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first for bears

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2nd for bears

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no bears allowed.

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3rd for fucking bears, crash this market

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my margins will be higher and my profit will make you wish you could run it better than me.

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We must save Baggie from the perfidious chinks

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Today's the day boys

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dude........ like really... i'm not even pissed off im just amazed.

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We must save Baggie from the perfidious chinks

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what happened to the sandal factory? Or are they one and the same :o

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Fuck all of you

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How do I make money when the Chinese market is crashing?

Are we able to buy from it now?

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>no hentai educational site this time around
Next you fuckers are going to be telling me Raytheon wasn’t a good buy

>> No.19265065

im baggie aka the trader formerly known as bagholderextraordinaire and i approve this message.

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Oh and did those of you talmbout unemployment see this already kekkies?

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Only a true masochist would bag hold through this 3 day weekend.

You wouldn't want that kind of weight on your shoulders spoiling your quarantine holiday, right Anon?

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12th for fucking bears. Bulls you are done.

>> No.19265083

Puts on GSX and other Chinese shit.

>> No.19265086

Kekimvs Maximvs.

How can I invest in genetically-engineered cat OLs?

>> No.19265087

it's like the old saying if you can't join them, fuck them... i might have misunderstood it and took it too literally...

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Do you still cook? Do you do it for your gf? Does she cook chinese stuff for you?

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I am awoken
>t. printer
And now
For unprecedented power

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Those fucking Nigerian emails

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I have more money in my unemployment debit card than i do in my bank account.
MMmmmm clown world much?

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I changed it to a restaurant, its going to be better than bagholderextreme whom will use frozen store bought ingredient

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Where can I find a nice catgirl like her?

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what the fuck is this?
algorithmic death spasm?

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GSX fudged user numbers and is being called out for fraud. Stock is plummeting.

Any other recommendations, anonito?

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more stonewalling from congress for additional funding is coming...

and for those who don't know stonewall jackson was a military leader, he died among his soldiers, he's honored and hated it was a civil war, but the dude gave his life up to lead his men and he was a confederate... i was always a union northern yankee, but damn it I have respect for my southern bretheren... civil wars are honestly some of the greatest lessons to learn.

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and ftse is dumping... this is it

>> No.19265135

UK or Italy

>> No.19265144

Why not both?

>> No.19265149

Nah, you're just a poorfag who's nigger rich for a couple months

>> No.19265150

uk, but both are not doing great

>> No.19265153

You say this everyday and SQQQ barely fucking moves.
Oh wow look I made a whoping 19 quids on some gay ass microdump instantly bought by Powell.
This shit is gay

>> No.19265156

DAX is looking to fall off a cliff right now.

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If you weren't going to ride the waves or long-term baghold, cash was always a perfectly viable alternative until volatility settled down.

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works for me.
soon enough we'll all be poorfags fighting to be nigger rich anyways

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UK exchange is colloquially called the footsie yes? is italy the footsie as well, or is there another colloquialism?

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so how much will the China dump will affect US equities?

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yeah i can cook... my fridge is full of produce and i have all the dry shit too... we cook for each other and it's great... I love using alcohols to deglaze the pan and create sauce... omg i make great food... my inspirations of becoming a pro cook were grained into me when i was like 12-13 years old and would watch food network all day until iron chef came on... i learned from emeril's show, learned from malto mariano, and all of the iron chefs... my friends put on a cooking show at their house and im watching it, and im just saying dumb bitch needs this and is forgetting that, and uhh... it's impossible to watch that for entertainment... i've probably learned how to hunt, grow, fish and cook better than most chefs.

>> No.19265189

Honestly I wish I'd gone harder on my GSX short but you should warn ppl there's some complications. If you short via puts and it gets/is delisted while they expire bad stuff could happen, they're also unlikely to fall as fast as LK unless someone fesses up/gets convicted IN CHINA which may not be likely. Also I listened to a podcast with Carson Block at work today and he spent 20 minutes talking about his Asian wife lol
Poor Stonewall got killed by friendly fire didn't he ;_;

>> No.19265190

>Goldman Sachs gives India’s growth forecast a ‘gigantic downgrade’

What is a fucking gigantic downgrade. lul

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look what came in the mail today boys!

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JPow, Based.

>> No.19265220

i don't know, but those are close to rumors... the uhh field hospital, they tried to cut his whole shoulder off, and uhh dude died... fuck.. love him or hate him... he commanded americans, and he was a great general. lead his troops... civil war was really bad... i'd rather bomb iran than have anybody come here.

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I'm gonna need to diversify my alcohol portfolio.

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india is still an emerging market, so understand iit's basically a blanket downgrade on all emerging markets, read though the headlines and understand what they're doing.

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what happened to kahn academy in the educational sites list

>> No.19265241

beer whiskey gin vodka.... that's all you need bro. then just add more of everything.

>> No.19265246

So based. I have a 2hu wallscroll but just realized I don't own a single piece of stock market memorabilia. Where'd you get the portrait?

>> No.19265254

I've been slow bleeding down to 9 a share since march.

>> No.19265257

America gonna be green asf today frens

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RIP Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau

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i found the highest resolution image on the internet and got it printed on amazon prints. came out pretty nicely.

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oh shiit... wines... damn ok... i know so much about wines... fuck... uhh my favorites are the deep reds like cab savs.. uhh for my sauces i usually go with cab blanc, but there are great wines from all over the world... i'm actually growing grape vines.

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I was thinking about printing this out

only an absolute psycho would catch a knife as sharp as this one

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I wrote a magickal affirmation to myself on the letter Trump sent me about the check, def keeping that

>> No.19265290

seems like a perfect opportunity for America to make some of that gunshow money

>> No.19265291

Cope what nigger? Im telling exactly how reality is

>> No.19265294

burgerland gonna keep going up

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>another stimulus check

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ok my favorite wine might be a rose well rosae or what ever that faggot accent mark on the fucker... pink blush fruity wine... it's the best cold drinking wine i can find... doesn't compare to a nice scotch or burboun but shit i'll drink everything.

>> No.19265309

you have an absolute shit writing style

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Only mixed drink I'll ever care for
>1oz of each of the following:
>light rum
>tripple sec
>sour mix
>squirt of coke

That's the recipe for double Texas Tea.

Literally the only thing I've been drinking since the quarantine started. Each drink is 5 shots so you know you're doing it right.

>> No.19265324

nope we're too invested into europoors and chinks that our burgers need time to grill... we had a shortage on beef, looked at the counter 18.99 per pound for steaks... fucking thieves.

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FTSE down over 2% now

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>> No.19265334

Are you ok?

>> No.19265339

Correction when?

>> No.19265341

i have that letter on my fridge. i should frame it next to the j pow poster

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>> No.19265347

buying DFS and LYV shares


>> No.19265355

Visited Taiwan over lunar new year and got to discuss some military/strategic topics regarding any potential invasion by mainland China with a Taiwanese friend who served. Their main objective is to outlast a mainland assault for at least two weeks, and have heavily fortified their infrastructure to be able to do so: utilities, military, etc. They've got US military infrastructure on the island as well, which I imagine would complicate any Chinese assault on political grounds. The two week window is the projected time frame for US support to arrive.

>> No.19265363

like for 1500 bucks a head i can get cattle, probably get 800 pounds of meat off each... damn... shit it's fucking retarded... i might be kinda retarded but im not fucking fullblown extra chromosome hoarding covid 19 coughing kid that wants to kiss santa on the lips retarded.

>> No.19265365

what kind of steaks???

they haven't changed price where I'm at in california. ny strips range from $5 per pound (shit tier discount grocer) to $15 per pound (grass fed organic). both USDA choice.

>> No.19265368

Probably never. Futures are looking green and we gap up at open...I am so fucking rekt...

>> No.19265374

>corona virus confirmed as a nothingburger
>stonks red
fuck this retarded market

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I'm just gona ride AMF's down to America's rock bottom

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Cute cat, but you know whats funny, I haven't made a single cent in this market. Haven't lost one either. Know why? I haven't invested a single penny. Not one red cent. Call me cautious, buts its the best risk management that exists. When the market goes up another ten percent, wont mean anything to me. Down another ten percent, hey, I'll just keep trucking on. While you all get stuck in this quagmire of avarice and materialism, I'll be flying high with a clean conscience. Enjoy spiritual poverty, faggots.

>> No.19265409

extreme bear coping

>> No.19265415

Wow I just got hangover PTSD from this image

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>CDC changes their stance after a big push to reopen country

>> No.19265420

Holy fuck this is the poorest thing I've ever read
sub 100 IQ spotted indeed

>> No.19265427

dude im in connecticut... fucking cuomo has fucked up everything in new england if you want to come here... our governors don't even lead they just wait for him and do their own thing... i am so pissed off, i hate it dude... beef is fucking dirt cheap. the thing i'm eating mostly is seafood... since im on the coast and know commercial fishers.. i go to their whole salers and get shit dirt fucking cheap. like i paid 5.99 a fucking pound for big ass half dollar sized scallops.

>> No.19265428

I used to drink AMFs and Long Island Ice Teas like water when i was 21ish.

Alcohol fucks my shit up now.
I steer clear and stick to beer.

>> No.19265429

>US futures will follow.
Not enough the pajama traders have anything to say about that.

>> No.19265431

Cope from a faggot

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>> No.19265445

i think i've made those with coconut milk instead of sweet and sour mix, and uhh they were still blue and fucking... yeah everbody got naked lots of fucking things happened.

>> No.19265446

OOOOOO this bitch RED as fuck

feels good, brother
I'm thinking 1 (one) circuit breaker tomorrow at LEAST.

>> No.19265450
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Poor, Sweet, innocent, delirious bear...

Who hurt you???? Tell me their name! I will make them pay!

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Did the tourists leave? Is it safe now?

swirl patterns in the crab bisque say red open tomorrow but rebound 30 minutes before close to finish another modest flat to -0.5%. 3000 party hats Tuesday.

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It's over Bullbros
I am financially ruined

>> No.19265458


But you should at least try a drip feed into an ETF for the comfy feel?

>> No.19265459

Based, and coconut milk-pilled

>> No.19265469

you're still losing money to inflation

>> No.19265472

How many times bobo

>> No.19265473

No LARP that sounds hella nasty, remove the tequila

>> No.19265477



>> No.19265480

Is this a meme saying this all the time? Please explain how you are ruined?

>> No.19265483

i just made them by the pitcher.... with handles of booze... i did a back dive naked into the pool swam up took a gravity bong rip swam up... shit everybody was naked except the black guy with the lighter, who didn't know how to swim.

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line go down

>> No.19265487

I've claimed circuit breaker at least 3 times i think.

>> No.19265488

that's not dubya's signature

>> No.19265492

On one day? How are you invested?

>> No.19265501

I suppose if you bears keep larping enough you've eventually be right

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Step aside fools

>> No.19265506

Wheres the duck when you need him?

>> No.19265508

I like two mixed drinks: rye and gingerale, and pina coladas. I used to like screwdrivers (oj/vodka) but there was a vomit involved incident that soured me on them for life.

>> No.19265509

Why the fuck are you downloading my images and using the same filename for them?

>> No.19265514

Munger says there are seven things you should avoid in life:

Intense ideology
Self-serving bias
Perverse incentives
Perverse associations
Influences that will compromise your objectivity

Munger also says that life will have terrible, horrible, unfair blows in it. You have to find the silver-lining in those blows, avoid self-pity, and carry on.

Finally, Charlie Munger believes that “the highest form which civilization can reach is a seamless web of deserved trust. Not much procedure just totally reliable people correctly trusting one another.”

He says this is how the operating room works at the Mayo Clinic. If a bunch of lawyers were to introduce a lot of processes and procedures, then the patients would all die.

So, what you want in your own life is a seamless web of deserved trust. And if your proposed marriage contract has 47 pages, Munger’s suggestion is "do not enter".


>> No.19265517

meme lines are doing all kinds of shit.

>> No.19265523


>> No.19265529

so you've got something that's less useful than the effort you invested into it?

>> No.19265530

I think you mean Fahd bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.



>> No.19265533

Im losing my life to time

>> No.19265537

How am i supposed to sleep tonight if I always end up missing all the excitement?

should I just stay up all night?

>> No.19265542

Sleeping is pointless, stop doing it

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>> No.19265546

we have a fucking 3 day weekend... damn it was the perfect opportunity to post my gf's snatch... but i've decided that's it no more photos... she's priceless to me. and every image you faggots post only make me smile and remind me of my love.

>> No.19265547


>> No.19265549

glad I can read about the markets before mine in burgerland open. Ill set some limit orders and catch the dip. Thanks frens :]

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Yes it's cozy 1am essemgee. Flattish day tomorrow not impossible at all, though I can't say I'm very reassured by being at the last high-volume node before that gnar slide to 286

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I can’t get a regular sleep pattern even if I tried. I typically sleep through the first 2 hrs of the market and life is fine.

>> No.19265566

did you learn and change at all during the experience?

>> No.19265567

You better fucking not

>> No.19265570

Are we forreal going to have a war with China?
If Trump isnt too busy smelling his own farts I can only assume we'd intervene to some degree.

Its not only America that would be interested in protecting Taiwan, right?
If America is interested at all.

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we were in v-shape recovery now this hongkong shit... it is really the chinese mission to ruin the world economy
fuck chinks

>> No.19265575
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Today the day started well, waiting for rest of my puts on SPY to print some cash

>> No.19265579

why are we dumping boys
its it because we're going to kill the chinks
i hope its because we're going to kill the chinks

>> No.19265590

is the bed iron or wood frame... painted alluminum? fuck... im not even impressed.

>> No.19265592

To those who don't know why Taiwan+Hong Kong is fucked starting this week
1.TSMC, Taiwan's #1 semiconductor company, conceded to USA and decided not to trade with Huawei, a Chinese government controlled company
2. USA right away decided to sell submarine missiles worth over $200m right after this was announced
3. Taiwan has been making most of its economic profit by selling to China. This probably will be greatly limited because China is pissed
4. Taiwanese manufacturing and service companies have been lately moving mainland to expand their business and this is what was driving Taiwanese stocks. China has a history of fucking up Taiwanese companies doing business in China JUST BECAUSE the Taiwanese government was acting up to China. Now that Huawei, Chinese government puppet company, has been mortified and harassed by Taiwanese government decision (TSMC's decision only came with the government's approval), now pretty much every Taiwanese companies doing business in China will get DESTROYED in a matter of, let's say, one month.

>> No.19265598

V-shape recovery was a meme to encourage knife-catching.

we're looking at a W
or a WV
Or a \______

>> No.19265599

I wanna see dead chinks... this would make me not care about my financials

>> No.19265600

Everyone here is a larping doomer faggot

I've been following the China issue for about 12 years now. Cold war is very likely, hot war isn't. China wants to avoid war. Their strategy relies upon sinking one of our carriers, then immediately suing for peace with a spooked US congress. Their strategy revolves around subtlety and soft power geopolitical gains around the globe.

>> No.19265606

nope... we're dumping because i've made amends with my self and god and now i've got more than you need me to disclose.

>> No.19265607

Based, get bullied China you cuckfucks

>> No.19265612

>Memorial Day Monday, May 25, 2020

Would you asshole Americans stop having stupid holidays all the god damn time? I'm trying to make money, not honor the troops who died for Israel.

>> No.19265615

I have become a long term investor.
This was just a weak meme of mine. I don't expect earning to grow for another year. This is an EU ETF index

>> No.19265616
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>Are we
Let's hope so burger. It'll be fun to see how your army filled with whamen and diversity goes up against the insect horde

>> No.19265625
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Polyphasic sleep cycles are good actually!
Not kinetic war, but that's only one aspect of 4th generation warfare. We're already deep into economic and informational warfare

>> No.19265627
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Goddamn it

>> No.19265629

burgerland is kill

>> No.19265630


>> No.19265638

That's a picture worth a thousand words, i tell u h'what

They'd try pearl harboring us?
I dont think that'd bode well.

>> No.19265639
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that would be an L.. retard spotted

>> No.19265641
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I am still waiting

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Guys... I own a BILI and some semis... am I gonna be okay? I don't think I should even DCA down honestly...

I also don't know if I should add to my UVXY or if that would be greedy.

Irish coffee is pretty fucking good man. I don't know about a proper recipe, but I just take coffee, rye, irish cream liqueur, and creamer, then mix to taste.

OK now this is a blessed place to call home.
(You're not the anon who I told to never give uppu, are you?)

I already flipped my GSX put for like $9 kek. I'm very tempted to naked short but I don't know how much room is left.

>> No.19265643

do it, it'll be funny

>> No.19265645

Don’t want to jinx it but shorted Disney. After Disney springs was a ghost town

>> No.19265651

We red or green tomorrow niggers?

>> No.19265658

It's saturday tomorrow.

>> No.19265659

Your profit keeps going down and down. Keep watching it all melting away.

>> No.19265664

I wouldn't pick a fight with the mouse.

>> No.19265665

Shorted NCLH hoping it drops it like it's hot tomorrow so I can gtfo

>> No.19265666

An L has a bottom

>> No.19265668

No. Not pearl harbor. Their military strategy is very dependent on antiship missiles positioned at strategic naval choke points. This wouldn't be a surprise attack, like I said, China wants to avoid conflict at all costs.

>> No.19265669

I mean today

>> No.19265670

stocks can't go negative

>> No.19265675


Could the chink market crash have to do with this?

>> No.19265679

Not me. I saved this image and asked the anon to come back on the 26th. I wan't to see what happens to him.

>> No.19265690

this shit is so exciting you have no idea

>> No.19265692

I don't think anyone here really expects war aside from shitposting. It's been made pretty clear what that would result in, globally. I'd say we've already been in a Cold War with them for some time, but this latest virus debacle might be enough to push nations to break some of the inroads China has made into the West and separate our over reliant supply chain from Chinese businesses where possible.

>> No.19265708
File: 36 KB, 365x394, x3x.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nasdaq already basically V'd;
Post other /Vs/: POOL, GIS, Apple

>> No.19265711

o shit, the actually passed that?

>> No.19265723

Normally you would be right but all these precautions is causing mouses faux pas

>> No.19265726

Will I have enough time to get SPY puts first thing market open?

>> No.19265727

why would you do that mate, hope its not naked

>> No.19265731

>You're not the anon who I told to never give uppu, are you?
no I don't think so

>> No.19265732

Exactly. We've been in a cold war for about 20 years now, but this is our "Berlin blockade" moment. The moment we all collectively accept and acknowledge that we are in fact in a conflict with a powerful adversary.

China's handling of this virus has been shocking to me. It's been insanely clumsy and short sighted. It's very uncharacteristic of them to be so blatant about rising hostility with the US. My first reaction to seeing them blame the US for the virus was that things inside the CCP are far worse and far more chaotic than we know right now. They would only do something like that if they were panicked, and if they were seeking domestic legitimacy

>> No.19265733

Yup. Get your money out of all Chink markets niggers, Trump ain't fucking around anymore

>> No.19265734
File: 31 KB, 720x452, D4651C38-D950-4189-A79E-825C54FE0780.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice, fuck’em hard.

>> No.19265739
File: 13 KB, 344x420, 07b17ca27ab8be7a9c002d89e89ba13a-imagepng.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oil is crashing bros
Whats happening?

>> No.19265740

Just another golden opportunity to short the top

>> No.19265742

buying puts on a red day
bottom lel

>> No.19265752

Theres still a shit ton of Oil tankers parked in Cali bay.

>> No.19265756

dont do it at opening, wait to see how the market moves

>> No.19265769
File: 97 KB, 680x284, 1590036438745.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the senate did yesterday and all the chink stocks dumped immediately. i doubt it will pass the house though, too many dems love taking CCP money. kamela harris even proposed a bill the other day banning the term "chinese virus"

>> No.19265770

I wonder where best korea sits in all this, hasn't china been trying to cut ties with them for a while, and rocket man loves trump

>> No.19265788

thanks, I know thats what I should do I'm just a fucktard

>> No.19265790

We need REE team 6 to blow those fuckin. Tankers up inshallah brothers

>> No.19265793

China views NK the way the Soviets viewed East Germany. It's a buffer state, and they are very keenly aware of what happened to the Soviet Union when east Germany fell

>> No.19265795

You mean the european virus?

>> No.19265797

Still above 30, relax.

>> No.19265804
File: 11 KB, 355x142, index.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>buying puts

Reminder that traitors will get rekt by the PPT

>> No.19265818

>above 30

>> No.19265819

hey man i have lost so much money on puts trust me im more of a fucktard, just need to control that fomo, also make sure you are paying the monthly fee to have OPRA live prices, at least i have to, will save you from a lot of expensive purchases

>> No.19265823

Red pill me on Mark Minervini

>> No.19265844

>market goes up
>time passes
>market goes down
I give it 3-4 days tops before we're back at 24600 on the DOW. Chinks can get fucked.

>> No.19265857

they're just trying to give you the opportunity to accumulate more cheapies. if oil crashes again I'll hapily put another 10k on oil stonks

>> No.19265867


>> No.19265869

That's a good point, and given how under reported the case and fatality rates have been coming out of China, I'd say it's probable they're having domestic issues. They're also having to deal with international backlash now over the virus. The Aussies were hoping the US would take up the mantle, though we have in our own way with respect to defunding the WHO and at least supporting the independent investigation of the virus origins. The CCP relies on fairly strict domestic control, so they're in a tough spot, and can't really back down from international pressure (even though Xi agreed to an investigation in theory) without looking weak. But if CV ran through them like Mongolia, then they're probably still reeling. It says something major when they've cut forward GDP guidance.

>> No.19265886

communists terrorising the economy

>> No.19265895

I think Amazon is Short-worthy.

>> No.19265918
File: 665 KB, 887x526, 1587472346779.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh god I only now remembered I'm actually holding HSBC

>> No.19265922

yall should load up on some SQQQ while you have the opportunity and it's still cheap.

You will have a much shorter journey and stand to make a lot more than I

>> No.19265927

>it's a dump on open and flatline episode
All the fun happens outside market hours as usual, BOGGED

>> No.19265931

>But if CV ran through them like Mongolia
Missed that, did Mongolia get hit hard?

>> No.19265932

baggie made a bunch yesterday shorting it

>> No.19265933

China has always had a tight window for gaining economic supremacy. They were on track to miss that window, and I think this knowledge is what encouraged them to make the decision to allow the virus to spread outside Chinese borders. I don't think they created it, but I do think they panicked when they realized the economic implications, then made the decision to slow the rest of the world down economically so they wouldn't be left behind by intentionally seeding infections around the globe. This is kind of their last gambit. Their economy has been having big issues since 2015

>> No.19265934

Ooo I see I am in good company 5k deep in Exxon if it drops to 30 I’ll drop another 5

>> No.19265940

chinks are very superstitious, and historically natural disasters have been perceived as divine wrath against an illegitimate government. this is why chink domestic media is so focused on "china stronk, west weak" propaganda. they have to distract their own people from the governments failures.

>> No.19265943

Yes Oilchads unite.

>> No.19265944
File: 383 KB, 649x369, Heroesdontalwayswearcapes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fucking guy was giving me shit for saying Amazon was donesos, what the fuck.

they just had their 8th death and I think the employees will be over it and ready to strike.
They cut hazard pay and instead passed out Thank You t-shirts.

>> No.19265947

What are the chances spxs reaches 100?

>> No.19265959

I give it 3-4 days tops before we're back at 22600 on the DOW.

>> No.19265962


>> No.19265975
File: 138 KB, 1247x810, 1578443703958.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh have fun with that one

>> No.19265989

fuck, that's one of the scummiest things i've seen in a while

>> No.19265995

no n00bs allowed, post confirmed v recoveries:
MKC, POOL, Wendies, POOL, Netflix, GIS, LOW

>> No.19266003

>general sentiment: suicidal

>> No.19266008

Yeah, Imagine Paul in the Rubber Dildo department stops showing up to work and your boss refuses to tell you why,
cuts your "hero' pay
and gives you a fucking T-shirt.

>> No.19266012

Oh, I didn't naked sell. They were long puts.
I had bought them mid-day, and when the movement was ambiguous rather than doing a last hour dump, I unloaded them right before close for a uhhhh 1% gain

>> No.19266019

>azn is getting massive funding from trump
>order of 400 million vaccines in september
I told you niggers.

>> No.19266020

The Chinese were shitstomped by the Mongolians throughout history. They have some laughably huge cultural copes to cover for it.

I tend to agree, but it makes no sense long term. They should have anticipated backlash with how anti-China Trump alone has been from the start. Now they'll have the ire of the entire international community, a rise in repatriation of industries. They've only hurt themselves if business use this as a reason to divest; as if the corruption, nepotism, theft/forgery, lying, and the other bullshit you have to put up with when dealing with Chinese businesses isn't enough.

It's amazing how much of that culture has been passed down until today.

>> No.19266027

You are letting your partisanship cloud your investing.

>> No.19266040

i think it's very clear this is exactly what happened. the CCP realized the virus would set their growth back years, so they covered it up and let it spread internationally before even letting the WHO know there was h2h transmission.

i think this is going to bite them in the ass though, since their export economy is reliant on a healthy western economy. their domestic spending is already fucked and they're currently fighting a deflationary spiral. most western economies are strong enough to weather this storm, but the chinese economy has already been on life support for years. they're so reliant on jewish smoke and mirrors to inflate their growth, they didn't leave any tricks in the bag to deal with emergencies such as this.

>> No.19266045

Yep, which is why I say their behavior has been uncharacteristically clumsy and short-sighted. Something's going on inside the CCP to cause them to diverge from their usual cautious approach.

>> No.19266046

What do you guys do for risk management / bet sizing?

Do you have a model for the possible outcomes of a stock purchase and then size bets accordingly with something like the Kelly criterion, or do you just buy and pray?

>> No.19266065

>Operation Warp Speed
Fuck, can we stop with the vaccine meme and focus resources and manpower into effective therapeutics/treatments first? Who the fuck would take a rushed vaccine, anyway?

>> No.19266074

You mumus better sell, it's going to be a long weekend, not safe to keep anything bad could happen.
You bobos better buy, it's going to be long weekend, anything positive could happen.
You fellow crabs hold with me.

>> No.19266075

Could be infighting.

Some of the phone calls that were leaked that reporters made to the crematoriums during the Wuhan Hangover had a LOT of yeling.
God knows how much red tape a Chinese government official has to wade through in a country of 1.5 billion.

>> No.19266078

>green line go up

>> No.19266081

you don't even know where I'm invested.

im pretty deep into lithium/cobalt/nickel, of which ch*na is the biggest market.

>> No.19266084

>Who the fuck would take a rushed vaccine, anyway?
There has been a large amount of hysteria around vaccines the past few years.
It's cool to make fun of anti-vaxers.
I think you'll find that many people will take rushed vaccines to show how cool they are.

>> No.19266095

You know what, I've changed my mind.
Bobos truly aren't the worst, the crabs are.
Fuck off crab. It's a fucking bull market.

>> No.19266112

Why? Brainlet, they've been testing it for months on people. It's probably safe enough. Besides, the only way to save the economy is with a vaccine, and it's harder to make cures than a vaccine.

>> No.19266114

How am i supposed to go to sleep like this?

>> No.19266117
File: 243 KB, 960x1286, 1589483969482.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>cunny at SPX 2907

>> No.19266127

I'm going to assume this is shitposting.

>> No.19266132

there were those rumors back in February that Xi had some kind of tantrum episode and (minorly) physically attacked one of his guys

>> No.19266141
File: 43 KB, 446x596, hardtocontain.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"Whats wrong with Roundup? its just weed killer, its probably safe enough"
>"whats wrong with leaded gasoline? The engine runs smoother, I dont get what the issue is"
>"whats wrong with radiation? things glow, it looks cool. I dont get why I shouldnt drink it"
>"whats wrong with Asbestos? Its really good against heat, and it has a lot of industrial applications"

>> No.19266152
File: 233 KB, 750x355, 78E8D4A8-59B1-4CBF-95AF-B45E67F36AD1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think the vaccine is planned for late 2020. I fear later side effects, but they must be nervous about it. There is no way they want 5% of Americans to get ass cancer from this thing. I still worry

>> No.19266168
File: 153 KB, 600x466, 1471467474094.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cope more, bearfag.
>I think the vaccine is planned for late 2020
Sure, in september. There's literally an american order for 400 million vaccines for that month.

>> No.19266181

Yeah. I’m suspicious of this thing.

>> No.19266184

you just gave me a good chuckle, thanks faggot

>> No.19266190

they'd rather inject everyone with autism than live a decade in a bear market.

>> No.19266196

wtf are you fags talking about? there wont be a vaccine this year. If you are lucky you will get one in 2021, but nobody cares anyway, because it is a meme virus.

>> No.19266201

>It's a fucking bull market.
Indeed it is, but you should be warned that a sell off is possible, and after it a pullback will surely happen, but after that the market will sell off a bit again.

>> No.19266202

It's a kickstarter campaign

>> No.19266204
File: 16 KB, 447x438, 1589929876480.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19266206

Enjoy the delusions while they last. So far, it's the end of May, and there is no published data to support having an efficacious and safe vaccine within your time frame. Phase 1 trials are only just ending, and the data is mixed, to be kind.

>> No.19266208

If you're losing sleep over market fluctuations your risk exposure is probably too high.

>> No.19266212
File: 22 KB, 222x293, 515A332D-A3EE-4BAB-A2BC-41EF943FF655.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I bought BABA and SPY puts yesterday at closing for June 16, how long should I hold them?

>> No.19266214

high risk high reward, no risk no fun

>> No.19266225
File: 74 KB, 1024x597, 8E4AD86E-BA0D-48CB-91B9-EDEB3AFD1F31.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stop smoking marijuana you stupid gay faggot. Jesus thinks your a faggot

>> No.19266227

>and there is no published data to support having an efficacious and safe vaccine within your time frame
>Phase 1 trials are only just ending
Incorrect. AZN began human testing in late april. They're a major company and wouldn't behave like this if they didn't have confidence in their product.

>> No.19266230

This is a good episode, i don't want to sleep till i watch the ending.

I've already made up all my unrealized losses in Unemployment funnymoney anyways

>> No.19266240

>pajeet pump and dumps have moved to the mainstream with biomemes like Moderna

>> No.19266243

also no khan acadamy

>> No.19266252


>> No.19266258
File: 981 KB, 850x1519, responsive_large_webp_sJcmFPq6L89cbxsu-GcL5mJFmNRJdGkJsedjQz8oqNA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It does make you think

>> No.19266264

Standard strat is to tailor the position size relative to the expected volatility of the trade. Bet large on stable stuff, bet smaller on less stable stuff. There are a number of ways to do this to calculate it to a precise number if you wish. I tend to ballpark it- a ballpark based on a specific measurement, mind you, but not going to calculator to arrive at exact dollar and cent amount to buy in with.

>> No.19266273
File: 77 KB, 475x356, 30a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah just like how Moderna released information on a Green-as-fuck Monday that their vaccine trial was maybe successful and are graciously offering a secondary offering

>> No.19266280
File: 111 KB, 952x898, bakaguya.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>comparing professionals like azn to moderna

>> No.19266322
File: 637 KB, 616x591, xvivi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19266334

Is there anything worth buying now? I was in cash all this time (fuck), and now I'm FOMO

>> No.19266345


>> No.19266356

Don't listen to the guy below you.

>> No.19266359


"The funding also allows AstraZeneca to run a Phase 3 clinical test of the coronavirus vaccine this summer in the U.S. with 30,000 volunteers. The contract is a key move toward making a vaccine available by 2021, HHS Secretary Alex Azar said".

Again, Knife-catching bait.

>> No.19266371
File: 3.06 MB, 500x207, bait.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19266375

Please show an archived preprint or published study demonstrating positive results that signify efficacy and safety within humans from a vaccine candidate that's already passed at least phase one and two trials. This work takes time, and there's no point developing a vaccine that has the potential to do more harm than good. That's why clinical trials exist on the time frames that they do. The consensus is 2021 at the earliest, and for good reason. It would be much more effective to focus on treatments and therapeutics than to deliver false hope over unproven vaccines for a new viral strain of a family of viruses wherein we have never successfully developed a vaccine. Some parts of R&D can't be streamlined. They take the time that they necessarily must take.

>> No.19266380

I don’t give advice, but I’ll tell you what I’m in. I’m on Oil and pharma. I’m doing very well

>> No.19266393

>delivery is going to start in september 2020.

>> No.19266394
File: 275 KB, 580x401, 1588613139831.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just remember one year from now that, on Friday May 22nd 2020, an anon told you airlines were worth buying.

>> No.19266403
File: 1.73 MB, 1200x1520, EB3F77D6-DEE7-467C-B5FB-351C2E6DBEF6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

One of you retards bake the next bread.
I’m heading out. Make it lewd as shit

>> No.19266419

China heading back to Mao era. Prepare for Great Leap Forward plus Cultural Revolution Round 2.
lol not even China's own SMIC would be able to sell shit to Huawei unless they decides to save Huawei at the expense of SMIC
The reason why it happens this week is just because their National People Congress is having a meeting this week.

>> No.19266459
File: 11 KB, 236x317, 1589663782637.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It was could have been an inside job. Some African nigger with an IQ of 80 told his buddies they could make some money and boy did they ever.
Or, more later likely, it was the simple incompetence of government diversity hires using dated Microsoft products on computers the state paid too much for. It amazes me that bears think women and shitskins and weirdo tranny faggots are somehow equal to us. They are not. Some four hundred pound nigger woman is not qualified to be in charge of a department; most are not qualified to run a trap house or keep a stable of prostitutes in line. Bears will never understand this, just as they fail to under so many other things. Bears are, more often than not, lispy little cocksucking pinko faggots. Hopefully a chunk of them commit suicide on Monday while the real men are getting laid and relaxing with friends.
KOS is going to $7.15 around mid-August. I hope you've loaded up.

>> No.19266462
File: 259 KB, 1200x1200, 1586249898961.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so oil is obviously going to shit the bed today, do i just hold and wait for recovery

>> No.19266476

actually laughed, but on a serious note you're losing to inflation and missing out of free money by investing in spy

>> No.19266477


>> No.19266499

If you think now is the time to strike with Airlines, you're going to be very disappointed.
You'll be dragged across the bottom of the ocean floor for 9 months and see increasing share price decline and potential bankruptcy that'll eat away at you. Then you'll sell at a loss, and THEN it will go up.

Investing in Airlines is a good idea if you can wait a few months and wait for the weaker investors to be shaken out, and then get in after you've explored other investing opportunities.

Unless you liking parking your money for a year+

CNBC is more than keen on reporting on very optimistic news that pumps stocks.
I will believe it when I see it right in front of me.

>> No.19266511

It has yet to complete phase 1 trials, and they're fast tracking phase 1/2 to combine dosage and safety within a larger subset. Yet, how are they going to assess longer term side effects if their goal is to pursue larger phase 3 trials in under two months? It's reckless.

>> No.19266517

The Civil War—like so many things—was a filthy Jewish trick.
I actually found a jewish-owned business at random last year, a little knick-knack shop. The prices were clearly marked but I made sure to haggle with the jewess for a few minutes even though I didn't want the crappy little paperweight. I was able to jew her down about five percent but I was trying for twenty. I left mildly amused.

>> No.19266522

Anyone? Wtf is that supposed to be?

>> No.19266525

tvix, it's pretty simple

>> No.19266531

Great Leap Backward

>> No.19266536

any of you ever taken loans against something you own? i don't have much money but i was thinking about taking a loan and using something as collateral to buy call options

>> No.19266544

Reading this was borderline painful.

I think it was a glitch with CNBC, its gone now.

>> No.19266545

>muh consensus
I'd say that the opinions of the company and the experts that are working on the vaccine matters more than what a random sampling of university professors with relevant degrees thinks.

>> No.19266564
File: 69 KB, 850x468, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looks like the party is over.

We were at -1.10% or so on the S&P500 futures and now the Plunge Protection Team is trying to sperg out and ruin the fun.

>> No.19266576
File: 155 KB, 504x484, 23746CB1-F620-4768-9A37-12AD41E3AC08.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Taiwan And Hong Kong say yes to whatever honkeys say but remain loyal to china.

>> No.19266578
File: 33 KB, 629x505, 1586761428772.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Oversight isn't necessary with something that will be injected into roughly 300 million Americans

okay now THIS is bait

>> No.19266579

PPT is always ready to jump in, but nobody cares about futures. Today we will see the biggest EoD dump, except (((they))) got another bazooka or biotech finishing a vaccine announcement.

>> No.19266587

>Stocks rise as local man has a dream where he owned a biotech firm and it had mixed results on phase 1 COVID 19 vaccine trials

>> No.19266590


>> No.19266592

I’m not selling shit. I’ll just wait it out

>> No.19266599

absolute fucking bastards.

>> No.19266612

What is conflict of interest. The medical community at large is needed to evaluate the results and oversee additional trials, which your presser already discussed occurring IF their phase 3 trials are successful IF their fast-tracked phase 1/2 trials are successful. Do you see the chain of causality there? It's speculative, and by rights long.

>> No.19266615

Absolutely disgusting.

>> No.19266625

Can the clown market finally be done with? Shit is shit and the stock market pretends that everything is cool and priced in. I dearly hope that shit will hit the fan once we cannot blame everything on corona anymore.

>> No.19266637

I 100% believe the future belongs to the gooks and Russians. They have military machines that can compete with us now but have the added benefit of social cohesian.

Meanwhile niggers literally create chapters of street gangs within army units and we have to share our units with women, meaning we do even more work than usual because they're weak and dumb

>> No.19266640

>the company won't get royally screwed if they're wrong
>muh half a year of trials aren't enough
Bearfags, we're going to the moon. 30k dow in october.

>> No.19266648

At a certain point, the colluders in this big manipulation are going to realize that every day they gap up stocks and they just get dumped on by gooks, retailers, and non-colluders. Every. Day.

They'll realize there's no profit in this sham

>> No.19266652

Someone bake. Make it LEWD

>> No.19266666


>> No.19266679

war with the us would look like this:

first line of attack is white males (operation human shield)
then the rest will start cry about losses immediately and surrender will be accepted as the only option

>> No.19266702

Nice wasted penta.

>> No.19266713
File: 44 KB, 568x588, 610236A2-07F4-498F-9EF4-DE2C2E3A93EB.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>USA warring against china
>fed should allow USA economy to crash

>> No.19266727

Half a year of trials is laughably insufficient given the adverse reactions that occurred in vaccine trials for other coronaviruses. This has nothing to do with permabear, permabull bullshit and everything to do safety and efficacy, neither of which have been demonstrated to date in humans.

>> No.19266747

>imagine not putting a fucking 500 dollar pay check on a stupid app and riding that sucker up the 100k or lose it all who gives a fuck

You must be the life of the party faggot, go back to r9k you don't belong here

>> No.19266754

uH Oh
the stupid came out

>> No.19266766
File: 35 KB, 680x418, 12190747-47E8-47A0-BC14-5E7ED011C878.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>evaluate the results and oversee additional trials

Lmao look at this faggot. He thinks USA vaccine companies are liable if they Hirt anyone. Probably thinks vaccines are uniform across any country and globally.

>> No.19266808
File: 3.23 MB, 445x247, 1539662995_laughinggirls.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>hey anon hows that 100k coming?
And you must be the laughing stock of the party

>> No.19266862
File: 126 KB, 760x919, AnnieGlenn_Wuhan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

LUV, $38
KSS (never thought I'd say that) $29
IRM $27
KOS $7
ITW $176
KO $52
Those are my predicted yearly highest which, when/if they hit, serve as my exit point. I do hold on to KO, ITW, and IRM forever with the DRIP turned on because DIVs are your fren. KOS is my long play lotto ticket for this year. If it hits 7 I make 20k, which I will use to buy drug-addicted women and force them to bathe and dine with me in nice restaurants.
If I don't hit a target sometimes I will simply take whatever profit I have and look for something else out of boredom. I also do not believe in bagholding; I take a fucking loss and move on. I will make $80k this year. Poorfag money but good for a wage-cucking degenerate gambler.

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