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Hello, $MVIS is now at 1.60 everyone told you to buy now. You can still buy. The only thing is we have until Thursday to see something happen so you can invest now at 1.60 just now that it’s going to dip today but as soon as it dips it will pop to mid $2 because this is at the same point of $UAVS. Now I told you guys to buy at $1.40 and sell between 2-4. Now I’m telling you either buy the dip today or you will be out bought. UAVS guy out. Also I’m putting the same message on my stocktwits for my boys. I was just posting a bunch of pumps on stocktwits because people on there have weak hands they need the help. Also I did say not to buy this buy like every pump and dump it’s not good to hold from the start unless you were literally from the start and that was .38 on Friday.

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Also I did buy this at .49 but I didn’t tell you guys because I swing trade. And I know you guys have day limits from UAVS so I couldn’t say buy MVIS then sell same day.

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Earnings report 5/7 after hours. Hold till 5/7 or take a risk for 2x on Friday morning

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Yea that’s gambling. Maybe I will hold a couple stock just for laughs but nothing that will hurt me.

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Gambles pay off

Pic related

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I’m holding till Thursday. All it takes is a little digging, a couple emails to an employee, and wallah....info gained.

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Why would I buy this over Suterusu? Garbage. Low caps wayitsat.

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So I hold a few calls for this. Thinking of selling today or tomorrow and buying shares so I don't get absolutely burned. Or I may sell half of them and then just hold a small portion into the call and see what happens.

Learned my lesson with UAVG lol

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We aren't pdt faggots. No day trade limits here

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Post position of gtfo larp>>18878816

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Lol I have day trade limits t. poorfag unemployment king

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Fuck I just want my $2 call to get executed.

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Is it sad to get in on this stock before it hits 2? Would buying shares at 1.70 be a safe bet

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yeah, you just don't max your profits out.
I bought in at 0.44, buying more today.
Will sell $2-4 range tomorrow or thursday.

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ok what now? should i just sell today at $2 or set a SL and wait til thurday?

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Do whatever you want my g. It’s your earning just know you can hold until Thursday PR if you wanna gamble hold through it.

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ALSO EVERYONE BUY KTOV AND SELL BETWEEN .70-.80. It’s at .42 Pre market. Again thank me later

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What about eman or is eman a swing trade and ktov a day trade?

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KOTV day trade and I don’t hold eman. I haven’t done any Research so I didn’t buy.

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Expect a dip from KTOV at the open or should I get my bag PM?

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I have no clue. I see experts that are day trading it saying they are in at .42 are selling at .70 - .80. Just buy a now or buy dips. It’s up to you.

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I just sold my car, my shoes, and my anal virginity to go all in on MVIS.

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All the Twitter's fucks started shilling ktov. Thinks for giving me the heads up

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Aren't you the dude getting financially abused by your wife? How did that gamble work out? LMAO

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Hold you faggots. Iron hands

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Grug bought mvis at 1 dollar could have sold premarket at 1.60+ grug stock now 1.40 but grug no sell, have strong hand

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>already 1.70
This shit is going to hit 3 today isn't it?

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i have 4,500 shares at 1 dollar. Am i going to make it guys? Are you buying more under 2 dollars?

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Fags on reddit were saying that this will be 4 dollars by tomorrow. MAYBE 10 thurday? Im nervous bros. Dont know whether or not to buy another 500 shares under 2

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Got 50 @ 1.65. basically dump Wednesday before close or early Thursday is the play here?

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If UAVS taught me anything, dump that shit before the call. Buy the rumor, sell the news

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nah, i've averaged my cost per share to 1.10. i'm happy. already pulled out after 200% gains. and already up 50%.
also, bought a 1$ call that's up 70% too. don't be greedy anon

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Thanks. I needed someone to slap some sense into me. Will be hard to live with myself if this goes to 4 and I didnt buy more under 2

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/biz/antines... what's going on with VISL? shit fucking got stale, even after it was given a contract by ferrari.

Also, got 100 shares of Eman at .39. are we loading up?

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not buying Eman until Thursday after the MVIS shit is over.

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Got 145 on EMAN 10 min ago. Above average volume on open. Could be next pump and dump.

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Got some EMAN as well, we'll see how it's looking on Friday once this MVIS thing has run it's course

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Just sold VISL at a loss but put into MVIS. I hope this shit works you guys I am sweating. Sell on Thursday morning you said?

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degiro arent processing my deposit since this fucking morning the useless cunts.

Is there any better platform for a UK fag..

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Bought 35 more shares to bring my total to


Got out at 0.94 yesterday and fomod back into at 1.50
am I gonna make it?

everything is in Tanker calls expiring two months

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whats funny fag?

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oh no no no no no no no

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I'm the denigro fag from the other threads. I'm fuming they take so long to take my money. People shill 212 and Plus500 but have never bothered with those. I'm also bumping this question bc denigro does not do CFDs and has options trading for european markets mostly

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Reddit didn't do shit. Because reddit does not move stocks. Reddit is small fish

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/ptg/ went and tried to shill MVIS on the Reddit stock board and somebody ratted so now these sub-humans are coming to visit.

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Or wait until robinhood comes to the uk

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dude, visl got the ferrari contract. how is it not up?

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because who cares about ferrari racing when shit’s fucked. maybe hold but not a big turn there

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not him but it beats me, you people lied to me about that stock

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>not him
idk where you came from, but you have an ID.
you can put any name you want there when making the post.

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EMAN anon here. Its not a pnd. Its your chance to get in super early on AR.

For what its worth its up 138% this month, 44% of that this week alone. I won't go into the spiel again but AR stock, new consoles are going to be heavy in AR. Eman also makes military tech. And this interest in MVIS will naturally buoy other AR stuff.

Be forewarned though. The stock is stubborn as fuck. It will bitch slap your limit buy. Jej, ask .37 limit anon.

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plus 500 I would stay away from because it has the worst fucking bullshit adds on youtube that is so based it reminds me legit of gambling website adverts.

Dont know about 212, fucking degiro needs to sort its shit out tho, half of the stocks dont have live feed data its embarressing!

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>you people lied to me

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212's ads are on par with puss500 but as i have never bothered with either my opinion holds no weight. Degiro's interface is fucking abhorrent. I have a separate tab with yahoo finance to watch the charts and it bothers me

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I am just waiting for the inevitable dump.

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Whats "AR"?

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Augmented Reality. Like pokemon Go.

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Does it show the spread anywhere

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Why isn't this garbage doing anything. How can a pnd crab

>> No.18882609

There is 0 recent news on them. So its a pnd?

>> No.18882621

But pokemon go is literally just slapping something in front of what ur camera sees...i was hoping for vr

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I told you. Buy now or cry later.

Fuck. maybe I should shut the fuck up about it. Im not done accumulating myself.

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me :)

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Bought at .44, I'm very tempted to take profits during this crabbing session.

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My wife bought 5 $1 calls at .10

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>How can a pnd crab

What if I told you it isn't just a pump and dump

Unlike your mom

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>go all in with 42k at 0.42 per share
>price poomps
>sell the shares back causing it to plummet
>buy back in and repeat

I suspect the rich do this and iirc it isnt illegal to buy a bunch causing a pump due to sheer amount and dumping it for a profit and repeating unless perhaps you get a large enough stake in it

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yea it is. dont buy, just to be on the safe side.

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that's simple AR. Think of wearing glasses and basically being isekai'd to the pokemon world.

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Because it's not a classic pump and dump. MVIS is an actual legitimate company with an office building in King County, WA. It's crabbing because it's a painful 4 day process, it's not just gonna moon all the way to thursday. Did you niggas really think we was gonna be at 5 by now?

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Anon take profits today. Or least sell half. If it turns out to be a PND which it is in all likelyhood you will have no regrets. If it's legit you still profit.

>> No.18882708

Terrible shill. Can't wait for the SEC to swoop down since you people probably have accounts on other websites.

>> No.18882743

No im telling you not to buy. Im not shilling anything. I just summarized why I think its a good buy. You think that makes it a pnd so by all means think that and dont buy. We'll revisit this conversation in January.

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oof lots of volume being sold

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Anon, we're in this together, no pun intended. I showed you my trade history, im just happy someone else understands my pain. We're like EMAN eskimo brothers. Bitch fucked us both. Pause.

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Wearable AR you brainlet

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Stop selling you weak handed faggots. We are gonna make it. Just hold

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Fuck off nigger

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Keep holding fags its literally just tuesday

>> No.18882953

All of your brains are poisoned by videogames. Just buy it and forget it. Check back in tomorrow and it'll be $2.50.

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Make a 10 minute mail and go like this mans comment rn. We can get the reddit fags to buy our stonks. Free money think about it

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I am NEVER selling my mvis (before thursday) bros

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This is what some of the redditters have been saying in the last hour in this thread.

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Fucking 1000% absolutely this. I've felt like I always have to be doing something, like my trades need my input to some degree, all the time. Like I need to keep DPSing or something.

>> No.18883055

Lol u mean how i keep watching stocks evem though im unlikely to make any more moves today?

>> No.18883067

>that 1.57 tick
had a heart attack

>> No.18883076

Holy shit, we might actually be getting bought out. This might be just any other pump and dump. Set some stop-limits on Thursday boys, we might be making it big.

>> No.18883079

that's fucking grand

>> No.18883093

That's too optimistic honestly, but it will rise pretty well. My guess is that on Thursday there wont be any news really, so itll dump after that. Sell before the meeting takes place, minutes before, it'll be just like UAVS

>> No.18883105

You now know what a market maker is

>> No.18883114

And wallah! Just like that, MVIS will NEVER go below 1.60 again!

>> No.18883131

Sell everything before the call. It will dump. Then buy back in with part of your gains for cheap in case its legit

>> No.18883146

this 1,000,000%

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I'm selling two thirds of my shares and my calls. just in case this shit takes off, I'd like to be in on those gains. even if it's very little

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I never got in on MVIS....I feel like it's too late to throw $100 at it.

Did get in on EMAN for 200 shares though.

>> No.18883261

How do you know when to buy back in? The moment it gets announced the prices skyrocket so you're already priced out

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You dont buy back in at the call you buy at the dump. If you sell it all at $4 then if it dumps to $1 you buy back

>> No.18883309

The suspense of waiting for this thing to move is triggering my autism

>> No.18883316

it’s going to rocket but it wont be maxed out that morning, get in asap and you’ll get SOME gains

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What's target price for eman? I just bought 870 shares

>> No.18883348

there's no target price, there's literally no news behind it, no earnings coming in. congrats, you bought a scam.

>> No.18883352

So I sell before the call, then when it dumps, I buy it all back.

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>> No.18883375

No emans is bullish right now dude.

>> No.18883385

I just dumped my bags. down 10%

>> No.18883394

Typical mid-day lul

There will be an EOD pump

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>> No.18883399

we have at least another whole day to hit $2

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>> No.18883416

SL set at 1.42 I'll gladly take 80% than be a bag holder.

>> No.18883437

>imagine having weak hands

You'll never get rich

>> No.18883439



>> No.18883443

>tfw bought in at 0.51 and have nothing to fear

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>there's still 4hrs20min of trading left

>> No.18883461

>he didn't sell

top fucking kek

on to the next scam guys

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>> No.18883470

can you fuck off from this thread, you already told us you sold all of it.

Just leave.

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>> No.18883480

Who eman here?

Eman is next mvis boys get it why it's cheap.

>> No.18883495

It's been fluctuating like this all night. If you sell now you'll be sorry in an hour or two.

>> No.18883506

Amen to this. Don't sell you MVIS

>> No.18883512

that digits. moon confirmed

>> No.18883518

Did you really sell during a bot shake out?

>> No.18883526

bought 25 shares at .25 a month ago, should i hang myself?

>> No.18883534

T-thank you, a-anon. I needed the confidence boost.

>> No.18883541

no. gains are gains. we're all gonna make it, fren.

>> No.18883547

While we wait, I have a research project for some enterprising anons. This is MS's move, but no one is asking whats Sonys? We need to figure out what companies theyre looking at. No fucking way they let MS beat them to the punch like this.

Here's what I found so far. Help me read through these and see if anything jumps out at you:





Feel free to add more links if you'd like. Pick one at random so we get a wider sampling, read through it and share your findings with the class.

>> No.18883548

So time to move onto EMAN?

>> No.18883549

No, youre about to make something like 1500% back

>> No.18883552

No way, enjoy the wins you make. Worry about keeping your losses low, not catching every moon mission with your whole portfolio.

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Bought in 300 shares at .43.
Got 10x $1 options at .35, 4x $3 at .15.

I can safely hold until aftee call.

Think im going to sell 200 shares and 8 options before before the call.
Even if it dumps, going to buy back in.

VR tech is something im SUPER interested in.
It will be the future once computing power catches up.

>> No.18883567

i just bought back in at $1.56

>> No.18883572

Also stocks always fall in the morning asshat. Itll be 2$ before close today.

>> No.18883573

lunch dip is over

we're back boys

1.60, 1.7 by noon, 2 by EOD

>> No.18883575

This is an AR tech company anon

>> No.18883581

Are you fucking kidding me? Stop trading, it isn't for you.

>> No.18883601

Stay poor

>> No.18883605


>> No.18883611

up up and away

>weak hands BTFO!

>> No.18883612

I bought some more around 1.50. you will make money

>> No.18883632


Now just sell the next dip to $1.5 and you're golden :))

>> No.18883644

so did I.

>> No.18883670

kek leads the way and wants it!

>MVIS blessed confirmed

>> No.18883686

No he wont, he's a weak fag who will sell again at the first big dump.

>> No.18883687


Ritter(RTTR) pharmaceuticals to buy out Qualigen. don't know who the fuck said this was good or bad. Qualigen is a 100 person company with 10-50 million dollars in revenue.It has nanotechnology.

Would this really spike price of stock? seems like a bullshit PnD with no rumor at all

>> No.18883705

So is this going to continue going up overnight again? Or crash and burn in the largest carpet pulling trick ever made?

>> No.18883734

Someone teach me options


>> No.18883743

We're mooning all day tomorrow. HODL.

>> No.18883755

mvis has legit rumors that are testing everybody's faith. i wouldn't pull out

>> No.18883756

>AR and VR is something im super interested in

AR will be future of working with physical world.
-i.e. HUD that shows prices at store instead of worker having to print/change prices.

VR will be the new virtualized world.
-VR offices and schools.
-VR goods

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>i wouldn't pull out


>> No.18883775

Just sell if you're shitting your pants if you're scare go to church faggot

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Hoo boy if the signs are true and MVIS gets bought out by MSFT, it's going to be a very happy birthday for me

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>> No.18883816


Based and pennypilled

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Anon, don't you mean.... FUCK NIGGERS

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File: 276 KB, 374x374, AltruisticMammothCreature-size_restricted.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If I don't fuck this up through sheer incompetence, this will be my first major gain in the stock market (upward of $1k).

Thankyou $MVISbros, I genuinely hope you all make it.

>> No.18883863


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File: 1.19 MB, 1242x4536, Pictures.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Conference call Thursday, May 7, 2020 at 5:00 PM EDT. Sign up below

>April 2017 customer takes over production of the components MicroVision had been producing for them

>Blog summary

>Article Officially Stating Microvision's Affiliation/Partnership to the HoloLens/VR Program
>Microsoft’s long awaited HoloLens 2 (with display developed in partnership with MicroVision).

>Video on HoloLens. 1:10 specifically
Based researchanon.
The meeting is after market hours.

>> No.18883868

>if you're scare go to church faggot

literally just rolled on my bed lmao.

>> No.18883887


>> No.18883918


Yur dun bruh

>> No.18883920

Good shit.
Based and /biz/ meme pilled

>> No.18883924

None of us are psychics, anon.
If you're that worried, you could always sell enough to give yourself a safety net through the night, and continue to hold whatever you're comfortable risking.

>> No.18883928

Should I buy another 3000 shares of MVIS at 1.56

>> No.18883941

yes solid buy

>> No.18883955

Lol if he’s serious about making some profitable margins he wouldn’t (not yet). Only strong hands know eternal gainz.

>> No.18883966



>> No.18883976

Hmm... reading through first one and nothing concrete so far but a thought occurs to me: in the future AR tech will exist which perceives the shape of a woman's body under her clothes, just like the makeup remover app did, and we'll be able to see AR recreations of what bitches look like naked.

Shits gonna be wild.

>> No.18883984

y'all just gonna scroll by without saying meowdy?

>> No.18883987

well how long does volatility make me wait

>> No.18883988

if it goes to three you will look like a damn genius. If you have the money to blow. Yeah go for it. Don't do it if you need it to survive to the next meal

>> No.18884011

I bought 9000 shares at 1.77, we're going to make it bro

>> No.18884025

Id invest in that

>> No.18884030
File: 371 KB, 499x505, cool_pepe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thank you for doing the needful sirs. Honestly as long as you keep putting such work in and /biz/ finds worthy companies, we're gonna make money. You're fucking based

>> No.18884043

It has one more day left in it to pump

>> No.18884046
File: 73 KB, 768x507, attensionwhore.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pics or it didn't happen

>> No.18884059

Someone call up the Michigan treasury faggots and tell them lunch time is over and they need to buy back in.

>> No.18884069

2$ eod confirmed.

>> No.18884073

I bought 600 at the same price. Praying for us.

>> No.18884087


>> No.18884100

bought at $1.80 earlier

>mfw it dumps

>> No.18884117


>> No.18884152

Maybe Microsoft will announce be tech for the new Xbox and this shit will moon

>> No.18884155
File: 126 KB, 1080x778, Screenshot_20200505_181432.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I went full yolo bros pray for me

>> No.18884158

If Microsoft buys this company and shoots this to $20 a share I will turn $2000 in $20,000+

>> No.18884168
File: 128 KB, 1496x868, 2020-05-05 18_11_35-MicroVision Competitors, Revenue and Employees - Owler Company Profile.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here are MVIS's competitors

Who will Sony partner with? I know they already have a partnership with Zeiss for their smartphone and Zeiss is into 3D scanning and such as well


>> No.18884179

based expecting great gainz

>> No.18884186

truely blessed by kek.

> gigbased and MVISpilled

>> No.18884189

make me some fuckin money perry

>> No.18884199

What app is this?

>> No.18884200

I bought 3200 shares yesterday at 1.08.

This morning I bought 1400 shares at 1.68. It wasn't on purpose though. I didn't realize how fucky market orders are after hours.

Next chance I have to break even, I'm selling. I'll hold the 3,200 shares I bought yesterday though.

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File: 392 KB, 1440x1440, FA55A7AF-AADB-4A89-BFFC-B19A8F8EFF4A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18884242

Daddy perry bring us gains or we will dump your stock

>> No.18884264


>> No.18884266

i want to buy EMAN bros, i really do

>> No.18884267
File: 108 KB, 764x614, 1588638428633.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How much have you guys made so far from this?

>> No.18884271

>mirin that money you have
I honestly hope you sell at the maximum top you absolute shitbag

>> No.18884284



>> No.18884286
File: 16 KB, 359x357, whatdusey.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i feel like i've never been so wrong in my life. Sorry desu

>> No.18884290

why can't it decide to fuckingstay in a direction. Fucking crabbing around

>> No.18884296

forgot to check those digits. You will make it fellow eurofag

>> No.18884303

> there are only a handful of OLED-on-Silicon microdisplay suppliers in the world. These include Olightek, Kopin, Sony, eMagin and MicroOLED.> there are only a handful of OLED-on-Silicon microdisplay suppliers in the world. These include Olightek, Kopin, Sony, eMagin and MicroOLED.> there are only a handful of OLED-on-Silicon microdisplay suppliers in the world. These include Olightek, Kopin, Sony, eMagin and MicroOLED.

>Olightek, Kopin, Sony, eMagin and MicroOLED.

Apparently Sony builds their own tech

>> No.18884308

saving that. fucking kek

>> No.18884310

Got my stops at 1.45 and 1.40. Getting spooked here. Probably just because I'm a rookie.

>> No.18884312

Pepperino probably day trades. He spams shit all day. People that don't care don't care.

>> No.18884315


>> No.18884320

why does it seem stuck between 1.50 and 1.59

>> No.18884343

got 1000 shares at 0.51, made a $1k so far

>> No.18884394

2 hours till launch sequence

>> No.18884401

looking to buy, vut can't find it in trading212. Is there an app i can use, free, in the UK to buy this?

>> No.18884407

It was like this yesterday where it crabbed from .9 to 1 until two o'clock. If this is actually a repeat of yesterday we should be above 2 after closing

>> No.18884431

Too late to buy now. Think of this as a way to start researching the next one

>> No.18884434

Should I buy more calls I'm kinds strapped for cash right now but got in with 3 on Friday

>> No.18884438

You’re basing this purely off the idea that a bunch of people will fomo into this at the end of the day?

Stocks don’t do the same things every day.

>> No.18884450

I did. Just like 25 bucks. I think it’s got prospect

>> No.18884459

so i missed mvis train, what was the exact catalyst for the huge jump in price? specifically on the friday?

>> No.18884479

Have you not read any other post in this thread, you moron? This shit is near confirmed.

>> No.18884484

i'd still be interested to know which trading service would allow me to buy it

>> No.18884485

I am iron handing this bought at 1.45 if it hits 2-4 I am selling half and keeping the rest in hopes it moons if not well I lost no money

>> No.18884504
File: 91 KB, 1450x564, 2020-05-05 16_43_15-MVIS Price Target and Analyst Ratings (Microvision) _ MarketBeat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>target price 2.00 to 3.50
>that's without the MSFT premium

>> No.18884527


>> No.18884528

This came out last Thursday

>> No.18884630

>715 shares at $1.67
Am I gonna make it bros

>> No.18884637


>> No.18884665

Big nuts
Big gains

No nuts
No ..........

>> No.18884669

I'm loading my shotgun as we speak

>> No.18884671

I was just stating yesterday's pattern, and considering that there's solid evidence of a buyout I do think more people will buy in until thrusday's close. But no one should be taking my newfag advice, everyone should be doing their own research

>> No.18884675

I wouldn't have done that

>> No.18884683

This is crabbing to shit, and it shouldn't, at this time. All indicators point to some upward motion, but there is none cause NO ONE BUYS. Because ALL the people that were pumping this (random funds and execs) are not doing it anymore and its just bagholders.

I hope I am fucking wrong cause I rebought in at 1.6 with all my profits from the 0.5 to 1.7 run

>> No.18884689

Thursday before call to be safe, after call to be rich or pissed.

>> No.18884697

$2.1 eod

>> No.18884711

how do you do that though? every time i sell i have to wait a few days. i googled and read that it was because of volatility

>> No.18884712

Better than my gf, she got in a 1.70

>> No.18884718

I bought in at .43 thanks to /biz. When did Reddit start shilling? Exactly

Take ur fucking meds faggot

>> No.18884736

Call is at like what, 2pm pacific?

>> No.18884762

Sell before call, then buy back during the dump

>> No.18884770

You bought in too high

>> No.18884784

Broke bobo faggot

>> No.18884787

Anon what broker and sell type are you using? Market sells clear faster than limit sells if that is your issue.

>> No.18884805

Lol finally some fucking sense. Goog one dude

>> No.18884806


>> No.18884822

which uk services/apps actually have MVIS? I can't find it on anything

>> No.18884834

I'm no. Just hold until thursday. It's not that hard...

>> No.18884839

Return of the climb?


>> No.18884851

TDA. would a pic help?

>> No.18884855

No worries before Thursday’s after Thursday yes 9mm to the head all day

>> No.18884857

Same. I'll originally kill myself if it dumps.

>> No.18884866

Is $1.50 too late to buy in or should I just wait until the next one?

>> No.18884884

MVIS did the same thing yesterday. Spike at open, crab the rest of the day, spike at close and then after market.

>> No.18884888


>> No.18884890

$2.1 eod

>> No.18884891

you want help thinking of an original way?

>> No.18884900

Also came out last friday:
You guys are pants on head retarded. They are BEGGING their shareholders to vote for a reverse split. Get out of this shit before you get dumped on. The reason I was pushing EMAN yesterday is because it's a legit company, with good patents, that will soon turn a profit. VWIS is a clear PND, the only thing that will happen at the conference is your 1000 shares will be magically turned into 100. Good luck retards.

>> No.18884921

can u shill EMAN to me?

>> No.18884926

Fuck my cut and paste didn't work.

>> No.18884950
File: 123 KB, 768x1024, 7654E153-A44F-4098-A09E-7F3521F3490F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

MVIS Crab Nicholson confirmed

It’ll reach 2 by EOD and be around 2.50 by this time tomorrrow. Then it’ll crab walk again as the weak handed faggots drop their bags. 3.00 by EOD tomorrow. This would be the time to drop your bag. Then depending on the news, take your gains and buy back in after the dip.

>> No.18884975
File: 213 KB, 750x959, 16B42252-D2FB-442F-BD44-24C4B4E83B70.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18884984


at least read your own postings

Facilitate Tender or Exchange of Shares in the Event of a Sale or Merger: Listing on Nasdaq enhances our ability to consider and possibly facilitate a tender offer or exchange of shares in the event a sale or merger, which are among the opportunities we are exploring to maximize shareholder value.

>> No.18884988

It's not a pump and dump, you aren't likely to double your money because of some dumb rumor before a call. They have multiple patents, working to get contracts with the military.
Their most recent filings they only lost $250k and soon expect to be profitable. Buy $100 worth and forget about it.

>> No.18885008

That isn't how a reverse split works you absolute fucking mongoloid. Go fud something else.

>> No.18885026

You missed the most important part dipshit:
We have an important task ahead of us: approval of a key shareholder proposal outlined in our Proxy Statement dated April 3, 2020 relating to a reverse stock split. Your approval of Proposal 3 will enable MicroVision to maintain our listing on the Nasdaq Global Market.
This POS PND is going to be delisted if they don't cut your shares 1 for 10.

>> No.18885032

You ever consider trying to understand the words on the paper or do you just get scared easily?

>> No.18885033

We have lift off

>> No.18885042

Ur fine. Hold the line marine.

>> No.18885054


>> No.18885055


>> No.18885060

Huge. Great find anon

>> No.18885061
File: 193 KB, 800x371, soyjak.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18885062
File: 385 KB, 2048x1536, saupload_climb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Click... Click... Click... Click... Click... Click... Click... Click... Click... Click... Click... Click... Click... Click... Click... Click...

>> No.18885069

lol, I'd love for you to explain it to me.

>> No.18885074
File: 1.67 MB, 320x180, 1526319869242(1).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18885076

Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Now Floating In Space

>> No.18885077

>cut your shares 1 for 10.
I don't think you know what a reverse split means. The value remains intact.

>> No.18885086


>> No.18885090

Hold u fucking pussies. Jesus Christ how the duck does anyone expect to make money without taking chances

>> No.18885091

Gentlemen... We have liftoff

>> No.18885099

Good taste

>> No.18885100

That is absolutely accurate, but it's also accurate to say that if you used to have 100 shares, you now have 10.

>> No.18885116

imagine being a whale that does this and laughing so goddamn hard when you drop your bags on everyone else.
cant break 7 yet but hopefully soon

>> No.18885117



based and coasterpilled

>> No.18885118

God fucking damnit go back to 1.80.

>> No.18885125

Haven't had this much fun with 4chan in many many moons. Feels like the old days of raids and whacky antics

>> No.18885127

JESUS CHRIST ANON. You better pull your cock out at the right time or you'll get dumped.

>> No.18885130

10:1 reverse splits absorb shares so you end up with 1/10th of the amount you had before but since the price inflates to 10x the value from before you lose no $$$ value
its often used to make stocks look in a different league than they are and give them more wiggle room so they can sustain a dip without being unlisted

>> No.18885140

7 for long i mean

>> No.18885149

we grew up. /b/ is for 12 year olds, /mu/ was for 18 year olds, and now I'm 25 and retarded and risking money is the only way to have fun :(

>> No.18885154

I have 2500 shares at .45 bought another 1k at 1.57. Holding till Thursday.

Call me big dick strong hands

>> No.18885169

Or, in this case prevent them from being delisted from the Nasdaq altogether. Enjoy your bags retards

>> No.18885173

You’re big dick strong hands

>> No.18885174

how did you know to get in that early

>> No.18885180

fully agreed. /PTG/ is all about the lulz

>> No.18885195

>O-or in this c-case

>> No.18885198

There were posts last week when it was 0.4/stock IIRC

>> No.18885201

I literally wrote that at the end of my explanation you fucking mongoloid
imagine having the reading comprehension of a toddler but doing stock trades

>> No.18885204

rttr looking great for next week, there's a meeting with a rumor about a merger. very likely to hit over dollar

>> No.18885207

good times and money

>> No.18885224
File: 75 KB, 650x650, 1585343085773.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also is it bad to be constantly gambling on each of these small humps throughout the day? Making consistent small % gains

>> No.18885229

Yeah.. at what price did MVIS start to get shilled here on /biz/?

>> No.18885233

Thank u fern.

>> No.18885236

Are you bros placing calls on this? I’m considering but if it turns out Microsoft didn’t buy them out I’d get fucked.

>> No.18885254

>is it bad to [...] Making [...] gains

>> No.18885256

first I saw of it was around .75ish and I bought at .85 200 shares

>> No.18885263
File: 33 KB, 480x360, 94032340_3038258579602786_5759217248883441664_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes but I regret it

>> No.18885272
File: 9 KB, 551x93, MVIS43Cents.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I got in at .43 cents when it was first shilled, got out quickly when I figured out what the call is actually for.

>> No.18885277

Really difficult due to transaction costs and no rational way of telling if it will be going up or down

>> No.18885278

The future of AR:


>> No.18885286

I watch /biz lol

>> No.18885292

Sounds like bull shit but I believe it

>> No.18885301

My calls now have -.01 Theta


>> No.18885306

You'll regret it when tax time comes and you owe short term gains on every one of those trades. You are setting tax money aside, right Anon?

>> No.18885308

rttr looking great for next week with a meeting coming up with rumors of a merger. it should hit over a dollar at least next week. there's a lunch dip right now and it's a great time to get in

>> No.18885310

Same .43

>> No.18885313

Damn. Well done.

>> No.18885321
File: 11 KB, 256x256, a2a776d78e4fa8a4902e_small.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just dump my bags, got to get out while I am ahead
The craving got to me

>> No.18885335
File: 112 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200505-121047.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lol jokes on you. I only lose money when I flip so I have to pay less taxes. Little trick the government doesn't want you to know

>> No.18885340


Strong dick big hands

>> No.18885345

not that anon but I literally never pull money out of my trading account. at the end of the year I'll take out whatever extra I owe in taxes. I have a full-time job and just live off the salary. The investing is for when I can eventually quit this job and just day-trade or live off dividends

>> No.18885349


I bought at .44 last friday

>> No.18885353

I manage to snatched 44 at 0.44 later bought a hundred for 0.88

>> No.18885364

shill, I...
Today it pumped but it''s already on the way down

>> No.18885424
File: 594 KB, 768x768, 1584131133108.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this calculated for each trade individually or for the whole portfolio at a brokerage?
IE. Lose 10% overall but gain 1000% in one stock, do I pay taxes on that 1000% despite overall loss?

According to this, the first MVIS posts were in Feb 2014, and reference "FREE FUCKING MONEY" for shorting MVIS

>> No.18885430

This is why poor people are at a massive disadvantage in investing. Investing for the most part is rich people taking poor peoples money

>> No.18885435

grug has MVIS.
MVIS go down but grug no sell
have strong hand

>> No.18885457
File: 2.85 MB, 406x720, 1574374318368.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Forgot the link:

>> No.18885478

I understand the MVIS shill, but can anyone unironically explain to me why EMAN is set to moon?

>> No.18885487
File: 27 KB, 635x409, 2020_05_05_19_17_16_mvis_Google_Search.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do you call this pattern?

>> No.18885499


>> No.18885520

Hey btw, did you ever actually get in? At what price?

>> No.18885596

It might depend on the broker, but most will send out a sheet that shows all of your trades with a profit or loss and add it up at the bottom. Just good to keep in mind if you make a bunch of money, short term gains are taxed much larger than if you hold for a year+

>> No.18885625
File: 33 KB, 543x275, TA MVIS.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>This TA
Its stepped 3 times from .40 to .80 to 1.10 and to 1.50 today, if the trend holds it should trend to 1.90 afterhours today

>> No.18885633

Screenshotting this for Thursdays thread on who lost the most On MVIS

>> No.18885637

So called lambo pattern, sir.

>> No.18885675


>> No.18885717

>he thinks this thread matters

>> No.18885778
File: 47 KB, 500x505, 6993788D-2291-4577-BCF5-075F6B1A125A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Way more than I ever did in crypto I can tell you that

>> No.18885881

so glad i sold my $2 calls at .53

>> No.18886000

Yea thats been my finding as well. People always say Sony has the best tech. Problem is, bargain manufacturers can make something thats close enough for almost half the price.

>> No.18886024

If my cat ever did that to me I’d beat the shot out of it. Why the fuck do so many faggots buy a cat and not train it whatsoever. I hate that fucking meme “cats don’t respond to punishment” that’s regarded. It’s an animal and if every time it attacked you you retaliated slightly harder it would stop

>> No.18886026
File: 1.96 MB, 2736x3648, 1563372051843.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I probably bought 2 of those lmao

>> No.18886042


>> No.18886249

Holy shit, Sonys psvr outsold the vive and oculus put together. Thats definitely an interesting factoid to store away.

>> No.18886309
File: 335 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20200505-105802_Brave.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Goggles free AR. If this is true and they advance the tech sufficiently enough, Sony are going to slap MSFTs shit next gen.

>> No.18886389

Goddamit Perry, you platypus lookin muthafucka, I need them Racks, nigga. RACKS! Fuck you mean.

>> No.18886421

someone work up a "you have been visited by the perry of mooning mvis. great gains and msft buyouts will come your way, but only if you type etc etc.

>> No.18886560

Keep up the good work man. Help us in the other threads with your findings and help us maintain focus on MVIS until friday before we move to the next target

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