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>Link is draining almost all the top 25 coins right now

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That’s not all she’s draining

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300 million dollar smile

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What a weak cumshot desu. I spray my toilet seat with 3x the load every night

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Chainlink and Tezos are the new royalty of this market. Both will be in the top 5 by EOY

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Yo bros do I buy some more right now? I've been on a buying spree past month. I'm a poorfag but bought 1200 in 4 weeks.
And is it even worth trying to diversify as a poorfag into things like tezos? My only other significant holdings are eth that I've had for a while and my dark horse suter

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Link is a 2019 coin

2020 is year of coins like MATIC, Creditcoin, Band, etc

All the original linkies made their money back and dumped on the noobs

now they've moved on

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this but unironically

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nah man its because i just mined a dollar of bitcoin with my laptop

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I would absolutely put some of that ETH into XTZ until the next protocol upgrade is finished. Its going to make Tezos the most advanced blockchain by far and you only have to hold/stake until June.

Here's some info on what they're doing

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yup if only these noobs followed the crypto scene instead of blindly following shills

they would see the big announcement coinbase made about crecitcoin for example and would have already invested and made 3x in a week

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>unironically follows a flavor of the year analytic framework

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Now is not the time for trading insane risk on no-name projects. A capitulation in the stock market would send your coins to zero

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No name projects? Look at Creditcoin lol It was invested in by coinbase and y combinator lol do you really think they would let the price go to zero?

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>muh angel investors guarantees success
They are no-name projects you absolute brainlet. How many people do you think are holding them?

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derp derp its not about the number of holders its about WHO is holding it, and the list includes y combinator, and coinbase do you not understand what that means?

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Means nothing, I've seen plenty fail to gain transaction.

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Stop arguing with that idiot
He’s unironically shilling MATIC and some shitcoin literally called “creditcoin”.

It’s like getting blasted back to 2017 and having retards blast shitcoins in your face all day.

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>y combinator
You do realize even elite incubators expect at least half (and probably more) of their mentees to fail, right?

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Thank you anon. If any other kind anons have some good resources on xtz, hmu. I'll surely read them

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you speak to soon. The long term plan for link is to forever range trade it. The whales make up 90% of LINK and they hardly started dumping yet.

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>It was invested in by y combinator lol do you really think they would let the price go to zero?
Literally yes.

How fucking new are you?

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>The whales make up 90% of LINK
It's 80%, and that includes Sergey lmao you absolute derp.

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>>$x waiting room
>>price feed updates, how cool! Check MOAB token price now!
>>how much link for a gf like this?
>>thread to post x for chainlink, we live here
>>It keeps going up! (is at the same price)
>>bullshit meme photo, no context, no discussion, just a random dumbass nigger post
>>guys i have 700 tokens of shitty scam, please how do i make it thread
>>another link general, we need one every ten minutes!
>>guys my ex/gf/wife found me out, we're broke but have 50k link thread
>>all in, never selling, always HODL thread
>>just risked my entire financial stability on this token, y-you guys should b-buy too right?
>>LINK will reach 1000 END OF YEAR
>>Insider here, just keep buying!
>>Some vague company has increased profits, all thanks to chinklink!
>>some bullshit random thread to keep the link psychosis going
>>just non-stop chainlink posting
>>getting kicked out, have xbox and link, what do thread?
>>look at update 235098523, keep buying buds!

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