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I can just sense them PFIZER dividends flowing into my pockets

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Reminder that fundamental don't matter anymore

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Fuck tripfags.

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RDSb is a menace

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Fuck you guys for making me fall for the FRO meme.

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>muh unemployment numbers

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reminder that bobos are the most powerful traders in the world
bobos [email protected]

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DHT freefall

>> No.18905035

The mouse is fucking invincible
>volume already dead
Reminder that when the bell rings, most of the trading is already done until end of day now.

>> No.18905038

dht crashing too, lmao

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Fuck this gay ass clown market. CVS had killer results and it's barely moving.

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Buncha Debbie downer broke fags

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fucking vibranium mouse man

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I got fucked today, biz... and not in a good way...

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Last chance. Accumulate DAL right now.

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What stocks would you guys like to buy if there is a crash? for a long term investment.

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lmao dont get scared

trump economy is stronger than left wingers claim trust me

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>he trusted biz
me too anon, fuck this shit

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Big sell signal

>> No.18905097

brother don't worry, line goes up, the fire rises

>> No.18905099

imagine buying and holding

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>oil starting to go down
>more saudi oil on its way
>DHT had great earnings and conference
>DHT still down
holy fuck the boomers and algos that run this market are absolute fucking retards good god I hope they all die of the worst possible case of corona that causes their hearts to explode this clown market makes no fucking sense at all fuck it all

>> No.18905104

DHT on a one way trip to $5

>> No.18905105

>morning dump

last chance to get into MVIS

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they don't. listen to the most recent press conference. Powell only gives a damn about "functioning markets" he only cares that credit lines stay open and that corps who are "creditworthy" can continue to raise money, and people can buy and sell the debt. In effect, yes, this more or less keeps up the bubble. The prices of equities are only up because people think the debt horse and pony show will go on. In all likelihood, it will, just not to the same extent. The music will stop for many zombie corps that will be raped when the credit markets tighten and they will be unable to pay back debts with higher rates.

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Gonna load up on dht

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Good call guys

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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA or OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO? What even is real anymore? Fuck this meme market

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>Abe surprise shuts down Japan until May 31st two days ago
>Nikkei and JPNL up two days in a row
Boring low volume dead cat bounce. Will be back at lunch and close just in case WWIII starts.

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B-but King Boomer sold!

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wanted dis at sub 100
will it ever happen or it the mouse simply too stronk?

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Lmao almost fell for that anime posting tanker shill the last few days, nice try hahahaha

>> No.18905148

>Airbnb to lay off nearly 1,900 people, 25% of company
>Uber to lay off 3,700 employees, about 14% of workforce
>EU predicts region will contract 7.4% this year in worst economic shock since 1930s, while In February, the European Commission estimated a 1.4% rise in GDP for the EU this year. that's an increase of 6% in 3 months.
>ADP report complete disaster and predictions missed
Stock market still green. How long can this go on?

>> No.18905151

Looking to jump back in. Currently 100% cash. Kohl's is looking good but surely we have more room to drop right

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Why? The biggest airline in canada is about to be a penny stock

>> No.18905166

Buncha assholes getting gaped today

>> No.18905171

>NASDAQ closing in on February high
amazing. tech is king

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yes, undoubtedly.

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What is a good play right now? Just got out of ATVI with a little profit, but want more.

>> No.18905180

losers shilling for crashing markets because they don't want trump 2020 to win
this will be one of the biggest bull runs ever
all the bad corona news already gone and almost nothing happend
obama will cry in tears

all in dow jones

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mostly tanker idiots

>> No.18905185

you were just to greedy, do you thought oil will stay low forever?

>> No.18905190


Don’t post fake news here

>> No.18905192

how do I see real time stock tickers like RH has?

>> No.18905196

yo fuck Air BnB

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Crabbing stocks.

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That's why you dont listen to anime posters

>> No.18905201

He fell for it.

>> No.18905219

There is no good play
nothing is making sense in this fucking market

>> No.18905221

What is fake news? Please be more specific to fuck you up retard.

>> No.18905225

What are tankerbros end game? They think oil is going to drop again and their holdings will go up?

>> No.18905226

You aren’t supposed to take the numbers too seriously because it’s artificial contraction. If the virus wasn’t here economically everything would be the same.

>> No.18905231

should I buy tankers now

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Why yes I did buy SOXL at 119 during the dip yesterday how could you tell

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This. Office Depot was doom and gloom yesterday at like 1.80 2 dollat calls were dirt cheap. Today it moons to 2.20+

>> No.18905249

no fucking idea

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>me as an oil chad when I see the tanker unemployment numbers

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Please buy NAT, the weight of the bags is fucking killing me

>> No.18905267

Literally nothing

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Buffet was right

>> No.18905271

>What are tankerbros end game? They think oil is going to drop again and their holdings will go up?
That on the fucking best year of operations the stock price at least stays the same as it was before the Corona.

It's not much to ask...

>> No.18905273

Buy high sell low

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he thinks departments are going to reopen, wew

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owww the pinch /biz/bros...
it hurts...

>> No.18905290

Lol what was that drop

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Uhhhhhh what the FUCK was that?

>> No.18905299

Finally. Fuck BA.

>> No.18905308

The deserved dump after this shit news today? lol

I hope you don't believe your own words.

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Does biz recommend I take some of these profits now? Or just hodl till expiry?
Also, should I put more cash in to execute them or just sell them?

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>> No.18905319

Puts on airlines?

>> No.18905320

I was holding dht assuming breaking their earnings would have some positive effect

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>DHT 6% down

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You got on the bull run right?

>> No.18905329

>Buffet dumps and his followers ride his decisions
Yeah if that's what you call being "right"

>> No.18905331

Crab is king

>> No.18905332

A fucking anime poster posting a way over the top reaction image.

>> No.18905335

I'm just glad I only bought 5 shares.

>> No.18905336

he caused it though lmao

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>> No.18905340

>NASDAQ tracks zoom almost exactly now
This piece of shit index. Please replace with Russell

>> No.18905342

fuck the anime posters, I came to the same conclusion as they are, the difference is they shilled this shit on biz so hard that brought in retards with weak hand

>> No.18905343



it's near ATH but that's mostly because their business is unaffected by Corona. They are accumulating contracts to sell 5g-equipment in China and the US and their earnings / dividens / P/E are looking to improve significantly over the next couple of years.

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>> No.18905345

FAANG stocks will surpass most mid-sized nation states in wealth and power, and eventually even large nations

FNGU holder will become the new hyperlite(hyper-elite)

>> No.18905348

>two days in a row

>> No.18905350

Just got stopped out of DHT, get ready for the tanker moon mission.

>> No.18905351


Take your green and run fruity boy and be thankful for it there’s guys losing their asses

>> No.18905360

Sounds like they were indeed right

>> No.18905361

>That on the fucking best year of operations the stock price at least stays the same as it was before the Corona.
But it was all just speculative money going in there and such a short spike.

>> No.18905366


Why, yes, sometimes retards and imbeciles (trump supporters) could win in a short run.

However, the collapse of bullshit policies is inevitable in the medium term. Opening up economy will cause a second wave of corona.

This is an election year, so everything will go, endless brrrrr, etc. But even endless brrr cannot change biology or demand-based economics.

You will lose, faggot.

>> No.18905369

I hope you get one of those special kinds of concussions that makes you more intelligent.

>> No.18905370

Just closing the 15M opening gap.

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I’m hoping for a red day for more cheapies, but there’s 0 chance SPY goes below 280 today

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>I'm still green
>Didn't get shilled by animeposters to buy DHT at a high

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please make it stop
it's not funny anymore

>> No.18905380

Im looking to Buy when they bottom out. Air Canada was 20 cents a share in 2010, then climbed to $55 a share in 2019
Think about those gains

>> No.18905384

SFM is mooning for me, might have to set up some more grocery stores stocks

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Luckily my nustar position is counteracting my tanker play. Just sold all tanker stocks, fuck that meme.

>> No.18905391

my nigga

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>> No.18905394

Cool. I'll look into that. How do you determine what you'll pay for a stock? Like do you make a list and set prices that you'd buy at and then buy if it drops below that? Is there a calculation I can do to determine if a stock is undervalued?

>> No.18905406

yes my brother

>> No.18905410

What was the speculation in December last year?!?
Plz enlighten me. Why were tanker stocks higher in December?

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>> No.18905418

Lads I did nofap the past 2 weeks and also sun bathing to regenerate vitamin D and have so much energy now I even convinced some chick to send me tits/pussy pics and she wants to bang

Bullish on nofap
Bearish on incelism

>> No.18905421

Near ATH? What ticker are you looking at?

>> No.18905422
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going to be holding my bank stock bags for a long time, huh lads? :/

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yeahhh, I'm thinking suicide time

>> No.18905432

P/E long term and RSI within the window you are looking at. Do not buy 1 minute undervalued RSI and expect stock to stay undervalued for months or vice versa.

>> No.18905434

Where do you think SOXL is going? Are you long term bullish?

>> No.18905441

>imagine doing what you’re supposed to do to make the most money with big corporate stocks

>> No.18905442

Is tvix counting that the market is tanking?

>> No.18905445

haha line go up on bad news
line go down on good news haha

>> No.18905448

>Where do you think SOXL is going?

>> No.18905455

Fruitless coomerism is exactly the same thing as trying to rip your dick off every day. True Chad finds a good woman and pumps her silly.

>> No.18905458

Nope Wednesday is brr day it will pump in the afternoon

>> No.18905467

Because everything is overbought, it's as simple as that.

>> No.18905472
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imagine not all in June puts

>> No.18905475

I just yolo it, I’m no longer in a position, hoping for a sub 120 re-entry, but if I see the right indicators for a bull run I’ll hop back in

>> No.18905476

Was he right or do we just listen to his old senile ass and make his word prophecy

>> No.18905477

Why is SPY missing the memo that stonks only go up?

>> No.18905483

kneel before your king BYND. Praise S.O.Y fuck your testosterone
Traps are the future

>> No.18905485

Seems about right.....
Serious questions, is there anyway it can get back to recent 52 week highs? All of its holdings would have to have a massive uptick, and they are all already bloated.

>> No.18905486

Might get another leg down here

>> No.18905493

DUDE chill. just keep buying it will go up eventually and you would have bought the bottom for once.

>> No.18905497

>all the bad corona news gone
Nigger you’re joking right? All these dumbass flyover states that reopened are already seeing an increase in cases

It’s just begun motherfucker

>> No.18905499


Based. Especially the vitamin D part. Ascetics in India use to sun their scrotum and asshole for extra gains

>> No.18905500

Should I dump them at near break even? Or could banks do well over this recession?

>> No.18905502

Thanks, we needed that for rally to the new ATH in June. Your sacrifice is appreciated.

>> No.18905503

skyrocketing inbound in the next few days

>> No.18905512

If a stock is going up, how do you know to hold or sell and buy more? What math goes in there?

>> No.18905513

Disney is hemorrhaging money you retarded fucks, SELL

>> No.18905514

citynigger cope lol

>> No.18905515


>> No.18905517

If Nasdaq goes red we're in for a bloody day

>> No.18905534

sure man bet against the america
bet against the jews
im sure you'll win

>> No.18905535

Nobody really cared what he said. Air canada released earnings monday they are down 90% in profit. It will be the same with the other airlines

>> No.18905537

Tvix Bros!!!

>> No.18905543



>> No.18905545

Everything is kinda overvalued now, or most things are, so when you get a chance dump it imo. Right now we are riding on the wave of the Fed pumping money into the economy. When they have completely blown their load, then this shit will likely come crashing down. I'm short term bull and long term bear.

>> No.18905552
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>> No.18905562

This is kind of a poor time to be asking that question, of all questions.

>> No.18905564

>RCL extending cancellation policy into April 2022

>> No.18905567

Just hold it for a week we could be up 10% tomorrow for all we know

>> No.18905571
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you don't know, you just listen to other people on this board and post memes about it

>> No.18905573

Yes yes yes.Priced in, clown market, brrr

I doubt it ever made sense to non-institutionals during times like these.

>> No.18905576
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Get me those cheapies, bobo.

>> No.18905578

based and foresight pilled

>> No.18905579

This. Day traders are a bunch of idol worshipping boomer manbabies

>> No.18905580
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I only hate two things, dividend kings that slash their dividends, and the dutch

>> No.18905585

Unironically invest HTZ and get aboard the rocket. Next stop, the fucking moon

>> No.18905590
File: 57 KB, 770x523, 408EFA54-32E3-449E-B934-C4A65D10FE28.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this really that easy bobros

>> No.18905592
File: 315 KB, 1125x1834, D76FC688-B3FA-4227-AD32-5C207EED11AC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thank you SQQQoliders for bagholding when this thing was a real stinker

>> No.18905596

>$DIS is up
never bet against the mouse

>> No.18905602

If they have consistent revenue and earnings growth then it should keep going up. If they're profitable but aren't really increasing in earnings and revenue year over year then the stock has no fundamental reason to go up over time.

>> No.18905603
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Who else here is 30% up on SPY puts and ready to reload during the inevitable fake and gay pump?

>> No.18905610

not before me

>> No.18905611

If you are under 50, theres no need to hurry. Unless you are retarded and spent money that you needed soon. Otherwise just look for other things to buy or buy the same bank stocks in lower prices

>> No.18905613

We ride together we die together

>> No.18905614
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>even miners are down. damn

>> No.18905621

Been short term bull, mid term bear, long term bull. If there isn't another leg down from having to basically skip Q2-Q4 earnings, interest rate eventual hike, and oil being hot trash then the stock market is just a rigged slot machine that doesn't care about GDP or earning anymore.
Then I'll go all in on TSLA

>> No.18905622

im betting with the mouse i just want some more sub 100 mice so i want another nice dip

>> No.18905625

$NBLX is raping my ass bloody.

>> No.18905627

i bought them a bit too early and got rekt by theta

>> No.18905631
File: 21 KB, 507x242, Annotation 2020-05-06 091001.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Let's all take a moment to laugh at the tanker bros who said DHT would be mooning today after earnings.

>> No.18905641

The stock market is currently taking a turn for the worse today because it's just been revealed that the internet favorite retarded streamer DarkSydePhil, currently tied up in bankruptcy, is getting his $500k debts discharged. The news sent heavy sell signals across all markets.

>> No.18905644
File: 16 KB, 260x192, 42A76342-11C1-44AB-A6D6-3D6F035C26C1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I bought it while it was around $7 so I’m golden

>> No.18905652

More like next stop bankruptcy

>> No.18905653


>> No.18905655

tfw all the money Im losing based on meme bets I’ll recovery when I buy boomer stocks at the bottom come July

>> No.18905656
File: 343 KB, 750x425, 1588691888843.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are there inverse funds with no leverage? What do you think for shorting the market?

>> No.18905665

Went all in on SONM and grabbed it at 1.00 still hovering at that support before breaking upwards

>> No.18905666

It's a small amount I bought last year, those got hit worst in my portfolio from this. Maybe I just hodl. I feel like banks always revive.

>> No.18905677



>> No.18905680

>but, muh conference call!
>bernie can still win, match me!

>> No.18905681

Wow I never thought I’d see a DSP reference on fucking /biz/ of all places

>> No.18905685

PSq, sh, dog

>> No.18905689

you basically bought because someone who was building his short position came here and started shilling it

>> No.18905699
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Which was your worst investment in the last 5 years?

>> No.18905700

Went all in on MARK This shit is going to a dollar easily. Thank me later.

>> No.18905701

Have you been asleep for the last 3 months?

>> No.18905702
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Anyone got any idea what's going on with MMM ?

>> No.18905703

Who's going to buy Tesla's when oil is $10 a barrel? Only thing going for them was fuel efficiency. That's probably why elon is throwing fits on twitter he knows the sales are down

>> No.18905706
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Time to buy!

>> No.18905707
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Ok, where's the bottom for RTX? You fuckers told me to buy at $60.

>> No.18905708


>> No.18905709

Missing the dip in cunny

>> No.18905710

all of them

>> No.18905711
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nice get satan. Do you have a price target for JPM? I'm looking for $85, $75, and $70

>> No.18905720


>> No.18905721
File: 23 KB, 828x120, EBC82CE0-96CC-44E7-8E32-DCC1A4EEF809.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dwsh, bzq, ewv, sbb, efz. Diversify your shorts.

>> No.18905725


>> No.18905726
File: 220 KB, 400x384, Blank Stare Edd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bros idk what to believe anymore...

>> No.18905735

SELL at 60 not buy.

>> No.18905737

JBLU easily
It won't matter. The market will literally not respond to any actual market signals if none of those things I mentioned don't phase it.
Line go up. No questions.

>> No.18905749
File: 1.53 MB, 361x212, 1566614679394.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18905750

50 don't be scared just keep buying damnit

>> No.18905755

Well boomers shut down the global economy because they were scared of dying from the flu, and now that they realize it was just the flu, they are angry that they missed the dip and are trying to dump it again

>> No.18905756

Okay whoever is pumping needs to fucking chill right now.

>> No.18905759

fucking spy puts. always timed wrong.assfucked by theta

>> No.18905760

that was last weeks play. i sold yesterday for 70% gain

>> No.18905765

buying btc

>> No.18905769

Set a target, lets say 20% profit on your initial. When the stock reaches that point, sell a portion of your holdings and keep the remaining stocks in case the price keeps going up. Research more to understand if you should invest more in the future.

Tldr: Sell portions of your holdings as the stock goes up
Thats the risk free way but yeah, you run the “risk” of not maximizing your profits incase you invested in something like amazon in the early days.

>> No.18905770

Same here senpai.

>> No.18905774

Just bought some puts on McDick's. Shit's gonna get fucked once the country runs out of meat. Not only that, but there's a shortage of CO2 for carbonation from reduced oil refinement, so soon you won't be able to get a burger or a drink. Some local fast food chains around me aren't offering soda any more, it's a matter of time until it reaches the big players.

>> No.18905775


>> No.18905777

I hold BA puts. Feeling super comfy despite being 70% down.

>> No.18905779

>bought cvs yesterday at 61.4
>sold today at 63
e z money

>> No.18905780
File: 72 KB, 720x614, 20200506_111651.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah right

>> No.18905784


>> No.18905788

We gonna crab til next year bros.

>> No.18905790


>> No.18905806

listen to this anon if you want to get rich.

>> No.18905816

Based on tanker market logic, this will moon MARKs share price

>> No.18905821

This. He costed me money.

>> No.18905824

My ex

>> No.18905825

but it wasn't that bad

I'm more of a "getting killed by 1000 tiny cuts" type of investor

>> No.18905826

Just $.20 more to stop me out of FRO and end this suffering.

>> No.18905832

Good choice of words

>> No.18905833

I bought Cinemark at the peak.

>> No.18905835


ah yeah, I forgot that they once were a big phone-manufacturer. I'm thinking in recent years. They are very close right now to say their 5 year top.

>> No.18905836

>The market will literally not respond to any actual market signals
Are you forgetting how tesla dropped 70$ a share in 5 minutes cause of retard elon tweeting

>> No.18905840
File: 269 KB, 1108x1301, 7055354D-0D87-4F8E-A65C-DEA844285BB4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>sales are down
>suddenly elon is “le virus is hoax, protests are gubment conspiracy guy”
Can’t write shit this good

>> No.18905841

Fuck this crab market. I'm literally up $200 since over a year ago and I have 85k invested. If I knew the stock market was gonna be like a savings account I would've bought an apartment instead of renting all this time

>> No.18905849

red tomorrow
dead cat bounce on friday

>> No.18905855


uco before the split

>> No.18905859

The people who were already buying tesla. People who want to pay a premium to virtue signal. Oil prices aren't going to affect them.

>> No.18905860
File: 134 KB, 646x700, green wojak.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18905862

Bears are losing....this will end green

>> No.18905864

>tweets are the only market signals
I want off this clown planet AHHHHHHHHH

>> No.18905866
File: 3.92 MB, 522x287, 1587240291401.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Get up to watch open fir once. Same circus. Remember why i don't bother to pay attention to opening hour or two.

i'm going back to bed. 3000 party hats before end of week.

>> No.18905876

ABSOLUTELY retarded take. Virus is real and potent. Even if it’s a “flu cousin” this is NOT the flu. This is a more deadly and contagious strain and regardless of how much of a nonevent you think it is it was ENOUGH to fuck the medical systems sideways. I don’t like boomers either but they were right to flip their bricks being the most susceptible

>> No.18905883
File: 183 KB, 1199x674, 1553271266431.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just dont get it at all

>> No.18905888

inb4 Hertz avoid bankruptcy and ZOOMS past 500 %

>> No.18905893


>> No.18905896

All shortages so far for all products have been sporadic and temporary and the scale of mcdicks ensures that even if there are shortages they'll be first in line for what supply there is

>> No.18905902

Believe fundamentals only. This board is a mixture of genuine bad advice and trolling. I come here to relax.

>> No.18905903
File: 3.94 MB, 600x335, 1561625154407.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18905906

anyone still betting for a real estate crash?
What are some tickers to bet against real estate

>> No.18905911


>> No.18905912

Fundamentals have literally not mattered since March 1.
This is all TA for now.

>> No.18905914


Nobody has the right to act like a faggot in any situation. Government shouldn’t have the power to shut business down either.

>> No.18905915

Think it would be good to buy into some of those soon? How long can the fed keep this up?

>> No.18905919

I have this mental picture of a zoomer wojack buying in any dip no matter how bad it looks or how bad the news are.

>zoomie buy!
>*oil goed -300%
>zoomie buy!

>> No.18905929

kek this is me

>> No.18905935
File: 19 KB, 1253x473, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Almost a big boy
Keep the cheapies coming for a few more months. I'm still getting paid.

>> No.18905941

i really wish minor changes would be viewed in grey scale instead of red or green.

>> No.18905942

>fuck the medical systems sideways
>layoffs in the medical sector because hospitals are literally empty from this nothingburger hysteria
Really makes you think

>> No.18905950
File: 10 KB, 251x242, 32f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>JCP at 0.19
Where are those faggots that went all in at 0.25?

>> No.18905953

1. APPL buy puts
2. DF sell puts

Anyone got the Wojak with a DF hat?

>> No.18905959

Jesus you would have made so much more money with literally any tech play

>> No.18905963

Heh, is that all.you have bobos? Green day confirmed.

>> No.18905964

Literally nobody under the age of 40 dies. This is the biggest nothing burger in history. Even more than the Holocaust

>> No.18905965

They're impatient fuckers.

>> No.18905967

Good news bad, bad news good in clown market

>> No.18905972

half my family work in hospitals.
literally nothing is happening kiddo.

>> No.18905978

House is the best investment you can make. Once paid off it's like getting a dividend payment every month. Also a used Toyota isnt far behind. You can become der evige boomer as a young man.

>> No.18905980

lol how the fuck is disney in the green today?

>> No.18905984

banks probably, but they are going down, the entire shitshow is a dumpster fire

>> No.18905986

Glad I stayed out after getting pushed out at about $1.00. May have walked away profitable with that one too.

>> No.18905987
File: 21 KB, 423x245, dividends are your fren.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18905991

Layoffs in hospitals were for administrative staff. This is being used as an excuse to begin automating hospitals.

>> No.18905993


>> No.18905997

I'm still holding onto Block Buster from a decade ago.

>> No.18905999

please don't mention disney i'll shoot myself

>> No.18906004
File: 1.12 MB, 4151x4155, 1548713397358.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh come the fuck on ES, missed my entry by half a fucking point before it blasted..

>> No.18906007

>All in
People were putting like $10 in

>> No.18906011
File: 1.23 MB, 1400x1500, IMG_20200425_190606.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18906015
File: 413 KB, 720x682, 1585313849061.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18906018

IDK but I need them to go way greener or tank

>> No.18906026

I did, but I took my 26% gain and got out.

Memes always pay, you just have to time it right.

>> No.18906027

It's a small world after all....

>> No.18906028


>> No.18906033

Is it a green day or a red day?

>> No.18906035

Volume is pathetic today bunch of scared fucks

>> No.18906037

I'm new to investing and was thinking when all this coronashit blows over about getting into some dividend index funds. They seem to pay about 4-5%?

>> No.18906043

I think it is mostly because people who were looking at investing in Disney wanted to wait until after earnings to see how the price would react. This inverse is also true. WM met market expectations and is dropping.

>> No.18906046
File: 1012 B, 99x88, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18906054

No fucking idea. They are at their 5-year low, broken through MA50 and they presented great Q1 earning results. There's no FA or TA to explain the amount of fuckery going on some companies, especially those best positioned to deal with this pandemic and the upcoming recession. Look at NOVN Q1 report and then check the graph to get a good laugh.

>> No.18906061

Yeah they haven’t mattered bc this is unprecedented reality in modern times, but they’re all you can TRY to rely on. My second point still stands. This board is all dumbfucks who think they’re the wolf of Wall Street for shorting penny stocks from obscure Chinese energy companies. If someone approached you IRL outside the grocery store trying to convince you to buy half of these busted ass stocks you’d look at them like they were trying to sell you a castration

>> No.18906075

Nurses and doctors are getting laid off. With states cancelling services besides treating people with the rona. They have no revenue except unless they declare someone with a common cold as positive


>> No.18906076
File: 174 KB, 528x321, 1532700038623.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18906078

Doesn't change the fact that hospitals are empty. See >>18905972

Seeing this unfold makes me realize how easy it was to sell the Holocaust even if it was just a hoax like this chink cold

>> No.18906086

Wow it’s almost like population density is a thing, and when the lower pop flyovers start getting cases from clown world’s death throes attempting to reopen, you’ll see the impact of said layoffs

>> No.18906091
File: 47 KB, 1865x173, jcp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18906095


Easy? Literally all you have to do is repeat something long enough and it becomes the truth. Old Jewish trick.

>> No.18906099

that was the last dip ever, perma bull market incoming

>> No.18906100

Didn't you get the message at the Synagogue last week? Pump Tuesday, Dump Wednesday, Buy Friday

>> No.18906105

For what it’s worth I was interested in 3m and decided to listen to their CEO speak and it turned into a hard pass

>> No.18906109

I'll be just fine in my comfy rural retard village
Enjoy your Mad Max future, citynigger

>> No.18906110

There are hundreds if not thousands of 30 and under deaths. Just because they’re less likely doesn’t mean they won’t happen and that if you catch this you aren’t susceptible to permanent lung scarring. Don’t be fooled by hoaxer bullshit. They’re just desperate normies who want everything back to comfortable lies.

>> No.18906112

I need a break I literally don't know what to buy, everything looks bad to me. What do I do?

>> No.18906115

W-where is lean hogs bro

>> No.18906118
File: 154 KB, 820x836, file.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

do you guys ever take a moment and think:

"I'm currently living in the worst economic depression since the 1930s"

like, it's kind of based

>> No.18906119

someone told me that gold was supposed to go to 3000

>> No.18906126

I used to not believe, but now I see the light

>> No.18906136


I like how you pathetic doomer weirdos have tried to act like you aren’t the normies. Bunch of mask wearing chicken shit normies you all are. Biggest nothing since the last shilled nothing.

>> No.18906137

what the fuck indeed.

>> No.18906139

Maybe if you live in an irrelevant ass shithole like Alabama. I live in NYS, I’ve messaged dozens of nurses trying to find out for myself what’s going on, bc admittedly I was suspicious at first too. They said we’ve been covering up spikes of flu with unusual symptoms since December, that’s the general consensus from about a third of them.

>> No.18906148

Is it the worst depression since the 1930s though? investors certainly don't think so.

>> No.18906150
File: 70 KB, 899x866, 1588477674574.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

go do something else!

>> No.18906155

daily reminder to avoid advices from anime poster

>> No.18906156
File: 209 KB, 1080x1364, 1d35611beae1f56be1cd21fcf05248886c124198554e35d8b61f47310c21c47a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

they're totally not lying guys
the numbers are real!!1

>> No.18906158






>> No.18906160

Feel like it's all a hoax by globalists. If the news and media didnt exist nothing has changed at all

>> No.18906163

Nobody’s saying it does, but people who are smart should be home of their own accord. That’s been the spacebrain play since like February

>> No.18906164

investors are objectively the most economically illiterate group.

>> No.18906165

Don't buy?

>> No.18906171

Based nigger

>> No.18906172

No, that's third person thinking.
Only hyper self aware losers do this.

>> No.18906179

Do what chicken-chan says >>18906150
Walking away from your charts can be good, you don't have to force things. That's when you start making emotional mistakes.

>> No.18906183

this is more like 1901 than 1929

>> No.18906191

How much do you have invested? Reading up on it, dividends only work if you have a metric fuckton of money to start with

>> No.18906202

If you want to hold it long term, a lower dividend is better, because it is a lot more tax efficient if it's used to grow the company

>> No.18906253

Jcp was my first job they treated me well, feels bad man I hope they make it

>> No.18906258

>chink flu
Using your same logic, I could just as easily say:

Seeing this unfold makes me realize just how easy it would be to stack bodies for NWO depopulation death cults even if it wasn’t a hoax after enough counter culture posts online

This all comes down to whether the virus is serious or not, and unless they’re pulling some mass lies (which nurses would have realized and leaked esp in hardest hit states) we see that it is by now

>> No.18906265

In new york 95% of deaths are over the age of 50. Its highly unlikely we have even hit 1000 deaths under 30

>> No.18906269
File: 330 KB, 830x357, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Last chance. Steeper than Emma Watson's chest

>> No.18906276

i think it's more obvious now than ever. rich mans game etc
I'm waiting for the collapse but don't know which stocks if any will survive. Buying american. MAGA!

>> No.18906281

Because you live somewhere next to nobody else wanted to live lmao

>> No.18906370

It's very infectious nobody said it wasn't. But is it especially dangerous? No. Is it worth shutting down the economy for? Fuck no. This hysterical overreaction makes you think we're dealing with an especially infectious version of ebola or the Spanish flu 2.0. In reality it's milder than even regular flu.

>> No.18906372

I’m not a doomer, go over to /cvg/ on /pol/ if you want doomers. They still think this is airborne aids. I’m a realist. No reason to suspect this virus is fake. Every reason to take precaution.

How could us “believers” in the virus be the normies when the media and you ignorant fucks denied it even existed or mattered until it actually started spreading here? I was on this for months following the news that MSM wouldn’t touch. I don’t know who or what you’re implying I am, we’re both on one of 4chan’s more obscure boards rn

Btw, donning mask is the most chad move you can make regardless of pooh flu, we just didn’t have a culture that was accepting of it (why idk) and now it’ll be pretty much just like how asian cultures already were in regards to personal protection. That doesn’t make you a sheep, it makes you smart. Your image concerns about donning protective gear make you ironically a huge sheep, the same kind you fear so irrationally

>> No.18906383

Fuck yeah Hertzbros

Bought 1000 shares today, next stop is the moon.

>> No.18906396

Show me an actual link instead of an easily faked image and we’ll talk

>nigger ape outsmarting anyone
That was my first X to doubt

>> No.18906419

you putting in minimal effort for a screencap has me sold

>> No.18906433

See you on your yacht, HTZChad

>> No.18906456

Btw if you go off the whole testing kit the numbers are fake thing the only reason we’ve seen so far that accounts for that is the whole medical coding thing, and the “less effective tests are cheaper” thing. The nuclei acid tests that work better are “expensive” so jews don’t want them mass produced here in US. And HIPAA codes are assigning corona label to most deaths which will admittedly see some bloat where it didn’t technically cause the death. But that’s not enough to account for some conspiracy of completely bullshit numbers, it’s just another symptom of something that came on so fast we weren’t prepared to deal with

>> No.18906469


>> No.18906473

probably living in buttfuck nothingburgertown

>> No.18906482

This is unironically Weimar America, regardless of the virus. The virus (hoax or real) was just the push we needed to explode the culture wars. We’re going full accelerationist bad ending future here within 20 years

>> No.18906500

I grew up in NYC and fled as soon as I can and probably 70% of people I know want to do the same or are actively working on leaving. Are you some tranny or roastie? Those are the only people I know who like urban american shitholes

>> No.18906527
File: 71 KB, 910x661, 0cfbc41807f164864433d829c8543f28f92e6f45d6e430fcf7e91a13624c5b42.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

reee i demand my info be from (trusted) mainstream sources! They have my best interests in mind and aren't controlled or curated in the least!

blah blah numbers
> HIPAA codes are assigning corona label to most deaths which will admittedly see some bloat
so you're saying they're falsifying numbers. Is it impossible these tests themselves are fixed?

>> No.18906550

I meant internationally not just in NY. The younger deaths are a smaller proportion no doubt. But make no mistake if we fuck this up and it spreads that lower proportion expands and could include you.

If it’s that infectious it absolutely is. If we ignore this and do NOTHING then we end up with those sub million death figures like they initially projected. At the very least we need the production to get every American several disposable P100s they can wear out and to work if you want to keep the economy open that bad (to go work for jews no less). But this was absolutely worth slowing the economy over. Besides, isn’t the quarantine fun? Are people that miserable at home doing what they want to do and not being slaves for a change? Really makes you think

>> No.18906565

trump's got this
virus is their hail mary

>> No.18906578

The tradeoff is usually a lower beta, which means less growth in the actual price over time

>> No.18906593

I didn’t say anything about “trusted” you didn’t post anything at all faggot

It’s not impossible but it’s not likely. What you’re perceiving as some grand design is most likely simple incompetence. The more effective tests take longer and are more costly to produce. That’s why Trump had to team up with his corporate killer’s row of funding to create drive thru testing

>> No.18906638

You are one stupid nigger. I had to reread that last part just to make sure you said what I thought you said. Milder than regular flu?!

Based on current numbers as is the death rate is confirmed higher than regular flu. The only reason retards like you think anything otherwise is bc regular flu is SPECIFICALLY less deadly and infections, and doesn’t have a campaign to stay home or slow the economy over it. If we didn’t have the quarantines, you’d be seeing numbers even YOU couldn’t deny.

Even if you take away 10% of rona deaths on suspicion of false causes of death, the death to recovered ratio is still worse than flu

>> No.18906644

I wish I could be as dumb as you, you probably think that if you close your eyes the world disappear

>> No.18906659

I don’t live IN the city I live in the greater metropolitan area. The political culture sucks but having businesses and infrastructure around is essential. What do you do when you need medical care, get airlifted to some podunk hospital?

>> No.18906679

everyday i see red, any gains i make are wiped out by stupid trades. ive just been sitting at my original amt for a month. what do i research to actually make money, TA? dont want to be stuck in a 9-5 for the rest of this existence bros

>> No.18906686

Trump is hardly any more an ally to you than the “let’s inject hormones in babies” democrats. He’s a confirmed Jew shill (a NYC elite being jew-adjacent color me shocked) who I’m 75% confident saying grifted all of us with his America first rhetoric, and he’s merely the lesser of two evils this election

>> No.18906693

So this is /COVID19/ general now?

>> No.18906695

>he doesn't notice the disparity between reality and media-created reality

>> No.18906713

Nothing has changed at all? How do you figure? Nevermind the media reports they can go fuck themselves, go outside. Go into town (please get an N95 or better tho)

Nobody is out, grocery stores are going from nothing on shelves to slightly more than nothing on shelves.

>> No.18906781

you seem more like a shill after every post but you are from NY
Trump has done more for me in his tenure than any D nom. Literally put money in my pocket. Not from tomorrow's future but from the filthy Fed.

The media wouldn't be constantly embarrassing itself trying to smear him if there wasn't a threat. Media is in collusion with various powers promoting deadly corona panic in an effort to hamper elections.

this is why dems FROM THE BEGINNING of the virus have tried to fix mail in voting.

>> No.18906786

See >>18906713
even if you ignore the media reports, go into town. Notice all the businesses with poster board saying closed temporarily or outright closed due to corona. See less people out? The ones that are with mask and goggles? Yeah something is happening and even if I’m wrong and the virus is fake and it was all a manufactured move to take away freedoms (I still try to look for evidence of this despite believing contrary) then SOMETHING is happening.

>> No.18906883

Those trumpbux checks are going to be your tax burden in years to come and I hope you reflect on this post when you realize that

What am I shilling for exactly? Never said anything pro media, pro jews, pro democrats. All three of them can go fuck themselves. I’m only advocating for taking INDIVIDUAL informed action like staying safe and not falling for lies within any narrative.

I’m not saying trump is (((theirguy))) either, but he’s for sure not (ourguy), in reality trump is a narcissist pleaser and probably just wants to play to wherever he gets the best ego reinforcement from. I’m not trying to be orange man bad guy here I’m still ticking the box next to his name in November, but I am saying he’s not this stalwart political idol that Qtards and boomers are propping him up to be and that much is obvious

And dems care more about his “attitude” than anything else. They don’t like that he isn’t fake as is the standard for corrupt politicians who lie to our faces. Because he’s more real they don’t like him. I see it, and I get it. But that doesn’t mean he’s a paragon of truth either, in the last few weeks there have been solid examples of trump flipping in regards to reacting to coronavirus protests and treatments. Not even trying to hate, but I have to make heavy disclaimers to not be accused of being the opposition

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