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Who here is a BAT chad?

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Me. Sadly I use only one device

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I have a bunch from using Brave

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How much have you accumulated? Im close to 1000 just from browsing.

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7799.80 giga bat-chad.
Bought @0.15
When will we moon?

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why is gookmoot so retarded?

Based on my personal stats, if 4chan accepted brave they would be getting something like $2 per month from me. I suspect its the same for many other Brave browser users. He is literally throwing free money away....
does anyone know how to speak moon language squiggles so we could explain it to him?

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Not sure when we will moon, but the longer it takes the more tension its going to build. Its sitting at 15.4m users and not much is happening. Basically getting to the point they could go public and the market is not even aware. Could move fast and hard for a long time when it finally goes.

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i have a stack of 5k? will i make it? or stack it to 10k?

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BAT chads lurk in silence. Mostly only post about BAT when there's big news.

The new MAU & DAU numbers are promising.

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More like BAT bAgHoLdEr lmaooo

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47K BAT holder reporting in. Hope to see $0.50 again so I can dump this shit lol.

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Patiently waiting for the BAT thotposter

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I might dip my BAT bag on a 4pass if it was an option

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Yup, if 4chan got Brave verified I'd literally give them like $10-20 in BAT every month

that's infinity times a janny's salary. the jannies and mods could really benefit from a Brave/BAT + 4chan partnership

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Keep stacking
BAT chads know that most cryptocels are a lost cause. People are too busy investing in vaporware moonshots. They cannot be saved.

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BAT and UPT Chad present

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Any idea when their Zoom competitor will be completely functioning?

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Its on nightly so it should hit main release in like 2-3 weeks.

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If BAT manages to take 1% of market share the token will be $4+. It could easily take 10% or higher and be valued at $40/coin.

In all honesty it probably already has 1% market share but due to free coin distribution there is sell pressure that keeps the coin under valued. Hmm just talked myself into buying another 5k.

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I’ve got like 100 Batty tokens on my mobile brave wallet how do I get them out?

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Its on Nightly so within the month along with Android users being able to cash out.

Sup, dude.

Would give most of my browser rewards to 4chan if they became a verified publisher. They really need to get their shit together.

If you're using Android, you should be able to get them out by the end of the month.

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Sell pressure will be stymied once they release premium services and the SKU. I think the SKU is maybe a month or two away and it allows any website owner to add a "pay with BAT" button that pulls bat straight from your wallet. We could see market buys where people start buying through uphold to pay for premium services. BAT is going to become more and more scarce in the coming months.

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I'm unironically in love with Jennie bros

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i have like .5

is there a better way to maximize earning?

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Download brave on multiple devices, refer someone, be in a country with more ad campaigns, use publish0x or buy some.

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I don't get it either. Ideally they could verify and I'd buy a pass with my tokens

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Along with >>19481906
make sure your ads are set to 5 max per hour.

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BAT bump

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>make sure your ads are set to 5 max per hour.
thanks man, didn't realize you could do this
Also create multiple users logged into your brave browser, I have one for general browsing, work and university and they all trigger for adds at the same time. Literally trip my BAT gains. Keep something like google hangout running on these other users so they remain active and available for ads.

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Make sure Auto-Contribute is disabled on every platform you downloaded on as well. Its on by default and will auto tip your browser rewards every month.

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Joe Rogan talking about Brave on his show. Normie central. Boolish

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literally who?

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He even has his own promo (affiliate) code now.

Plebbit clip link on discussion:

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Im accumulating a FUCK ton. This os great accumulation phase.

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Theres 15.4m users and its growing at over 10% per month. Insane growth but not viral. It has to be getting closer and closer to critical mass. At what point does it finally just give? 20m? 30m?

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holy shit LMAO. fucking based.

Brave/BAT is the most authentic, self-sustaining and growing cryptocurrency project out there after BTC and ETH. I swear. It's so fucking good and is only going to get better.

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No clue. Ive been a edge supporter of BAT since 2015-2016 but am just now really starting to seriously accumulate

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Cryptocurrency users are not ready for the "pay with BAT" button they are dropping soon. Apparently you can spend BAT without doing KYC. It completely destroys the FUD narrative doubters have been trying to build. Any website can add a button that automatically pulls BAT from your wallet for things like paywalls, premium content, products etc.

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extremely based if true. BAT's literally building an ecosystem to become what Bitcoin originally wanted to be

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Why do you think bitcoin core has blocked brendan eich on twitter?

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lol have they really? like the official bitcoin account, or what?

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I sold for LOKI and am already more in the green. The token is useless AND too high a cap.

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fuck off with your discord tranny shitcoin you filthy pajeet. Shoo, shoo!

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Bump for jennie

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she's just so gorgeous

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I know Adam Back has for sure. Not sure about the others though.

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