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1-5k link- “wealthy”
6-10k link- “high net worth individual
11-20k- “very high net worth generational wealth”
21-30k- “ultra high net worth reaching elite status”
31-40k- “fuck you money”
41-50k+- “keep this up and you’ll be a billionaire”
assuming you hold until $1k+
Thank you very much gentlemen

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Sub .05 cent soon we are going to pre IOC levels and will be bankrupt

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Nobody on this board has more than 10k expect a few people

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10k is still just a suicide stack...

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Holy fuckkkkkkk
I’m gonna cum so hard from that 333

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id Elon is laughing at you

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hi elon, are your ducks in a row?

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>Nobody on this board has more than 10k expect a few people
>expect a few people
nice engrish Shivansh

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10k is comfy

100k is making it, in the sense that you have both the freedom and the power to create decent change if you wanted to

1m and you'll have absolute freedom, in the sense that you can afford to pay 1 million to mount someone's wife whenever you want... or sponsor scholarships for dozens of students of your preferred gender and race every year - all without making a dent to your pocket

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Is this the real Elon musk?
Holy fuck holy FUCKK *jizzes*
Sorry I know u have more than 10k sirr

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i hope so fren

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What is the point of gif.related. I feel like murdering her would be more fun than playing with clothes pins. Fucking degenerate slob.

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