weaving forum lmao get a life cuck. Check my Reddit name faggot BAT is the most obvious moon there is and I am going to make it AGAIN from this

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Based. As. Fuck.

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very hopeful

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year almost over. shit coins still being shilled. its all just tiring.

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Nice brown hand Mandeep

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imagine buying this 200M cap thinking you'll make it instead of a 200k cap cruzbit. no bueno, sir.

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BASED WHALE ANON! Fucking flex on these motherfuckers, Lad. How ya been?

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Cope. Imagine being a no-batty on biz past 8pm on a Friday night calling white people pajeets because they got fat BAT bags and gonna hit the lotto AGAIN. faggot kys loser

Brap anon? <3<3<3 lyl bby ttyl in the next thread

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Robin Williams called, he wants his arm back.

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Ill be there bb :3. Enjoy the night and the wealth, lad.

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lmao, u a white nigga, faggot

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eww asians. you didnt make it if you are attracted to asians.

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Wen lotto based asian fucker?

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Ehh no white dude has arms that hairy sorry. You're Greek at best.

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I’ll just leave this here.


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BATpepejesus demands BAT memes!

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Look at this absolute faggot bragging about picking up asians chicks. Loser can't even get a white chick and he has the unmitigated gall to brag like he's some hot shot. What a loserrrrrrrrrrr
I'm Asian and even I can score with cute white girls.

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I'll wake up when I'm 65 one day and check my ancient wallet and be able to pay my hospital bills with my BAT investment from 35 years ago. Fucking baste.

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I'm bullish for BAT but not for the super longterm. Browsers have a shelf life of being dominant for 10 years tops.

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Based. BAT is the future.

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BAT is truly the most unpumpable cryptocurrency in existence

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also, Based

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I'd tip you if I could. Been accumulating rewards. $16 worth now and I can't even give this shit away.

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How to enable that? What script?

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mother of god, sauce me!

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Pls respknd

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I got you covered, lad. Enjoy

Pic related.

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Another on the house. Don't want to shit the thread up so I'll do a BAT brap thread tomorrow if you want some more gems.

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i'm suprised tippable accounts aren't more prevalent on youtube. it lets you make whatever you want without fear of demonetization.

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You're okay. Don't go to the circus on monday.

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I only have 6.3 from collecting rewards and watching ads. I'll need to get my stack right before this really takes off.

Also, not thrilled that I need to KYC to withdraw ...

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Wait for civic integration

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What’s that entail, fren? This third party site was asking for a scan of my passport to withdraw bat. Kinda strange for a browser preaching anonymity.

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>You're okay. Don't go to the circus on monday.
If you don't want to go the KYC route with Uphold, you can always just stack your browser earnings until the Coinbase button is added to the browser.

No set date yet to my knowledge but its something rolling out in 2020 that youll be able to transfer funds directly to your Coinbase account from the browser.

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>transfer funds
*meant browser earnings. Tired as fuck

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civic is gay and dead

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Using jewbase.....


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>the absolute state of coomers

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That's pretty much the only other option that's been talked about for development so far. Hopefully they'll go easy on the fees lol.

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Brave is keeping to the SEC's rules, there is a reason they havent been taken out of the game yet. If the time comes when they abuse that information theyve already built an open source template for what can be a decentralized ad system.

As for Civic, there is cool things that can be done. Having your ID encrypted on the blockchain and parts of it released via smart contract. You could theoretically order a physical object through Metamask and the online stone doesnt get to see your address, only the courier that needs it.

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>6621977▶>>16621991 >>16622020
holy shit I haven't heard this shitcoin in a while

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Alright I've concluded that uphold thing is a major issue. Won't be doing anything related to bat until they fix this shit

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I feel like it hasn’t gone viral yet. Once Brave simplifies things for the simps and some flavor of the month YouTuber does a decent job explaining/shilling, then maybe BAT can go viral some day and you tubers will start paying attention

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OP 24K BAT reporting in, all I need is a 7x to make it

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Shit's dying, man

Look at the chart

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in ETH we're doing fine but they keep selling more, they only have 87 million left. How much capital would they need as their own to keep the company running? Will Brave hold BAT after their initial stores are empty or just run off of whatever they make back?

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I've got 200 on PC and 70 on phone

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They have to keep buying back BAT in order to give it out to users when they watch ads

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realistically what price do you expect mid 2020?

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Why is this even a thread. Have I said we do not talk about BAT or haven't I? What is is this shit? Listen to me lil /biz/ hopeful shills... Bat does not need you advertising, in hope to make the course go up ... You have some BAT fine. DO not try to make them go up by doing exactly what you did here OP. Leave it alone.

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$10 easy

>> No.16625735

no trolling pls
realistically is $1 possible?

>> No.16625973

Nope. $0.4 at best.

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For sure, Lad. It may take a bit for time but it’s a very realistic possibility, especially with what’s coming up.

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its not completely out of the question.

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Transfering all of my matic margin gains into margin bat long, pump it

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MATIC is still alive? Damn thought it was all over with that massive founder dump.

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I bought some BAT in that last thread because of you. If I remember right you said it was multi year hold, correct?

Also, please impart some of your wisdom on me. I have 10k to invest right now. I want to put it into BTC when it drops a little further. Is that a bad idea?

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I can only afford 1000 BAT. Would I be better putting that money in Chainlink instead?

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Accumulate more. Link is good too.

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>You a 0% chance

Being indian should be illegal

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>Brave Ads — Supported Countries (Active Campaigns)
>India (1)

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Loooong time holder here.

It's been a slow, painful ride down.

Not sure what you're on about, but this shit is tanking like I've never seen before

BAT is truly fucked, and anybody who thinks it will recover is truly delusional

Sub 1000 sats incoming.

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it's a centralized useless "money" token on centralized useless ethereum. retards only.

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Where r the ads we suppose to watch ?? Didnt see a single ad yet.

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13k BATlet here. Fuck.

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Do you have ads enabled?
>Brave Rewards
>Ads (make sure they're enabled)
>Ads Settings
>Max number of ads displayed: 5 (max)

Right underneath is auto contribute. Turn that off as well if you don't want your BAT to be automatically donated each month.

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.....i have a couple hundred bucks too....

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Please, disregard this thread. OP knows not what he does. We do not talk about this coin. I apologise for him

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Doesn't coinbase use kyc shit too?

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Yep, but a lot of people seem to prefer it over using something less known like Uphold. I don't think there's any other options other than Coinbase coming anytime soon.

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Thanks, did that. Lets see now if it actually works.

>less known like Uphold
Are they trustworthy, does someone bought crypto from them and can tell his experience ?

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Seconding this, please respond whalebro

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Pause the game everyone, hold up....Who the hell asks for investment advice on biz? Wtf, you know everything here is satire right?

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>Are they trustworthy, does someone bought crypto from them and can tell his experience ?

I've withdrew browser rewards from them several times with no issue. Haven't purchased anything from them though. They claim they have over 1.5 million users and I haven't heard anything particularly shady about them. They go extra KYC asking for a selfie, passport, driver's license etc which is shit.

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Brendan Eich has Uphold on a short short leash. A user complained about how high the BAT withdrawal fees were, Brendan agreed with the complaint and Uphold lowered the fee within a few hours.

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Anything with less fee?

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Just sold the top again kek, I'm longing the hell out of LINK / BAT and RVN

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