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Holy crap they are pumping so much money into the econony for +0.03 but only for it to fall a second later

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-2000 EOD

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printer go brrr number go up

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Serious question, how much money can they afford to put in?

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haha money printer go brrrr

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Post-panic economic boom.

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They can print infitely but it will tank the dollar. I think they don't even give a fuck

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Brainlet question but how does stuff keep getting cheaper if the dollar is being destroyed? I don't understand how you can print like 2 trillion dollars and have cost of things actually go down, people keep saying this money printing will destroy the dollar which I thought meant inflated prices.

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It doesn't work that way. The shit you're seeing is literally clown world. FED printed so much $$ the last weeks that it was over 10x the amount that was used in 2008. Let that sink in for a minute.

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because those dollars didn't even make it to the ground before they burned up in the Stock Market dumpster fire.
There are trillions of Dollars being wiped out in the SM every day.

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That's your que to sell. Flipping stocks is the game now.

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The market will prob go down when orange man talks here shortly.

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Kek ok this made me laugh and I found the prior iterations of this meme garbage

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So what you're saying is it's a master plan to put people into debt? I mean, it's not the Fed who is directly pumping the market, right? Isn't it just retards who are taking out the new low interest loans?

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Trump & Fed selling out the future for half a day of gains, must feel go to be an Americuck now!

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None of these other anons answered your question. Some things are getting cheaper because we’re exploiting the third world and wages are stagnate, thus prices stay the same or go cheap...except for real food like fruits, veggies, meats which all get expensive at least here in Canada. That and rent/house maintenance, insurance etc...

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>Be millenial
>Invest in imaginary meme coin
>Lose everything to nothing
>Cry in college cry closet
>Those damn boomers! It's all their fault I chose to invest in meme coins
>I hope all boomers die. I hate my race so much, Bernie was right, eat the rich even though I was attempting to be rich by investing in the first place but because I'm retarded all must suffer cause I'm special
You young homosexual cut your dicks off and run around in skirts yet or you still trying to get me to pay for it hahaha

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omg so glad we could make one you liked :D

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The worldwide brrrrrr isn't happening because muh stocks, it's happening MOSTLY because fucking derivatives market again. Last time we didn't have a worldwide virus literally stopping whole economies.

for all the newfags that got here after the crashes, I wholeheartedly suggest reading up on 2008.

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The only reason govs are printing money is for liquidity, because people wouldnt be able to sell their assets very soon otherwise, also govs that have low debt pump budgets to ride this thing out. Nobody wants a situation where people are sitting on their assets for four more years like in 2012

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