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Is there any crypto worth mining on my PC anymore?

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BAT (via Brave browser)

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Not really... maybe Raven Coin? (kek)

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Lol unironically BAT I got 10$ last month and did not even have to cook my graphics card. 10$ is far better then you could get at home with a decent GPU anyhow.

Plus BAT Uniswaps into anything its legit no shill srsly check it out. Best way to get crypto with a pc right now and all you have to do is shit post and browse the web

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did your mom pay the electric bill? LMFFFAO

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DNA. $3-4/day now

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Like a dodgy version of CryptoTab?

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Not worth in most western countries, unless you do it to heat your room where it will offset your heating bill a bit.

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It is profitable as long as you are not paying for the electricity bill, so far I mined:
-0,55 Ethereum
-8,7 Ethereum Classic
-0,7 Monero
All that with my gaming pc which I just leave turned on when im not using it

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Nope seems real. That guy who used to run Netscape and firefox quit firefox so he could do crypto.

I follow him on shitter name is Brendan Eich he is a solid open source code wizard. Also he got a ton of shit from the SJW's for donations to a political party that hates gay marriage so us 4chan guys need to support out fellow frens he's one of us

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i made 110 bucks with idena on a 5USD/month vps

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Haven't minded in a long time.

Is it even worth it with a single 1080 or should I just buy like I have been?

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Lol how do you run like 100 IDENA nodes? I have access to a ton of Sock5's

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You'll regret it when one of your cards shits itself and you realize you didn't even mine half the cost of one.. Happened to me a long time ago. Besides that.. BEIGE COOLERS?! Based.

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noctua. they are quiet but kind of suck

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Someone has money. Fancy fans

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stake ADA. made around $1000 since January

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you can not, that's the trick. 1 person = 2 nodes max

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With a single 1080 you would get something about 10 usd a month running 24/7 so not really worth it, unless you believe in the next golden bull run and if eth reaches its ath you would be actually earning 70 usd insted of 10

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How the fuck do they think they can manage that?

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>in how much time youn minned this?
>how much electricity did you spend?

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Well you should really look at Ethereum some more bro. Research projects like ID2020 and Hyperledger. Ethereum will be beyond what we think out shitcoins could ever be and quite soon.

The staking update this fall is really all about the scaling issue. You have no idea how much effort has gone into turning 15 transactions per second into ~150,000

The Corpo's are lining up to shit on the government lol and they are funding all these audits we are waiting on as well.

Like real talk throw all your paychecks at Ethereum. The only reason corporations have not bought it all up is because in blockchain Economics they can directly add wealth by tokenizing goods and services. It's you who are going to need Ethereum if you want to survive.

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In about a year
Buit if I had to pay for electricity I would probably have no profit at all

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XMR is the best high mcap coin to mine: 1 you can heat your room 2 it will go up in price

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if by "don't pay for electricity" you mean you live with your parents, I hate you on their behalf

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might as well take money from their wallet/purse

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DNA, no CPU requirements

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Air cooling of any kind is the opposite of based.

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There is a validation period of 11 days (right now), where only nodes with an invitation can participate. It is 2 minutes for short validation (6 FLIPS where you must pick the right side, created by other people) and 30 minutes for long session (18-22 FLIPS) where you can report them for quality.

Max is 2 nodes because the short session is only like 1 minute 40 seconds.

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YOu get bat for browsing you mong

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>you can heat your room
sick, that does me no good in arizona

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College dorm retard

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who are you quoting?

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Pool resistant, anyone can DIRECTLY mine, receive profit.

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