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Are we just going to ignore that nearly a third of renting Americans either couldn't or refused to pay rent this April?

Is it literally happening? The bottom of the enconomy could fall out. Why is the federal government just ignoring this?

What's going to happen in early may when there's even more people unemployed and unable to pay?

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Or what about next winter, when there are still people unemployed and the virus comes back for round 2, and social distancing is forced by the state again? This is only the beginning of the recession.

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Don't you mean deep depression?

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58% of American workers won’t be able to afford basic necessities in a month. Once landies and everyone else starts defaulting on mortgages, car loans and credit card debt, I hope it won’t be ignored.

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I’m sitting about 1/3rd in cash gang waiting for whatever the fuck is going to happen

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>The bottom of the enconomy could fall out
I'm convinced the could just shut the economy down forever. Full unemployment and no one producing except jerome's brr crew and it would be very bullish

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This situation is turning out to be extremely bullish.

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Time to buy?

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>Giving the first shit if a bunch of investment property boomer slum lords lose their fucking shirts

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