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Buy NWC and stake it on KuCoin within 7 days to get in. Personally staking 50% and holding 50%, price might pump cause of restricted supply

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they're smart, limited spots causing fomo
I'm definitely ready

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Do we have to run nodes?

>> No.18134249

Nah, KuCoin will make it easy

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90 days lock, same time as my city lock down kek

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More than 90 days soon lmao

>> No.18136302

Nope it’s an easy process thanks to Kucoin

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Waiting for a dip to buy in, no one is selling into my order :/

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Ofc not, event going on and probably a new exchange

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Restricted supply combined with a good MM is big pamp

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90 days in times like these are equivalent to a year, corona-chan is already fucking the economy, and printing will cause deflation at a certain point

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You’re gonna miss out like this

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No one is gonna sell you shit right now, just market-buy pussy

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Boomers sold us out, just one bat destroyed the world and futures of Gen Z

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Most MM’s are rekt by BTC’s volatility, 80% took rope a week ago topkek

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price is gonna dump when btc hits 2k :D

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