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What is the biggest piece of shit in the top 10?

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Toss up between XRP BSV and EOS really

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Objectively BSV

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everything but XMR

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the top 10

100% all fake wash traded bullshit memecoins propped up by tens of millions of daily minted tether

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EOS makes me wish Tron was still top 10 cause its such an embarassment. Its like the Enigma scam for normies. Tezos a close second Bitconnect2.

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what even is eos?

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CZ's bags . this might be the biggest shitcoin in history, not just in the top10
9 and 10 - these are such has-beens. im sure some developments being done on these but they are hanging on from the 2017 bull run holders

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fucking ate my post. they are all shit except 1 and 2 but 8 its definitely the biggest

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sounds like everything. thats what i was hoping for baahahah

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Everything that isn't Bitcoin (SV).

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BSV, XRP, BCH, EOS in that order. Steaming piles of manure.

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My vote goes to xrp. 6-7 out of these are utterly useless though.

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Ripple and BSV might have shady people behind them but at least they have good technology behind them.

Now Litecoin?? Complete outdated PoS. Only reason it worth anything is because it was one of the first boomer coins.

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BSV for sure lol.

But this guy gets it. And yeah Tether is still sketch as fuck.

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BSV has a retarded ass proposition but it's not even 1% as shitty as XRP
XRP is the anti-crypto, it's basically a custodial coin where you feed bankers so they can dump on you lmao

BNB is complete nonsense too
what's the fucking point of it? it was a great investment tho, pumped like crazy
but it's another centralized shit

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ripple does not have good tech, it's a glorified spreadsheet and there are literal blocks missing

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All cryptocurrency is pure shit

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All of them.

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No idea why are these obvious scams still in top 10.

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XRP, BSV, Tether

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Bsv is the biggest shitpile in all of crypto

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definitely BSV, then XRP

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Came here to say it is Chainlink BUT LINK ISN’T EVEN IN THE TOP 10.

What a fucking junk ass trashcoin for retarded losers. What a total scamcoin only inbred toothless brainless newfags would buy. What a total piece of shit.

Honestly, at this point of you hodl Link you had to have grown up in a home with lead based paint and your parents punished you by making you use your teeth as a paint scraper and you were a really bad kid. Seriously, I mean how dumb can someone actually be?

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So how many Link do you hold, fren?

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I see 9 scams

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ok follow up q: what other coins besides link and monero are future top 10?

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>XRP is the anti-crypto, it's basically a custodial coin where you feed bankers so they can dump on you lmao
Seem like an argument in favor of it.
The central banks status quo isn't going anywhere, and grandma is never going to use xmr/btc/shitcoins, but she will much likely use a tech like xrp without even knowing it.

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Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tezos are the only ones that aren't absolute scams. I would say XRP is the biggest scam out of all them though

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All Bitcoin forks like Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV and Litecoin (the worst of them all)

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BSV is easily the worst, followed by BCASH, XRP, EOS, and then litecoin.

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The board hive mind is 100% against XRP,
What are your best arguments against it ?

Do better than muh bankster coin please.

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Satoj Vision numba one, followed by XRP, BCrash and EOS.

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>Do better than muh bankster coin please.
people have provided like 10 valid reasons in this thread

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No, no they didn't. Nobody ever can give a compelling argument against XRP besides the fact it wants to work with and not against the banks. If you think retail banking is dead well I g9t news for you.

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easily RSR

this shitcoin lost 60% of its value within 6 months of IEO and then scam pumped for literally a few days just before the corona dump

fuck this shitcoin

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It's not a banker coin, it's a scam that only attracts bottom of the barrel retail plebs. The Jews are smarter than you and wouldn't ever let you get rich from doing no work.

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> scaling
Are we still in 2017 or what?

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built for big african cock

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trick question detected
they are all shit faggot

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It's a centralized scam. You can run a validator node but you are neither compensated for it or guaranteed to even be a part of consensus if no one adds you as a trusted node. So there's a circle jerk of nodes processing all the transactions. No ability to enter into the consensus process without trust = piece of shit coin.

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this thread just makes me feel so comfy with my big bags of bsv

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XRP, Sanjeets Vision, and Litecoin are all embarrassing pieces of shit

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Xrp easy

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Is it even classed as crypto buy the community? I thought it doesn't even use blockchain and is some ledger based one.
I looked at its lifetime graph and it's not a very good looking chart.

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>Source: my ass

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XRP, EOS, SV, and BCC are all pretty shit. No particular order.

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Scam ran by a greasy Jew, who continuously dumps on the bagholders.
Then there are fundamental things like Infinite supply and centralization and a small issue of it being classified as security and banned in multiple jurisdictions.

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It’s centralized. Buy stock in MasterCard, Square, Visa if you want a centralized database

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Most of it is garbage.

ETH - overhyped crap. Full of dapps with 10 users. deFi is a meme. Should be 1 billion mcap.

XRP - Enron/Theranos level scam. Should have a 100 million market cap.

BCash/BSV - both a joke. Should be 100 million mcap.

BNB - scam chink exchange token

EOS - chink garbage dapp platform

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calling xrp a banker coin is hilarious
its a scam for faggot morons that will never result in anything

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