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What the FUCK is his endgame?

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Killin' everybody. Make money

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Checked but literally how will he profit off this

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he just want THAT 20% reduction in the population

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1) host a conference about the spread of a virus
2) a virus spreads a month later
3) Funds the W.H.O.
4) W.H.O. says in January that the virus Cant spread from human-to-human contact (obvious bullshit)
5) virus spreads more
6) Announces hes opening 7 factories to manufacture a vaccine in March
7) Announces that he has a digital certificate to prove you've been vaccinated in March (this was already developed and the website has been up for years)
hmmmmmmm.......maybe his end game is money?

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If/when vaccine becomes available his greasy hands will have been all over it.

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What game? He already won decades ago

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By selling needles?

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do you have source on WHO saying the virus couldnt spread human-to-human?
Im trying to find it

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Doesn't the greedy fucker already have enough money?

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swinging form the end of a rope
next to his wife and children
swinging from the end
of their own ropes

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This article answers nothing

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That was a tweet, and they never said that it didn't transfer from human-to-human. They said there was no evidence of that the time. Saying there's an absence of proof is not the same as proof of absence.

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fuck bitches, get money

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No, he can never have enough, plus he got cucked by Bezos.
Plus its about power really. He wants to have everyone forced to buy his vaccine, and also forced to be microchipped, aka basically monitored by him at all times.
His website for "Digital Identity" does not use the word microchip a single time, because he knows normies would rage if they knew what he's trying to do.
It's the most dystopian fucking website I've ever seen.

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Dude if you dont see the profit in having 7 vaccine factories for a virus that literally caused the entire planet to stop moving then I dont know what to tell you
If you're expecting for business insider to explicitly say "This is how bill gates will profit from the coronavirus" then that's not going to happen.

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I know this is where this is going. I implore you anons to read this:
They're going to turn us all into ones and zeros. My real question is, how will they profit from this.

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Leaving the world a better place than he found it for the sake of his kids.

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This whole habbening is obviously about more than selling needles. That vaccine will have an infrared sensor on it and microchips will be next. It seems like our lives are about to change hardcore but I wanna know exactly why they want to do this? All I can think of are broad concepts like "power" and "control" but what does it mean? I don't have the right to buy a cheeseburger if I don't have mercury and nanomachines in my blood? Why?

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Found article referring to the W.H.O. saying as such but that it wasn't ruled out.


Could have been a matter of misinformation fed to them by China. Or it also could have been deliberate.
They covered their bases by saying there is no evidence, but its weird that they would say something like that, as if a respiratory disease couldn't spread from person to person.

Then again, you saw how pretty much everyone's government thought this shit wasn't real up until it started knocking on their door.
It might just be a matter of hubris, honestly.

I really dont like the vaccine microchip angle hes going for, though. that's real goddamn sketch.

considering how many people know about Bill and his Event 201 and ID2020 shenanigans, though, there would be substantial pushback from pretty much everyone if he tries to microchip us, right?

OR he could push out a vaccine that he says doesnt have a microchip, then chip you without your consent and turn it on once he does the "real" microchip vaccine.

Its a very opportunistic situation, and im not a fan.

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Does the W.H.O. have boots on the ground or do they just accept what people tell them, is the thing im wondering.

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its so frustrating, I wish he could just be irrelevant and happy with what he has. Wtf is wrong with boomers, is he compensating for a small dick or something? Are normies really just going to accept being chipped, I wouldn't be surprised.

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They either knew or just didn't care. Either way complicit. China is #1 donor to WHO.

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imagine putting any chip in your skin only to have it become outdated 6 months later

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>"Could have been a matter of misinformation fed to them by China. Or it also could have been deliberate."
The W.H.O. is absolutely owned by China, but not financially.
The US funds the W.H.O. the most, but it's obvious China has blackmail/bribes on every big-dick at W.H.O.
It's clear as day that the guy in this video is compromised
Could have been a matter of misinformation fed to them by China. Or it also could have been deliberate.

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forgot link:

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the level of 'new speak' on id2020.org rivals that of the DARPA projects they catalogue on their .mil site

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they know but they didn't want to cause more panic which will do more harm than the virus itself,they also knew about italy grieve situation beforehand

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litterally who

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Yeaah, I saw that video a while back.
Made me pretty heated, and im not even close to Taiwanese.

You know, a lot of outliers were really applauding Taiwan because they heard china say everything was A-OK and then they immediately went into Hazmat mode, with hygiene positive-propaganda and doling out face masks by envelope for everyone. they REALLY had their shit together.

My theory for why they were basically ignored was not only because of the W.H.O. Chinese funding, but because what they did was very preventative rather than reactionary like everyone else.
That is no doubt egg on the face of any nation that acknowledges them and their efforts. I think a lot of what that has to do with is Pride.

I also saw after Taiwan was being promoted and how they were unreasonably being ignored, the information started to spread and they were more acknowledged on the internet, and now Trump is up W.H.O.'s ass and considering cutting funding.

I think overall we're just kinda all getting pieces of the puzzle as the day goes bye, you know? dissemination of information, you know?

We live in a society

that being said i'm skeptical of any one solution or conspiracy theory, because everyone's part in this is so infinitely complex, and everyone has their own interests.
Things'll be worked out, but not how anyone expects.

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>make virus
>already have vaccine
>release virus
>sell vaccine

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We seriously have to spread this shit far and wide. ID2020 is bound to accelerate anyone who isnt a complete fucking head-in-the-sand sleepwalker. The more the layman can become familiar with the utter control that ID2020 is attempting to take, the more of a chance there is to fight it.

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Globalism. C'mon, it's obvious. He huffed himself retarded on his own farts to the point he thinks he knows what's best. And he's autistic enough to actually try to get it done, regardless of how much pain and suffering it causes.

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it's time for you to investigate the bible and meet jesus fren. this man is satanically inspired to destroy god's creation

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>"....and I am microsoft!"
>That is when coronachan realizes that the cure is found: his sperm.

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Bill has been playing both sides with all of his "charitable" giving for years. So what is his angle with the ID2020 and Event 201 shit? Is it more than just him trying to corner the entire pharma market?

Here is the tweet saying there is no evidence of human-to-human transmission.


Something is off about Bill, he probably has more control over the WHO than even China.

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Look at his AMA. He literally said he plans to use quantum dot tattoos to show who is vaccinated and who is not. And also mandatory RFID chipping. I'm an atheist but this is some mark of the beast shit. These people need to be resisted
Would you believe me if I told you Gates was part of the judaic-satanist world banking occult?

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probably depends on whoever bankrolls them more

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