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>no results
you guys still alive or what

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12 days until I get paid for browsing the internet. How much is google paying you this month?

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my dad talked about this shitcoin, that's how I knew it was dead

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its cool i guess just boring

brave is great

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>suing the Google monster conglomerate
>the most active team in crypto
>batgrowth going parabolic
>price continues to sputter out
Extremely dissatisfied.

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BAT’s a pretty boring token

wish there would be more fluctuation in price or Brave would create some more cool use cases for BAT like fucking paywall payments

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Across all devices, I'll get around 60 not including the extra I've been getting randomly.

Dead? We're just getting started, lad. The ad campaigns I've had this week
>Onions (kek but the soi normies demographic is at its ATH)
>Boost Mobile

Forgetting a few, but big names are all over ad campaigns. We're over 420k verified pubishers as well with crazy updates, features, and products coming this year.

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BAT like most projects is ahead of it's time, I'll invest in 10 years or so, probably even have a better price because people will have dumped it by then. It won't be valuable until wearables (Like Google Glass tried to do) have mass adoption.

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Paywall BAT passes are coming this year confirmed several times by Eich and was on the community podcast. Heres a link to the podcast

soilent* Forgot about the filter

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Patience is a virtue.

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the soilent Brave ad made me laugh

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this. we are just getting started my fellow bat brapper enthusiasts. we got the price bumping up against the resistance while the entire community is in bitching mode / nobody is talking about bat which is basically the perfect scenario to break through to the next level. ill zoom in on the chart on my next post

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this shit is so close to what it can most likely realistically hit. It can never really get above $5 from everyones predictions.

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bat looks like the best shitcoin to bet on right now. remember in early february when we broke out from ~20 cents to ~32 cents? this is the next version but on a bigger time frame. we look at the decreasing volume and increasing price coupled with negative sentiment (future demand) and expanding users & fundamentals (new potential buyers & eyes on bat) and the big wallets still accumulating on etherscan and you can see it pretty clearly my friends

>negative sentiment
>nearing price break-out
>exponentially increasing users
>new features coming
>new ad campaigns
>btc about to continue massive bull run

bat = best shitcoin to get rich off of in crypto EASY MONEY DONT FUD YOURSELF OUT OF IT

>only a 20x

wow only $5 max how fucking horrible that would be? nah faggot this shit is going over $5 you just need to be able to time when the best time to sell is

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kek tell me roughly when and how much and ill screenshot it for future laughs.

I also own BAT, but have near no hope in it.

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i dont put random price targets on shitcoins but when every single person says that it cant go over $5 thats how i know for sure its going at least over 5 screen cap this faggot

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lmao, your reply was exactly like I thought. The bags must be feeling heavy to project so hard :)

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This is something you hold very long term.

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>It can never really get above $5
Works for me lad. That gets me over a cool million.

Based. Always appreciate BATlads dropping knowledge and charts.

Me too, kek. Was dying for a good minute or so.

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it does at times feel like there is little to no hype around BAT though. There’s a strong small community but doesn’t seem to be expanding much

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This board will never be super hype about BAT. This place is all about pump and dump shitcoins, vaporware, organized shilling for PajeetCoin of the month, and 12 LINK threads at any given moment.

We have 1 of the most active communities here despite that, and we're growing steadily, but we won't be the big kid on the block unless we pump our asses off.

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How do you feel about Cryptotab?

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Last month I got a lot. Around 70 I believe. This month I have 7 on my cell 11 on my desktop, 3 on my work laptop. Not bad.

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*ring ring* Hello, Based departmental?

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Not bad at all, lad. Did you get a bunch of extra BAT last payout on top of it?

Never really looked into it. You've posted this in another BAT thread right? I'll look into it though. Do you use it? How's it been for you?

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My nigger

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It's a browser that bets on the BITCOIN cryptocurrency. 10 million users using it.
It's useful if you are really going to invest in Bitcoin, to make a small "boost" to your investment.

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>10m users

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BAT is useful but it's boring.

There's nothing to talk about. You download Brave and you earn tokens and then you cash them out. That's it.

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as opposed to Lumens or 0x which do ... absolutely nothing.

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That is bullish dude. Not sure how you cant figure that out.

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>10 million users using it
boy you better be about to post a third party and highly credible source or i'm going to have to assume you are a pajeet shill

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governance is important ok

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Honestly this is how a non-ridiculous market should work.
Steady up and to the right user growth, and steady price growth.
Based on this, we shouldn't expect to hit $0.50 until we hit about 900k publishers. Which based on current growth rates, should be 1-2 years from now.

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Publisher growth isn't important, it's just one of the few metrics that's publicly viewable. Daily & monthly Brave users is what's most important to the price of BAT coupled with any changes in their advertising strategy.

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Do we have any actual figures on brave users though?
I know from batgrowth how many publishers there are, but not how many browser users there are.

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In January Eich said they have 11.2m users. It's almost March so they are probably sitting close to 13m. User growth is usually around 10-14% per month, and I think that will start to pick up for a multitude of reasons.

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That's fantastic.
They really should put that on Batgrowth though.

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Theres not an api feed for user growth. You can only find that information if you follow Eich on twitter.

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They release Monthly Active User numbers on the BAT community podcast and on the the website every once in a while.

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Above $5? Going above $1 defeats the purpose of the token.

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Isn't BAT designed to be a stablecoin in the first place?

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I literally invented this fud and I cannot help but kek every time I see it.

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Who the fuck buys a token you get for free for just shitposting?

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>thinking biz is a good barometer
Still alive.

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I can tell you never read the last pages of the whitepaper. BAT is designed in such a way to prevent PnDs other shitcoins are plagued with. You won't make it with BAT unless you already own something like 500k tokens. Brendan himself confirmed that in recent interviews. Basically; forget about any pumps and prepare yourself for slow gains over the next 5 years. Dogecoin is the best bet atm btw. BAT is in the same league as xrp scam pricewise, it won't rise for a looong time.

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I'm not sure what's going on in this post

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If your goal in buying BAT is to increase your BTC stack then you chose a wrong project. Coins/tokens with fully distributed supply rarely pump.

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My goal is to increase my USD stack. I and the rest of the world has no need for bitboomer coin.

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get a load of this retard

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Incredible projects like Finnexus (FNX) gives the best service for diverse risk profile through their asset management tools & advice. it is also a low risk investment with incredible profit potential

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unintelligent fud

All this naysaying has me hyped. Listen here newfags, when you see,organized FUD like this that means consider investing in this shitcoin. When BAT gains mainstream traction, which it fucking will this year, buckle your tight little virgin asses in cus we’re going to Aldebaran

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whoa omg! we hit $5 that is epic!

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>Designed to not go over $1 per whitepaper
>Anti-LGBT creator
>Browser plugin

Normies will avoid it.
Sold those heavy bags a long time ago.

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Brave will become the browser of choice when normies tire of Google’s shit. BAT could become the new model for the Internet instead of ads. And people in a few years will talk of how ‘lucky’ those of us who started earning at the beginning were.

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custodial wallet

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BATs low price is making me doubt cryptocurrency as a whole.

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What will happen when a security researcher audits their code and we realize it was programmed by a bunch of pajeets?

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Ez money

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if anything it just proves market cap is almost solely in the hands of OG bitcoin traders. BAT has a notoriously awful reputation amongst bitcoin maxi’s and still even more people don’t believe it was necessary (obviously, it was). That being said the big money whales probably don’t want to touch BAT.

BAT has a big user base which is great, but nobody is using that user base in a way that makes the token worth more. At least not yet. Like the tokenomics are broken or something.

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