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Has there ever been a more redditfag coin?

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sell the bottom op?

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there's nothing wrong with longing while it goes up
everyone here should take a 10x long right now before we get to 9600

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>He thinks the bottom is in
>He doesn't know ETH is going to $60 this year

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that is largely the eth foundation propping up the price, and that ratio didn't flinch when it went to $90. if you're waiting for it to change cya

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It's going to $60

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calm down shizo

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Why would the price of ETH fall by 70%? Market owes you a good entry?

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brutal man. never swing legit projects

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basedboy poster cant contribute anything substantive to the thread. posts a picture instead to avoid getting btfo

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You cringelord bullcucks aren't worth meaningful contributions. You're beyond saving

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>cant contribute anything substantive to the thread

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So you can buy it right?
So it reaches the perfect price where you can buy enough, to sell at your target price later, which gives you exactly enough money do retire?

Sure pal. It always works perfectly like that.

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