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Daily reminder that there is an unfilled gap at 3k. Bitcoin is going to dump. Prove me wrong.

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ok yes that's fine but if I see that mouth one more fucking time I'm going to get out of my chair

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i keep seeing this gap this but wtf does it mean

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it means OP is going to sit and wait for it to return to 3500 while everyone else makes money

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It’s the lamest FUD ever. It even worse than TA.
>I know the price is nearly $10k and the bears can’t seem to keep it down, but the past 4 months on the weekly chart shows the double dog dick pattern, which means a 70% crash.
It’s just stupid meme line bullshit.

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that's not a gap faggot

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Bingo! The 'gap' theory is the last thread of hope these bears have. Also the wicks overlap - you can't cherry pick how to read these charts (wick to body, wick to wick, etc.) to fit your narrative. There is no gap.

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Don't worry anon, fags like OP say this shit to convince themselves they haven't missed the boat

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That’s a gap

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Zoom in

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there's a gap on the hourly, because of the timing of the wick, but you're right in that there's no gap on the daily (which is the only timeframe that matters imo).

3500 is gone and isn't coming back. we'll see a massive crash soon but we aren't going that low.

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I never said this shit wasn't going down fags
the only reason we pumped today was to closed the gap from last week

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the funny part is that those retards could scream about an even lower gap if they applied their logic to the rest of the chart
but they don't, because they are retarded parrots who just repeat the same shit endlessly

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It means op has a short at 10k

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>prove me wrong
burden of proof is on you faggot.

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why aren't you calling for this "gap" then ?

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That's a gap

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what about this

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my go you're retarded

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Gaps are everywhere until they're not. Gaps like everything else are temporary because they always get filled.

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you're an absolute moron those are not gaps
gaps appears when 2 consecutive candle fail to trade the same price range

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Hey take a lap.

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you've been spreading your dogshit all over this board for days now, you have no idea what you're talking about faggot
my case in point you didn't even see this >>19102132

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Problem, bullcucks?

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>spreading your dogshit all over my board blah blah blah
whatever KAREN. All gaps are temporary and they will be filled. Just like your mom's slit.

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That's clearly not a gap what is wrong with you

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>whatever I have no argument because I'm just a fucking retarded parrot

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it is by OP logic

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Get bodied buster

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just imagine how many times you posted this trash fake gap
you should stop posting, just embarrassing at this point

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There is a gap in the lower 3Ks actually. It's even more slept on :)


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Hey bud listen. I got a tip for you. There is an unfilled gap at 3k. Its going to get filled.

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welp that's it I'm gona leave you morons together
I can already feel my IQ dropping staying here

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Daily reminder OP is a faggot.

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Don't let the door hit you on the way out

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Neck yourself, brainlet
I hope you hodl your life savings all the way to $3K and sell the true bottom. Dumb cocksucker

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thats a man

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