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BAT just breaking major resistance level

Basic Attention Token To 5$

one of the crypto that has actually use case, and you can earn passive income when you use Brave browser

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Who buys a token that you get for free for just shitposting?

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there are limited amount of BAT tokens, and each token have value

when BAT hits $ 5 or $ 10, you are very happy when you get free BAT tokens, i.e. free money

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Why Basic Attention Token (BAT) Might Be Ready For a 200% Crypto Move

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hopefully we at least go to above 30 cents before we head back down to a higher low

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you dont understand markets
when BAT go top 20 + coins at these moment, that triggers huge attention and new interest and more money come in to BAT

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hope you're right, but I've seen BAT moons squelched prematurely too many times to get my hopium going

markets ≠ rational in crypto, especially when it comes to BAT. It seems to always disappoint with its price action.

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look at BAT price all time charts, its doing very well, im quite sure that we see BAT ath price this year

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