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>hold less than 500 eth
i'm not going to make it, am i

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32 is suicide stack, 320 is make it.

320 @ 19k is 6m..

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You had to years to accumulate now.

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>eth2 comes along
>all your eth1 become worthless
lmao enjoy your shitokens

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based retard

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eth2 makes BTC worthless as well

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Based retard lol

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it won't hit 19k dude. make it stack is ~500 minimum. 200 is suicide stack.

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It really depends on how important it becomes. A 19,000 dollar ETH would imply like a 2 trillion market cap. A fucking long shot I agree. Let's get past $1,000 again, then we can talk 5 digit futures.

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14,5 is the minimum. It would be a remarkably poor rally if it didn’t hit 19, historically speaking. even if it doesn’t hit 19, you can still easily make it with 320, or even less. just need to time the top of the ETH btc cycle

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Can someone explain to me the relationship between my eth 1 tokens in relation to eth 2 tokens?

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Yeah man once ETH2 comes out, your ETH1 tokens are going to be useless, better sell your ETH1 before ETH2 comes out

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First of all, these are coins, not tokens. Tokens are cryptos that is using the platform of some coin. Coins are the main crypto of the platform.

Eth2 coins are better than eth1 coins, you can see it already by the bigger number.

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Don't listen to these retards eth is still eth when 2.0 comes out

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>Eth2 coins are better than eth1 coins, you can see it already by the bigger number.
Fuck you retards. I already have ERC20s, why would I go down to ETH1 or 2?

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It doesn't make any #CENNZ
ETH2.0 and ETH1.0 will be parallel chains mean both ETH are equivalent and convertible. Interoperability is the key. Speaking of interoperability, Centrality is the ecosystem of Dapps with the most dev friendly toolkit and worth setting up interoperability with other blockchains.

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It's like Windows 7, ETH will eventually stop releasing security updates for ETH1 and it will fade into obscurity

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