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Is it true that if you quit with the intentions of starting a business, your boss will try and convince you starting a business impossible?

I want to know if my boss is just bullshitting so he isn't understaffed or he is being honest in the interests of not seeing me thrown into poverty.

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most employees think starting a business is near impossible. That's why they're employees.

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Are you thinking about starting a business in the same industry? If so, he is discouraging you because you would be competition for him.

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you know your boss better than we do. figure it out

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is your boss even the owner of the business you work for? most businesses do fail but unless you were a close friend of his before you got this job he's probably just being a prick

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All it takes to start a business is paperwork and filing fees.

Making and keeping it successful is the hard part.

Seriously, you know how many fucking business owners there are in a given city? It's not hard to start at all.

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are you actually asking if this statement is logically true you goddam brianlet

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