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What the FUCK is his problem?

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Isn't that LinuxTechTips? The investor of Linus operating system?

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his face

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You’re not microchipped and he can’t monitor you 24/7 like he hoped to with Windows mobile OS
This is an issue to him

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loser psychopath who can never fill the hole in his life so he has to fuck over other people

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He's a pedophile. Fuck the Bilderberg Group

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you're a pedophile

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Used to like him til he puts nose in everything
Bezos is some rich mf g , even he got devorced raped .

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his father worked on the board for Planned Parenthood and his mother on the corporate board for IBM, it's all been eugenics from the beginning

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paul allen was the real microsoft chad, fuck bill gates

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>>18367080 ...long a go people lived by heart beat of the day and 'fish heads' was detected early in their ten age. Those special people was called many different names Vatiko or 1% psychopath. It always was struggle with pain of mothers heard, but she could not hide any more that here child is psychopath incapable for human compassion. and Jungle tradition is Kill everyone with who you can not have heart by heart connection. long story shorter we stop club 'fish heads' and they get in to predatory gangs surround them self with other peoples kids in uniforms and grabbers. War, gov, authority, big owners, ... this is a price we pay for not clubbing 'fish heads' . 'Fish heads' feel best is a crowds of strangers but they can not hide in a circle of people who know each other.
So get together in circles and will be obvious who do what how it serves life.

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Linux is peoples tempt to be free from grabbers like you

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Bill Gates = Jeffery Epstein with a computer

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