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The IMF officially predicted another great depression throughout 2020 at least


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>tfw essential job with high pay
>tfw most of my crypto is BSV
>tfw just spent $1000 to upgrade my PC and build a new PC for my wife and Bannerlord
>tfw diversified into metals even heavier than before because the world is still not quite there yet with Bitcoin and Segwit has us still setback another few years before we start getting life changing moves in BSV (Bitcoin)
>tfw prepped with food, filters, meds, ammo back in January because I'm not a retard
>tfw my awesome job has me interacting with no one
>tfw comfy af

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Did you also take care of your wife's boyfriend wellbeing?

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>didn’t buy lube for his wife’s pegging fetish.

Dry fuck fag.

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The seething is palatable. Have sex, incels.

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If it's just through 2020 then it's not a depression, it's a recession. Depressions are recessions that last many years.

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It's absolutely going to be a depression, dude. Hell we're on the very first round of this new money printing (see theft) and it's bigger than all the money printing from 08' and onward. THE VERY FIRST ROUND

Pray for hyperinflation. If they manage to keep the system chugging along with just a 2-5x on prices then we won't get a hard reset for decades.

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It's all I'm going to need for a long while me thinks. Can't wait for the mods. Gold, BSV and Bannerlord.

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>Also have essential job with decently high pay
>Gonna soon be making hazard pay on top of that for a month or two because it's a hospital job
>At a well established hospital so no chance we go under
>I'll be running circles around my peers in my age group when the depression really hits us
Feels good I'll likely be okay through a goddamn depression


Good taste. This year's gonna be a really good year for vidya (assuming everything doesn't get delayed because coronavirus)

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Hopefully we still get Cyberpunk. Stalker 2 in a couple of years too.

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Bannerlord has got me through this isolation crap quite well so far, I've sunk a lot of hours into it. The Pols will put back Cyberpunk again I'd say.

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