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4m bat anon here aka gave away 10k bat anon on reddit tipping threads here aka on my way to becoming 5m bat anon here. this thread is for smart anons only where we discuss why this is going to be the biggest fucking moon mission ever. no newfags allowed.

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Howdy totally not asking for handouts.

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the most recent development is that Brave just opened up the door for a shitload of new countries for ad rewards. this is going to massively increase the amount of users that opt into brave rewards, especially once the self-serve ad system goes live. there are something like 10,000 advertisers on the wait list to run ad campaigns, so once they automate this process the flood gates will be open. more advertisers buying bat + more users with ads enabled = increase in demand and decrease in supply

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anyone else gotten that brave survey about all the potential new products?

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over the past few years brave has been giving away bat as incentives for people to start using the browser which has been increasing the supply and having a negative effect on price. the entire supply is almost now fully circulating and the free grants are just about done. the team has barely any BAT left and this is now less inflationary than BTC, with more users than BTC, and that userbase growing at an EXPONENTIAL rate with tons of features coming out that are going to massively increase adoption.

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yup. bullish af. there are a lot of people bitching right now about not being able to withdraw because uphold is shit (which it is), but what they fail to realize is that brave is going to offer subscriptions and products and services that you will be able to spend the bat on so that you dont need to kyc just to withdraw your $5 in bat earnings like a poor jeet. you will be able to actually use it for stuff.

and besides, they are integrating coinbase with it soon anyways so the uphold thing is a moot point anyways

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Hey big dick BAT Bro. LIttle Mini Dick 60k Bat boi checking in. How long do we have to wait to "make it"? Soon? or Soon™
Holding bat since right after ICO, I've been out to sea long time

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Lol yes exactly, the uphold fud is weak

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the rate that the users are growing is pretty impressive as well. again, more people using an asset with a FIXED SUPPLY leads to an increase in demand. period. this is basic economics.

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BAT whale here, been since the beginning. Team still has BAT left you dumbfuck poorfag 5m bitch. Look I like a good shilling but dont be a pajeeet about it.
Go fuck yourself. BAT $10 EOY

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honestly i made so much money spot trading BAT, it always pumps to around 25 cents then goes back down to 14 cents every 2-3 month periods.

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when moon I am sick of this fucking piece of shit

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I don't even have a plebbit account, should I make one for BAT handouts? Where would I go to? Why would you gib to them fags and not us desu?

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imagine when all of those countries with one active campaign (including India) get 20-30

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look at the chart i posted above of the supply increasing over time. its hard for the price to move up quickly as the supply is being diluted at that rate (even though it was necessary for them to give grants in order to incentivize people to switch over to brave), but now its nearing fully MAX circulating while at the same time adoption is increasing at an exponential rate. also the entire ico was a shitshow that was eaten by about 8 whales and these people have finally capitulated. i saw a lot of people complaining about these whales dumping saying that it was bearish, but its actually the opposite. the last ico whale dumped over 40m into this bull flag and the price barely even moved because smart money has been accumulating all of it. bat has been in a constant cycle of distribution due to the increasing supply and shitshow of an ico but now things are about to take a huge turn and this shitcoin is going to surprise the fuck out of everybody.

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compare this to something like LINK where sirgay has 65% of the supply, or even worse something like XRP. even BTC hasn't reached this close to its max supply yet.

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we can also see an increase in advertisers buying campaigns for bat. and the ones listed here are only the ones that are paid for in USD where team then converts it to BAT. this doesnt even list all of the campaigns that are paying directly in bat (which is probably a good amount seeing as a lot of the ads are crypto related since its early days)

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and i think one of the big things thats really going to push this over the edge besides the self-serve ads system, its the full page publisher ads which will increase the demand for bat even further. not to mention the SDK where bat will be able to be used outside of the browser by apps and other browser extensions like firefox. im still waiting for someone to give me a legitimate reason why this shitcoin wont go on an extreme moon mission. im all ears.

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110k anon here, its getting tough waiting but I still have confidence its going big this year. I'm hoping I never have to sell and can start an online advertising business with my stack.

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1.8k baklet here
will I make it?

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what else can we be doing anons? not many people subscribed to, watching or liking their videos. we can be doing this at least
all while listening to Jennie's sweet sweet voice

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Dude you’re absolutely based. Those reddit threads were pretty exciting. I think we need to find a way to make the masses that excited about BAT but I don’t know how, yet.

I think BAT SDK will be huge and will allow smarter coders and creatives to actually build on BAT. I think 2020’s focus will be building on BAT and making it more useful for Brave users.

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How do I become a smart coder?

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theres no need to really do anything. the network effect will take care of it. once brave reaches the tipping point, normies will switch to using the browser because people are sheep. its herd mentality. kind of like when everyone switched over from internet explorer to firefox back in the day and it just happened overnight. this is definitely not eich's first rodeo, he practically created the internet as we know it. just let things run their natural course.

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Does not mean the BAT token will pump retard.

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you do not understand the most basic principles of supply and demand. more advertising buying more bat for their campaigns, and more users spreading the supply thin. this isn't rocket signs. its kindergarten economic principles. supply dwindles from lost keys etc and demand increases.

decreasing supply + increased demand = increasing price. welcome to math.

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yeah thats right i said rocket signs bitch

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also in one of the recent presentations they showed that they are working on INTERACTIVE ADS. the example they showed is where you can look through the interior of the new Toyota Camry model and earn BAT for trying out different features inside the car. these guys are going to change online advertising. google collecting your data and showing you creepy ass ads is going to be a thing of the past. people are starting to take their data privacy more and more seriously

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>Rocket signs
I do understand supply and demand you fucking poorfag 5m batlet. I am an OG.

It is not that simple you math batlet. You cannot predict the rate people liquidate BAT they get from ads vs. what is being bought from advertisers. Right now they only buy 150k bat a month.
Go ahead prove me how the sell-side pressure from viewers will not exceed the buy-side from ads. This is coming from a BAT megawhale. I'm sorry but you are fucking dumbass.
BAT $10 EOY.

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>BAT $10 EOY.
why then

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>BAT $10 EOY
is that when you'll sell or is it a longer term hold? I assume you'd sell off a percentage of your stack at $10 regardless

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No BAT is a shitcoin. $10 is the top.

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Looking good Mate

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someone (if not LARPing) having 5million BAT and almost a million bucks in an erc20 token is a poorfag now?

but the thing is, I want to be doing more personally. it's just the way I am. it's how I like to occupy my time instead of doing useful irl things. I write about Brave on youtube videos where people complain about the adverts. I tell my friends and family about it too. I don't think we should be deterring anons from spreading the word just a little more

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BAT is a great way to monetize if you're a small time content creator. I did pic related off of two low quality videos on a brand new channel. Granted it was BAT Brave related but still, if you're a crypto blogger or youtuber there's a real opportunity here. If you're smart you could scale it beyond the crypto space. Just need to target users who use Brave somehow and convince them to turn on Brave rewards.

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this is fucking cool and gets me fired up. hopefully google's days are numbered with a small percentage of people in the same way that facebook's are. a lot of us are sick of the way that they've creeped on us but haven't had an alternative.

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Yes you manlet.

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are you suggesting that EVERYONE that receives $2 worth of bat from ads are going to race to KYC and cash it out instead of using it to buy subscriptions and other stuff from the bat store? and besides, it doesnt even really matter because once brave reaches normies the speculation is going to push the price further regardless of how many pajeets sell their 10 cents worth of bat.

imagine if your argument were true for btc. you would say that when people mine btc for free that they would just sell it right away and the price would never move up.

and yeah, right now they only buy 150k bat a month because its super early days. thats literally the way you make money in trading, by buying something that people dont want now so you can ram it down their throats later.

>Go ahead prove me how the sell-side pressure from viewers will not exceed the buy-side from ads.

its literally not possible the sell side from viewers to be higher than the amount the advertisers buy. the amount the advertisers buy is the amount that is distributed to the users.

>BAT $10 EOY.

easy money baby

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checked and trollfailpilled

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Posting in a BASED thread. Whale Anon, how are ya lad <3?

That is fucking awesome. Pretty much every major automaker will be getting an ad campaign. Opens up a ton more industries to showcase their product as well.

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Its even in the ECON 101 you posted dumbass. Net demand decreases if sell side pressure is greater than buy side and pushes the price down. This is some serious BAT fud, if someone this dumb has 5m BAT makes you question the project. Damn.

I don't even know what the fuck you are saying about BTC doesn't even make sense and I didnt say anything that remotely comes close to some dumb ass analogy you tried to make.

Revised my estimate.

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And no what I am saying is saying dumb ass shit like this, "Supply and Demand BAT will moon". Is absolute plebbit tier plebbiting when you cannot prove that the people that DO sell their BAT they receive from ads will not outweigh the amount is purchased from advertisers. Damn you are fucking stupid. Just saying SUPPLY AND DEMAND then showing an econ 101 chart is fucking brainlet tier. Damn.

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I don't want to buy a car but this is still sexy as fuck, I'd click on it just to see it

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Lets be real, with 5m bat you have enough liquidity to manipulate bat pairings everywhere. OP will be casually cashing out with every shill thread and rebuying during a lull.
The total amount of BAT he has to sell one day doesnt really matter as he profits consistently and is likely already +100% up.
OP is based, OP has made it. OP isnt telling lies but manipulating the truth to fit his narrative. Batbros will make it. You must have a 5k+ stack.

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Ordered my first 1k, ow long do I have to accumulate?

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theres not even a 1000BAT for every brave browser user,

this coin will make many normie rich. most of the will sell for 2x but whatever.

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sup bby <3

>you cannot prove that the people that DO sell their BAT they receive from ads will not outweigh the amount is purchased from advertisers.

yes i can because this is literally not possible. if advertisers buy 100k BAT, that is the amount of BAT that is distributed to users viewing the ads (minus braves cut). it is not possible for users to receive more BAT than the amount the advertisers buy.

you seem to be overthinking this. a deflationary asset (fixed supply) + an increase in demand (more users/advertisers/content creators/speculators). this is really not that difficult of a concept.

im playing the long game here. i started accumulating this in the purple box range. ive also given away about 10k bat in tips on reddit and various websites. a biz shill thread on this isnt enough to pump the price enough for me to start dumping. im looking at the big picture here, way over $1 bat.

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>advertiser buys 100k bat
>price is 20c
>big ass whale like me who bought at 7c dumps 200k bat because doesn't give a shit
>price dumps to 15c
>100k sent to advertisers is cashed out between 15c and 10c
Wow great price action there dumbass. You are simplifying it to "supply and demand". Kek

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alright now i can see that you are just fucking with me because nobody can actually be this retarded. cant believe i took the bait. congratulations

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Elaborate batlet poorfag.

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>big ass whale like me who bought at 7c dumps 200k bat because doesn't give a shit
sure, but eventually there are no more 5m bag holding whales....each change of hands results in stacks getting smaller and smaller. eventually 'whales' are holding 1m...then 500k....then 100k
those who bought at .15 now have that as a floor thus wont consider selling until 2-3x etc.
this is very basic stuff, its strange that you don't seem to understand it.

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Honestly for being an OG BAT whale and believing in this coin. I fucking hate you dumb pieces of patronizing faggots.

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>gets btfo, becomes triggered
stop larping, its making you too angry

>> No.16755530

Not BTFO at all. Not triggered.
Keep coping poorfag.

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Normalfags are talking about brave, there is going to be a jump in price soon. .50 end of this month if not more.

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Thats not how advertisers purschase their ad campaigns.
The thread is a symptom of the pump not the reason. You can wield a positive narrative whenever it suits. Maybe my theory is wrong but the result is the same. You profit regardless and can control the narrative.
>I am also heavy into bat and like your threads

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Yes it is they buy x amount worth of BAT denominated in USD and ends up being 150k BAT check the transparency page.

>> No.16755582

>but i wasn't btfo!
your entire premise is "whales will continually dump at .20 because they dont give a fuck and have unlimited coins"
no one over 19 thinks like that. give it break jamal.

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No my premise is this pajeet says BAT is going to go up and his argument is a plebbit one of "supply and demand", when you can't prove that the sell-side pressure will be greater than the buy-side. It is not feasible. And no this doesn't mean more than the 100k BAT will be sold like this plebbitor argued, more that just because an advertiser bought 100k BAT at .20c doesn't mean the vieweres won't sell it at 15c. Fuck you BATlets we are full.

>> No.16755649

If demand increases, sellers raise the price. I cannot believe you can't seem to grasp this basic concept anon. I hope you are trolling.

>> No.16755667

I can't believe you cannot grasp this concept.
Demand could increase but that increase is offset by more sell pressure. Holy fuck this will negate any price increases. Are you that fucking retarded.

>> No.16755719

That is literally not possible.

For every BAT sell there is another party on the BUY side. increasing demand literally means the price goes up. BAT has a FIXED SUPPLY

>> No.16755724

No it fucking doesn't you do not fucking understand economics.
If more people are willing to sell at 15c and the advertiser bought at 20c, guess what it is going to dump you fucking dumbass. God damn how can you BATlets be so fucking dumb. Regardless of the 100k on both sides.

>> No.16755752

Try reading a book for once

>> No.16755771

Good fucking comeback you dumb piece of shit.

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Get off of here linkie. You talk much, but nothing makes sense. A lot of people on here are having civilised discussions; you're the only one acting like you've just left the tree.

>> No.16756113

check the rewards in the settings. its monthly

>> No.16756147

this sort of analysis could be applied to anything. "gas will never go up in price because higher prices will mean more pressure on suppliers to dump moar"....
stop for a sec and consider that when someone sells at .20 someone is buying. that .20 is now a floor for that buyer...they won't sell until it reaches .35 or .40 now...rinse and repeat enough and the "price will rise"

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CES is going to be big. Google will not be able to ignore Brave shortly after the presentation, by end of January it will be seen as a serious contender along with Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

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I think a few whales recently made a mistake by selling....

>> No.16757174

This coin is so boolish. Just wait for the self serve ad dashboard and the display ads. The team will step on the gas after that and we will see tons of genuine partnerships and features rolling out like paid surveys, dvpns, and idle browser mining.

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god damn you guys are so impatient

those ico whales capitulating is incredibly bullish

this. like i said, easy money

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i got 30.8 bat what did yall get? any suggestions on who i should tip it to.

>> No.16757354

20.7 for me.

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retarded scriblings

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pretty good article on the progress so far


like i said this shitcoin is growing at an exponential rate while everything else in crypto either dies, remains useless, theoretical, or speculative. as long as the users keep increasing, the rest is simply up to supply and demand. as the price rises and people start talking about how they earned $1000's just from browsing the web, normie fomo will take over on a massive scale and push this shitcoin to the extreme prices that you fucks could only dream of

>> No.16757580

Brave has 11m users, and bitcoin has 7m active wallets. Brave will just keep widening this gap more and more this year. This is also a case of "looking after pennies and the pounds will take care of themself"

Yeah I'm earning a few pennies per day, but I'm now up to over 300 BAT across devices or $60. At $10 per BAT that's $3k

My BAT earned is getting close to fomo territory. If you showed someone that you earned $100 using a better browser than chrome they would ask you what they need to do. Theres a ton of people that could really use the extra money.

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This shit is based. The best part about Brave is that they stay hyper-focused on respecting privacy, so new innovations in advertising have an added bonus of not harvesting your personal data. That's real innovation because they're not taking the easy route which would make them so much more money in the short-term.

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File: 2.05 MB, 1200x1600, 1576904132692.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It'd be cool to include rewards beyond BAT into those ads, namely one relevant to the product.
>'Try out this game and recieve NFT item'
>Use this decentralized exchange and earn some of our token
>'Complete this survey and receive extra BAT'
Another aspect Brendan has mentioned is real life interactions; such as receiving an ad for a car and from there being able to book an appointment at the dealership and receive a significant amount more BAT for going on a test drive.

Protocols like Chainlink will be the backend of the 4th industrial revolution, BAT/Brave will be the front public face of it.

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>Another aspect Brendan has mentioned is real life interactions; such as receiving an ad for a car and from there being able to book an appointment at the dealership and receive a significant amount more BAT for going on a test drive.

Would be cool. The thing I like about BAT is that it opens up so many interesting possibilities like this. I sincerely wish the Brave team would focus more on BAT's utility though, and I mention this in a bunch of BAT threads. For instance BAT for Paywalled articles. That seems like such a straightforward concept that the team could accomplish this year. I don't even give a shit if it's some literal-who nobody website like Law360 or Medium. Being able to use BAT to access paywalled content in a simple one or two click process would be a ground-breaking use case for crypto.

>> No.16758573

I shilled it to rasa Lila healing on youtube and he verified last month...might be good to hit him. I’m blonde bowman on youtube and I’m verified if you’d like to tip me...

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bat in exchange for surveys is coming i believe

yeah they actually do have paywall stuff and premium website content paid in bat coming this year


>> No.16758646

I got my monthly payout today, it was about 30 BAT even though my pending rewards only says about 12. What gives?

>> No.16758657

Thanks anon!

>> No.16758668

Found out about BAT a few months ago. I think this is a solid long hold. Bought a 10K stack at 18 cents and now I'm just waiting patiently.

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Putting some of my BAT to work. Hopefully crypto.com isn't a scam. Mainly doing this to hopefully collect another couple thousand BATs.

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>10K stack at 18 cents

Good buy in point I think. We've been hovering around 18 cents for too long now. The project has shown steady improvement throughout 2019 and it'd be pretty disheartening if we don't see a pump this year. User growth has been excellent.

I don't understand where the interest comes from. I don't fuck around with DeFi because I just straight up don't understand it. Would be cool to stake some BAT eventually though.

>> No.16758780

same here. its "estimated" pending rewards. maybe it has something to do with the fact that we live in first world countries so we get paid more? idk but its been like that for me every month as far as i can remember, my actual payouts are larger than the estimated pending amount

>> No.16758898

The project has shown more than steady improvement. They doubled the user growth and the publisher list grew by like 380%

Crypto.com is also not defi. It's a centralized platform that provides margin lending at high interest rates. They are likely subsidizing the interest rewards to get more users.

>> No.16759115

yeah mine have usually been larger or smaller by like 10 or 20 percent, this time it was almost 2.5x the estimated rewards lol

>> No.16759163
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.20 by the power of memes let it be!

>> No.16759236

6.8 pretty happy I am

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BAT AND ALGO remain my biggest moonbag hodl of 2020! Watch the space, watch these two projects

>> No.16759566

BAT is a sleeping giant. Just wait until it's made it's way into the mass media. You thought ripple,ethereum, and bitcoin were huge? Just wait, BAT is going to be even bigger.

>> No.16759920


>> No.16759929 [DELETED] 

If anyone is feeling generous.


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This nigga asking for beans

>> No.16760234

nice work anon. we could all shit BAT to youtubers that we know

>> No.16760292

I just got 40 BAT payout. This is the most I ever got since ads went live. Imagine if BAT goes 100x. People will be posting shit like
>if you got into Brave early you could've gotten over 10 bucks for one day of browsing

>> No.16760331

4m BAT anon. Keep up the great work. Is there any chance you'll do another BAT giveaway like before? I think it'd mean a lot more if we all tipped the same youtubers from your donation (coming from multiple sources)

>> No.16760493

When BAT hits $.50 I will have $150 just from browsing. Just lol at choosing chrome or firefox over $150. At $70 per BAT that's $21k

>> No.16760627

at $10000 per bat thats $3M dollars just from browsing
youre are all gonna make it
utility tokens > PoW > PoS > fiat

>> No.16760859

No that's meme tier money that bitcoin maximalists believe in. Lol at $1m per bitcoin. $70 per BAT is only around a $80B market cap. Its doable unlike meme tier bitcoin.

>> No.16760981

I don't need online subscriptions and other shit. I'm just in BAT to withdraw and have actual money.

>> No.16760994

Most of that growth is
a) people switching to the Brave browser with no intention of using the ad program nor ever check in to their 2 dollar BAT wallet nor ever tip BAT
b) people with websites who hope BAT will be an income stream, finding out the few dollars aren't worth it, and never log in again

>> No.16761004

You can give BAT on Twitter too.

>> No.16761194

Holy shit, this is big.

>> No.16761324

And Reddit too. And the Finnish imageboard too (though not to invidoual posters)

>> No.16761615

20 cent waiting room. Here we fucking go!


>> No.16761714

230 BAT just on desktop. Thats $45.

No brave/ no BAT crew is in major cope mode.

Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves

>> No.16761912
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20 cents? fuck that. this is the $10+ waiting room. if this thread is still going later today we'll dive into some math on this shitcoins tokenomics and talk about just how far this ponzi can REALLY go

>> No.16762012

Their paper on token velocity is going to be studied and referenced heavily over the next few years in many different projects. I don't completely understand it which is usually a good sign.

>> No.16762352
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>> No.16762366

I still can't advertise on brave. Whats up with that?

>> No.16762400

I wish this mouth breather would literally shut his mouth

>> No.16762453

I have £2000 to spend, I'm torn between BAT and LINK. I know this thread is going to be bias toward BAT but can I get an unbiased opinion on which one I should invest in.

>> No.16762476

Brave is a scam. There is a fatal flaw in the code.

>> No.16762513
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yeah we can dig a little deeper into this as well. we'll also take at look at the BAT/USD chart and kind of pick apart what's happening there and a few other things. I've got some things I have to take care of today but if the thread is still alive we can keep the discussion going

>> No.16762567

why not half each to minimize regrets

>> No.16763700

So a moon is expected before April? Probably end of February?

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