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BTFO again

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lol, we all knew it. The shills r retards.

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>it's real


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I mean
why even tweet if you didn't get the endorsement
just to get fucking shitted on?

I guess it's free publicity in the end... but still.. damn

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>those comments
bsvcucks, man

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This is brutal, I love it.

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Why is he speaking there? I don't understand the point of him going at all. I hope he does though so he can be laughed off stage for being a literal retard.

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no fucking idea
but that should get some juicy drama
get the popcorn ready

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also he might not even be aware that CG is Calvin Ayre's company

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Sometimes I feel like crypto is full of room temperature IQ retards.

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eggheads make money but you gotta chase the retards gains

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it is and the dumber they are the surer they are in their delusions and the smarter they think they are.

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Isnt he always begging people for money?

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More like sucking off the State Dept for shekels

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fucking checked

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holy fuck, my fucking sides

BSV blown the FUCK out, never EVER recovering from this

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Top fucking kek

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Reminder that Wikipedia is Brave verified. Tipped that mother fucker some BAT for such a based tweet

hope he speaks and just shits down BSV zealots' throats

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Agreed. Bitcoin will never function again because of this twitter post.

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anybody made bitpedia yet?

where you get paid for your contributions

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Premined shittoken

Probably only a matter of time, especially now.

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yeah there's everipedia (also brave verified), but it seems a little more scammy/for-profit than wikipedia

cool, sure thing buddy. BSV is """""""""bitcoin""""""""

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go suck Calvin Ayre's saggy pedo testicles you freak. BSV is a joke and everyone is laughing at you

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how good would it be to have this guy present and then be followed by the capitalist bitcoin version of wikipedia

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I hope this faggot doesn't back out. It'll be funny as hell to watch him get on stage and tell everyone at a Bitcoin conference that the technology solves nothing.

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Can someone explain how there are people in the comments who seem to genuinely believe in bsv? When anyone sane can see its a scam. This is a literal cult.

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I wish this fucking shitcoin would get listed on real exchanges so that everyone and their mother would short the absolute shit out of it. Instead it gets contained to a few back water 3rd world exchanges so Calvin can wash trade and keep it artificially pumped. He wouldn't have enough liquidity to stop it from being shorted to hell if it was on Binance.

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Ok, I always assumed Jimmy was a massive faggot for his abhorrent e-begging but he just won some shekels. Well done.

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are you all room temperature IQ niggers ?
why would the kike controller (((wikipedia))) affect the success of the real Bitcoin?

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Juxtaposed against his site's literal begging

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>This is a literal cult.

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What the fuck is wrong with these people? How does Craig trick them???

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desu im all in bsv but this was hilarious anyway xD

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yes, but actual money, not imaginary scam tokens

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going to donate to wikipedia just for this

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the bottom comment on that pic is the truth. JFC you BCHSV forktards are so retarded that even your own shill pics BTFO you.

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>t-t-this will finally be the end of toxic aussie man and his scam
t. increasingly nervous shitcoiner
lol all the pedos hate BSV

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Nguyen tried to use Wales to shill BSV, you absolute retard.

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literally who?

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I'm actually fucking pissed now. Wikipedia is awesome.

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absolutely merked


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dunno but it's hilarious they think any bullshit posted on a blockchain becomes truth immediately? if anything wikipedia showed that when anyone can post the bullshit and there is no way to automatically verify the content lies can only be curbed by heavy centralized moderation and barely. truth machine my ass.

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cease this retardation anon! you sign WITH the keys you don't sign the keys. tech illiterate morons like yourself and craig should just stfu and hide under a rock.

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The absolute STATE of third world bitcoin top fkn kek.

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>There's a ZERO chance Trump will be elected.
>This is not an endorsement of Trump, he WILL be impeached. He WILL be muh Russia-gated.
Socialist cuck-platform.

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hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah it's real hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

>Goes to the coinshills conference
>Invited by the bsv fags
>Goes only to tell everyone that bsv offers nothing to offer


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Man, I wish that was the case. The mental gymnastics BSVishnus do are some of the few things that surprise me these days. These "people" are like herpes. You'll never get rid of them even if you get rid of the infection. The virus will always be there and occasionally you'll get that annoying cold sore. I bet they will seethe even if bsv and the three Stooges die or shut down that circus

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Holy shit bsv tards got fucking ass slammed by wikilad.

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You niggers fudding BSV do understand that this implies a hard no for every blockchain right? Your shitcoins or btc or eth or link lies under the same statement you idiots

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switch the link logo with bsv and sergey with creg in that pic and walla! here's your bitcoin lite cult bro! stiff!

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Started off as $1 per post for some pajeets, but they managed to convince every sub 80 IQ /biz/ visitor.

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He begs me personally every year

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BSV FUDs itself, thanks to its dedocated team of braindead pajeet shills.

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>only fucks 3/10 underaged girls
>sucks cock in the meantime

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>checks the 9/11 wiki

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Guys, reddit is laughing at us again


spaced for clarity

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At last, I feel like donating to Wikipedia.

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5d chess. U wouldn't understand

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You dumb cunt Segwit severed the integrity of the cryptographic chain, they then intentionally choked it out of scaling and you are going to lose all your money you fucking brainlet

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This is not relevant information, like, at all

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>please sirs attend mr. satoj conference sir and we shall do the needful thank you sir

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holy shit this is beautiful


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don't forget his shithole website is a censor machine for jews

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that's nothing

it's not 'mineable'
custodial wallet
KYC in wallet
AML in wallet


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Finally... this will surely be the end of BitCoin and Craig Wright

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it's simple
there are people who are naturally contrarian (anger issues, mental illness and so on)

never seen pictures of babies taken alongside pitbulls?
those are the type of people who are drawn in to BSV
>"reality must bend to my views, not the other way around"

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wikipedia is trash m8
talk all the shit about BSV you want
even if craig was never part of bitcoin, and calvin is not an honest actor, and bsv is a fork of a fork, they're still more transparent than wikipedia

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>t. increasingly nervous shitcoiner
I'm just taking a piss at you
don't get too salty now sally

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this is the perfect time to diversify your portfolio, one of the best option is Tachyon Protocol #buyandHodl #hiddenGem

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BTC is THE relevant scam, like, completely

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sergey isn't a tech geek, though. he's a NYC-based serial entrepreneur, meaning he's some fat guy with no skills who wormed his way into an ecosystem by virtue of attending conferences and talking to people for long enough
and we're not talking steve jobs here, more like elizabeth holmes

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