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>btc, eth post decisive golden crosses against the backdrop of a very bullish chart
>they IMMEDIATELY start an unrelenting, brutal sell-off
>now breaking below key MAs
>deathcross will likely hit within a week or two at this rate signaling higher sell-off
>coronavirus epidemic adding extra fuel to the fire
it's over, this market is so fucking bearish nothing can turn it around. key support has already failed. sell for your lives, bros.

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btc/eth are still way above the important ma's, but eth is especially so. might be spoopy if the 20w ma on btc breaks, though

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Eth had its neck between highs at 245-ish. We're testing 240 now, so double top is already conformed

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I figured this out a while ago, just not with TA.
Being allowed to short ruined everything.
The average person just simply isn't going to let this market turn bullish again, it's just a neverending series of bull traps because shorting is easier and makes more money.
Even at its most optimistic people are talking about LINK mooning in... what, 5 years?
Shitcoins used to do x1000s overnight.
Crypto is fucking dead and anyone who can't see that is fooling themselves.

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Shorting makes the market go up. What you're seeing is a long squeeze triggered by the golden cross.

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