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Konnichiwa STOs! Big welcome to Samurais and weaboos here to the fastest growing market in crypto. Come shill your best STO platforms here and explain why Dusk is the best one of the lot

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Send messages to @jwp55 (jelle pol)

Since Arie deleted his telegram account

Ariefounder AKA Jelle Pol founded CCG Syndicate dumping on its members, pocketing Community Management contracts on said projects without disclosing it's affiliations through Informance.io

This informance.io company is linked to multiple scams.

Previous scams are
>Open platform
>Apex network

>Ariefounder of CCG dumped pool tokens before distro, delaying distro & pocketing difference

>CCG operated VIP investor group, hidden from the others. Insider information and earlier distro of tokens to dump on the rest

>Silently got community management and marketing contract through Informance.io BV for pool deals.

>Insider trading and organised dump of the pool projects

>Bragging about dumping on members while drunk

>All projects exit scammed

Emanuele Francioni Dusk CTO

> Self proclaimed genius
> Can't get mainnet out
> hyped announcements and pumped and dumped his own token
>Lied about partnerships
>Changed token utility. Dusk token no longer required for STO. Fundraising will be stable coin & €. No Dusk.

>Team keeps hitting delays after delays

>Mainnet announcement for Q4 2019 failed

>Roadmap delayed x2

>Lied about Bitfinex partnership , Changing company records after private sale

>Only 400 real erc20 holders. Team created 13.000 fake addresses with tiny airdropped amount of token to make it look like they're a bigger Community

Team doubled Hardcap after private sale.

Team token unlock has started even without delivering anything

Stay away from this project

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