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god i hope so. my bitcorns would moon

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What should I buy with my $100,000?

I'm planning on buying gold with it.

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why not give me a million so i can afford my mansion

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Wiping out debt is like resetting your computer to deal with memory leaks. Should be done for everyone on a global scale.

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>should be handed $100,000 NOW to stop a full-blown financial disaster triggered by coronavirus, economist says
stopped reading at "economist says". since when have economists been right about anything?

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i need more cocaine and stinkies

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economists are people who say - OK, OK, it works in real life, but will it work in theory?

>> No.19195494

image how much a loaf of bread will cost if this happens

>> No.19195621

haha yes

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I live in Australia. This is the stupidest shit i've ever seen. Giving everybody cash will just make everything more expensive.

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I would spend it all on btc

>> No.19196558

so, exactly like our regular minimum wage rises?

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imagine the noise

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And the majority of the population here are just plain stupid. They'd blow it on useless shit, ignoring their debts

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How about the government just gives people jobs to do in exchange for money
Fucking nuts idea aye

>> No.19197070

That's the point. It worked during the 08 crisis.

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