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You guys feel it too, right?

There's something out of place. The chakras are out of sync.

I work at a stable. The horses weren't right today. They were very melancholic. The people I met...agitated, bored, depressed...

There's something happening right now that we're not seeing.

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Based and Kafkapilled

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Sounds fake and gay.

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>I work at a stable. The horses weren't right today. They were very melancholic. The people I met...agitated, bored, depressed...
Oy vey!

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Its a pandemic you fucking imbecile

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I feel it based owl fren.
>Clouds and silence.

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Yep the night before the crash I went to a concert trying to be more social and connect with normies and I literally felt all the pain of them trying to mask their suffering with drugs, alcohol, dancing, sex/relationships. I couldn’t sleep when I got home and head a sense of dread and tried to meditate and ended up bursting into tears, couldn’t sleep the night prior either. This literally might be the event that ends clown world and resets us back to rationality.

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Witnessed. OP confirmed to be fake and gay.

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Look at Britain and Ireland on the world map

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zoom out, remember when they were at the same latitude as New York? Welcome to whatever this timeline is.

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I don't think they ever lined up on the map.

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TF. Are they fucking Mandela again?

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There's a fucking astral anal blasting conf, you've to be retarded to not feel it

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nice digits

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