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What I envision when I see someone ahead of me in line using debit cards.

Have fun not building credit, and exposing your own bank account to getting locked up for up to 14 days when fraud is detected.

>But muh debit card helps me maintain my spending habits
Brain dead monkey. The smart ones maintain their spending habits as they grew up beyond 12 years old on the inside.

Debit cucks come out so we can laugh at you, financially illiterate dipshits

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I'm eating a sandwich right now.

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My credit score is ~800 and my report shows my entire adult life with green months of on-time payments.
Why the fuck would I need to “build” credit like a nigger in a local daytime tv car commercial?
I have zero reason to use a credit card.

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Calling bullshit

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they're smart enough to realize they're retarded, but too lazy to actually do anything about it

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>t. $6000 in debt but "saved" $90 in cash rewards

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MCO cards are the future though.

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Cash rewards and other perks. Does your debit card gives you free access to Centurion Lounges? I bet you have that debit cash tied to a. 009% checking account too

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never mind the "building credit" part, rewards on debit cards are generally shit
I can get at least 2% cashback on anything, depending on where I'm shopping and what credit card I'm using

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>the virgin building credit vs the chad cash payment

imagine needing to build credit

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Shit nigga I get 6% off my groceries. Show me a debit card that can do that.

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I have a credit card with a $7000 limit you dumb cunt. It's literally my first and only credit card. I use my debit card to help budget small daily expenses like food or cigarettes. Enjoy paying $300 in annual fees for a lounge you don't even fly enough to ever go into.

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>build credit
>never use it in their lifetime
I don't get it.

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>imagine paying 3x more to finance your home because you didn't have the discipline to own a credit card

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>imagine thinking a loan is cheaper than cash

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You impulse spend when you use credit, it’s funny how you fall for credit card tricks and act superior. You’re very typical. There is something called friction, it is the pain of spending, and there is none when you swipe a card. There is a lot of pain when you spend cash (unless you’re a gluttonous fag that consumes everything he has) You feel nothing while swiping credit, so you end up spending 15% more impulsively and then lie to yourself that you’re making a smart choice for spending more. You earn $1000 after you spend $100,000 on a credit card. You would earn 50x that by not impulsing purchases. Everyone who uses credit lies to themselves, just set credit up with autopay on bills and your credit score will be fine and you don’t have to suck mastercards dick to get a good interest rate on a home. All you need is 740. 800 credit score literally means fuckig NOTHING. credit card companies love brainded forever poor fags like you. Guarantee if you lost your job you’d be spending credit to pay your bills. You consume, consume, consume with a leash tightened around your neck held by Chase and Discover, and bark at the people who actually have money through spending debit and saving their time-credits. You gluttonous pig.

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Congrats, you earn $2000 after spending $100,000. That’s a great financial plan. Keep on swiping that card, goyim!

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Credit Card Karen over here thinks its smarter to use a credit card and put yourself in a position of debt for the sake of a 3 digit number instead of just paying outright like a normal person.

I mix and match between debit and credit card like a normal person, forehead.
I've got a 790 credit score and a 10k limit on one of my cards.

How balls deep in debt are you to seethe over someone using ACTUAL currency?

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>People without the discipline to own a credit card magically have $150K of cash under their bed

Sure thing buckaroo

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>t. I can control my spending so I hate credit cards, and anyone who has them is swimming in debt

Never once paid an annual fee or interest towards a credit card. But I get paid by them all the time.

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Yeah but if you leave 100k in the bank it will be inflated away to 50k. That 100k you could have invested at a modest 10% annual return. It’s better to borrow when the rates are low.

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Wait did you just call me a forehead?

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Some of those offers are really tempting too. I spent about $200 on clothes at Kohl's for a job interview (first time I had bought clothes in years), and they offered me a credit card that would have saved $50 dollars on that purchase and 10% future purchases. I declined it because I knew if I accepted, I'd end up back in Kohl's buying more and more clothes to justify the card and whatever fees it might have.

The kikes are slimy

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Nigga are you recalling using the Kohls credit card as an example?

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Unless you're literally milling credit cards, you aren't making money by spending more. The easiest way to save is to not spend at all. If you are milling cards, the feds are gonna have your ass for lunch sooner or later.

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When you leverage your asshole to a gaping proportion compared to your net worth, you own nothing. Your logic is flawed and you buy your bankers lies. There is little benefit to credit, if you can’t pay cash it means you can’t afford it. You have a 0% risk of losing everything when you owe NOTHING. You have a 100% risk of losing everything when you OWE IT ALL. break your leg and lose 18 months of work and see how well your bank treats you when you are $10000 behind on your mortgage, even though you’ve paid off over $50k. they can and will take everything from you.

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Yes? Have you never been offered a credit card at a retail outlet?

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>buying store-specific credit cards

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Dunning. Kruger.

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>Cope: The Thread

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its the jew guy

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>not having reading comprehension

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Actual credit score over 800 here:

I have maybe 3 total credit cards on my file with a combined credit limit of $60k, a rolling line of credit with another $50k limit. I never have even close to 30% utilization. The LOC allows me to pay down large purchases on my credit card to get the rewards without risking high interest payments. I always pay shit off quickly if not on time. The LOC affords me an additional ability to access liquidity when market opportunities present themselves, especially if you trade conservatively on margin. Credit is a tool when used correctly that can accelerate wealth.

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I’d rather just be well off enough that I can pay off my loans with the dividends I’ve earned. But you go right ahead and fork over all your hard earned wealth to the Jew so you feel like you own something

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You’ll never get there when you borrow it. Nice try.

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Yes you can, it's called interest.

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Credit is for faggots that depend on loans. Cash only

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I use prepaid cards, so i can set limits to my spendings.

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I have debit card cuz i have mega debt i own in taxes 100k, never going to pay it back lmao. I receive gibs and buy for 1000$ worth of xmr every month

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Liable for fuck all
Liable for fucking everything

The system is designed to Jew people but there's nothing stopping you playing the game yourself.
Put all your normal purchase on credit and pay the card off every month. It's that fucking easy.

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Im Australian, never had a credit card. Just bought my first home. Never heard my credit score before. I told the home loan specialist my credit was probably really bad because i borrowed a dvd and didnt bother returning it and the guy got the debt collectors on me and then i didnt pay them either. Some how it all got forgotten about ( i have powerful people watching over me from a distance ) Never liked using someone elses money and then paying interest, dosent make sense to me. I cant understand stocks either, baffles me how people could make money without contributing to society. Its like your all the welfare cheats of the modern world which is pretty cool btw. But i have an uncanny ability to predict the future and i believe the time for making money without building or creating or servicing something is over. In the real world people actually have to contribute, thats why i like Trump, he builds buildings. He dosent press buttons all day which is a feminine activity.

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>this whole post

Some good ol' fashioned book learnin would do you well if you can put down the Foster's and fags for five minutes

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you have no credit score

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Lol, aakshully i sell books online

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It's about time someone with a 3 digit IQ responded in this thread

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>Have fun not building credit

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Im 30

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Then pick up one of the books about finances and financial and teach yourself something. That dribble you spouted in previous is full of the most brainlet tier misconceptions I've ever heard.

>Never liked using someone elses money and then paying interest, dosent make sense to me.
You're literally doing that with your mortgage. The idea is that you most likely don't have $400,000 or whatever the value of your home is so you pay a portion of your future earnings for a fixed term. You pay interest now so you can have a house now rather than 10 or 20 years later when you've saved the cash. Credit Cards aren't supposed to work like this, but people are stupid and spend more than they earn. If you use a credit card responsibly, and only use it for necessary spending like bills, fuel, or food, you can actually save your money because of rewards. You will never pay a dime of interest if you pay your monthly balance on time. Credit cards are 0% interest short term loans if used responsibly.

>I cant understand stocks either, baffles me how people could make money without contributing to society.
Stocks contribute capital to the world. Businesses need money to conduct operations, and will often on draw on the money of the public to finances their moves. In return for giving them money, companies gives these investors shares, or partial ownership, of the company. Oftentimes these shares entitle shareholder to a small portion of the profits the company makes in the dividends. These dividends are magnificent way to grow wealth over a long time horizon. Investing money is the next step above saving money. Saving $500 every month for 20 years will leave you with $120,000. Investing $500 dollars every month for 20 years will leave you with millions.

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I'm very tired so sorry if this sounds like it was written by a pajeet.

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Just use a cashback card, I get cashback on everything.

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Nah it's cool man you did a great job, can you tell me about the best way to make money from dividends? I heard you get a different amount if you invest in 1 stock vs an index or an etf.

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>can you tell me about the best way to make money from dividends

Seriously dude? You are telling the bogan he did a good job but don't know how to get dividends?


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You know what I find annoying? When older people ask for a receipt for the purpose of tracking their money. First, you can track it online with a few clicks. Second, you're old, how have you, at your advanced age, not been able to approximate how much you spend in your day to day life on a monthly basis?

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wtf is your problem OP im just trying to chill here

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Read everything you can on this website

Make an account with this broker when you're ready

Stay away from robinhood.

>I heard you get a different amount if you invest in 1 stock vs an index or an etf.
It literally depends on too many factors to explain. No dividend is the same, but yes generally individual stocks will typically pay a higher dividend than an ETF because an ETF is composed partial shares of many different companies. Not all stocks pay a dividend. You've got to get this knowledge for yourself and put your own money on the line for any of this to be concrete.

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Nice, do you use any website to show you the stocks that pay dividends?

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>You know what I find annoying? When older people ask for a receipt for the purpose of tracking their money. First, you can track it online with a few clicks.

You've clearly never done taxes or had to be reimbursed for something. It's a lot easier to find a receipt for something than it is to remember which credit or bank card you used at a random store 9 months ago.

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The brokerage tells you all of that. You don't need to worry about dividends right now. You don't even know if you have the stomach to invest yet.

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>Investing $500 dollars every month for 20 years will leave you with millions.
Thanks for taking the time to hit me with a genuine response.
You really don't know that though, it seems like a gamble and alot of people have also lost alot of money.

>You're literally doing that with your mortgage
Im doing this with my mortgage because a home is necessary to live in and rent is just paying someone elses mortage on their investment property. Why would i go through the mental juggling act just to buy groceries with credit? Only reason i would do that is if i was investing every cent into something to make more money. Im more of a small business guy who wants to work for myself and invest in something worthwhile which i actually believe in and gives me hope for the future and my fellow man. Only problem is its a crazy world run by enemies of mankind which is concerning.

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Nobody asked you, cashier boy.

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People claim bs but I'm in the same boat as you
Credit for big purchases
Debit when I'm booling

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I mean I've been holding on to crypto since 2017, I thought might as well buy some stocks.

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Dont call people bogans you faggot. It will get real hostile up in here if you continue calling good people names lpike that, this man of indian persuasion took the time to write me a detailed response which i found heartwarming, and l am currently sitting here waiting for another response. So pipe down.

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E Trade is way better than TD Ameritrade and btw Robin Hood set the standard for $0 fees. Used to be $10 a trade back before they started up.

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Go back to sniffing petrol you Abo cunt

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By needing or using credit, basically you're excusing yourself to be lazy. So for example, instead of putting forth work, action, and all the necessities needed to buy a housr, you slack off and buy on credit. Paying more for your laziness. And now that you haven't properly learned to fulfill financial goals, it can cause you harm in other ventures as well. You will likely be less knowledgable, less insightful, and less keen in the use and growth of cash itself. You think laziness doesn't come into other areas of your life? Life isn't that sanitary. Behavioral patterns do exist. They can be changed, but a little folley outweighs honor.

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>You really don't know that though, it seems like a gamble and alot of people have also lost alot of money.

I do know that. Scared money doesn't make money. If you take the time learn about the stock market, you'll realize that it's not a gamble at all because it's betting on the continued success of your own economy. People think the stock market is scary because they don't understand it, and for no other reason.

This chart is an index of the 500 largest companies in the US. A $10,000 investment in the S&P 500 in 1980 would be worth $750,000 today with dividend reinvestment.

> Im more of a small business guy who wants to work for myself and invest in something worthwhile which i actually believe in and gives me hope for the future and my fellow man.

That's cool, but if your business ever grows and needs investors to expand you're going to need to understand ownership rights. This is where debt and leverage comes into play. You can borrow money to make more money(ie invest in equipment or salaries for employees) immediately rather than waiting 10 years to raise the capital.

>E Trade is way better than TD Ameritrade and btw Robin Hood set the standard for $0 fees
No it's not. ThinkorSwim blows every other platform out of the water, and TDA's learning center is great for beginners.

>This man of indian persuasion took the time to write me a detailed response which i found heartwarming
I'm black not Indian

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Show me your face. If i ever see you in person i will ice pick the living SHIT out of your spine. Just hit you with such ferocity with such a sharp instrument in such a vital area you will litterally die in a pool of your own godforsaken dogshit right then and there. Then i will jump on the heads of your children, not because i want to, but because your ignorance of my manliness forced me to do so. Just CRUNCH CRUNCH as your ugly wife cries into a tissue, pathetic loser. DIE CUNT

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That's why you invest in stocks or crypto

>> No.18368848

>Why would i go through the mental juggling act just to buy groceries with credit?

There's no juggling. If you live in the 21st century you can do all your banking from your phone. If you have the cash in your account, you can pay off all credit card purchases immediately. You can use your credit card like a debit card and just use the cashback to pay down your own monthly bill or spend it on something else.

It all comes down to discipline.

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Is this pasta?

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Here I am abo shit. Come get me

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No i have a problem controlling my rage and find being a loudmouth on the internet is a good stress release.

Makes sense dude, so i should have 0 in savings and everything should be invested in the stock market right? So i can be a wojak poster on the verge of suicide everytime the market fluctuations? We are in a time of great instability atm, im too conspiracy minded to believe the buy low, sell high mantra. The elites are currently crashing the economy, trying to crush small and medium business and devaluing the dollar. Wont be long before crypto is the only currency. I just dont have any hope in this shit

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>im too conspiracy minded to believe the buy low, sell high mantra.

What a fucking idiot. Between your spergout and this shit, you should consider checking into a mental institute.

>> No.18369016

>so i should have 0 in savings and everything should be invested in the stock market right?

Don't be fucking retarded. Point to me to where I said investing means you can't have cash on hand in a savings. Investing doesn't mean you putting your life savings in a penny stock praying to a frog god that it moons.

>emergency fund (3-6 months of living)
>pay off all outstanding high interest debt, mortgage not included
> gradually invest in low cost index fund for the next 30 years

Congrats you're a mulit-millionaire courtesy of Dave Ramsey.

I've told you everything I can that could possibly help and given you the resources to teach yourself how the money game works. The elites control the market for sure, but instead of being fearful and powerless you can learn to be on their side, or at the very least benefit from their manipulation.

You're complaining about inflation, but dismissing one of the very tools that elites use to inflate the dollar. If Bitcoin becomes the new dollar people will still use it to buy stocks.

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>use credit for my purchases
>always pay it off immediately

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i lost my job and lived off credit for a year one time. it was kinda fun. but now i cant have credit for 7 years cuz im a bad goy. so now i use debit.

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Why do you come here? Why dont you fuck off back to facebook or reddit where yo belong you sad sack of shit. Faggot teir retard. I will beat you in any competition or activity of your choosing, hands down. Absolute scum.

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All these larpers with 800 Credit score but no Credit card lmao

>> No.18369048

>building credit
>account to getting locked up for up to 14 days when fraud is detected

American thread for american problems I guess lmao. Normal people never need to use credit card. Why would you bother with that shit for like $40 a month tops in cashback. Only poor and dumb need instant loans like that.

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I agree you certainly beat me at being a retarded faggot who doesn't know what he's talking about. Bravo. Go run to Mommy so you can tell her you finally beat someone at something.

>> No.18369080

>Normal people never need to use credit card

Have you ever wanted to buy something, but didn't have enough money? That's why people have credit cards. It's like having a tab at the bar, except the tab is your life.

>> No.18369085

This is why I come to this website. I love you both, I mean it

>> No.18369123

>Have you ever wanted to buy something, but didn't have enough money? That's why people have credit cards. It's like having a tab at the bar, except the tab is your life.
how good of a goy do you need to be to buy things you can't afford?

>> No.18369124

Thanks for taking the time to respond. I will research the low cost index fund. Should i invest in the Australian stockmarket or the American one. I have been researching what suits me based on my interests and i realised non precious metals suit me bestm Tin, Iron, Aluminum etc do you kbpw much about those? How is Iron the most used metal but isnt considered precious? Its weird that the most used metals are undervalued, that might change. Screenshot this

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>Have you ever wanted to buy something, but didn't have enough money?
No actually not really. Happened when I wanted to buy an apartment but I just saved for a while and got one when I had the money. Before that I think I was 15 and wanted a guitar so I got a part time job.
Buying something you cant afford sounds pretty dumb desu.

>> No.18369160

Any Chase Sapphire niggas here?

I like to travel occasionally

>> No.18369175

>How is Iron the most used metal but isnt considered precious?

Hurr durr abundance

Jesus you are retarded

>> No.18369179

>Should i invest in the Australian stockmarket or the American one.

That I can't tell you. Buying foreign securities works a little different and involves exchanging currency. You're gonna have to do some number crunching and speak with other more qualified Australian investors.

>How is Iron the most used metal but isnt considered precious?
It's incredibly common and isn't very shiny. That's literally it.

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You know you can have more than 1 debit card right. One for retailers, one for atm and my robinhood debit. Literally $300, 9k, 30k.

>> No.18369202

No but I pay a yearly fee of 99 bucks for priority pass and use all their lounges worldwide. Without having to go into debt.

>> No.18369215

do these smoothbrains not realize you can pay a total of $0 of interest if you pay the balance before the billing cycle is over?

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File: 1.48 MB, 1868x812, 1580648519260.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Clearly not. According to 90% of debitfags on here, if you use a credit card you will spend beyond your means. Because financial discipline isn't a thing on /biz/ apparently.

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Cool I got priority pass for $0 annually with my AMEX Platinum (and I don't pay AMEX annual fee either). Also get $30 Uber a month and more money than I want per year to spend on flights.

>> No.18369233

>Calling bullshit
moshi moshi?
Hello, this is t. bullshit here, who is calling please?

>> No.18369248

>Centurion Lounges?
>"Billy, do like watching Gladiator movies?"

>> No.18369257

how come you don't pay the annual fee?

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Benefits of a Credit Card
>Cash back
>Fraud protection (not affecting my money)
>Company backing to dispute charges (Someone gives you shit service, inform the credit card company and don't pay)
>Build credit

Benefits of Debit Card
>If you have the financial fortitude of a 12 year old then I guess it's a plus that you can never spend more than you have.
>Cash back on purchases because ATM's are too much of a hassle apparently.

>> No.18369265

>how good of a goy do you need to be to buy things you can't afford?

GET THING NOW, PAY FOR IT LATER. There are different ways to utilize a credit card. Not having the money to pay for something, doesn't mean you can't afford it. Rather than spending YOUR money NOW, you are spend the BANK'S money NOW, and YOUR own money, LATER. It's effectively taking money from your next paycheck rather than your current bank account. People run afoul with credit cards because they continually spend money they don't have and will never earn. If you're doing things correctly, it's just an advance on your paycheck.

I have over $16,000 across all my savings and investment accounts, but I rarely keep cash in my checking account because if my debit card gets stolen, there isn't much fraud protection, and I'll simply be out of cash until the charges are removed. Credit removes the problem entirely because it's the bank's money being stolen instead of yours.

>Buying something you cant afford sounds pretty dumb desu.
Buying something you don't have enough money for, and buying something you can't afford are two different things.

>> No.18369288

You should have a mix of American and international shares.
Trading in metals of any sort is silly. There is no substantial return on investment, and you aren't going to beat the market from your bedroom.
From the content of your post, I can see that you really should be using a financial advisor. It will pay you back several times over. I suggest one from Dave Ramsay's list.

>> No.18369290

I don't care about your good goy points. Enjoy being cattle.

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>Buy using my own money I am free of the jews


>> No.18369299

Can someone tldr me about credit score?
As a europoor I don't think I have such a thing.

>> No.18369317

Jews give you more score the more money you borrow but steadily pay off

Some Eurofags use it and other countries use a different version.

It's kind of retarded because the most fiscally conservative people will not have the highest credit score.

>> No.18369320

>As a europoor I don't think I have such a thing.

You absolutely have a credit score. It may not be easily accessible, and it may not even be a number, but if your country has banks there are people out there who will assess your ability to pay back a loan before they give you any money.

>> No.18369324

How much money l do i need not to be laughed at by the financial advisor? How do i know i can trust them and they are nit just taking me for a ride?

>> No.18369341

Are you just looking to get one time advice, or someone to manage your money for you? You're looking at 1%+ for them to manage your portfolio, and most won't look at you until you're talking at least 6 digits. Traditional advisors at least.

>> No.18369350

I spend nothing.
Own my own house, grow my own food. Wear a jeans from at least ten years ago.
31 y/o

Everything I earn (140k a year) I put in BTC and LINK.

>> No.18369352

I have a credit score of 930 and I dont use credit cards

>> No.18369377

God, I hate boomers.

>How do i know i can trust them and they are nit just taking me for a ride?
They are taking you for a ride because that's what you're paying him to do. A financial advisor is going to charge you $100/hr and 1% commission fees to do something you can do yourself for free if you EDUCATE YOURSELF.

Instead of complaining about da joos and all these dumb conspiracies, learn why all these dumb conspiracies exist. Spend 1 month reading Investopedia, and you won't wanna talk to a financial advisor until you have literally too much money to manage for yourself.

>> No.18369387

I am only willing to trade 4 figures. $1000 aud. What will i spend it on?

>> No.18369390



>> No.18369399

Thank you anons.
Yes, I think banks compute some kind of score for themself here, but as far as I understand, us credit score is somewhat normalised across the bank.
We don't have such interbank credit score in frogland, allowing retarded ones to take multiple credits to differents banks and bankrupt themselfs.

>> No.18369419

>for free if you educate yourself

>> No.18369426
File: 27 KB, 640x480, images (8).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I could maybe make it?

>> No.18369453

>yes boys, create debts to yourself
What a boomer jew thread

>> No.18369504

Yes? I studied history in college. Never took a single business or economics class. I once asked a finance major acquaintance if he could invest $1000 dollars for me, and he said "yea man, I can just stick it in a mutual fund". I had no clue what he was meant at the time. I also had a roommate who used to daytrade and do forex before class.

Last summer I spent about 2 months reading up on finance and economics on investopedia before I made my first investment. In college I never thought I'd be buying stocks, trading, or anything. Now I actively follow the news and invest gradually. You can learn for free. The professional may have went to school, but all his real lessons he learned by losing money first.

>> No.18369656

I considered and researched it multiple times but I have never seen the point of owning a credit card. All the benefits basically come down to "spend money to be able to spend more money". As far as security is concerned I just use pre-paid cards and services like revolut where I keep a small amount of cash for online purchases and shopping.

>> No.18369716

being able to travel for free from the cashback you earn over time is a pretty sweet benefit. If you pay the full balance before the billing cycle is over, you pay $0 on interest. Basically, if you use your credit card like how you would use your credit card, you don't have to change anything in your daily routine while simultaneously reaping the benefits.

>> No.18369742

Same Anon

>> No.18369891

Traveling in what sense? Flying, public transport or driving? I'm in the UK and I haven't been able to find a credit card where the payoff from the cashback would even be worth the effort of signing up for one, let alone something that could be constituted as "free travel".

>> No.18369954

Idk what it's like in the UK, but I've been using the Chase Freedom Unlimited card, and I'm a fairly frugal individual. I've been able to fly to New York with my girlfriend with the credit I've earned.

You literally have nothing to lose from using credit cards unless you're a legit smoothbrain and max out of your credit.

>> No.18370011

You're an actual retard, m8

>> No.18370017

i feel attacked

>> No.18370068

>You've clearly never done taxes
You don't need 99.99% of your receipts for tax purposes. Literally only medical receipts.

>> No.18370101

>Be on business board
>Doesn't even understand how credit cards work or why they're used

>> No.18370112

>Without having to go into debt.
>You use a credit card therefore you must be in debt!
Most retarded take. Only nigs and rednecks keep a balance on their cards.

>> No.18370120

Can I buy ARPA with a debit card though?

>> No.18370139

it really isn't. all these people bragging about being able to use fucking airport lounges (big fucking woop) are already pretty well off.

>> No.18370325

Most of the NEETs on /biz wouldn't qualify for a decent card, they're stuck in CapitalOne land, if they have babbies first cards at all.
I have a card with $5k limit, and an American Express for big ticket stuff, for their warranty. I pay off everything every month. I have a debit, but don't use it. I keep my checking account for reasons, but haven't written an actual check in years.
I don't make the rules or the system, but I gotta live in it, so I do what I can, and avoid the interest tit as much as I can. Credit score is in the mid-700's. Not really sweating any of it. Credit is an easy tool that opens doors that are really fucking convenient, and having a safety net is never a bad thing. Cash back is fucking great.
I've always noticed the people who snivel about credit cards the most are the ones who can't get one, or maxed out several thinking they'd get away with it, and got a fat garnishment on their small paychecks.

>> No.18370335

>You've clearly never done taxes or had to be reimbursed for something.
Or had an accountant that wants paper receipts. A lot of boomers have accountants.

>> No.18370343

I work at XOM where people are making 6 figures, it baffles me to see these people still use debit cards. Theres too much risk involved and always thought I was just an outlier with credit cards. I treat CC as a debit card, pay it off right away

>> No.18370349

All the cc cards turned you down, huh?

>> No.18370373
File: 4 KB, 200x200, 1776.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>blocks your path

>> No.18370411

>people who snivel about credit cards the most are the ones who can't get one
Or maybe it's people that don't want to play funny money monkey games with the few fucking dollars they've scraped together. For the average person, credit is absolutely retarded as it stands; practically everyone pays rent and utilities, and probably has an online subscription or two, but nah those regular payments don't count toward personal credit because reasons. Oh you want them to count?? Better open another account that exposes you to identity theft and predatory banking tactics, and then use THAT card, not that other silly card.

It's great that rich assholes get to play games like this though, right?

>> No.18370498
File: 5 KB, 154x178, 1585852856780.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I didn't get a credit card til I was 27 and I'm now in my 30s with an 802 credit score and I don't even give a shit because I still use debit for almost everything except for monthly recurring payments just to get my good goy score. You sound like a retard who doesn't understand that credit cards are designed to make you spend more than you normally would, which is why so many people have debt. Build up a nest egg and you'll never need to use credit aside from a mortgage maybe.

>> No.18370578

>just to get my good goy score
What about all the people that live with a roommate and don't have the recurring payments in their name? This retarded system would say that one roommate has credit and the other doesn't, even if it was the person without the subscription paying the entire bill.

>> No.18370590

What about my left nut faggot

>> No.18370599

They all turned you down, huh? Or did you max out a $500 card entry level card on pizza?

>> No.18370622

Bills don't hit your credit unless you don't pay on time. Learn how credit scores work. Experian has no fucks to give about my power or cable bill, unless I don't pay it.
If anything, not being on the utilities is better, because if things go bad and the bill doesn't get paid, it won't effect you at all. Just pay a credit card off every month, and you'll build credit. Paying the electric and cable won't do shit.

>> No.18370675

Jesus fucking hairy balls christ that is the most ass backwards shit I've ever read. Yeah I fucking understand exactly the strategy you're talking about but holy shit it's so retarded.

>credit score represents your ability to pay off debt
>okay cool I've got these recurring mini-debts that happen every month I'm good to go
>lol not so fast faggot those don't count
>yeah you need to take out another card with a bank and then take out other mini-loans with that
>otherwise how will we know you can pay off your debts??????
>I pay hundreds of dollars every single month, on time, for rent and utilities
>that doesn't count lol

It would be hard to come up with something more retarded than this

>> No.18370712
File: 54 KB, 436x333, 1363207476531.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You impulse spend when you use credit
Nice projection, branilet. I use my credit cards for every purchase I make, effectively earning a ~2% discount on EVERY SINGLE THING I ever buy. I pay my balance in full, every single Wednesday, no matter what.

>> No.18370751

This optimism spread out on a long enough timeline I guarantee you that you have spent more money than you would've otherwise on a debit card because "muh 2%" and the feeling of delayed pain and instant gratification. You're not special, nobody is immune to the Jewry of credit card companies and they understand you better than you do.

>> No.18370790

Please read the OP. I'm not a fucking 12 year old who can get tricked by short-term satisfaction. Stop projecting your own retardation on me. You think I spend every day and every purchase thinking about the minor cashback I'll get if I buy something? No.

One of my cards gets me a big fat cheque at the end of the year. Another automatically puts cashback rewards in my savings account. And the third pools up and can be redeemed against a purchase at a time I choose.

>> No.18370799

Sperg at someone else, I didn't invent it.

>> No.18370854
File: 249 KB, 1316x1149, 1585527756737.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You completely missed the point. You feeling even slightly better about making a purchase using your credit card inclines you to buy something at slightly higher odds. Credit card users are less frugal with their money because they get to delay the pain of payment + the silly 1 or 2% rewards points they offer. I don't doubt you pay it off every month but the psychology is solid, you feel optimistic about your card because of the perceived perks and you feel better about being less frugal.

>> No.18370866

So if you don't think about it how do you decide which one of three cards you should use depending on the situation?

>> No.18370925

I've yet to find a credit card in Australia where the "rewards" more than barely cover the fees, seems like a scam to make idiots think they are "saving money" by spending more

>> No.18370954

Actually did 2 small balance transfers to leverage off of. Kinda sucks when yielding to your ego makes you spout lies doesn't it.

>> No.18370993

>having to go into debt on a structural basis or be locked out of financial options

Mutts truly are a special breed

>> No.18371037

That's basically what it is, plus the debt treadmill trap that normies fall into is extremely lucrative for those vampires

>> No.18371059

>Idiot doesn't understand the concept of keeping your money liquid in case of emergencies.

Cope more, retard.

>> No.18371248

>He's still trying

>> No.18371307


>> No.18371414

I'll just burn down the house and fake my death then

>> No.18371645

>Have fun not building credit, and exposing your own bank account to getting locked up for up to 14 days when fraud is detected.
This x1000
Pay the entire balance monthly. If you do this rewards are literally free money.

>> No.18371700

>Option A buys the object
>Option B buys the object and a minor fringe benefit

>> No.18371800

This. Mine dispatched today.

>> No.18371816

imagine not using cash

>> No.18372678

Its effectively 4.4% or so when you subtract the annual fee you paid

>> No.18372704

it's this one, this is me

>> No.18372737
File: 52 KB, 768x1024, 15E3BE02-C2F3-4B4E-8D82-4451231E024A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>implying I’m not paying for my house up front with a debit card

>> No.18373175

Literal brainlet detected

There are plenty of cards that have no fees and give you 1.5% cash back

>> No.18373307

>It's another "Anon on his early 20s overspend themselves to debt" episode
You only use credit for risky purchases retard
Wasting good goy points on useless shit just guarantees you'll be fucked in the future

>> No.18373381

Imagine living based on credit you stupid faggot. And the whole american system is designed to strip the stupid goyim. Europ doesn’t use that many credit cards as you faggots.

>> No.18373578

>thinking I keep money in a bank to even use a credit/debit card
Nice try rabbi

>> No.18373646

Nice. Cant wait to start enjoying the rewards. I hear that they are giving 10% back at some grocery stores like Costco and Whole Foods

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