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Yes it comes from when some anon with some great numbers said 1000 EOY, it was 7777777

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yes no maybe

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It's a meme but some memes are true.

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I don’t know ?

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Yes it’s a meme
But it’s going to happen

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Coronavirus was a meme too anon

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Can you repeat the question?

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1000$ ETH was a meme once, and it hit like 1300, it's possible it could pump to great lengths during the bitcoin halving.

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Is $1000 chainlink a meme?

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Yes, that’s why it’s guaranteed to happen

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Of course it's a fuckin meme, link could go a lot higher but 1000 dollars makes no sense when you look at it's market cap

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Yes. But just because it's a meme, doesn't mean it won't happen.

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Donald trump was a meme at one point...

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Ask yourself what a single LINK does and why would someone pay $1000 for it. There's your answer.

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1 dollar LINK is a meme

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Yes of course it's a meme, that's why it's going to happen. We're meming it into reality out of the void. Because, as we've learned, we can fucking do that. And after that it'll be qt3.14 waifus for all link marines. Then maybe we'll tear down the Jewish matrix, if we fucking feel like. Who cares, we create this reality now.

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>And after that it'll be qt3.14 waifus for all link marines
Also for the laughable subhuman Stacklets with only 3,000 LINK?

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Considering you'll be in like the top .0001% of humanity and be a part of the golden meme machine I'm gonna go ahead and say yes

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Need an answer to this

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