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Daily reminder that unless you’re independently wealthy there’s no reason to support capitalism. It’s literally a shorthand for “rich people control every facet of society”. If you’re not rich you’re just a slave to ensure they continue making money and that their position on top is secure. Capitalism even has its own version of rationing, the price system, that ensures that those with the most money have access to everything first.

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But I am going to be rich, I have a 20k stack.

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of what

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Your IQ is below 130, please stop posting.

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t. no skills

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Ok. So what's your solution? The market system seems to effectively allocate better than any centralized action I've ever seen. Does it suck? Yes, but we don't live in star trek world where all the lowest tier garbage jobs are basically btfo by magic replicators and automation. Some cuck is always gonna get short ended and that's just the way the world is. Instead of being a commie faggot butthurt goy, why don't you use your time to try and bring us closer to Star Trek instead?

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Nice projection lol.

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I ain't giving you my bread, filthy komissar.

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ITT: Big Brain Bootlickers

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What makes you think centralization is the only alternative to capitalism, which is not the same exact thing as "markets."

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OR maybe those billionaires want society to run so YOU still have your services. They're billionaires, they don't need your "money" anymore. They can live forever without ever losing their wealth.

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Go live in venuzeula then retard. Even China has capitalist economy.

You are really advocating neetism as you are low ambition, high neurotic and social awkward.
All that shit you wrote is cope

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What makes you think I want to make this a better earth? The people here suck. If an alien race came to earth looking to exterminate us I would help.

This is why I have my entire networth in crypto, fuck these people and their yachts

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>even China
What fucking planet are you on?

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Daily reminder that you are using a PC, the internet, a keyboard, and a mouse to relay this message to us. All produced via capitalism. Thanks!
>Even China has capitalist economy.
China has THE wild west capitalist economy:
1) No social safety nets
2) No unions
3) No/poor safety standards for workers
4) Just about any business is ok as long as its not directly opposed to the gov
5) Lie, copy, cheat, steal, no patent protection

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>implying we have a capitlist system right now

bru the fed is bailing everyone out. If thats not communism then idk what is

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Fuck off to /pol faggot

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What do you think?

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yes but i'm only just a temporarily embarrassed millionaire and if i just keep working hard enough soon i will be able to have my own slaves

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IBM was almost completely government funded, NASA and ARPA paid for the mother of all demos. Computer technology is peak socialized science.

It's communism for the rich, and cold hard capitalism for everyone else

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Of course
Billionares own hundreds or thousands of jobs first and foremost
Other people do those jobs which creates wealth then get a small bit of it in return

An employee doesn’t own a job, they just have one

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fucking moral newfag

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>forced technology transfers
>super high tariffs
>SOE’s with unlimited subsidies


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Government and universities produced the Internet

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that's actually state capitalism

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i am poor, but still believe that a "fair" capitalist system is better than a full capital centered one(like the USA), what i mean by that is, that capitalism creates opportunities and generates riches and in a fair capitalistic society, wealth trickles down to the "poor" who profit from better infrastructure, better food quality, better products better medecine etc.
the problem with the usa is that they went too far, the capital is kept into the hands of the few that literally hate on the poor, they basically lock their money and only use it for them and don't pay taxes or help the country they live in, they create closed communities of rich people and just live between themselves, meanwhile the poor are herded in closed neighbourhood without healthcare or education. ALSO the rich people in the USA don't spend all their money in the US, most buy property in fiscal paradices or send it back to israel.

capitalism is always the way to go, but just like in life, don't abuse it, and make it good for everybody

excess is never good

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This cope comic doesn’t disprove the point that you fags are gigantic hypocrites

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china has a state capitalism, communism never works alone, you need capitalism, that's why there are so many millionaires in china

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What kind of fucking commie degeneracy is this?

This is an idiotic claim that some fucking stewardess are making money for an airline which leases hundreds of fucking planes.

Marxists are beyond retarded.

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rich people will always be in control, you cannothave poor people control the rich, its just ipossible, because if some people are rich, it's actually because they did something that made them rich, most of the time its because they already have a position of power or created power.

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You can't be this retarded.

From where protocols, software and network hardware came from?

fucking imbecile lmao

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to be precise - communism is just an ideology, while real business is like it is in the west

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You’re the retard


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>they did something that made them rich

Like siphon off government money, or engage in exploitative business practices, or be born rich.

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you can only do those, if you already are in an advantageous position.

rich people are rich for a reason, and most of time its because they have access to or are in a position of power.

history has proven that even in communism, those in power or have access to powerful people or are close to the regime, all steal from the system become rich and accumulate wealth, not only tdo they become rich, but they also get access to all the resources of the system, since it's all centered, everything becomes theirs, atleast in capitalism, you can still have property

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Pretty much. Less than 10% of non wealthy citizens will move up a class, it’s the promise of the possibility that keeps everyone going but if you walked into a casino and were told every game had a 90% chance of you losing would you stay and play? We are led to believe capitalism creates equal opportunity for everyone to be rich but the statistics show that is far from true. Most people should favor socialism by the very fact that most people would be better off in a socialist society, but rich capitalists have done an excellent job of brain washing everyone into thinking they stand a chance.

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Meanwhile, in capitalism 300 billionaires own everything

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Billionaires and millionaires are the ones telling everyone to stay at home because Corona is going to kill everyone. They're the ones that can afford to crash the economy and still survive.

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You mean billionaires like trump and musk, telling us to get back to work to protect their equity.

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Yeah well there’s there are these crazy things like food and shelter

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Daily reminder that Coronachan prompted a bunch of Chapocucks to spam this board
Obviously Chainlink

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Why do communists post so regularly on /biz? What are they even doing here?

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The millionaires in China are all connected to the government there and made their money exploiting slave labour. Is that capitalism?

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Rich people are most often rich because they won the sperm lottery. Pedigree correlates with wealth more than any other factor

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>If an alien race came to earth looking to exterminate us I would help.
The final redpill.

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Shut the fuck up bootlicker.

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>critically analyze capitalism
>hurr commie

The Koch brothers thank you for your service

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>mentions Koch brothers randomly in conversations
Back to plebbit.

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Capitalism is the only system that gives poor people with the innate talent and drive the opportunity to better themselves without becoming a party member or criminal.

People without ability shouldn't be cared for by the system.

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socialists just want you to be miserable like them

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>rich people control every facet of society
That has always been, always is, and always will be the case.

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god this is so true only billionaires want the economy to survive

real working class want to stay home and watch netflix and eat, this virus is very deadly dangerous and scary and we can't go outside until bill gates puts microchips in our assholes #StayHome #FlattenThecurve

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>he thinks capitalism is a meritocracy
lol read a book dumby

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>never read a book that didn't support his confirmation bias

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Imagine a system where this does not happen.
Imagine such system being better than capitalism.
Imagine how long it takes until masses are being oppressed again.
Imagine human without survival of the fittest.
Imagine utopia.

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>thinks hes the only one who read the manifesto and das kapital in college
grow up faggot

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I have a PhD in political rhetoric and utopian/dystopian literature. I think that counts.

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Pathetic rebuttal.

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>spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on an education in a useless field
>i think that counts
the socialist

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>but if you walked into a casino and were told every game had a 90% chance of you losing would you stay and play?

Disregarding the rest of the post, that is exactly how casinos work

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lmao nice bait

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>Daily reminder that you are using a PC, the internet, a keyboard, and a mouse to relay this message to us. All produced via capitalism. Thanks!
Capitalism didnt' invent or make any of that shit.

People did.

Cope harder faggot.

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Koch, Purdue, Musk, Buffet. You’re shilling (for free) to protect their fortunes. Thanks goy.

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>meritocracy meme

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>Waaaaa I made poor life choices and it's someone else's fault.

The post. Go be a commie somewhere else untermensch

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>If I pepper in the words goy and jew to my posts maybe people will think I'm from here

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>says the r/the_donald transplant

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Capitalism is the worst system, except for all those others that have been tried.

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> why yes, I did watch a 6 minute youtube video on economics and think I know everything, how could you tell?

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>Death by tuberculosis is horrible; except for all the worse deaths


Just work a few more hours kid. 1% status is right around the corner!

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The problem is socioeconomics. People don't want money they want prestige

>> No.18908084

Why get autistic about capitalism and communism when you can adopt based Third Position and get the best of both?

>> No.18908091

>Death by tuberculosis is horrible; except for all the worse deaths
The equivalent would be
>Death by tuberculosis is horrible; except for all other ways to die
Which isn't right.

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Lmao rebuttal to what? Do you honestly believe someone has use a logical argument against your canned ad hominem response?

>> No.18908142

>Why get autistic about capitalism and communism when you can adopt based Third Position and get the best of both?

Because it's a loaded question that assumes communism has any merits. Also "Third Position" nonsense is just Bernie Sanders policies with racism. No thanks.

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>is just Bernie Sanders policies with racism
You say that like its a bad thing

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>Communism (from Latin communis, "common, universal")[1][2] is a philosophical, social, political, economic ideology and movement whose ultimate goal is the establishment of a communist society, namely a socioeconomic order structured upon the ideas of common ownership of the means of production and the absence of social classes, money[3][4] and the state.[5][6]

Communism, by definition has never existed and probably never will.

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>You say that like its a bad thing
Because it is a bad thing. I do not want to live in a society ran by wignat socialist retards who throw all economic knowledge out the window because they think white people are magic.

>> No.18908277

Yeah, that sounds like shit

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Lmao just no. Capitalism allocates based on profit not need. At home do you allocate your time and resources based on what needs to be done or do you use some magical market. People are so plugged into Capitalist ideology they don't see how ridiculous it is.

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You will never be rich.

>> No.18908456

And you will never be the leader of the revolution. You like to call people bootlickers, but you will always be under someone's boot because you have no skills to be anywhere else.

>> No.18908508

Communism is an advanced stage of human development you brainlet. And by your own definition it literally states it can be a movement that welcomes that progression. Just like the Liberals and Republicans historically sought the violent toppling of Monarchism even though Republicanism "had never been tried before" and was thought to be a pipe dream. Just like Monarchs replaced God-Kings and Emperors, Capitalists replaced Monarchs. Just a different justification for control and power.

>> No.18908552


No one here cares about your "skills" retard. Besides, you probably don't even have any skills, just 17 year old with a big ego, it might be enough to fool the retards but won't work here buddy. And I'm not even close to a "wannabe revolution leader" stop trying to analyze me when you're clearly not smart enough to do it, it's just cringy.

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100% lives with parents

>> No.18908590

Lmao looks like a nerve got hit

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>they think white people are magic
If people listened to capitalists we would have privatized roads, no public schools, no unions, a dead environment, and mass political unrest. It's about making the right tradeoffs for a stable, livable society that continues to thrive. Not one that has 10% higher output but has 30 years before collapse.

>> No.18908648

Read the last part again, applies to you too.

>> No.18908669

Great point.

>> No.18908713

>I'm not angry just look at this part where I said I wasn't

>> No.18908753

>It's about making the right tradeoffs for a stable, livable society

And wignats pretending that they have knowledge of what the "right tradeoffs" are through incredibly complex and dangerous government policy despite being completely, totally disinterested in economics and just going
>lol with white people we can use ANY system
does not make your arguments for socialism valid.

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Defend capitalism all you like. No one but parasites will reject labour theory of value. Why are there so many shills avoiding and outright dismissing LTV. Our virtues, culture, religion, founding fathers all told us labour is value yet these shills worship parastic ownership as their god and trash on LTV.

>> No.18908913

>not smart enough for counter arguments
>copes with "lmao I was just trolling anyway lmao u mad bro?"

Cope more retard.

>> No.18909112

The labor that goes into smart allocation of resources (management) has value. Wouldnt you agree?
Assuming you do, the mechanism that ensures this is rewarded and punishment in capitalism is to be found in risk and profit. Things you would probably aim to socialize, wouldn't you?

What happens if you socialize/nationalize risk and profit?

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>> No.18909217

Wake up and realize that a mom and pop shop with a pasta machine is a capitalidt enterprise

>> No.18909258

Market economies produced states and universities

>> No.18909296

>seething he will never steal others wealth to support his laziness

>> No.18909584

Holding this belief is like signing a non-compete contract with your self. Congratulations, you're a loser.

It takes a basic modicum of intelligence to hack this system. Everyone is literal cannon fodder.

>> No.18909955

>Daily reminder that unless you’re independently wealthy there’s no reason to support capitalism.

You know who communists like you end up murdering the most of? The independently wealthy; the kulaks who own 8 or more acres of land.

>> No.18910021


No one really has a problem with capitalism. Being against capitalism is like being against science.

You’re just against people abusing it, which you could stop by stop giving those people money and make their goods yourself. But you’re lazy and want everything done for you.

>> No.18910124


>no one has a problem with capitalism
>shit bootlickers say

>> No.18910143


Demonstrably false

>> No.18910166


You mean like bosses do?

>> No.18910192


Says the bootlicking communist. Enjoy you gulag, mudkip.

>> No.18910208

>wants to give up all his private property and submit to the communist party
>calls other people bootlickers
what did he mean by this?

>> No.18910236


>anyone who criticizes capitalism is a commie!


>> No.18910248

>my fashion choice of leisure tech is exactly the same thing as medieval serfdom

>> No.18910260


>meanwhile in reality 300 billionaires own everything

Oh say can you see!

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>these people own more than everybody else
>that means I shouldn't be able to rent out a second home

>> No.18910546

unironically yes
you'll learn soon enought…

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Capitalism and a free market are completely different things. Capitalism is the ideology and associated systems that view the profit motive as a net benefit for society, but most systems recognize the need for some degree of temperance to be imposed on greed.

>> No.18910964

Yes because the Bezos and Musks were spared. Besides Kulaks weren't murdered, it was more like suicide. Who knew when you burn all of your food to resist collectivization you starve.
>Being against capitalism is like being against science.
No it's dogmatic and seeks to silence any objectivity like analysis of capital, class, material conditions, and so forth. If you want to study Capitalism you pick up Das Kapital not listen to what some billionaire funded think tank has to say about why we've reached the greatest system and so on justifying why they should retain control.
>Conflating private with personal property

>> No.18911012

>Conflating private with personal property
You always try to pull this, but the difference between the two is subjective and can change easily. Can I own multiple houses and rent them out? I don't care if you'll let me keep my toothbrush, that's not enough.

>> No.18911085

>Besides Kulaks weren't murdered, it was more like suicide.

The sociopathic double-talk of you people keeps surprising me, even though it shouldn't.

>> No.18911266

I hate political points being made through comics because they almost always straw man the argument that they are mocking. The point that people are trying to make when they say "But you're saying this while using a iPhone" is that 1) Socialists completely fail to recognise how much capitalism has helped and quite frankly they are delusional about how much socialism will help them. They are greatly benefiting from capitalism but have 'the grass is greener from the other side syndrome. 2) You are a hypocrite. You are the ultimate stereotypical consumerist. You do not need an iPhone and could have easily bought a much cheaper Android.

>> No.18911335

yeah let's just stay home and let the government print money
maybe the government can print the products on the shelves too

>> No.18911340

Extension on the second point. Hypocrite socialists love to just blame other people, a bit like climate change activists and very rarely do they actually play their part. The women in the first panel is an idiot for not boycotting Apple. Apple aren't going to give a shit if you keep on buying their products.

>> No.18911628

Are you denying that starvation can't kill?
And yet that "iphones" argument is a strawman itself. I can leave it at that but this is a good flex opportunity. Capitalism is defined by private ownership of the means of production by the capitalist class. Capitalism is not a prerequisite to technological progress. I'm sure you know technology has developed before Capitalism and will develop outside/after Capitalism. However, the Industrial Revolution with increasing complexity and cost of the means of production catalyzed the development of Capitalism. So the "argument" that you can't criticize Capitalism because I think you own an iPhone, which itself can be used to further criticize Capitalism involving planned obsolescence which I wont get into any further, which is a result of technology and labor rather than Capitalism is about the extent of discourse that can be expected from Capitalist, and I don't mean that you own any significant means of production, ideologues.
>*mic drop*

>> No.18911943

The main point that I disagree with is the fact that you completely glossing over the point that the only reason why phones have become so affordable and high quality is because of capitalism. Now of course every technology needs government to make the initial investment and to cover the R&D, but once that's happened there's no reason to not allow private corporations to take the reins. If we had continued with government R&D, the technology would not have been as refined or as cheap.

>Capitalism is not a prerequisite to technological progress
I agree but capitalism helps a lot.

>Industrial Revolution caused capitalism
It caused the capitalism that we know today. It did not create the free market, and it's not like the free market wasn't working before the Industrial Revolution.

>So the "argument" that you can't criticize Capitalism because I think you own an iPhone, which itself can be used to further criticize Capitalism involving planned obsolescence
I don't understand this point at all. People don't need to buy iPhones because of planned obsolescence (which should obviously be illegal). That has absolutely nothing to do with it.

>*mic drop*

>> No.18912147

Bruh, the free market is a childish fantasy. In a true free market economy, profits tend towards 0, due to competition, the free market is a dumbass idea promoted by academics not businessmen.

All businesses make money by gaining monopolistic power. Capitalism is based on monopolistic competition.

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> monopolistic competition

>> No.18912433

RETARD https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monopolistic_competition

>> No.18912576

Not remotely how you used the term dum dum.

>> No.18912606

What part of the government owning the entire money supply and slicing up the market for their 4 favourite CIA nigger pets is Capitalism

>> No.18912788

Umm, implying

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>> No.18913759

i already retired, stay mad

>> No.18913792

Notice how OP didn't offer a better alternative

>> No.18914155

How about equality of opportunity and attendant social mobility. In other words:
>the belief that anyone, regardless of where they were born or what class they were born into, can attain their own version of success in a society where upward mobility is possible for everyone. Something achieved through sacrifice, risk-taking, and hard work, rather than by chance.

>> No.18914235


>> No.18914316

In other words: exactly what we have now

>> No.18914364

That's ideal, but hard. You're never going to be able to remove all elements of randomness/chance from success. Everything in life is a gamble to some extent, whether it's money or relationships.

>> No.18914443

Profit is more important than need.

In fact people who can't contribute to profit mechanisms are social liabilities and aren't needed. Their existence was unsustainable to begin with.

>> No.18914448

>instead of addressing what he says I will ignore his post cause he missed the term "oligopoly"
Whats a charitable interpretation again? It's been so long since I've seen one.

>> No.18914531

I must have missed the part where your country had functioning state schools, affordable housing and employment rights.
Randomness is one thing. Your version of "capitalism" is still in thrall to the idiot grandchildren of oil barons.

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>> No.18914612

Except Norway has all of that, faggot. Sorry to hear that you live in a banana republic.

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File: 97 KB, 1024x602, Population_of_former_USSR.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

/pol/ tier humor
>I-I was only pretending to be retarded

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