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no one cares u fucking loser lmfao

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kek cope harder. Your shit fork of a fork is done.

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BSV fags are absolutely assblasted that institutions (their last hope) don't need their vaporware chain despite all their pandering, and they can only seethe like >>16667318

Avaloq partnership, amirite?

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Sup retard? Off your meds again?

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BSV kills itself without any help

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>Avaloq partnership, amirite?

lel the Avaloq janny never returned. Hahahahah! What a fucking shitcoin!

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The following link shows the European Central Bank is basing it's EUROchain on R3 Corda, but what you don't know is that Corda is consensus algorithm agnostic. The reason for the "blockchain not bitcoin" mantra is that public _blockchains_ cannot scale; however, a public ledger with many nodes is much more secure than a permissioned ledger with only a few nodes...


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CULedger is a global consortium of credit unions and they are acting as a test-bed for the new global financial system. In 2016 Swirlds announced that they had beat IBMs Hyperledger and R3 Corda for the business of CULedger. Now R3 is working with CULedger and IBM is sitting on the Hedera council...


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The new global financial system will be based on the Hedera Hashgraph public ledger. They have the most secure and scalable ledger, with formalized governance for stability and regulatory compliance for maximum liquidity. Hedera Hashgraph will achieve the highest echelon of liquidity. Those who have eyes, let them see

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Out of the entire market the only thing central database retards attack is BSV. Why is that?

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Because BSV is a central database?

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This. Why is someone shilling something that isn't even a proper crypto attacking BSV as a first choice rather than BTC or ETH? Really activates the almonds.

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'Number go down' is not now, nor has it ever been, an argument. Present evidence and argue the central point if you disagree

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Because deluded BSV homos insist they're a "government-friendly enterprise blockchain", and governments will soon "issue their currencies on BSV"

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Fundamentally bullish for both Hedera and Chainlink.

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There's a lot of data to be ported over from the legacy system onto hashgraph if what you say is true. There's a reason why the CL/HH partnership says what it says.

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HH supports Solidity. Any token on ethereum can be ported to HH, Link is just another shitty erc20

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Do you know what the absolutely ironic thing is?

When Creg Sanjay impersonated Satoshi in one of his scam ventures, he claimed to own one of the early addresses ("mined on his laptop"). A blockchain analysis showed that the address in fact belonged to Mike Hearn who sent newly mined coins back to the real Satoshi (as known from their public correspondence).


The very same Mike Hearn who is the chief architect of R3 Corda!


He literally destroyed Creg's dreams. Twice, lol

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Then how come Hedera partnered with Chainlink? They even held a joint Q&A session in the summer.

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Because this gigantic fucking S_O_Y_B_O_Y probably has a bag and HH figured why not throw them a bone. Go be a paid shill somewhere else

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Why is BSV the only threat to R3? Do other blockchains have no intention of being adopted massively?

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Hashgraph is a trusted system. What purpose would chainlink even serve?

Not that chainlink is trustless, but that's what retards believe.

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Hashgraph will eventually be a fully public ledger where anyone can run a node, they are just moving very slowly and very carefully. DLT development should be the opposite of 'move fast break stuff'

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Hashgraph is a DAG. You may as well be shilling Nano, faggot.

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LMAO. It's like BSV fags feel threatened that their meme scaling and Creg's fairytales are irrelevant to big guys, but are deluded enough to believe they can compete with a vaporware scam chain.

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>BSV fags feel threatened
You wouldn't happen to work at a movie theater, would you?

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Come on fag, how does it feel that governments and institutions won't touch a meme chain like BSV despite Creg's promises?

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DAG stands for directed acyclic graph, that doesn't tell you how the consensus algo works. It's simply a data structure, there are many different types of DAGs

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It tells me there is no possible way it can be decentralized and solve problems like a blockchain. It's a completely different technology.

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HH is not trustless. Its controlled by big corporations

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by the time they get it out, tezos would make it obsulte when tezos implement tendermint in 2020 . Tendermint is the best, most experts agree

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You know.. I’ve seen this shilled her about 30 times, but not once has the shill explained a single thing about this coin. Anyone else find that odd? Doesn’t inspire confidence, that I can say.

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Did someone tell you that?

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based mike

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not really, calvin might still seize the p2sh coins

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permissioned also means that the validators are all cucks who cannot enforce any consensus changes themselves
bsv is trash but your corda manages to be worse lol
at least calvin still has to MINE the p2sh transactions, your corda just fucking 100% attacks its own rules at will

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mike is a compliance CIA glow in the dark cuck

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Stay poor, idgaf. You are literally retarded if you aren't buying HH right now. When the private sector takes money out of the hands of gobt., it's not gonna be the slow ass internet drug coin they pile into

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Sounds like a good way to insure your investment goes to zero. I really wish there was away to bet on this outside simply owning BSV.

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>So whenever a new asset or contract is initiated onto the Corda ledger, it is tagged with the consensus service that will govern it.

>it allows Corda to support multiple different consensus pools on the same network. Which enables Corda to achieve really high network-level transaction rates.

>You can even move assets from one consensus pool to another to enable complex multi-asset transfers in a single transaction.

>It’s ridiculously flexible and provides for decentralised consensus equal to any other permissioned, enterprise or consortium blockchain platform.

>Now, it so happens that nothing stops people from implementing probabilistic finality notary pools on Corda, of course — proof of work, proof of stake, delegation to the bitcoin blockchain even… take your pick… the notary pluggability design is massively flexible.


You can literally build bitcoin on Corda

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>decentralised consensus equal to any other permissioned, enterprise or consortium blockchain platform.
Which is to say completely useless.

You could literally build R3 on Bitcoin.

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Bitcoin is not designed for such feats. “Bitcoin’s feature set is designed for tracking a single currency, and that’s about it,” explains Mr. Hearn. “To the extent, it can be extended by developers, it’s to impose flexible controls on that currency, but it doesn’t go beyond that.” As a simple example, entries in the Bitcoin database consist of a value (amount of coins) plus the script that controls who can claim that value.

“But there’s no way to encode, for instance, a ledger entry for barrels of oil that records the type of crude oil, the origin of extraction, the shipment dates, etc.,” he says. “Bitcoin doesn’t know about any of that.”

Both Corda and other platforms use the term “smart contracts” in a more expansive way than Satoshi did. “We want to be able to manage any kind of data, not just amounts of a single currency,” says Mr. Hearn.

He notes that when he wrote Lighthouse, a Bitcoin crowdfunding management app, he had to do a lot of things himself that Corda would handle for him. “It’d have been much faster to implement it on Corda,” he says.

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Chainlink is needed by both public and private chains.

Hashgraph is just another that is dependent on Chainlink.

The fact that you come here and still don't know what Chainlink does just shows you have no interest in learning whats outside the box.

Hint: if you read only what you think you know already and to confirm your prior beliefs then your never gonna make it.

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Link is a premined shittoken. Enjoy your bags.

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>Hederafag complaining about premines

l m a o

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look its this faggot again
he doesnt even type out his entire weak muh r3 corda fud anymore since nobody gives a fuck lmao

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been enjoying every minute of it. Who knew that Chainlink is the best performing project for the past 2 years. even in a bear market.

Anyone still not convinced LINK is the best investment needs to check why they are even in crypto

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well culty not everyone gives a fuck about a coin that's been force spammed for 2yrs nonstop and the quicker you cultists stfu about it the better. same with the bitshitv cultists. both of you are obnoxious insufferable queers that dont know when to much is to much... instead you obnoxious annoying cultists go its not enough another 50 threads that'll get people on the team and buying! fucking retards no wander 99% of you are never was never will be virginal losers that wont amount to anything even if you somehow managed to make money. dont bother replying nu-scumstinkers I give zero fucks what you cultists say in zealot defence of your cult coin

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You sound butthurt and I don't even own crypto.

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Umm, yes, Chainlink hodlers are so knowledgeable about the project that they refuse to sell. And thats a bad thing why?

It just spam if its one of the most used networks.

You missed on BTC
You missed on ETH
You are gonna miss on LINK

Changing your attitude is the first step in finding success.

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Imagine being this retarded... there exists nothing that has the scalability, decentralization and security all at the same time. Hashgraph is great for consortiums, permissioned BC, it’s insanely fast but it is centralized.
I sometimes wonder what people has in their skull before sharting all over this fking board

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>corekeks actually believe this

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One group is paid pajeets the other is *mostly* organic shilling. That's the difference. I'll let you conclude which is which.

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